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Gambling Online in Oregon

Portland Meadows Raceway, Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino Resort, poker clubs, advance deposit wagering… The state of Oregon isn’t hesitant to embrace gambling as a way to entertain its residents.

Land-based opportunities aren’t the only games in town, either, as there’s active online gambling in Oregon that’s readily available. The best Oregon gambling sites provide a number of additional real money online betting and gaming opportunities

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Real money gambling in OR is big business. In fact, the Oregon Lottery — with its famous video lottery program — is the second-best revenue generator for the Beaver State.

The state has had a successful ADW pari-mutuel system for years. At the end of 2019, the lottery unveiled a new online sports betting site, reminiscent of walking into a Vegas sportsbook.

The Oregon online gambling situation is actually rather unusual. Its sanctioned advance deposit wagering platform and relatively new mobile sportsbook allow for out-of-state participation.

However, when it comes to other forms of real money gambling online, OR residents are using casinos, poker rooms, and daily fantasy sports (DFS) services that originate from outside of the area. Legislation attempts to officially approve DFS and reap some financial benefits have failed so far.

The situation regarding regulated online gambling in Oregon may well change in due course. In the meantime, there is a limited selection of reputable Oregon gambling sites that operate outside state borders.

Best Oregon Gambling Sites

Best Oregon Gambling Sites

Oregon covers quite a bit of ground with its gambling options. You can walk into one of nine tribal casinos for Vegas-style gaming. Or you can grab your smartphone from a restaurant, bus stop, or anywhere else in the state and place a sports bet.

But online OR casino gambling isn’t available through an official state-regulated program, at least not yet. So, where do you turn if you prefer to play slots or table games online?

You select from a variety of casinos and other real money gambling sites that have opened their doors to US players, including Oregon.

It can be a bit of a challenge to get started, though. You’re not going to find any big flashing lights that say, “Oregon players accepted.” There are hundreds of regulated gambling sites online, but only a small percentage are open to Americans.

As it can take a while to locate any of these Oregon real money gambling sites, let alone the quality ones, we’ve done the legwork for you. Our team of experts has been reviewing, rating, and ranking online gambling sites for years. We stay current on the comings and goings in the industry and post all of our findings for you.

So, if you’re trying to locate one of the best sites for gambling online in Oregon, you can comb through our recommendations. Instead of starting at square one, you can select your favorite from a much narrower choice of safe and trustworthy providers that feature on our list of the top OR gambling sites.

Legal Online Gambling in OR

As a resident, you already have access to a few online gambling sites for Oregon players. Advance deposit wagering (ADW) has been active for residents and bettors from other jurisdictions since 1999.

You may have also set up an account on the relatively new Oregon Lottery Score Board, the state’s official sports betting site.

Whether you enjoy some occasional slot gameplay or you’re a regular lottery or sports bettor, the state is accommodating with casinos, pari-mutuel, social gaming, and more.

Racing at the Starting Gate

Like most states in the US, Oregon’s gambling regulation started with pari-mutuel wagering and has stuck with it throughout the years. Today, Portland Meadows is the only racetrack in the state. It remains viable partially due to the historical horse racing machines approved in 2013, as well as online ADW that extends to multiple jurisdictions.

Real gambling expansion didn’t come about until the ‘70s and ‘80s, though. That’s when charity and social gaming kicked off, followed by the Oregon State Lottery.

Card Games and Casinos

Social gaming merits more than just a quick mention, as it’s become part of daily business for many bars and clubs. While non-casino venues can’t profit directly from the card games, some charge admission and reap the benefits of increased food and beverage sales.

In addition to all of the card games popping up across the state, Oregon also has nine tribal casinos. While some of them started with nothing more than high-stakes bingo, they’ve evolved into Vegas-style casinos with slots, table games, video poker, and more.

VLTs and Lottery Score Board

Regardless of all of the betting opportunities available, the lottery is the top dog in the Beaver State. That’s because its products go beyond instant and draw tickets. 70% of its revenue comes from VLTs in 4,000 locations across Oregon.

The lottery branched out again at the end of 2019 when it rolled out the Oregon Lottery Score Board. It’s the first state-sanctioned sports betting site. Players can use bank transfers, credit and debit cards, or PayPal to fund their betting accounts.

Lottery Score Board requires that punters be in the state to place their bets, but it doesn’t mandate Oregon residency. So, visitors can make a bet, as long as they’re within state lines, then check the status of their picks from home.

There’s been approved sports betting for years, as it started with a simple lottery parlay game that predated PASPA in the US. However, daily fantasy sports aren’t handled in the same manner. Oregonians currently participate in DFS through the top two providers, but the state hasn’t taken steps to regulate it and claim a percentage.

The same applies to online casino gambling. There aren’t any Oregon online casino sites operating inside the state, but residents can access some that licensed in other jurisdictions.

Current State of Oregon’s Gambling

  • Casinos: legal in tribal casinos
  • Sports Betting: legal in-person and online
  • Pari-Mutuel: legal in-person and online
  • Historical Racing: legal at the race track
  • Lottery: legal
  • VLTs: legal
  • Social Gaming (table games): legal
  • Charity Gaming: legal
  • Daily Fantasy Sports: no in-state regulation
  • Online Casino Gambling: no in-state regulation

Types of Online Gambling

Unlike many states, Oregon is progressive when it comes to gambling, and that carries over into web-based betting. However, just like a casino isn’t like a lottery retailer, not all online gambling in Oregon is the same.

Computer or smartphone wagering in the Beaver State breaks out into four main categories:

  • Oregon Lottery Score Board – Sports betting
  • Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) – Pari-mutuel wagering
  • Daily fantasy sports (DFS)
  • Online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks from outside the state

Both the Oregon Lottery Score Board and ADW are not only open to residents but visitors from outside the area. While sports betting through the Score Board needs to originate from within OR, ADW predictions can cross those state lines.

The “big two” do accept Oregon-based players, but there’s no in-state regulation of their services. That same scenario applies to online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks aside from the Oregon Lottery Score Board. Residents can use the sites, but most of the best Oregon gambling sites are regulated elsewhere.

Finding the Top Gambling Sites for OR

When we set upon putting together our list of recommended real money online gambling sites for Oregon, or anywhere else in the world, we don’t play a guessing game. Evaluating gambling sites is a task that we take seriously, as we want to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information at all times.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our process in detail, check out our page on how we rank sites for gambling online. It delves deeper into the specifics of our methods.

Reviews for Every OR Gambling Site

We certainly can’t recommend a gambling site without conducting a thorough review of it first. That entails documenting all of the payment methods and specifics, betting options, customer service, bonuses and promotions, licensing, and highlights of the site’s terms and conditions.

Additionally, we take our expertise from being in the industry for decades and combine it with specifics we learned through our site review. We also incorporate player feedback, the owner’s reputation, and longevity.

Once all of the pertinent information is in place, we take it and compare sites to come up with overall ratings and recognition of the all-around best. We also provide written reviews of every site.

A List of Your Favorites

Even after that process is complete, we go one step further and categorize the best online gambling sites for Oregon. So, if you enjoy online poker above all else, you can go directly to the top poker sites that accept players from your area.

We can come up with our assessment of the best real money gambling sites available to you. But you’ll want to be sure that you select a site that caters to your financial requirements and has the betting and gaming options that you’re specifically seeking.


Oregon is a prime example of how regions can use real money gambling programs to their advantage. If the lottery is #2 on the list of revenue generators for the Beaver State, you can imagine how much it’s regularly contributing.

The government hasn’t rested on its laurels, though, when it comes to what residents want and how Oregon gambling expansion can further benefit everyone. It’s been proactive with additions like historical racing to keep Portland Meadows operational. The lottery has jumped from tickets to VLTs to a full-blown sports betting program.

Expansion isn’t just a land-based development either. Oregon online gambling is in motion with the in-state sportsbook and ADW opportunities. While there’s still room to grow, residents looking to supplement their options for gambling online can opt to use the top Oregon gambling sites that we recommend. These don’t originate in the state but do allow for local participation.

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