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Review of RTG’s Halloween Treasures Slot

There are two kinds of people in this world. You either believe that October 31st is the best day of the year, or you are wrong.

Halloween is the best holiday because it has everything you want, with nothing you don’t want. Who would prefer stuffy family traditions over candy and costumes?

Fortunately, the game designers at RealTime Gaming feel the same way about the spooky holiday. Thanks to them, you can start celebrating Halloween anytime you want to with the Halloween Treasures slot game.

This thrilling slot game features four progressive jackpots, a free spins feature, and automatic multipliers.

Our Halloween Treasures review tells you all about this spooky slot and the tricks and treats it has to offer.

Online Casinos with Halloween Treasures

You don’t have to wait until October to start playing. All you need to do before you can cackle with witches and spook with vampires is choose an online casino.

There are many online casino sites with Halloween Treasures because it is a RealTime Gaming slot. RTG is one of the most popular software providers for USA online casinos.

That means you have plenty of choices. Check out the following pages to learn more about RealTime Gaming software, their slots, and the top-rated casinos that use their software.

It is crucial to do a little research about online casinos with Halloween Treasures. That is because RealTime Gaming takes a hands-off approach with its clients.

Unfortunately, that means that some RTG casinos are not trustworthy. The good news is that our casino reviews are an excellent resource that will help you find a safe and reputable RTG casino site.

How to Play Halloween Treasures

At first glance, Halloween Treasures might seem like a standard slot game. But there are a few things you need to know about how to play this game. We’ll start with some basic information.

Hallowen Treasures Slot – Key Details

Halloween Treasures from RealTime Gaming
  • Theme: Halloween
  • Manufacturer: RealTime Gaming
  • RTP: 95%
  • Reels/rows: 5/3
  • Paylines: 243 – All Ways
  • Minimum bet: $0.08
  • Maximum bet: $8.80
  • Maximum prize: 50,000x bet amount
  • Jackpot: Yes, four levels
  • Volatility: Low
  • Mobile compatible: Yes

The Halloween Treasures online slot machine has 243 pay lines. That means you have lots of ways to win.

Any combination of three or more matching symbols can win as long as they cover consecutive reels from left to right. They have to start from the first reel. All 243 pay lines are always active.

Because there are so many pay lines, your betting options will be a little different. Instead of choosing how many pay lines you want to play, you will choose a coin value.

That coin value will be multiplied by the All-Ways-Pays (AWP) factor. The AWP factor ranges from 8 to 88. You can adjust the AWP factor by changing the number of golden symbols that are active.

Depending on the coin values and golden symbols you choose, your total bet could range from $0.08 to $8.80.

Choose Your Golden Symbols

Golden symbols in the Halloween Treasures slot

The Halloween Treasures casino slot game is unique because it allows you to choose how you want to play. You can modify the game options by changing the number of golden symbols that are active.

There are five golden symbols on the left side of the game screen. They appear in the same place whether you play Halloween Treasures on mobile or a computer.

You can choose to have between one and five golden symbols active at any time. When you start the game, it will automatically have all five symbols active.

If you want to change the number of active golden symbols, you can click on the symbols to deactivate them. Then, click them again if you want to reactivate them later.

The number of active golden symbols will affect your automatic multipliers, the AWP factor in your bet amount, and the progressive jackpots you qualify for.

Golden Symbols Gravestone Multiplier AWP Factor Available Jackpots
1 – Potion X1 8 None
2 – Candles X2 18 Mini
3 – Witch’s Hat X3 38 Minor, Mini
4 – Vampire X4 68 Major, Minor, Mini
5 – Jack o’ Lantern X5 88 Grand, Major, Minor, Mini

When the golden symbols are active, any winning combinations with those symbols also offer increased payouts.

We recommend playing with all five golden symbols active when you play Halloween Treasures for real money. That way, you can maximize your win potential.

However, the increased AWP factor means that you also have to bet more when you play with all the golden symbols active.

If you are betting with $0.10 coins, your overall bet with one golden symbol is $0.88. When you play with all five golden symbols, those ten-cent coins become the max bet of $8.80.

It is better to play with a lower coin value and a higher number of golden symbols than to play a higher bet amount without the golden symbols active.

You can always play a demo version of the Halloween Treasures slot for free if you want to try different betting options.

Winning Symbols on the Halloween Treasures Slot Machine

The golden symbols can make the Halloween Treasures paytable a little confusing. There are four high-paying symbols, but each of those symbols are duplicates of its golden symbol counterpart.

For example, if only the golden potion symbol is activated, then the rest of the high-paying symbols will be the regular versions of the remaining golden symbols.

The reels will have the golden potion symbol, and then the regular candle, witch’s hat, vampire, and jack o’ lantern.

If you activate the candles, then the reels will have the golden potion and candle symbols. You’ll also have the regular witch’s hat, vampire, and jack o’ lantern symbols – and so on and so forth.

Halloween Treasures symbols and paytable.

There is only one potion bottle symbol because it is always the first golden symbol. The Halloween Treasures slot machine also has nine through ace playing card symbols.

It can be very confusing when you look at the paytable and see both the golden and regular symbols. It took us a minute to figure it out while testing the game to write this Halloween Treasures slot review.

But once you start playing, only one format for each symbol will appear on the reels. That makes it easy to figure out which payout options you can expect.

Remember that you have to have the golden symbols activated to earn the increased payout for those symbols.

Special Symbols

In addition to the line pay symbols, there are three special symbols on the Halloween Treasures online casino slot.

The doorway to the crypt is the game’s wild symbol. It can replace any symbol except for the gravestone multiplier. It can even take the place of the scatter symbol!

The wild symbol only appears on the center reels. Every time it appears, it will add a coin to the pumpkin basket at the top of the reels. Those coins could trigger a jackpot!

There is also a crystal ball scatter symbol. You can earn payouts when three or more scatters appear on the reels.

If those three or more scatter symbols appear on consecutive reels from left to right, you can earn twelve free spins.

The last special symbol on the Halloween Treasures casino slot machine is the gravestone multiplier.

It only appears on the third reel, but it acts as another wild symbol. The gravestone can replace any regular symbol, but it can’t replace the scatter symbol or the crypt door wild.

Gravestone symbols automatically multiply any winning combination it is a part of. The multiplier amount ranges from 1x to 5x, depending on how many golden symbols are active.

Halloween Treasure’s wild, scatter, and multiplier symbols.

Now that you know about all of the symbols on the Halloween Treasures online slot game let’s explore the game’s bonus features in more detail.

Halloween Treasures Bonus Features

The real money Halloween Treasures slot is packed full of bonus features. In this Halloween Treasures review, we want to focus primarily on the free spins feature and the progressive jackpot. But don’t overlook the features that are built into the base game.

For example, the automatic multipliers you can get with the gravestone symbol are an excellent way to increase your payouts.

All of the golden symbols can also be considered another bonus feature because they offer exponentially larger payouts than the regular symbols.

Just because those features are available on every spin doesn’t mean that they aren’t bonus features.

Free Spins Feature

Free spins symbol on Halloween Treasures

The first feature we want to explore in more detail is the free spins feature. You can earn twelve free spins by collecting three or more scatter symbols on consecutive reels.

There are a couple of things that you need to understand about triggering free spins on the Halloween Treasures slot machine.

First of all, even though it is a scatter symbol, it follows the same rules as the all-ways-pay lines. The first symbol has to appear on the first reel, and the rest of the symbols have to appear on consecutive reels.

However, the wild symbol can substitute for the scatter symbol to trigger free spins. So, if you have the crystal ball on reels 1 and 3 and a doorway symbol on reel 2, you can earn free spins.

The number of free spins is always the same, but you can retrigger the free spins by getting three more scatter symbols.

You can win significant prizes during the free spins because the free spins reels do not have playing card symbols. All of the low-paying symbols
have been removed.

If you were playing the base game with all five golden symbols active, the only symbols that will appear during the free spins would be the high-paying gold symbols, wild symbols, or additional scatters.

Free spins features are common, but that is because they are valuable. The free spins on the Halloween Treasures real money slot are perfect examples of how worthwhile free spins can be.

Halloween Treasures Progressive Jackpots

Every time the crypt doorway symbol appears on the reels, coins will float from the door to the basket at the top of the reels. That basket is the key to winning a progressive jackpot.

The basket can overflow at any time. When it does, it will trigger the progressive jackpot mini-game. It is a pick-and-click game.

Twelve coins will appear on the screen. You have to click a coin to reveal the symbol that is hidden underneath. Each symbol relates to one of the progressive jackpot levels.

Win one of four jackpots on the Halloween Treasures slot.

You can keep clicking until you get three matching symbols. When you get three matching symbols, you will earn the progressive jackpot prize associated with that symbol.

Remember that you can only qualify for the grand jackpot when you have all five golden symbols activated. If you are only playing with one golden symbol, you will not qualify for any jackpot prizes.

It is also worth mentioning that the autoplay feature can also affect your progressive jackpot possibilities.

If the pick-and-click game gets triggered while you are using autoplay, the game will randomly select coins for you.

You might get upset if the computer selects the mini symbols instead of the grand symbols. If it is important to you, make sure to play the game without the autoplay feature.

RTP and Volatility on the Halloween Treasures Online Slot

The overall RTP on the Halloween Treasures casino slot machine is 95%. That would be on the high end if you were comparing it to land-based slot machines.

Compared to other online slots, 95% is average. Some online slots have an RTP as high as 99%, while others only offer 92%. So, the RTP on Halloween Treasures is adequate, but it is not noteworthy.

Halloween Treasures is a low-volatility slot. That means that you will have frequent wins, but your prizes are typically small and insignificant.

While we were playing the game to write this Halloween Treasures slot review, we noticed that we got higher wins than expected for a low-volatility slot.

That could be a lucky coincidence, but we think it is because of the golden symbols. We had all five golden symbols active throughout most of our gameplay.

Payouts that would typically be 10x, actually earned 100x because of the golden symbols. So those golden symbols are more important than you might think because they offer the best of both worlds.

You can enjoy the frequent wins of a low-volatility slot with the higher payouts that would usually be associated with high volatility. That one of the things we love most about the Halloween Treasures online slot.

Halloween Treasures Slot Game on Mobile Casinos

Halloween Treasures mobile slot

There is no reason that you have to be stuck at your computer to enjoy online gambling. You can play the Halloween Treasures slot game on mobile devices.

The software has been engineered to adapt to whatever screen you are using to play.

Halloween Treasures mobile slots are available on any device that can connect to the internet, including Androids, iPhones, and Windows tablets.

Your overall experience will be the same no matter what device you play on. However, we recommend rotating your device to play in landscape mode if you are using a smartphone.

We noticed that the screen was cramped when we played in portrait mode during our review of the Halloween Treasures mobile slot.

That is because the Halloween Treasures game has to display the reels, the golden symbols, and the progressive jackpots. It is a lot of information to fit into a 3-inch screen.

As long as you play in landscape mode, you can enjoy playing the Halloween Treasures slot on mobile devices.

You can find the best online casino apps with Halloween Treasures here on our website.

Summarizing Our Review of the Halloween Treasures Slot

Overall, the Halloween Treasures casino slot is a thrilling game. The golden symbols, automatic multipliers, and progressive jackpots all contribute to the game’s excellence.

Anyone who enjoys playing slot machines will like this game. If you
happen to love Halloween as much as we do, you will appreciate
Halloween Treasures even more.

Let’s wrap up our Halloween Treasures slot review with opinions on how this game stands out in the most important categories.

Graphics and Sound Effects

“Halloween Treasures design and music

We were very impressed with the graphics on the Halloween Treasures slot game. The images are incredibly detailed, from the individual symbols to the ivy growing beside the reels.

Those details are especially vital on the golden symbols. Players have to be able to tell the golden symbols apart from the regular symbols, so both versions have to be distinctive.

But players also need to know that the golden and regular symbols are two sides of the same coin. So, they have to be similar in some ways.

That is a tricky balance to get right, but RealTime Gaming executed it perfectly.

Their graphics also found the right balance between creepy without being frightening. The same goes for the background music.

You will hear a spooky piano soundtrack that enhances the theme without being obnoxious. Some of the sound effects include ghosts, owls hooting, and other classic creepy sounds.

Bonus Features

Bonus features on Halloween Treasures

It is hard to choose which of the bonus features on the Halloween Treasures slot is our favorite. The progressive jackpots and free spins are both incredibly exciting.

On top of that, you also have gravestone multipliers, multiple wild symbols, and all-ways-pay lines.

The golden symbols do not fit into traditional bonus feature categories. But the increased payouts that they offer definitely make them an exciting part of playing the Halloween Treasures slot online.

This game is full of exciting bonus features, and it is the combination of all of them that makes Halloween Treasures one of the best online slot games available.

Jackpots and Payouts

Halloween Treasures progressive jackpots

We love any game that incorporates progressive jackpots, including Halloween Treasures.

The four different levels make this game stand out, especially because you can modify your jackpot options with the golden symbols.

Another reason that we appreciate the Halloween Treasures jackpots is that they can be randomly triggered at any time. You can even earn a jackpot during the free spins feature!

If you are not lucky enough to win a progressive jackpot, you can still earn impressive payouts on the base game. The max win is up to 50,000 coins on a single spin!

Theme and Symbols

Halloween slot symbols

There is no question what the theme is on the Halloween Treasures online slot. Every detail, from the music to the symbols, exemplifies Halloween.

In fact, there are so many Halloween details that you might not notice all of them.

For example, there is a black cat hidden in the background image. If you are not looking for it, you might not even realize that it is there.

The creators at RealTime Gaming did a fantastic job representing the theme.

Believe it or not, Halloween Treasures is not the only slot game based on the fall holiday. Here are a few more Halloween-themed slots you might want to check out.

User Experience

Halloween Treasures user experience

Some aspects of the Halloween Treasures slot machine take some getting used to. For example, if you have never played all-ways-pay slots before, it takes a minute to understand the lack of defined pay lines.

The golden symbols part of the game can also be a bit confusing. It automatically activates all of the golden symbols, but some players might not understand how crucial those symbols are.

Every aspect of the game, including the bet size, payouts, jackpots, and multipliers, are all affected by the golden symbols. That is a lot to wrap your head around.

RealTime Gaming could have done a better job of explaining how the golden symbols work and making them evident. Players should not have to read through the paytable to understand this crucial information.

That’s the extent of the complaints we had while writing this review of the Halloween Treasures slot. It certainly didn’t stop us from enjoying this Halloween-themed slot game.

It shouldn’t stop you, either!

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