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Safe Sports Betting Sites in 2021

If you are looking for the safest betting sites in 2021, you’ve found what you need. Our experienced team of sports betting experts are constantly analyzing online sportsbooks to determine which are the most trusted options for your real money bets.

As of right now, these are the safest sports betting sites for wagering online in 2021:

Rank VA Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
#2 50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#3 50% Up To $250 Visit Site Visit Site
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These safe online betting sites have proven they can be trusted. They treat their customers with respect and they use the latest security measures on the market to protect them from external attacks too.

Joining any of them will provide a safe gambling experience which is what all of our readers are looking for. And the best news is that you don’t have to sacrifice anything that you’d expect from a top sports betting site. The safest online sportsbooks still offer plenty of other perks like generous bonuses promotions, high odds, and a wide range of betting options.

You can comfortably try to win money from your knowledge of sports betting without worrying that someone might steal from you.

Safest Betting Sites in 2020

Is Online Betting Safe?

We’ve heard the question “is online betting safe?” thousands of times and it’s a legit concern. There are risks associated with any kind of real money gambling, and that risk is magnified when you’re betting online with sportsbooks and bookmakers that don’t have a physical presence.

The fact is that most online sports betting sites are perfectly safe to use. However, there are exceptions. That’s what it’s important to narrow down your choices when betting online, and stick to trusted and reliable options.

How do you tell the safe betting sites from the unsafe ones, though? That’s not as easy as it should be, thanks to the lack of global regulation of real money online gambling. There are betting sites out there that are unlicensed and unregulated, just waiting to take advantage of innocent bettors.

Don’t worry, though, as we’re here to assist. We’ve been involved with the online gambling industry for many years, and we’ve spent most of this time helping our readers find safe and trusted gambling sites. It’s what we do, and we do it well.

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To start placing real money wagers online, simply choose one of the safest betting sites we’ve listed above. To find out more about safe online betting, and how we identify the safest sportsbooks, keep reading.

Identifying the Safest Online Betting Sites

The obvious goal of this page is to keep you informed about the safest sports betting sites online today. That’s the easy bit, but actually identifying them takes more effort.

There are three main areas we check when assessing the safety of online betting sites.

  • Legit Gambling License
  • Strong Reputation
  • Latest Security Measures

Let’s dive a bit deeper into each of these, so you better understand exactly how we find the safest sports betting sites on the web. That could help you if you decide to look for a safe online sportsbook on your own at some point.

Gambling License

licensing and regulation

All of the safest betting websites have a license issued by a legit gambling commission and that’s the first thing we establish. The regulators run extensive background checks before they grant the necessary seal of approval and they continue monitoring their trusted bookmakers after that.

Their job is to make sure that the interest of the players is protected properly. The best gambling commissions vary depending on your region, but the most secure betting sites all have a license by a respected regulator. A good example of one of the best is the UK Gambling Commission.

You can check every the licensing of a sportsbook by looking at the bottom of their website. That’s where the gambling commission and the serial number of the document are usually mentioned. If you can’t find them, that’s a red flag.

Betting sites you can trust have that information in a visible place and there are no exceptions to this rule.

Strong Reputation

online reputation

Having a license is a good starting point, but not enough of a reason by itself to put an operator on our list of safe betting sites. The next step of our investigation is to evaluate their reputation by running some additional checks.

We carefully explore any complaints from customers we can find. The mere presence of such is not a big deal, as you will find unhappy users of any real money gambling site that has been operating for long enough. The main factors here are the number and the severity of the accusations.

If a couple of people weren’t happy with a particular member of the staff or had minor trouble with the navigation of the page, that’s not the end of the world. If you have loads of customers complaining that they weren’t paid, that’s another story.

We naturally stay away from all companies with a shady past and you won’t find them on our list of the safest real money betting sites.

Security Measures

safety and security

After we make sure that a site has no intention of stealing your hard-earned cash or messing with you in any other way, we check if it has the necessary measures to protect you from other dangers like hackers.

We carefully explore the security measures used by online betting sites. The most important shield is the SSL certificate that proves all data transfers are encrypted with the latest technologies. Even if someone steals the information, they can’t do anything with it

The easiest way to understand if any website has that layer of protection would be to look at the URL in your browser. If it starts with “http” instead of “https”, you better stay away. That’s only the beginning, though, as we also check the privacy policy and other factors until we are completely satisfied.

Benefits of Using Safe Sports Betting Sites

The most obvious benefit of using the safest sites for betting on sports is that you’re highly unlikely to get scammed or ripped off in any way. But there are many others. As we already mentioned, security doesn’t come at a cost in this case and there are plenty of additional benefits to betting at the safest sportsbooks online.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Large variety of sports and betting markets
  • Excellent bonuses and promotions
  • High betting odds and limits
  • Mobile betting
  • Range of banking options and fast payouts
  • Useful additional features
  • Reliable customer support

All of the safe online sports betting sites we recommend deliver an excellent experience and good opportunities to make some cash thanks to the factors listed above. If you have the required expertise in a certain sport, you can pick the best spots to profit thanks to the countless events and markets offered. If you add the high odds and the promotions at your disposal, the value increases even more.

On top of everything else, the safest sites for betting online make sure to provide a comfortable experience by constantly improving their user interface and mobile versions.

They work on additional features like Cash Out all the time, the payments are fast, and the support is always there to help if you are experiencing any problems. It’s the whole package, so you can have fun betting on your favorite sports and have a solid chance to earn extra money in the process.

Safe Online Betting FAQ

Is betting on sports online legal?

The answer depends on your country. Betting on sports online is legal in most places, but there might be exceptions.

Make sure to check our page on gambling jurisdictions for more information.

Why do betting sites ask for ID documents?

Betting sites are often required by the gambling commission that issues their license to verify the identity and address of their customers to prevent fraud or minors taking part. That’s why they could ask you for an ID or another document.

This is a standard procedure and there’s no reason to worry about it. In fact, it helps to keep you safe from identity fraud.

What are the safest payment options for betting online?

The payment providers supported by our recommended bookmakers and sportsbooks can all be trusted.

Credit and debit cards, e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller, Bitcoin, wire transfers, are secure for both deposits and cashouts.

Is it safe to use betting sites that don’t have a gambling license?

In theory, not all sportsbooks without a license are scammers. But you’d need a really good reason to trust them.

We recommend sticking to the safe betting websites that have the necessary accreditation to avoid trouble.

How do I bet on sports online safely?

Finding secure betting websites is a good start, but it doesn’t guarantee the safety of your money and personal information. You have the responsibility to protect yourself following several simple rules that are mostly down to common sense.

Don’t pick easy passwords and don’t share your credentials with other people. Also, make sure to keep your email private and don’t open links or download files from emails that are from unknown senders.

It’s good to know legitimate betting websites won’t ask for your password, so don’t give it to people who pretend to be their representatives.

Simply put, don’t make stupid mistakes and you should be fine.