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Gambling Online in Indiana

The Hoosier State isn’t taking a backseat to its neighbors when it comes to its real money wagering opportunities. Gambling in Indiana was slow to start but has picked up speed ever since, including online gambling.

Sports betting in Indiana is the most recent addition. More than a dozen casinos and OTB outlets are already accepting wagers, and the best Indiana gambling sites provide various forms of betting and gaming.

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A lottery ban that started in 1851 kept all forms of gambling off the table for 137 years for Indianans. But since 1988, the betting ball has been rolling, and there’s no way to predict where it’ll stop.

Indiana state-regulated gambling venues now include Class II and III casinos, two racetracks, as well as OTB operators, accept pari-mutuel slips, a state lottery, and charity bingo.

That’s not everything, though, as there’s also DFS (daily fantasy sports), online pari-mutuel betting, and mobile sports wagering is also approved, even though the launch has been slow.

Other Indiana online gambling options includes casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites from out-of-area providers that operate the top real money gambling sites for IN.

Best Indiana Gambling Sites

Best Indiana Gambling Sites

As Indiana’s real money gambling sites aren’t in-state regulated, you won’t find a neat and concise list of the providers and what each has to offer. Well, at least there isn’t one produced by the IN government.

However, we’ve stepped in to pick up the slack by compiling a list of the best gambling sites for Hoosiers. The benefit to the recommendations that we have is that it’s not just a directory. Instead, it’s a thoroughly reviewed register of reputable online gambling providers.

Our expert team has a mission to stay on current on everything that’s happening in the world of online gambling in Indiana and well beyond. We monitor the news, compile player feedback, and conduct comprehensive reviews of the websites on our lists.

In the case of IN gambling sites, we go beyond the standard criteria that include banking, gaming, customer service, bonuses, reputation, etc. to include US-specific information.

It’s not enough for a casino or other online betting operation to open its doors to Indianans, it also needs to accommodate local players with the best in banking and game providers.

Analyzing the Top Online Gambling Sites for IN

Whenever we evaluate an online gambling site, whether for the first time or revisit, we have an entire checklist that we need to refer to in the process.

Indiana online gambling is quite different than walking into the Ameristar, French Lick Resort-Casino, or even Hoosier Park or Four Winds. When you’re getting ready to walk into a brick and mortar casino, you make sure you have cash or your ATM card, then head to your favorite game.

Now, using a real money gambling site will eventually become even faster and easier than that, as you won’t have the commute. Getting started, however, is the most critical part of the process.

So, you’ll have a few tasks on your list, but we’ve done most of the legwork for you by compiling our recommendations for the best online gambling sites for Indiana players. We arrived at our list of suggestions by the process of reviewing, rating, and ranking.

We conduct thorough reviews of each gambling site that take into consideration the services like banking, game options, and bonuses, as well as our impressions and player feedback.
The next step is to look at the big picture for each of the online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms to see if they’re reputable and check off the boxes for the essential criteria. If there’s a red flag, then the site is eliminated from the process.
After the reviews and ratings are complete for Indiana online gambling possibilities, they head to the comparison stage. We’ve arrived at a narrower list of betting sites, but we need to determine which ones rise to the top.

As an additional step that gives you more benefits, you’ll find that you can access recommendations for the best Indiana online gambling sites by category.

So, if you’re a poker player and that’s all that you’re interested in, you can go directly to an abbreviated directory of websites with virtual poker rooms. Likewise for casino players and sports bettors.

Legal Gambling in the Hoosier State

Indiana’s gambling history doesn’t begin until 1988.

Unlike other states that dabbled in various legal betting pursuits like pari-mutuel or charity bingo in the early 20th century, an 1851 lottery ban put a big red “X” on everything for 137 years.

Legislators interpreted the lottery ban to include absolutely everything. So, IN residents came up short if they were interested in playing cards or watching a horse race. Non-profits couldn’t even hold a bingo game or sell any pull tabs for more than a century.

Lottery Ban Lifted

However, in 1988, a constitutional amendment changed everything, and Indiana gambling laws were relaxed a little. The state coffers were much healthier thanks to proceeds from the new Hoosier State Lottery, and that was just the beginning.

After the lottery, OTB and pari-mutuel were next. Hoosier Park and Indiana Downs were at the starting gate and are still going strong.

Indiana Casinos and Sportsbooks

Casinos followed with riverboats and, eventually, one Native American Casino. Riverboats docked permanently and now offer Vegas-style gambling with slots and table games. Indianans can now head to their choice of 13 different brick and mortar casino venues, and the trip has recently become more appealing for some.

In 2019, Indiana legalized sports betting, which is now offered in casinos and OTB locations. The package includes mobile betting, although it’s still being refined.

There’s now mobile sports betting combined with regulated DFS, or daily fantasy sports, as well as online pari-mutuel wagering. Indiana may not consider itself to be the MOST online gambling-friendly region in the world, but the Hoosier State is dipping its toe in the virtual betting waters.

More Real Money Online Gambling

Aside from the state-regulated online gambling in Indiana, residents can select from a variety of providers located elsewhere who have additional services. Hoosiers can play slots and table games, bet on sports, and even play poker online.

The best Indiana gambling sites make accommodations for US players with appropriate banking methods and licensed gaming software. They also prominently display contact information, provide customer service, and are transparent with terms and conditions.

Indiana Gambling Regulation Overview

  • Casinos: Legal
  • Sports Betting: Legal
  • Daily Fantasy Sports: Legal
  • Pari-Mutuel: Legal
  • Lottery: Legal
  • Bingo: Legal for fundraising only (not in casinos)
  • Online Sports Betting: Legal with some restrictions
  • Online Pari-Mutuel: Legal
  • Online Casinos and Poker Rooms: Provided by out of state operators only

Indiana Online Gambling vs. Land-Based

The chances are that, if you’re reading this, gambling is a hobby of yours. You’ve probably visited some of Indiana’s casinos to play slots, table games, or place a sports bet.

However, you could be entirely new to gambling ONLINE for real money.

Cash Isn’t King

Gambling online in Indiana is somewhat different than what you experience in a brick and mortar location. It’s not a cash-in and out system that’s straightforward and eliminates the financial guesswork. One of the most significant changes, when you pull up a casino or other betting website, is the money end of things.

Some of the best real money IN gambling sites give you a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods from which to select. You’ll always have at least one card option. Visa and Mastercard have the highest acceptance rate, although some casinos will take American Express or Discover. There are also some bank transfer possibilities as well as cryptocurrency.

Crypto options, like Bitcoin, are the easiest to use online. They’re fast, typically free, and have the highest approval rates.

As your credit or debit card is tied to a conventional banking institution, there’s always the possibility that it’ll decline your request, and it has nothing to do with how much money is available. Visa is one of the most challenging methods as far as authorizations.

Bonus Incentives

Another distinction between online gambling and land-based alternatives is with the bonuses. Usually, when you’re given a freebie in a casino, you play it through once, then it’s up to you whether you want to cash it out or not.

Indiana online gambling sites provide incentive programs, but the terms and conditions are lengthier. The free play cash is in the form of a deposit match, and the rollover is typically something like 30 times or more.

Playing Against a Machine

Of course, it’ll be odd when you first start playing online as the games are different, mainly table games. Unless you select a live dealer casino, you’re playing blackjack, or your game of choice, strictly against the computer.

On the one hand, you can get in some practice if you’re a beginner, as there’s no pressure. But, on the other hand, if you’re used to playing with real people, then there’s a new learning curve.

The bottom line is that you’ve got a few more decisions to make when you are first starting to use an online gambling site.

But once you’re prepared with the financial end of things, you understand how bonuses work and have established a comfort level with the games and betting options, it’s easy to go back and forth between in-person and online gambling in Indiana or anywhere in the world.


Indiana online gambling may have been on the back burner for a while, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not up and running.

Hoosiers can take advantage of daily fantasy sports, online pari-mutuel wagering, and, soon, mobile sports betting. All three are licensed and regulated within the state of Indiana. For other real money gambling online in Indiana, you would need to turn to one of the out-of-area sites that provide services for Indianans.

There are a variety of casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbook sites that have opened their virtual doors to US players, including in Indiana. If you’re new to the activity, just be sure to look through our recommendations for the best Indiana gambling sites.

Then, compare banking options, and the available games and other services and find a site that suits your needs. You have plenty of options, so be smart about your choices.

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