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Best Online Casinos for Betsoft Slots

Betsoft is a software provider that we have a love/hate relationship with. We love their 3D slot machines which are built on top of their Slots3 technology. These machines are different fromother 3D machines in that they offer cinematic graphics, animations, and sound.

On the other hand, Betsoft has made their share of mistakes. You could argue that these mistakes are rogue-like behavior. These mistakes should play a role in your decision to play their slots,which is why we talk more about what Betsoft did below.

However, it’s been a couple of years since they’ve had any major issues, so we wouldn’t blame you if you decided to give them a second chance. And if that’s what you decide to do, it’s imperativethat you choose the best casino to join. The fastest and easiest way to do that is to choose a casino from the list below.

Because of the less-than-stellar casinos that use Betsoft software, it’s far too easy to join a sketchy site.

This is why we suggest you use our recommendations above. Each slot casino has our Seal of Approval, which means each casino is as safe as online casinos get.

We talk a little more about our Seal of Approval and what it means, as well as our ranking and review process below.

You’ll also learn a bit about Betsoft’s negative history with progressive jackpots. We’ll also balance out the negative stuff with some positive stuff – namely Betsoft’s 3D slots. These are ourfavorite machines to play. We’ll share a few machines we think you should start with if you decide to join a Betsoft-powered casino.

Let’s get to it.

Betsoft and the Progressive Jackpot Shenanigans

Take a look around the internet, and you’d think everyone forgot all about it. It certainly looks like everyone forgot about the shenanigans Betsoft pulled a couple of years ago.

While it looks like they’re keeping their noses clean today, we still feel like it’s our duty to tell you how they screwed up so that you’re fully informed. That way, you can pick andchoose which slots to play, or avoid Betsoft altogether.

Let’s talk about that now.

In June 2016, gambling blogs and forums lit up with news that Betsoft and Betcoin.ag failed to pay a player named Jason who won a progressive jackpot playing The Glam Life slot machine.

According to the screenshots below, he won the jackpot fair and square. Jason bet the max and hit five yachts on the center line. This means he should’ve won more than 1 million mBTC.

The Glam Life Slots Screenshot1

The Glam Life Slots Screenshot2

However, the machine paid him only 1,000 coins (500 mBTC).

Jason contacted Betcoin’s customer support to let them know about the problem. They initially told him that he didn’t qualify for the jackpot because he didn’t bet the max. However, he didn’thave to because there was a jackpot for each coin size.

When Jason pointed this out, he was told that he didn’t qualify because the winning spin was made during a free spin round. At the time, this explanation was bogus because there was nothing inthe game’s pay table, rules, or terms that mentioned this rule.

Roughly ten days later, it was reported that Betsoft made changes to their pay table on The Glam Life machine to say, “Jackpot cannot be won during any other bonus feature.”

This a HUGE problem because they changed their terms after the fact. This is rogue behavior and shouldn’t be tolerated at all.

And that’s the extent of what’s known about the situation. It’s reported that Jason agreed to a settlement with Betsoft because it’s their responsibility to pay out progressive winnings.

It’s unlikely that the settlement was even close to the amount Jason was owed. Unfortunately, there was likely an NDA in place preventing Jason from talking about it, so it’s unlikely that we’llever know exactly how it all played out.

What we can tell you is that there was a small fallout following this incident where several casinos pulled Betsoft’s games. We don’t know of a casino that pulled their games and added them backlater on, either.

Anyway, that’s one of the major controversies in Betsoft’s history. There have been other issues, too. For example, their Alderney license was revoked in 2014. Many sites have also pointed outthat because of the varying jackpot amounts from site to site, even for the same game and denomination, their slot jackpots are unwinnable.

All this negative information brings up a very important question.

Should you still play at Betsoft-powered casinos?

It’s a fair question. Here, we are talking about Betsoft slot machines. We even recommend casinos that run Betsoft software. It makes sense to clarify our position on the matter.

We can’t deny the fact that Betsoft has had their problems. They’ve made some awful decisions that you can’t ignore. These decisions can have a huge impact on your experience, not to mentionyour life should you be lucky enough to win a huge jackpot.

That said, we haven’t heard anything negative about Betsoft since this incident. Who knows if that’s simply because no one has won another jackpot or because they’ve actually kept their nosesclean? But as far as we’re concerned, no news is good news. Well, it’s better than bad news, anyway.

That’s one reason you can use to justify playing their slots.

Another justification is the fact that the issues they’ve had lie with their progressive machines. You could argue that you could skip their progressives and play the regular machines instead.You should have no problem collecting those winnings since they should come from the casino.

Finally, if you join one of our recommended casinos and decide that you’re not comfortable playing Betsoft’s slot machines, you can choose to play slots from a different software providerinstead.

You have lots of different options. There’s really not a right or wrong way to go about it. Our opinion is to skip their progressives and play their normal games instead.

And if you do want to play progressives, the good news is that most, if not all, of the casinos we recommend work with more than one software provider. You can always move on to a non-Betsoftprogressive machine if you’re in the mood for a big win.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you join a legit casino that will have your back when an issue arises. That’s why we suggest you join one of our recommended casinos above.

The following section will tell you how we come up with those recommendations.

About Our Casino Recommendations

We want to talk a little bit about where our recommendations come from. This is especially important considering the information we covered in the last section. We want to stress that no matterwhat other casinos and software providers do, the casinos we recommend are safe to join and play at.

We understand if our word doesn’t mean anything yet. We want to show you our process for reviewing, ranking, and recommending casinos so that you can see all the effort that goes into it.

Let’s start with our reviews.

Our Review Process

We go all out when we review a casino. Here’s what our process looks like.

  • We create an account
    • This is important so that we can see if there are any problems during the sign-up phase, if they ask for unnecessary or sensitive info, and to see just how simple the process is.

  • We check out their banking options next
    • It’s important to us that they have plenty of options to choose from. Not only that, but their limits and fees need to be reasonable, too.

  • Then we check out their promotions
    • We look for a welcome bonus, preferably one that also offers a free spin package. It’s also great if the casino offers a VIP package or cashback program.

  • Then we look at their slot machines
    • Considering that we’re talking about Betsoft, we make sure the casino offers some of their slots. We also double check to ensure that they work properly (as much as we can, anyway) onboth our laptops and phones.

  • Next, we test the casino’s support
    • We check to see how many options they have. Then we test their support to see how fast they respond and how helpful they are.

Once we’re done with the casino portion of our review, we Google them to research their history and reputation. We also check forums to see what other players have to say about them and whetherwhat they say is overwhelmingly good or bad.

We then take all the information we collect and compile it into an easy-to-read review. Every review covers the information we think is most important in deciding if the casino is worth joiningor not. We talk more about our review process here.

More importantly, we determine whether the casino is safe enough to recommend to our readers. Those that are may receive our Seal of Approval.

Our Ratings and Seal of Approval

Our review process takes hours, if not a couple of days, to complete. And only some of the 200+ casinos and gambling sites we’ve reviewed will be worthy of our Seal of Approval.

Our Seal of Approval is our guarantee that a casino is safe to join. You can trust them with your personal information and banking details. These casinos are so safe that we’d have no problemrecommending them to our mothers.

In fact, we recommend casinos based on safety at the expense of how good they are for a particular category. For example, the casinos above might not be the best for Betsoft slots. Theyare the safest Betsoft slot sites you can join, though.

And which would you rather have – safety or excellence? We’ll take safe and good over unsafe and great any day of the week.

We recommend you do the same.

From here, we rank the sites based on how well they excel in the areas we talked about above. We rank them according to how easy they are to join, their banking options, terms and conditions,promotions, games, and more.

Obviously, the best options are at the top of the list. However, because each site has our Seal of Approval, you can’t go wrong choosing any of them.

How Do You Know You Can TRUST Our Recommendations?

There are several reasons why you can trust our recommendations.

  • Our reviews cover both the good and the bad information we find
  • We update our reviews so that the information you read is always current
  • We don’t accept money for our reviews or rankings, which means our reviews are free of bias
  • We review each casino ourselves
  • We also collect data from other sources

These aren’t regurgitated reviews or rankings. These rankings and reviews aren’t bought and paid for, either. Each casino must stand on their own two legs. If they can’t do that, then they’lleither be demoted or removed from our rankings altogether.

The bottom line – stick to our recommendations, and you’ll have no problem finding a trustworthy Betsoft casino to join. Despite their faults, they do have a few things going for them.

We’ll talk about our favorite thing in the next section.

The #1 Reason to Join Betsoft

One of the coolest things about Betsoft – and the #1 reason to join any casino with their games – is their 3D slots.

What we like about their 3D slot machines is that many of them look like video games. The graphics are bright and colorful, and they often have animation which includes cutscenes that might tella short story.

You’d have to play their 3D slots to see what we mean. Fortunately, you can, since most casinos allow you to play Betsoft slots for free without having to create an account first. You can alsoplay them on Betsoft’s website.

Before you go do that, though, we wanted to show you a few of our favorite Betsoft slot machines. These are machines that we’ve lost time playing – often during our reviews when we should’ve beenworking instead. Don’t worry, though, we still ensure we review each site thoroughly!

The Slotfather

This machine will remind you of The Godfather.

It has 30 lines, and you can bet anywhere from $0.01 to $1 per line or $30 per spin. The features include instant wins, a fun bonus round, a free spin/multiplier round (that you select from abunch of bullet holes), Underboss scatters, and more.

The Tipsy Tourist

This slot starts off with an office worker who’s fed up with his job. He gets up to grab a cup of coffee. While at the coffee machine, he sees a postcard for Miami Beach. He immediately turnsaround and books a trip there, which is the backdrop for this machine.

The Tipsy Tourist slot has features such as Party Beach wilds, free spins, and a drinking bonus game. This game has 20 lines, and you can bet as much as $1 per line or $20 per spin.

Frankenslot’s Monster

This machine involves Dr. Frankenslot and his monster. It includes a second-screen bonus round where you can win up to 25x your bet. You can also trigger wild and scatter symbols.

One fun thing about this machine is that, when you win, Frankenslot’s monster does a little dance. And you’ll also notice the monster checking himself out periodically as you play. It sort ofreminds us of a baby who doesn’t yet know what his/her hands are or what they’re used for yet.


This slot machine is based on that fairytale we all heard (or watched, thanks to Walt Disney) about as kids. It takes place in several locations, including Gepetto’s workshop, the puppet show,and the classroom.

You can bet up to $5 per line. Since there are 15 lines, you can bet up to $75 per spin. Pinocchio has features such as Fairy Respins and Real Boy Mode. You’ll trigger the Real Boy Mode or moveto a different location once you collect enough of the relevant symbols.

It Came From… Venus!

This slot starts off with a meteorite coming to earth and crashing through a farmer’s barn. What comes out is one of those big chomping plants you’ve seen in the movie The Little Shop ofHorrors. You can play 30 lines and bet up to 5 coins (at $1 each) for a total of $150 per spin.

The features include Feed Me free spins, random wilds where you can win 2x, 3x, or 4x your winnings, and scatter pays. There is also a double-up feature and stacked collapsing wins, which is oneof our favorite slot features. Get three or more helicopter symbols, and you can trigger a bonus round.

That’s not all, either, which means this slot machine is chock full of surprises. We recommend you check this one out to see everything you can play and win for yourself.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

This machine is based on the book Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde that was published in 1886.

The features include changing from Jekyll to Hyde (red and blue potions). When this happens, the logos on the screen will also change. You can also trigger and play a two-screen bonus round.

And like all the machines above, you can bet $1 per coin and up to 5 coins per line. There are 30 lines in all, which means you can bet $150 per spin.


This slot is about a bunch of rich people and things that rich people like. The symbols include gold bars, expensive computers, wine, checkbooks, snobby people, and more. The features includefree spins, instant credit wins, and a bonus round where you’ll predict which tycoon will win their poker hand.

Greedy Goblins

You can win as much as 1.2 million credits playing this game. It has features that include cascading coin drops, sticky wild reels, elvish free spins, and the greedy jackpot. There’s also adouble-up feature. You can bet as much as $150 on this machine.

Under the Bed

This is a fun theme where there are monsters hiding under and around the kids’ bed. You can win up to 105,000 credits playing this machine.

One of the features includes a free spins round. When you trigger it, the monster will pull you through the screen and into the monster’s area. It’s here that you’ll get your free spins and a 2xmultiplier on all wins.

On top of that, the other features include a Spooky second-screen bonus, Monster World free spins, and wild symbols.

Between the kids and monsters, this machine’s a lot of fun to play. The monsters will creep around the top or sides of the machine, spooking the kids, which is fun to watch between spins.

Mad Scientist

This is a fun theme based on a scientist who figured out to turn objects into gold. When you trigger the bonus round, you’ll get to choose from four items that you want to turn into gold. Eachone will award you with a number of credits.

The other features include a scatter bonus round, a pick-me feature where you can receive up to 175 credits, Wild’o’Cution wilds, scatters, and more.

Those are some of our favorite Betsoft machines. Just know that we’re barely scraping the surface. There are several more machines that we wanted to include here, but we figured it’d be best toleave you in the dark so that you can discover a few favorites on your own.


Betsoft definitely has their pros and cons.

On one hand, it’s hard to overlook some of their mistakes since they flirt with rogue casino territory.

On the other hand, they have some fun-looking slot machines. And you can side-step their progressive jackpot issues by simply not playing them.

And if all else fails, you can stop playing Betsoft’s machines and play the other slots the casino most likely has since most casinos nowadays work with multiple slots providers.

The point – you don’t have too much to lose when you skip their progressives and play their regular slots instead. Do that while playing at a recommended casino from the list above, and youshould have no issues playing Betsoft slot machines online.