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Guide to Online Gambling in Florida

Can I gamble online in Florida?

The simple answer is yes, but in this guide to Florida online gambling we go into much more detail. We also list the best Florida gambling sites, explain the relevant laws, and more.

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You should be aware that, as with so many other American states, the situation regarding gambling online in Florida is not as clear-cut as it could be. The legal issues are confusing, as Florida online gambling laws are effectively non-existent at this moment in time.

Florida does not currently regulate real money online gambling in any form. This is likely to change, probably soon, but there are no firm timelines in place just yet.

This means there are no Florida gambling sites operating within state lines. However, there are other safe and trustworthy gambling sites accepting customers from Florida. There are also some sites that AREN’T safe and trustworthy, so you need to careful about where you sign up.

We can help you with that, as our list of the best Florida online gambling sites has been carefully compiled and only includes legitimate and reputable sites. Read on to find how we select which sites to recommend, along with more information on online gambling in Florida.

Best Florida Gambling Sites

These Florida online gambling sites have been ranked and reviewed by our team of experts. They offer a variety of online gambling options such as casino games, sports betting, and poker.

We have closely examined all of the real money gambling sites that accept players from the Sunshine State. Most of them get sub-par marks, because we apply exacting standards on every level. Only those that make the grade are featured here. We are confident they are genuinely the best online gambling sites for Florida and can be relied upon to provide a world-class experience.

Online Gambling in Florida

In addition to the top FL gambling sites listed above, you can find more specific recommendations on the following pages.

Ranking the Best Sites for Online Gambling in Florida

Our team members are very thorough when they evaluate real money gambling sites for the benefit of our readers. Over the years, we have developed a step-by-step process that has allowed us to accurately, efficiently, and effectively gauge the overall strength of each online gambling site we asses.

We compare the results, and the websites that score consistently well across the board in key areas get our seal of approval. Here are some details on a small number of the factors we look at.

Focus on the US Market

One of the first facets that we look at is the country of focus. Of course, if a site is in a language other than English, it is clearly not going to be targeting American players.

We like to see sites that are specifically designed to serve US players. The betting and gaming options that people in America are familiar with should take center stage, and the main currency should be the US dollar.

Deposit and withdrawal methods will be custom crafted to suit the needs of people that bank in the states. The best Florida gambling sites are tightly focused on the needs of American players, and this is an attribute that is shared by every site that has made our list of approved operators for FL.

Regulatory Oversight and Reputational Factors

Once we establish that a given site is built to accommodate US gamblers, we move on to the most important step in the evaluation process. When you are going to deposit real money into an online casino or betting account, you have to be absolutely certain that the company is 100% legit.

This is obviously a valid concern, and we answer the legitimacy questions for you when we are conducting our research.

We have a solid understanding of the licensing requirements for online gambling operations in most countries and territories around the world. Since there is no regulatory body for online gambling in Florida, we take a long hard look at the origin of the licenses held by respective gambling sites that we are rating.

Once we are comfortable with the license that is held by a gambling website, we move on to the next item on our checklist.

As industry insiders, we are always obtaining relevant information about the ever-changing Internet gaming landscape.

The reputational insight that we garner from our peers is invaluable. Sometimes we will hear about a traditionally well-regarded site that is taking a downturn because of a change in management or some other factor.

On the other side of the coin, our connections inform us about emerging gambling websites that are attracting positive attention. We do value longevity, but sometimes a relatively new entrant into the marketplace can do everything right from the start.

There are forums and message boards that are frequented by regular online gamblers. Our team members follow these threads daily, so we know what objective players have to say about their online gambling experiences. Sites that are getting lambasted will fall off our radar.

Customer Service

When you have an ongoing monetary relationship with a business, you have to be certain that you can get in touch with someone when you need assistance. This is true for every player, but the high rollers have some big bucks in play, so their concerns are magnified.

You can rest assured that all of the operators that have made our list of the best FL online gambling sites provide friendly, attentive, and results-oriented customer service.

 They can be reached by phone, and they quickly resolve questions and concerns through email communication and live online chat.

Florida Online Gambling Laws and Regulation

FL gambling laws do not mention online gambling at all. So, what does this mean for the legalities of gambling online in Florida? Can you legally gamble online from Florida?

There isn’t really a definitive answer, precisely because of the lack of Florida online gambling laws. However, this lack of laws means that it’s not explicitly illegal to gamble online in the state. We’ve certainly found no evidence of anyone ever being prosecuted for doing so.

It’s our opinion that you’re fine to use any of our recommended Florida gambling sites, as they’re all licensed and operating legally in the jurisdiction in which they’re based.

With that said, Florida online gambling is likely to be officially legalized and regulated in due course. New legislation was proposed by FL lawmakers in 2019 that could legalize at least some forms of online gambling and introduce regulation at state level. It could also make land-based sports betting legal.

This legislation is to be considered by committees at some point in 2020. It will then be put to a state-wide vote. Check our page dedicated to Florida gambling laws for more information and the latest updates. For a quick snapshot of all current Florida gambling laws, see below.

Overview of Florida Gambling Laws
Type of GamblingLegal Status
Casino GamblingLegal
Horse Racing BettingLegal
Dog Racing BettingLegal
Daily Fantasy SportsUnspecified
Charitable GamingLegal
Social Gambling Restricted
Online GamblingUnspecified

Benefits of Gambling Online in Florida

Florida is not completely restrictive when it comes to legal and regulated forms of gambling. There are a handful of Native American casinos, and there are legal poker rooms at the dog and horse racing tracks throughout the state.

They have approved slot machines at Gulfstream Park, which is by far the most popular horse racing track in Florida, and some other existing pari-mutuel wagering facilities. But although there are brick-and-mortar possibilities, there are still several very good reasons to gamble online in Florida. Here are some of the main benefits.

Access for Everyone

There are only seven Native American casinos in the state, so even if you would be content gambling at one of them exclusively, you may not have one nearby. The same thing can be said about the race tracks with slots and poker rooms.

Regardless of where you live in the Sunshine State, when you have an account at one of the top Florida gambling websites, you can bet on sports and play casinos games from anywhere and everywhere.

For people with physical limitations, the word “accessibility” has a very profound meaning. Yes, there are laws in place that mandate accessibility for disabled people in businesses and other public places. This being stated, when it’s hard for you to get around, casino visits can be out of the question.

Online gambliing is perfect for seniors that are in this position, and there are many of them because Florida is the premier retirement destination in the United States.

Sweetening the Pot

You would probably think that you were the target of a practical joke if an employee walked up to you in a casino and handed you a wad of cash out of appreciation for your business.

This is simply not going to happen in the brick-and-mortar gaming universe, but things are entirely different at the best Florida online gambling sites.

Our recommended gambling sites offer real money welcome bonuses when players that make their first deposits, and we are not talking about $10 in free play.

The size of the bonus you receive will depend on the structure at a given site and the amount of your initial deposit. Sign up bonuses will typically be anywhere from $100 to $1000. This is a meaningful infusion of gambling cash to start you off, and you can expect to see ongoing promotions.

Once you collect on one bonus offer, there is nothing forcing you to call it quits. There are a number of FL gambling sites that have gotten our seal of approval, so you can safely open accounts at multiple places. In so doing, you can snag a series of nice bonuses.

You Control Your Experience

If you make the trek to a casino with a physical presence, you simply have to grin and bear it if other customers around you are ruining your time. At the gaming tables, there can be very rude and annoying people, and losers that drown their sorrows are usually not going to be on their best behavior.

Short of this, a lot of people flock to the casinos on Friday and Saturday nights. If you work standard hours, this may be the time that is right for you as well. When there is a crowd, the odds of running into an obnoxious customer increase exponentially, and you can start to feel cramped in a general sense.

Even if you can tolerate the volume of human beings around you, there is another major drawback that will often confront you on a packed casino floor. Seats at gaming tables will fill up quickly, and you can do laps around that area and come away empty. Even if you can get a seat, the betting limits may not suit your budget.

You are also stuck with the food and drink prices, and outside of Las Vegas, casinos are not known for giving out free cocktails to players. In fact, they charge as much as they can because patrons have no nowhere else to turn.

When you use one of our top-rated Florida online gambling sites, you have much more control over your overall experience.

 If you want to hang out at home and play, everything that is in the refrigerator is just a few steps away, and you will not be dealing with any unsavory strangers.

Key Take-Aways about Florida Online Gambling

Since we have shared so much information about online gambling in Florida, we should close with a brief summary so you can keep the key points fresh in your mind.

A lot of people that have an interest in online gambling have legitimacy concerns. That’s understandable, buy you can set them aside such concerns if you stick to our list of the best Florida gambling sites.

Our research team has put all of the sites that want your business under the microscope, and we apply high standards, so you can go forward with total confidence at any of our approved real money gambling sites.

These sites are also much more accessible and convenient than traditional gambling options, and offer have a wide range of choice. In addition to the classic casino-style gaming, you can also bet on sporting events and horse races at all of our recommended FL sites. And remember, you get some free bonus money to give you a boost at the outset.

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