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Safe Online Casinos – The Most Secure Sites for 2022

It’s important to protect yourself when you play casino games online. You are already risking losing some money as part of the game. But you shouldn’t have to risk your security in the process. Online safety and security are paramount.

We focus on safe casino gaming on this page. Let’s start with our recommendations of safe online casinos for 2022.

List of the Safest Online Casinos

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If you want to find a trustworthy casino on your own, we will show you how a little later. We will also explain what to look for when assessing online casinos for safe real money gambling.

But if you’re looking to play casino games online right now, you can’t go wrong with our recommendations. We are confident these are the safest casino sites online because we’ve thoroughly vetted them.

Read on to find out more about how we do this.

Regulations for Secure Online Casinos

There are plenty of trustworthy online casinos available, but some exploit their customers. If you’re not using the safest casino sites, you could get stuck with a site that delays your withdrawals or spams your email.
You don’t have to take risks with operators who may or may not pay you your winnings. But you should still choose wisely if you want to ensure your online safety.

Do you know what the most trusted casinos online all have in common? Every single one of them is licensed and regulated by a legitimate gambling commission or authority.

The safest casinos typically include information about their license, game testing certificates, payment methods, and ownership in the footer. They should also include terms and conditions and problem gambling resources.

Licensing organizations regulate all of these areas and require that sites display this information. Here is more information about how licensing organizations work.

Online gambling commissions address each of those areas. Top-notch regulation is a lengthy process that never ends.

Safe and fair casino gaming through licensed software and consistent testing is just the start.

Licensing for Online Casinos

Knowing which organization licenses a particular site can help you know what to expect. Here are some of the most reputable licensing commissions for safe online casinos.

Commission Website
UK Gambling Commission gamblingcommission.gov.uk
Malta Gaming Authority mga.org.mt
Alderney Gambling Control Commission gamblingcontrol.org
First Cayagan Leisure and Resort Corporation firstcagayan.com/fclrc
ARJEL (France) arjel.fr
Danish Gambling Authority spillemyndigheden.dk
Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission gov.im
Authority of Customs and Monopolies in Italy adm.gov.it
New Jersey Casino Control Commission nj.gov

When you’re looking to play at safe online casinos, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for an agency logo. The most reputable and secure operators link those images to their official licenses.

Role of Online Gambling Commissions

Regulatory bodies issue licenses to legitimate online casinos to provide their services legally. But before they do, they require the following from each applicant.

  • Criminal background check
  • The operational model including bonus implementation, deposits, payouts, jackpots, server, site security
  • Third-party providers – fraud detection, age identity, geolocation
  • Financial records
  • Software technical standards – submission of independent game testing
  • Legal business status
  • A significant deposit or license fee

Every bureau has different rules and regulations.

An authority like the UK Gambling Commission is hands-on, continuously updating its guidelines and safe casino practices. Others are less proactive but still have procedures in place to protect players.

Here are some of the actions they take to ensure player protection.

  • Assess and monitor the casino’s financial standing
  • Approve software providers
  • Require game testing by an independent lab
  • Settle player disputes
  • Provide problem gambling information and resources

If an operator is licensed by a reputable agency, you know that it has gone through a thorough screening process to guarantee security and fairness. You also know that the site is monitored and audited regularly.

And while you hope to never run into an issue, you also know that you can file a dispute through most gambling commissions regarding an online casino’s alleged misconduct.

How the UKGC Leads the Way in Online Casino Regulation

UK Gambling Commission

You can’t get much better than UK Gambling Commission backing when it comes to safe online gaming. It’s a proactive commission governing both land-based venues and online casinos.

Beyond the licensing procedure, the Commission is consistently evolving its rules and practices to ensure gambling is safe and secure for UK casino players. Here are a couple of examples of recent changes the UKGC has made.

  • In 2020, the UKGC took credit cards off the table, so players can’t gamble “on credit” anymore.
  • They imposed a limit on slot speeds.
  • The UKGC is prohibiting any feature or reward that speeds up play.
  • They’re forcing casinos to prominently display total losses and wins for players.

The UKGC wasted no time putting these new regulations into action. They told online operators that they had until the following October to comply. The safest casinos online in the UK did. Those are the types of secure online casinos you want to join.

Safe Casino Websites Promote Their Regulation

Online casino license

While gambling commissions play similar roles for land-based and online gambling, there’s one significant difference.

It’s easy to identify and monitor safe brick and mortar casinos but tougher to do with online casinos. This makes it easier for rogue online casinos to operate under the radar.

How do you avoid rogue casinos online? We’ll give you a few tips later, but here’s one tip: legit real money online casinos that are safe promote their certification.

Most of them list their different licenses and license numbers in the footer of their website. Other legitimate online casinos display the logos of the agencies that licensed them.

Many of the safest online gambling sites make this image clickable – click on it to see a current copy of that casino’s license.

The bottom line is that the safest casinos are licensed and regulated, and they’re happy to prove it to you. Checking for a license is a quick and easy way to ensure you join honest casino sites.

What Else Do Safe Casino Sites Do?

Licensing and regulation are essential. But that’s only the beginning. Here are some additional factors that prove a site is dedicated to protecting its customers.

  • Problem gambling controls – Safe casino sites give players options to prevent problem gambling. They include self-exclusion, deposit limits, and other settings that players can control based on their own needs.
  • Game audits – Third-party organizations can test and audit the game software for online casinos. These audits include RTP/RNG audits, data integrity, jackpot assessments and more.
  • Segregated funds – The money in your casino account should remain accessible to you at all times. So, the site must keep player funds separate from its operational funds.
  • Privacy policy – Privacy is essential in the digital age. Every reputable casino should have a policy that dictates how your information can be shared. You should have access to the privacy policy and be updated about any changes.
  • Site security – SSL encryption is the standard for site security. You can tell if a site is secure by looking for a padlock in the URL bar or a site that starts with HTTPS. If the S is missing or the lock icon is unlocked, your information could be at risk.
  • Trusted partners – Online casinos rely on partnerships with software providers, payment processors, customer service, geolocation services, and more. The other businesses they work with can speak volumes about a site’s integrity.
  • Fair bonuses – Bonuses can be an excellent incentive, but they shouldn’t come with impossible wagering requirements. Reputable casino sites have reasonable bonus terms on all promotions and VIP incentives.
  • Transparency – If a casino operates reputably, it will have nothing to hide. It should display licensing, banking, and fair gaming practices. The terms and conditions page should also cover everything you need to know.
  • Updated software – Look for sites that load quickly, have modern graphics, and updated information. These factors make the site more convenient, but they also indicate that it is well-maintained, which is vital for customer security.

Trusted Software Providers for Online Casinos

Safe casino software

The developers who create online casino games are a crucial part of your safety. Top-rated casino software providers are licensed for multiple jurisdictions and have excellent reputations. You can look to Microgaming as an example.

Microgaming is the studio that started it all in online gaming. It was the first provider to create online games, mobile games, and millionaire-making virtual slots. More importantly, Microgaming sets the standard for security and fairness for online casinos. They were founding members of eCOGRA and the Internet Gaming Council.

Here are some examples of how reputable software providers can benefit players.

Benefits of Online Casinos with Reputable Software

  • Progressive jackpots are paid on time
  • RNG (random number generator) and RTP (return to player percentage) certified
  • Multi-platform development
  • Top software companies are discriminating about casino partners (safe casino + safe software)
  • Provide players with relatively high RTP slots (96% and higher)
  • Most games are included in bonus programs
  • A modern, high-tech gaming experience
  • Games are free of malware

The Safest Online Casinos Are Only as Safe as You

Internet safety

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the safest online casinos or trusted casino apps. If you’re not doing your due diligence, then you’re still open to hacking and data theft, including your banking information.

There are a few things to consider before you register and use an online casino account. Let’s talk about each one now.

  • Keep Your Computer or Mobile Device Secure- Older hardware or software that isn’t continuously updated is vulnerable to hacking. If your casino login and banking information are exposed, you could have quite a mess on your hands.
  • Use a Safe Wi-Fi Connection- Make sure your private Wi-Fi connection is password-protected to keep other people from accessing it.
  • Avoid Free Connections- Using a public internet connection, like a free network in a coffee shop, is a bad idea because it eliminates a few layers of site security right off the bat. Anyone on that network could access your personal information.
  • Use Strong Passwords- Another best practice to keep your information secure is to establish your casino account using a complex password with different types of characters. Then, follow up by changing that password frequently.
  • Turn Your Bluetooth Off- If you’re in a public place or have neighbors in range, you’ll want to turn your Bluetooth off. It can expose you even while using secure online casinos and casino apps.

How to Find a Trustworthy Online Casino

You now know what to look for and do to protect yourself while you play casino games online. The next step is narrowing the field to arrive at the most reliable and honest casino operators.

To do that, you’ll want to distinguish between findings, reviews, and recommendations worthy of your time and attention and the ones that are fluff, disgruntled players, or just website filler.

Do Don’t
Rely on reviews backed by facts and figures Trust vague or reposted reviews
Check out Reddit or player forums Believe everything you read
Select online casinos with good reputations Take a chance on a casino with patterns of payout (or other) problems
Look for patterns of similar feedback Have complete confidence in a single player’s impression
Have reasonable expectations Expect all players to have the same opinions
Use the tips we’ve provided (scroll to the bottom of the homepage for licensing, banking, contact information, transparency) Register a betting account with an online casino without clear terms and conditions and safe practices

When to Rely on Player Impressions

Trustworthy casino player reviews

An isolated review by a single player might not always be the best resource. Keep in mind that we live in a world where people love to express their views – and loudly.

And remember, we’re talking about gambling here. You could operate the most honest online casino that offers the best experience. But, if someone loses money in your casino, they’ll complain about it.

So, instead of relying on feedback from a single player, focus on patterns of feedback that are much more reliable. If you see multiple posts about slow pays or spam emails, or any issue that detracts from a safe online casino experience, give them merit.

But a one-off is not always reliable unless it speaks in facts and figures and tells a complete story.

Not All Online Casinos Reviews are Reliable

Not all player reviews are trustworthy, and neither are all review sites. We know a little something about this because we’ve been in the industry for years and take pride in accuracy and reliability.

On your quest to find safe online casinos, you might have already come across vague or inaccurate reviews or noticed the same information rehashed on several different websites.

Some review sites don’t even conduct their own evaluations, which doesn’t inspire confidence in the data they’re providing. They intend to generate hits for their website, so they recycle other people’s work without fact-checking or, even worse, publish fabricated information.

Our Process for Finding Safe Online Casinos

You’re reading this to find the safest online casinos, so recommendations matter. We take our endorsements seriously and only arrive at them after an extensive (and ongoing) process.

We’ve got an entire page dedicated to our rating and ranking process, but our general review procedure covers the following.

  • Background check of owners and operators
  • Identification of sister casino sites
  • Licensing verification
  • Certification of fair gaming (RNG testing verification)
  • Documenting first impressions of the casino
  • Evaluation of site security, payment processing, and other safe casino practices
  • Software providers
  • Banking options
  • Financial fees, turnaround times, limits
  • Transparency of terms and conditions
  • Customer service quality and availability
  • Range of real money casino games
  • Payout limitations – are jackpots paid in full, weekly payout restrictions?
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Bonus playthrough requirements

If you look through our site, you’ll come across recommendations for top-rated online casinos, best casinos for fast payouts and, of course, safe casino sites online.

We keep our rankings short and concise. And all the casinos on our lists are backed by detailed reviews. Our evaluations are prepared by experts who have gambled for decades.

They have comprehensive knowledge of the industry and stay current on all of the comings and goings of new casinos, owners, and game providers—the team’s expertise factors into each casino evaluation’s quality. They know what safe casino sites look like.

However, one review isn’t the end of the story. We continuously re-review and update our information so readers always have the most accurate findings.

How Do You Know You Can Trust a Casino Review?

It’s all about the details. Proper online casino reviews itemize all aspects of the operation instead of providing vague impressions or copying details from another website.

The best casino reviews online cover the following information.

  • Ownership and licensing
  • Jurisdictional information
  • Accurate banking
  • Current player incentives
  • Bonus conditions
  • Gaming software
  • Quantity and variety of games
  • Mobile access
  • Customer service details
  • Overall assessment

Avoiding Rogue Casinos

Rogue online casinos

In addition to creating reviews of the best casino sites, we also keep an updated casino blacklist. This list includes sites that are known to take advantage of customers in some way or another, so you want to avoid using them.

There are quite a few reasons why a site could be added to our casino blacklist.

  • No payouts (players or affiliates)
  • Slow pays
  • Bonus manipulation
  • Selling or sharing players’ personal information
  • Pirated software
  • False licensing
  • Malware

To make sure you’re protecting yourself, you’ve got to steer clear of rogue online casinos. The best way to do that is to refer to our casino blacklist before you join a site not recommended here.

Of course, you won’t even have to do that if you only join the most trusted casinos online – such as the safe and secure casinos and apps listed at the top of this page.

Online Casino Safety FAQ

Are Online Casinos Really Safe?

There are plenty of legit online casinos that are perfectly safe to use.

We can’t say that ALL online casinos are safe, but avoiding the shady ones is not too difficult if you do a bit of due diligence.

Do Online Casinos Protect My Privacy?

The most reputable online casinos not only post a detailed privacy policy but abide by it, keeping your personal information safe and secure.

How Do Online Casinos Keep My Information Secure?

The top online casinos use the latest security measures to keep your information safe.

These include using high-level encryption techniques when processing financial transactions.

Which Online Casinos Are Legit?

Safe online casinos that are licensed and regulated by quality gaming authorities have the best reputations.

They use licensed gaming software, provide various banking options, pay on time, and have responsive customer service.

What’s the Safest Banking Option for Online Casinos?

Secure online casinos will ONLY offer banking options that are completely safe to use.

With that said, using Bitcoin has extra levels of security that make it the safest of all options.

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

Licensed online casinos are tested by private labs for random number generation and return to player percentages. They are regulated and offer legitimate and fair gambling opportunities.

However, be sure to review lists of blacklisted or rogue online casinos, as they do often have rigged games and you want to steer clear of them.

Can Casino Sites Be Trusted to Pay Out Winnings?

Yes. If you use the online casinos that we recommend, you will get your winnings.

Some pay faster than others, but they all pay.

Why Do Casinos Ask for Your Social Security Number?

Providing a social security number to a casino is a common practice. Depending on the jurisdiction, it could be a legal requirement. For example, some US casino sites (with in-state regulation) report jackpot winnings to the IRS.

You might not be asked for the full number upfront, though. Many online operators use the last four digits for age and identity verification.

How Do I Find Safe Real Money Casinos Online?

The safest casinos online are licensed and regulated by a top-notch agency. They prioritize transparency, providing a copy of their licensing, game testing records, terms and conditions, banking and bonus structure, and gaming providers.

We’ve compiled our list based on comprehensive reviews, background checks, and continuous monitoring that can expedite your search.

What is the Most Trusted Online Casino?

Our rankings are regularly updated to account for several important factors. The top ranked site at any given time is what we consider to be the most trusted online casino.

Click here to check our latest rankings.

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