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Real Money Online Gambling in Idaho

State legislators have barely addressed the subject of legal Idaho online gambling. Perhaps not surprising given they’ve been indecisive when it comes to land-based betting.

However, the Gem State does have a variety of gambling options for Idahoans that have been solid for a few decades. Gambling online for real money is also possible, with a number of the best Idaho gambling sites providing a wide range of options.

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In the past, slots, historical horse racing, and daily fantasy sports (DFS) have come and gone in Idaho. Some, like slots, have returned with restrictions. Others, such as historical horse racing, are still off the table despite efforts to revive the program.

There are currently seven tribal casinos, although table games are off the table. High stakes bingo is played at the casinos, and charity bingo games are also held in other venues for smaller prizes. Residents can play the lottery, including a touch tab lottery.

Online gambling regulated in the state of Idaho is technically active, as pari-mutuel betting includes advance deposit wagering so that website-based betting is possible. Other real money gambling sites accept ID players, but the operations and regulation originate from outside of the state.

Best Idaho Gambling Sites

Best Idaho Gambling Sites

If you’ve been looking for gambling sites IN Idaho, you’ll come up short. But when you tweak that to gambling sites FOR Idaho, it’s a different story.

Real money online gambling in Idaho is alive and well, but we’re not talking in-state businesses. You might not be familiar with their names and services, but we’ve been keeping track of them since their inception. That’s how our expert team compiles a list of the best Idaho gambling sites online.

So, when you look through our recommendations, you can feel confident that it’s not just a guessing game. We review all of the online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms that accept ID players, then compare the results to see which sites rise to the top.

Additionally, we take the next steps by keeping up with any changes to the existing online gambling sites for Idaho players. We also monitor the comings and goings of operations. So, if a new site opens, then we evaluate it and add it to our list of recommendations, if appropriate.

Recommending Online Gambling Sites for ID

So, what makes an Idaho online gambling site worthy of a mention or even a recommendation?

It’s not a simple answer, as there are quite a few decisive factors.

Isolating the Best From the Rest

To kickstart the process, we create a complete list of real money gambling websites that accept players from Idaho. But once we’ve crossed that bridge, the actual review process begins, as we go one by one through the list. We examine every element of the service, as well as the website as a whole.

Comparing online gambling in Idaho to the tribal casinos is like night and day. While you may have some similar slots available to you, there are many more gaming options.

Gambling Options

Some sites stick to casino games, while others incorporate race and sportsbooks and, sometimes, even poker rooms. While Idaho’s land-based casinos don’t have table games, there are a few ways to play them on a gambling site.

Table games like blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps, and roulette are standards. Additionally, though, some online casinos include live dealer areas as well. So, you can take a virtual seat at a table that’s being run by a living and breathing professional dealer.

Before we even address other aspects of gambling online, you can already see that you’ve got some decisions to make about which site is the best for you.

Accounts and Player Services

Unlike your local casinos, which are all about cash transactions, a variety of accepted payment methods is another key component of a quality online gambling site. We look for cryptocurrency options, as well as debit and credit cards. Additionally, fast and fee-free transactions are also part of the best-case scenario.

User-friendliness and mobile play are essential for a quality experience. You want the buttons to be big enough, as mistakes could cost you cash.

The checklist rounds out with bonuses and promotional offerings, customer service, prominently posted terms and conditions, and RNG (random number generator) verification.

Expert Assessments

In addition to the evident criteria, our ranking process also incorporates player feedback, the operator’s reputation, and our overall impressions into the process.

These are things that can change, which is why revisits and reevaluations also enable us to provide you with consistently accurate rankings of the best Idaho gambling sites.

Idaho Gambling Laws and Regulation

Idaho’s gambling history is unlike other states. In most places, gambling was in full gear in the 1800s, followed by a lull of about 75 years or so.

The exceptions to the rule primarily revolved around pari-mutuel activities in the early 20th century, followed by charitable bingo or other games.

Slots and Racing

Pari-mutuel didn’t emerge until 1963, which is relatively late in the game, compared to most.

In the Gem State, though, slots were part of the “here today, gone tomorrow” legal betting status. While residents in other areas had racetracks exclusively, Idahoans were spinning slot reels for six years from 1947 to 1953.

Idaho Gambling Expansion

Real change didn’t happen until the late 1980s when the Idaho lottery emerged and proved to exceed expectations. Even with a relatively low population, the lottery is a proven winner and has contributed much-needed funds to the state coffers.

Once the lottery was in full gear, gambling expansion was much broader and faster. Four years after the original ticket sales, Idaho’s first tribal casino, Coeur d’Alene, opened its doors.

To this day, neither Coeur d’Alene nor the other casinos can host table gaming. But Idahoans can play machines that are similar to slots and participate in higher stakes bingo sessions.

Gaming Machines

Further growth came through the lottery once again when touch tab lottery machines rolled out in 2011. They’re similar to electronic pull tabs and, so far, have survived any scrutiny. Historical horse racing wasn’t treated the same, though.

Racetracks were looking for ways to stay solvent, and historical horse racing was successful in many other states. The games supplemented the races and saved many courses from closing. However, historical horse racing went on the chopping block, and legislators mandated the removal of all machines.

Online Gambling in and out of Idaho

When it comes to online gambling in Idaho, though, racing is back at the forefront. Advance-deposit wagering (ADW) allows local punters to make virtual bets on racetracks around the world. But it’s the only in-state, legally-authorized betting site opportunity allows by Idaho gambling laws.

Other real money Idaho gambling is provided through out-of-state operators. There isn’t a long list of websites, as players in other parts of the world could access, but there are enough to accommodate US players and, subsequently, give Idahoans some options.

Idaho Gambling at a Glance

  • Casinos: Tribal casinos (no table games or poker)
  • Sports Betting: Not legal
  • DFS: Not legal
  • Lottery: Legal and services include touch tab lottery
  • Pari-Mutuel: Legal and online with ADW
  • Historical Horse Racing: Not legal
  • Charity Gaming: Bingo, raffles, and duck races are legal for fundraising; high-stakes bingo in casinos
  • Online Gambling: ADW and out-of-area casino, sportsbook, and poker sites

Benefits of Gambling Online in Idaho

The internet has given us an entirely new way of life. Stores that aren’t in our area will deliver their goods to us with a few clicks of a button. We’re no longer limited to pizza delivery, as most restaurants will bring their delicious dishes right to our doors. We can watch TV or movies on our smartphones and build playlists of our favorite songs without a stereo, cassette, or CD player.

And we can gamble online for real money right from the comfort of our home or on-the-go on our smartphones.

More Betting Options

In a state like Idaho that has restricted casino gambling and no poker or sportsbooks, online gambling is the only alternative for players looking for blackjack or a place to submit a bet slip.

Online gambling in ID is somewhat like using other web-based services, though, in that you don’t want to pick the first casino that pops up in your Google search. To get the most from your experience, you’ll want to look for a quality provider that has your favorite betting options.

More Than One ID Gambling Site

Fortunately, you’ve got options. If you’re looking for a poker room, you won’t have as many sites from which to select, but there are a few. For casino gambling, there’s a bigger list, and we’ve not only compiled it but have rated and ranked the included websites.

Once you locate an Idaho real money gambling site that appeals to you, then you’ll find that there are many benefits.

  • Choice of betting options (poker, video poker, slots, table games, live dealer games, sports)
  • Play from wherever you are
  • No need to download software; instant play available
  • A variety of accepted banking options
  • Bonuses and promotions, including deposit match incentives
  • Privacy
  • No travel time required
  • A viable alternative for players who can’t travel or be around smoke
  • Online gambling is no longer brand new; better games, more options, more accountability from providers

Start Gambling Online in Idaho

Online gambling in Idaho has the longevity that’s been lacking in some of Idaho’s in-person betting opportunities.

While it doesn’t look like the lottery or tribal casinos are going anywhere any time soon, you’ve got another option if you’re looking to do some gambling.

The Gem State’s tribal casinos are filled with slot (or slot-like) gambling machines, but they don’t offer table games, poker, or sports betting. So, not only is web-based betting convenient but, sometimes, it’s the only game in town.

Just make sure that you stick to the best Idaho gambling sites that we recommend. They’re safe and trusted options that we rate highly.

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