Sports Betting: A Complete Guide

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Sports betting has been around for as long as competitive sports have been played. It’s a great way to put your sports knowledge to the test and have some fun at the same time. It also offers the opportunity to make some money, if you know what you’re doing. In fact, there are many professional gamblers around the world who consistently make very good profits from betting on sports. There’s no reason at all why you can’t join them.

This sports betting guide can help you to become a profitable bettor, even if you’ve currently never placed a wager in your life. It contains everything that a beginner needs to know in order to get started, as we’ve comprehensively explained all the basics of sports betting. There’s plenty of information that experienced bettors will find useful as well. There’s lots of strategy advice, including tips for betting on a variety of different sports.

This guide covers online sports betting too. There’s advice on choosing which sites to use, with recommendations for the best sites in several different categories to help with this. There’s also information on some alternative forms of sports betting, such as daily fantasy sports, live betting, and using exchanges.

We start this guide by clearing up two of the biggest misconceptions about sports betting. We then detail everything else that this guide has to offer. If there’s something in particular that interests you, you might like to skip right to the appropriate section.

Common Sports Betting Misconceptions

There are lots of commonly held misconceptions relating to sports betting. Some of these are close to the truth, some have absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever. For whatever reason, however, they all get repeated often enough that there a lots of people who believe them. Before we get into the detail of our sports betting guide, we’d like to address two particular misconceptions that you really shouldn’t believe. These are that sports betting is all about luck, and that it’s impossible to make money from sports betting.

Sport Betting is All About Luck

Any form of gambling involves at least some degree some of luck, and some forms are based entirely on luck. Casino slots, for example, require no skill at all. You simply pay your money and hope that you’re fortunate enough to see the reels spin a winning combination. All casino games are luck based in fact, although a few them have some elements of skill to them.

There’s a luck involved in sports betting too, but it’s not the ONLY factor. The outcomes of sports events are not completely random, and it’s possible to use a combination of knowledge, skill and strategy to make accurate predictions about what will or won’t happen. Successful gamblers who manage to do this regularly are not lucky, they’re just very good at what they do. They understand the importance of placing wagers with positive expected value, and of managing their bankrolls correctly. That is why they are able to make consistent profits. A bit of good luck certainly helps, but they don’t rely on it.

You Can’t Win Money At Sports Betting

The very fact that sports betting is not all about luck means it’s completely incorrect to say that you can’t win money from it. Most people don’t, but there are reasons for that. And none of those reasons are that it’s impossible. ANYONE can make money from betting on sports with the right approach, and there are plenty of people who do.

There’s a well-known saying that you never see a poor bookmaker. This is not actually true, but the meaning behind the saying is a valid one. Most bookmakers do make healthy profits. This is because they’re very good at making the most of the advantages they have over their customers. It’s perfectly possible to beat the bookmakers though. You just have to try to be better than them, or at least spot the occasions when they get their odds wrong.

Now, we’d never encourage anyone to take up any form of gambling unless they were completely comfortable doing so. However, we wouldn’t want anyone not to gamble just because they didn’t know the truth. And the truth is that you CAN make money from sports betting. We won’t pretend it’s easy, because it absolutely isn’t. But it can be done, and this guide can help you.

An Introduction to Sports Betting

On the face of it, the basic principle of sports betting is pretty simple. Essentially it’s all about predicting the outcome of sporting events and wagering your money according to what you think is going to happen. If you predict correctly then you win, if you don’t then you lose. There is, of course, a bit more to it than that though.

If you’re completely new to sports betting then it helps to understand exactly how it all works. For this reason we have put together a useful introduction to the subject. In this we cover the role of bookmakers, looking at how they operate and how they make money. We describe the different types of wagers you can place and explain how odds work. We’ve also provided a few articles containing some basic advice on how to improve your chances of being a winner.

  • The Basics of Sports Betting
  • Different Types of Bookmaker
  • Types of Bets & Wagers
  • The Best Sports for Betting
  • Odds & How to Understand Them
  • Sports Betting Glossary

Beyond all that, we’ve included information on the risks and rewards of sports betting in our introduction. This is because it’s important to understand the risks involved, for obvious reasons, but it’s worth knowing what the potential rewards are too. We then look at the different approaches required when betting for fun and betting for profit.

Another useful resource that we provide is our odds converter tool. This is something that becomes very helpful because often times bettors need to quickly convert odds into their preferred format. So be sure to check it out and use it as often as you need.

For those most interested in betting for profit, we’ve provided some articles that contain basic advice for improving your chances of making money. These articles are all suitable for both beginners and more experienced bettors. There’s nothing too advanced in them, but the advice can definitely help.

  • Top Tips for Successful Betting
  • Money Management in Sports Betting
  • Looking for Value & Comparing Odds
  • Optimizing Your Selection Process
  • Dealing With Your Emotions
  • Record Keeping & Performance Analysis

Betting Online & Recommended Sites

Regardless of whether you simply enjoy occasionally wagering for fun, or you’re a serious bettor who gambles regularly, the easiest way to bet on sports these days is without a doubt over the internet. Online sports betting is easy, convenient and offers a number of advantages over most of the other ways to bet. If you’re interested in wagering on the web, then we suggest you take a look at our collection of articles about online sports betting.

  • Advantages of Betting Online
  • Choosing Where To Bet
  • Bonuses & Free Bets
  • Sports Betting Loyalty Schemes
  • Dealing With Account Limits
  • Online Sports Betting FAQ

You’ll have perhaps noticed above that we’ve included some advice for choosing where to bet. We’ve some further help for making that decision too, as we’re regularly researching and testing a wide range of sports betting sites. This enables us to tell you exactly which are the best sites. We’ve recommended the top sites overall, and also ranked the best sites in a variety of different categories.

Different Types of Sports Betting

Over the years sports betting has evolved somewhat and, in addition to the traditional forms of sports betting, there are now a number of different ways you can bet on sporting events. In this part of our guide we explore some of those.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests have become incredibly popular in recent times, especially in the United States. There are several big fantasy sports sites that run hundreds of different contests on a daily basis. These are a great way to make money from your sports knowledge outside of traditional betting. We have a whole section of our website dedicated to DFS, covering everything you need to know to get started.

  • DFS vs Traditional Batting
  • Daily vs Season Long
  • How to Play DFS
  • Why Play Daily Fantasy Sports

Further Sports Betting Types

Other popular forms of sports betting include spread betting, live betting, and exchange betting. Live betting is definitely something you should try, as it allows you to place wagers during a sports event rather than before it starts. This can be very exciting, and also offers a few advantages over placing wagers the traditional way. Exchange betting offers up additional opportunities for making money, while spread betting is very risky but can be profitable. We’ve explained each of these types of betting on the following pages.

Sports Betting Strategy

While the internet has made it easier than ever to place sports wagers, it is still a challenge to make money from doing so. There is no guaranteed recipe for success and you will need to work hard at it. If you’re prepared to put in the required time and effort though, it is perfectly possible to make a profit.

Our strategy section will help you to do exactly that. Here’s a small selection of the topics we cover. There’s some relatively straightforward advice in here, and also some very advanced topics.

  • Sports Handicapping Explained
  • Requirements for Success
  • Arbitrage Betting
  • Hedging Existing Bets
  • Betting Based on Market Movements
  • Psychology & Heuristics
  • Statistical Analysis & Distribution
  • Developing Betting Models

If you’re serious about making money then one of the first things you’ll want to think about is which sports you’re going to bet on. You may find it easier to focus on one or two sports to begin with, or you may prefer to look at a wide range of sports. There is no right or wrong here, it ultimately comes down to your own preference.

Regardless of what you decide to do, you should recognize that different sports require different approaches. The best strategy for betting on football, for example, is not necessarily the best strategy for tennis. With this in mind, we’ve put together a number of betting guides covering a range of different sports. On the following pages you will find advice specific to each individual sport, as well as information on some of the tournaments, leagues and events you can bet on.

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