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Where to Play RealTime Gaming Slots Online in 2020 – Recommended Casino Sites

RealTime Gaming is another one of those software developers that have been around for a couple of decades now. It’s a good thing, too, because without them, Americans wouldn’t have had nearly thecasino and slot options that they’ve had the past 10-15 years.

But that’s been a double-edged sword, too. Many subpar and downright rogue casino sites have used and continue to use RTG software. Join the wrong site, and your bankroll will be in deep trouble.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to heed the recommendations of an informational portal you trust, such as this one. And we recommend you join the slots sites in the table below. Theyprovide the best combination of safety, security, and RTG slots of all the casinos we’ve reviewed.


These are the best slots sites you can join that offer RealTime Gaming slot machines. They’re the best partly because they’re the safest and most secure sites.

We prefer to focus on safety because it won’t matter what machines you can play or how much money you can win if the casino takes advantage of you. What’s worse is that, if you arescammed, you’ll have little recourse because of where RealTime Gaming and their casinos are located.

That’s why it’s in your best interest not to take it upon yourself to find a RealTime Gaming casino. It’s going to be far easier, faster, and safer to trust our recommendations instead.

Of course, you can always ignore our advice and find out the hard way for yourself. But that move is far riskier than any slot machine you’ll play in a casino.

The bottom line – our suggestion is to choose any one of the sites from the list above.

If you want to know more about RealTime Gaming – and we wouldn’t blame you if you did – you can read the following sections. We cover the pros and cons of their software and the five slotmachines we recommend you play first.

5 Facts to Know About Our Recommendations

It’s possible that if you decided not to join one of the casinos above, it has less to do with the casinos and more to do with us. Perhaps you don’t trust our recommendations because you have noidea how we came up with them.

That’s totally fair, by the way. Every informational site on the internet recommends slots sites for you to join. What makes our recommendations any different? Why should you trust them?

With that in mind, here are a few facts that you should know about our recommendations and how we come up with them.

1. We Create Accounts at Every Slots Site We Recommend

Every slots casino we recommend was first reviewed by at least one member of our staff. In order to do a thorough job, that person needed to create an account. That’s the only way we can trulytest the casino’s banking options, games, customer support, and more.

We also create an account so that we can experience what you’ll experience if you choose to join. That way, we can inform you of any challenges you’ll encounter and how to get past them.

2. Our Reviews Are Honest

Each review is written from the firsthand perspective of one of our team members, and often times several of them. The reviewers include everything they find, good or bad.

We include both the good and the bad because we know that you’ll find this information out sooner or later on your own. If you find the bad stuff on your own, then you rightfully could blame usfor not warning you.

And when we include the bad stuff, you can see that we’re not trying to pull a fast one over you.

You can see that we’re doing our research and that we care about you having the info you need before you decide where to play.

This is a stark contrast to many of the reviews you read on the internet where online casinos can do no wrong. This is so far from reality for every product on the planet. How do theseinformation portals expect you to believe them?

3. Our Recommendations Are Safe First, and Ideal for RealTime Gaming Slots Second

The quality of an online casino is subjective. By that, we mean that we can recommend a casino as the number-one pick for RTG slots, and tons of people will disagree. Then they could say thatanother slots casino is best, and we’ll disagree with them.

That’s why we don’t focus so much on what sites are “best” in a general sense. We focus primarily on safety instead because safety is far less subjective.

If a slots casino is safe, that means they’re licensed and regulated, have fair terms and conditions, pay their customers, offer fair games, and more.

Can some of these things be subjective? Sure, but far, FAR less so compared to how great one casino is compared to another.

4. We Don’t Take Money for Better Reviews or Higher Recommendations

Many information sites take money for reviews or rankings. Online casinos know that the top 1-3 spots in a rankings table get all the attention. This is why they’re willing to spend good moneyto be placed there.

The problem with this is that it’s biased. The casinos aren’t in the top spots because they deserve it. They’re there because they paid to be there. It’s dishonest.

This is why we refuse to take money for reviews and recommendations. Each review is written without bias and based on the facts as we see/find them.

5. We Re-Review Casinos Frequently

Another thing that many review sites don’t do that we do is re-review casinos. You know how you can tell? Read their reviews, and you’ll find outdated offers, banking options, limits, fees, andterms.

This is awful because people who run websites (like us) have a responsibility to keep their information updated. Otherwise, it could set you up for failure. You might join a site thinking theyhave certain games, table limits, or promotions, only to make your deposit and find out that they don’t.

This is why we re-review sites every so often to make sure our reviews are current. We’ll also make adjustments to our ratings and rankings if the site is drastically different compared to thelast time we reviewed them.

So, not only are our reviews current, but our rankings and recommendations are current, too. And isn’t that something we’d all want when shopping for a product or service to use?

Learn More About Our Approach

We gave you several facts above about how we approach our reviews and rankings. However, this is merely a glimpse into our process. There’s a lot more to it. But there’s no way we could explainour entire process here and still expect you to continue reading about RealTime Gaming’s slot machines.

Not everyone is interested in that kind of information, either. Learning about how we review and rank sites might put some of you to sleep. That’s not the outcome we want – slots are supposedto be fun!

With that in mind, we decided that it’d still make sense to share this information with you…if you want to know about it. You’ll find that information below with links to guides thatcover our process in more detail.

On our main review page, you’ll find links to more than 200 gambling site and casino reviews. We also take you through our review process, which covers the following information.

  • What we include in each review we publish (for each form of gambling)
  • Our review policy
  • Tips for how to gamble online

And more.

If you want to see why you can trust the reviews on our website, we recommend you read this page.

Once we review a site – and assuming they’re trustworthy enough to receive our Seal of Approval – we’ll rank them in a table like the one above. We do this so that our readers can tell at aglance which sites are the absolute best to join for a particular category.

This might sound easy, and for sites that don’t care about the integrity of their rankings, it might be. But it’s actually an involved process. Our guide explains what that process looks like.The following is a summary of what you’ll learn.

  • Our criteria for ranking sites
  • What we won’t do
  • Why you shouldn’t trust most review sites
  • The different types of rankings (categories) you’ll find on our site

Read the following guide to dive deeper into our ranking process.

Another thing that separates the sites we recommend from the other recommendations you’ll find on the internet is that our recommended sites have our Seal of Approval.

Our Seal of Approval means that every site we recommend is safe to join. In fact, it doesn’t matter how great a casino is for a particular category – in this case, RealTime Gaming slots – ifthe site is unsafe. We won’t recommend them.

There are several components that have an impact on how safe an online slots site is to join. The following is just a sample of what we look at.

  • The casino’s license, the jurisdiction they’re licensed through, and how strict they are
  • The casino’s terms for things like their promotions, banking options, progressive payouts, and more
  • The casino’s customer support
  • The software the casino uses – in this case, RealTime Gaming – and how they do business

And more.

Our Seal of Approval is a big deal to us because it means that we’re telling you that you don’t have to worry about having your information or money stolen if you join one of the sites werecommend. So, we do a lot of research to ensure that those sites are safe.

If you want to learn more about our process and what we look for before we award a site with our Seal of Approval, make sure you read the following guide.

Those three pages should give you a complete idea of how we do things. The rest of this page will cover the pros and cons of playing RealTime Gaming slots and the first five slots we recommendyou play.

Six Pros and Cons of RealTime Gaming Slots

RealTime Gaming has its strengths and weaknesses, just like any other software developer or casino. And these strengths and weaknesses can affect your experience at whatever casino you decide tojoin.

It makes sense, then, to know what those pros and cons are beforehand. That way, you can decide if RealTime Gaming is for you or if you should find a casino that works with a different softwarecompany.

The following are the biggest benefits of playing at casinos that use RTG software.

1. Americans Are Accepted

One of the things RealTime Gaming is known for is operating in the US market. All the casinos and gambling sites they work with accept Americans.

Some sites may not accept players from all 50 states, while others do. The best way to know for sure is to read the casino’s terms and conditions or our reviews.

Regardless, the fact that they accept Americans is a big deal because there aren’t a ton of software providers that do, much less have the game selection that RTG does.

2. Play Mobile Slots

Despite the fact that people prefer to play games on their mobile devices instead of their computers, many casinos still haven’t updated their games so that they’re mobile friendly.

RealTime Gaming is an exception. They’ve offered mobile-friendly games for a few years now. That’s not the best part, though.

The best part is that they’re regularly expanding their mobile selection. Back when they first started offering mobile games, they only offered 10-14 titles. Most were slots with a blackjack androulette table mixed in.

Today, they have more than a few dozen mobile games, and it appears that they’re adding to their selection regularly. In addition to adding more games, they also diversified a little,adding a few more table, video poker, and dice games – in case you’re into those sorts of games.

3. Choose from a Large Library of Slot Machines

RealTime Gaming has more than 130 slot machines to choose from. You’ll find more slot machines from other providers like Microgaming or Playtech. However, those software providers don’t acceptAmericans, and RTG does. Not only that, but RTG has more slots than most US-facing developers do.

They have a pretty good variety of slot machines, too. You’ll get to play 3- and 5-reel machines. They also have machines with features like bonus rounds, wilds, scatters, free spins, and more.And you’ll get to play progressive jackpot slots, too.

4. Win Life-Altering Sums on RTG’s Progressive Slot Machines

You don’t have to play Microgaming slot machines to have a chance of becoming a millionaire. This is entirely possible playing RealTime Gaming’s slot machines, too. This is great news forAmericans.

Here are some of the progressive machines you can play and the jackpots you could win when we last checked them out.

  • Aztec’s Millions – $2.8 million
  • Cleopatra’s Gold – $400,000
  • Jackpot Pinatas – $1.8 million
  • Shopping Spree – $430,000

Keep in mind that the amounts will vary from what’s posted above, as they’ll continue to grow until someone wins them. Then they’ll reset.

However, this should give you a pretty good idea of the kind of money you can win playing RTG’s progressives.

Here are some of the downsides to playing slots from RealTime Gaming.

1. They’re Not Licensed or Regulated in the United States

This is the biggest downside by far. RealTime Gaming isn’t licensed or regulated in the United States, including any of the states where online gambling is legal.

On one hand, this is a good thing for those of you that don’t live in states like Delaware, Nevada, or New Jersey. It’d be hard to gamble online without software developers like RTG and thecasinos that work with them.

On the other hand, it’s risky to play games from software developers like RTG because they can take advantage of you, and you’d have few, if any, options for recourse. That goes for the casinosthat run their software, too.

This is why we stressed earlier that you should use our recommendations. That way, you’re less likely to join a shady casino that’s using RealTime Gaming software.

Not only that, but as we witnessed during Black Friday, when the US government hits an illegal gambling site with indictments, it could possibly tie players’ bankrolls up for years.

We’re not saying that will happen with RTG, just that something similar could happen since RTG isn’t operating in the US legally.

2. No Branded or Licensed Slot Machines

One of the largest downsides to any US-facing software developer or slots sites is the fact that you won’t be able to play branded or licensed slot machines.

Branded slot machines are those that are based on TV shows, movies, video games, board games, celebrities, comic books, and more.

For example, walk into just about any brick-and-mortar casino, and you’ll find slots such as Ellen, Bridesmaids, Wizard of Oz, Monopoly, The Flintstones, Clue, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, andloads more.

You can find these online, too, but only if you’re in one of the US states where online gambling is legal or if you live in Canada or Europe. These types of slots are available atnearly every single casino online in those regions.

Anyway, licensed slots are fun because 1) you’re playing slots, which are fun, and 2) the slot machine is based on something you enjoy, whether that’s a movie, video game, or whatever.

We really like Batman, Wizard of Oz, and Willy Wonka, so playing those slot machines is always a priority when we go to Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play these types of slots from RealTime Gaming, as they do not have the permission to create them.

That’s the extent of our complaints, though. RealTime Gaming does a good job of covering the bases otherwise. In fact, in the next section, we’ll look at a few of their slots we think youshould play first.

Five RTG Slot Machines You Should Play First

RealTime Gaming has more than 100 slot machines for you to choose from. Which ones do you start with? Which machines are the most fun to play? Which ones have progressive jackpots?

There’s no way we can cover them all here. However, we can cover a few of the games that stood out to us. Maybe it’ll help you get started or figure out which games you want to play andthe ones you don’t.

1. Jack the Ripper

We’re fans of horror and 19th-century England, so this machine was an obvious choice.

One of the first things you notice about this slot is the design. It has an old-fashioned, steampunk design with lots of gears, rust, and brass.

You can bet anywhere from $0.01 to $5 per line. It has 25 lines, which means you can wager anywhere from $0.01 to $125 per spin.

The features include scatters and wilds. Get three or more scatters to trigger five free spins. You can also play to win the jackpot, which is awarded at random. When we last checked it out, itwas sitting at $50,000.

Jack the Ripper - RTG Slot Machine

Jack the Ripper – RTG Slot Machine

2. Aztec’s Millions

This is a well-known game from RealTime Gaming, if anything because of the progressive jackpot you can win. The jackpot is usually over a million bucks.

That’s not the only feature this game offers (though, it’s arguably the best one). This machine also offers wilds, scatters, multipliers, free spins, and a bonus round.

Aztec’s Millions doesn’t have the best-looking graphics. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from checking it out.

3. Food Fight

This is another older-looking machine. Don’t let that fool you. You can’t go wrong playing a slot machine that’s based on food.

This machine has five reels, nine paylines, and features that include scatters and a bonus round. The minimum bet is $0.05, and the max is $2.25. This is relatively cheap, especially when youconsider that you can win as much as 4,000 coins during the regular game and their five-figure progressive jackpot if you manage to line up five pudding symbols.

4. Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II

This slot machine reminds us of those cheesy horror flicks or the teen comedies from the ‘90s. Its graphics are sort of cartoony with numbers, letters, cheerleaders, and zombies for symbols. Thenthere’s blood splattered in the background.

This machine has five reels and 25 paylines. You can bet as little as $0.01 per line up to $5 per line. The max you can wager per spin is $125.

The original version of this game offered only free spins. However, RealTime Gaming took the feedback they received from players and added wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds. Their bonus roundsinclude the Zombies Gone Wild or the Cheerleaders Escape.

If you get lucky enough, you can also trigger the random jackpot. The last time we played the game, the jackpot was sitting at nearly $42,000.

Zombies vs. Cheerleaders is definitely a fun machine to play if you’re into the whole zombie or horror genre. We had a hard time closing this one down.

5. Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree is another popular slot machine from RealTime Gaming. This machine has symbols that cover all the stereotypical things that women like, such as makeup, jewelry, flowers, and shoes.

This is a five-reel and nine-payline machine. The minimum bet is $0.05, which means if you bet all the lines, you’ll wager $0.25. You can wager as much as $11.25 per line.

Shopping Spree has a few features which include scatters, multipliers, and bonus rounds. Bet the max and hit the Big Money Scatter Bonus, and you can win up to 360 credits. Or you can win up to4,000 credits during the Mystery Grab Bag Bonus Round.

If you’re feeling really lucky, you can play the max bet and try to win the progressive. The jackpot was sitting at a little more than $150,000 the last time we played it.

These five slot machines are a drop in the bucket compared to all the slots RealTime Gaming offers. There are more than 125 additional slot machines to choose from, depending on the casino youjoin. But the point of showing you these is so you can see how diverse their selection is, the types of features their machines have, and the jackpots you can win if you’ve got the bankroll.

Shopping Spree - RTG Slot Machine

Shopping Spree – RTG Slot Machine


RealTime Gaming has got its pros and cons, just like any other slot developer. However, we feel like the upsides outweigh thedownsides to playing their games, especially if you’re an American that cannot play at one of the few legal and regulated online casinos available in the US.

So, if you want to play slots online and don’t mind that you won’t be able to play branded slots, then we recommend you give RTG’s slots a try. They’ve got almost everything you could wantbetween all their themes, features, and progressive jackpots.

The fastest and safest way to get started is to join a site from our table above. Each one has our Seal of Approval, which means they’re as safe and secure as they come. Just scroll back up tothe top, choose a casino, and you’ll be playing one of their many slots before you know it.