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Review of The Angler Slot from Betsoft

There are many ways to fish, but a fishing reel with a hook on the end is called angler fishing. The sport of angler fishing is the inspiration behind Betsoft’s The Angler casino slot game.

You get to join Otis, the stocky, mustached fisherman, as he spends a pleasant afternoon fishing on the lake.

The Angler online slot by Betsoft.

The Angler online slot machine has a cartoonish feel that makes it more lighthearted. Fishing enthusiasts may prefer more authentic pictures of specific fishes, but most players will enjoy the cheerful animations.

Overall, this game is a relaxed and amusing game that offers hours of entertainment. Our review of The Angler will tell you how the bonus features on the game work and where to play The Angler.

But first, you need to know the basics of how to play the game.

How to Play The Angler Online

The Angler is a five-reel slot with three rows and twenty adjustable paylines. Because the lines are adjustable, you get to choose how you want to bet.

There are three things you need to decide.

  • How many paylines do you want to play? You can choose any odd-numbered amount between one and 19, or you can play with all twenty lines.
  • What the coin value will be. There are eleven options between $0.01 and $1.
  • How many coins do you want to play per line? The options are any number between one and five.

Most players choose to play the maximum number of paylines because each line is another opportunity to win.

If you bet on twenty paylines at $0.01, your overall bet amount would be the same as betting on one payline at $0.20. But you would have twenty different ways you could win instead of only one.

It is always better to play more paylines with a smaller coin value than to play fewer paylines.

So, if you play with all twenty paylines, the minimum bet would be $0.20 at $0.01 coin value and one bet per line.

But The Angler slot machine does give you the option. So, if you prefer to play fewer payines, you can play for as little as one penny per spin.

The max bet button does not change the number of paylines or the coin value. You can use the max button to switch to five bets per line, but you will have to change the other betting options manually.

You can bet up to $100 per spin if you play with $1 coins, five coins per line, and twenty paylines.

Understanding these betting options is a crucial part of playing The Angler for real money. But once you have set your bet amounts, you can play as long as you want without messing with them again.

Symbols and Paytable

Now that you understand how to set up your bets on The Angler real money slot, you need to know which symbols offer the best payouts.

There are nine line pay symbols on The Angler. The five high-paying symbols are Otis the fisherman, the hammerhead shark, the sea turtle, a green pufferfish, and the orange clownfish.

Playing card symbols, jack through ace, are the low-paying symbols.

The paytable on The Angler slot machine.

In addition to the line pay symbols, there are three special symbols on The Angler online casino slot. The oyster shell with a pearl is the game’s scatter symbol, and the red octopus is the wild symbol.

There is also a bonus symbol that shows three fish in a boat with a fishing reel circling the symbol.

We will explain more about these special symbols in the next section of our The Angler slot review.

But first, we want to let you know about some other game settings that you may want to use while you play The Angler online.

Game Settings and Options

You can modify your betting options at the bottom of the game screen and set up autoplay.

The autoplay settings allow you to modify your betting options, choose the number of spins, and set win/loss limits.

There is also a double up button that you can use to activate the game’s gamble feature after any winning spins.

All these buttons will turn gray when they are unavailable. For example, the double up button can’t be used after a non-winning spin, so it will be gray until you win.

Click on the question mark on the right side of the screen to view the game’s paytable and more information about the bonus features.

On the left side of the screen, there is a button to mute or unmute all of the music and sound effects on The Angler casino slot.

Next to that is a settings button that gives you four options.

Game settings on The Angler slot
  • The background music button will allow you to turn the music on or off without affecting the game’s sound effects.
  • The sound FX button allows you to turn the sound effects on or off without affecting the background music.
  • Disable Expandicon is a unique option. When Expandicon is on, there are animations that highlight all of your winning symbols. You can turn Expandicon animations off to speed up the spin time for the game.
  • Turbo Play allows you to spin the reels faster, without pausing to highlight wins. Expandicon is automatically turned off when turbo play is on.

These game settings allow you to set up the game so that it matches your preferences. They won’t radically affect your gaming experience, but we appreciate that Betsoft gives you the options.

The Angler Slot Bonus Features

Setting up your bets and knowing the game symbols are the fundamentals you need to know about any slot game. But the bonus features are where things get really exciting.

Slot bonus features can help you win as much as possible when you play The Angler for real money. This game has a lot to offer.

Here is more information about the bonus features and payouts in The Angler.

What is the Maximum Win on The Angler Slot Game?

The maximum amount you can win on any single spin is 130,000 coins. But remember, you get to choose the coin value when you play The Angler online.

Your actual payout will depend on the coin value you chose. Here are some examples of how much money the maximum win would be at various coin values.

Coin Value Maximum Payout
$0.01 $1,300
$0.02 $2,600
$0.04 $5,200
$0.05 $6,500
$0.10 $13,000
$0.15 $19,500
$0.25 $32,500
$1 $130,000

The number of coins per line and the number of paylines do not affect the maximum win’s overall payout. But it is impossible to win the maximum amount if you are not playing with multiple paylines.

Now that you know how coin values impacts the amount you can win, let’s shift gears and talk about features. There are three features available on The Angler slot game.

  • Free spins
  • Bonus game
  • Double up feature

Let’s look at how each feature works.

The Angler Free Spins Feature

Free spins feature on The Angler

If you get three scatter symbols, you will activate the free spins feature. The clamshell with the pearl is the scatter symbol.

Scatter symbols only appear on reels three, four, and five, so getting more than three scatters is impossible.

The free spins feature starts with eight free spins. You can retrigger the feature to earn more free spins.

During the free spins, the octopus wild symbol becomes a clingy wild. That means that the octopus wild symbol will remain in place for the rest of your free spins.

Wild symbols never appear on the first reel. They only appear on the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels. That is true for both the base game and the free spins feature.

Time to Fish Bonus Game

In addition to the scatter symbol, there is also a bonus symbol on The Angler online slot game. It is a boat with fish in it with the word bonus. The bonus symbol can appear on the first three reels only.

You can activate the Time to Fish bonus game when you get three bonus symbols on the reels. Then, Otis the fisherman, will jump into his boat and sail out to the middle of the lake.

There are two options during the bonus game. You can choose to pull fish out of the water or try to reel them in.

Each pull or reel attempt will either catch a fish or miss it. When you catch a fish, the prize amount doubles, but nothing happens if you miss it.

The bonus game ends when you get either three catches or three misses.

Your bet amount is always the first prize. So, if you get three misses without winning anything, you will at least earn 1x your bet amount.

If you are lucky enough to get three catches before the bonus game ends, you will win 8x your bet amount.

Double Up Gamble Feature

The last bonus feature on The Angler slot machine is the double up gamble feature. It is available at the end of any winning spin by pressing the double up button on the bottom of the screen.

This feature is a simple coin flip gamble feature that allows you to double your winnings. It is a double or nothing game, so you should use it wisely.

You can gamble half or all your winnings. The game will automatically choose gamble all, so if you only want to gamble half of your winnings, make sure you press that button before you guess heads or tails.

Once you press heads or tails, the gold coin will spin. If you guess correctly, you will earn twice as much as you bet. You will lose your bet if you guess incorrectly.

The double up feature is unlimited. That means that you can keep guessing heads or tails as many times as you want.

This feature only ends when you lose or when you press the collect button.

All these bonus features add excitement to the real money The Angler slot because they give you extra opportunities to win. They also add variety to a game that would otherwise be very repetitive.

Where to Play The Angler

Now that you know how to play the game, you are probably dying to start. The first step to getting started is to find quality online casinos with The Angler.

Betsoft is the software provider that created The Angler. That is good news because Betsoft games are widely available, including at USA online casinos.

But some casino sites have better promotions, while others have more convenient banking options.

It is crucial to consider multiple online casino sites with The Angler so that you can find one that works best for you.

Our Betsoft pages have several recommendations of top-rated Betsoft casinos that you can use to play The Angler online.

Playing The Angler on Mobile Devices

You don’t have to stay attached to your computer while you play this game. Instead, you can play The Angler mobile slot on your phone or tablet.

Betsoft creates high-quality mobile slots with excellent graphics. We tried it out for ourselves, and the game screen didn’t look crowded, even when we played it in portrait mode.

One way that Betsoft makes mobile slots look better is to remove the clutter of several buttons from the screen.

There are no buttons on the bottom of the screen. You can change your bet amount, turn off the sound, and view the paytable by clicking the menu button.

The Angler slot on mobile.

If you want to set up autoplay, you can click and hold the spin button. It appears on the right-hand side of the reels, and there is no option for switching it to the other side of the screen.

The double up button disappears while you are playing. It only appears at the end of a winning spin.

These simple changes make playing The Angler slot game on mobile devices a lot more pleasant. You can access The Angler on mobile casino sites from your device’s internet browser.

The Angler Review Conclusion

Overall, the Angler casino slot machine is a very pleasant game. It is amusing and cheery without taking itself too seriously. Playing slots is supposed to be fun, after all.

To wrap up our review of The Angler, we want to explain what we think about the game’s graphics, payouts, bonus features, and overall experience.

Theme and Graphics

Betsoft wanted you to feel like you are enjoying a pleasant afternoon of fishing on the lake when they created this game.

That sounds like a very simple theme, but they had to incorporate a lot of details to pull it off effectively.

You can see the lake and mountains surrounding it in the background. In true Betsoft style, every detail is beautifully executed, from the clouds above the mountains to the waves on the lake.

Otis and all the game’s symbols are also purposefully designed. If you get a big win, Otis will jump up and yell “yeah” because he is so excited.

Otis the Fisherman from The Angler online slot.

The red octopus on the wild symbol looks angry, while the green pufferfish looks almost confused. Both the clownfish and the hammerhead shark welcome you to the game with a smile.

You might not notice it at first, but if you click on the paytable, that part of the screen moves just a little from side to side. The same thing happens during the Time to Fish Bonus game.

It makes you feel like you are feeling the waves beneath a boat, even when you are sitting on dry land.

The background music is a pleasant and relaxing melody. When you spin the reels, you can hear bubbles popping to make it sound more like a fishing experience.

All these details accomplish two things. First, they bring the fishing theme to life, but they also make you feel cheerful.

If Betsoft can make you feel cheerful while you are playing, you will keep playing the game. Some of those details are very subtle, but they are surprisingly effective.

RTP and Payouts

With an RTP of more than 97%, The Angler is an excellent game. To give you something to compare it to, your overall odds on this slot game are almost the same as those of a European roulette game.

Slot machines often have a bad reputation for being the worst games in the casino. But if you can find high-RTP slots like The Angler, you can enjoy slots without assuming more risk than you would on some table games.

The overall payouts on this game are also quite generous. All of the high-paying symbols allow you to win at least as much as you bet, even when you only get three symbols on a payline.

You can win up to 17x your bet amount if you get five of the highest-paying symbols. That is not quite as high as some slot games, but the high payouts with fewer symbols make up for it.

Both the RTP and the payouts make The Angler real money slot an excellent choice for savvy slot players.

Overall User Experience

Betsoft went above and beyond to make sure that this game is enjoyable. We already mentioned all the design elements that are included to make you feel relaxed while you play.

On top of that, Betsoft incorporated options that make it easy to set up the game exactly how you want to play it.

If you enjoy the fun animations, keep the Expandicon option on. When you want to play faster, you can turn those animations off or play on turbo mode.

This game also allows you to pick and choose between the music and sound effects. Many online slots are all or nothing, so we appreciate that this game gives you the option.

So, to conclude our The Angler review, we just want to say that this is a delightful slot game. It has excellent bonus features, a high RTP, and an enjoyable theme.

We are confident that any player who gives The Angler a chance will enjoy playing it. Try it now at one of our recommended sites or on one of our top-rated slot apps.

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