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Biggest Advantages of Gambling Online

Online gambling benefits

When you think of gambling, the image that forms in your mind is probably a flashy Las Vegas casino, with slot machine lights, and dice, and poker chips.

Gambling at a brick-and-mortar casino may be more traditional, but what if we told you that gambling online has more benefits?

It’s true. You won’t find a land-based casino that offers a $500 sportsbook bonus, $1 blackjack games, or dozens of poker tournaments running simultaneously. But all this (and much more) is available online.

We talk about all the advantages of online gambling below. Once you’ve finished reading them, we’re confident you’ll never wonder “why gamble online?” ever again.

Benefits of Online Gambling for All Gamblers

Some benefits of real money online gambling only apply if you participate in a particular type of gambling.

We will go over those benefits later, but for now, we want to explain the online gambling advantages that apply to every gambler.

Whether you play casino games, poker, or you enjoy betting on sports, these features of gambling online will enhance your experience.

Gamble When and Where You Want

The number one benefit of online gambling is convenience. You can gamble whenever you want and wherever you want. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can gamble online for real money.

When you gamble in-person, you are subject to opening hours. Some casinos are open 24 hours per day, like many in Las Vegas, but other casinos have limited hours. The same is true for bookmakers and betting shops.

Even those brick-and-mortar casinos that open 24 hours per day might not offer all their services round the clock. They often have separate hours for their poker rooms, table games, and sportsbooks.

It doesn’t matter if the casino is open if they do not have your favorite game available, or you want to place a sports bet and the sportsbook isn’t open.

Even if the poker room is open, you have to have a certain number of players before the casino starts a game. Those players aren’t there every hour of every day.

You don’t have to worry about timing when you use the internet to gamble. Online casinos and sportsbooks are available at any time.

Whether you want to gamble in the middle of the night or on a weekday while most people are working, the top online gambling sites make it easy to gamble at any time.

No Traveling Required

It is also a lot easier to gamble when you don’t have to go anywhere. Land-based casinos always require travel of some kind.

Some people have tribal casinos or commercial casinos that are within a short driving distance. Other people have to travel for several hours or fly to Las Vegas because there are no casinos nearby.

That travel time takes time away that you could be gambling, whether it is a 20-minute drive or a three-hour flight.

Travel also requires a cost, whether that be the expense of airfare or the cost of gas to and from the casino. If you live more than a couple of hours away from your nearest casino, you may also need to consider the cost of an overnight stay.

You can save money to add to your bankroll to enjoy more gambling when you play online.

More money and time to spend gambling means that you have more chances to win and more time to enjoy your hobby. 

Online gambling sites and mobile gambling apps let you gamble from your living room, the commuter train to work, or anywhere else you can imagine. That convenience is something that land-based casinos will never be able to match.

Budget-Friendly Gambling

Gambling can be an expensive hobby, especially if you are visiting land-based casinos regularly.

It is crucial that you only gamble with money you can afford to lose. If you use money that you need for bills or expenses for gambling, that is usually a sign of problem gambling.

Some people only have a small amount left over after they have paid all of their bills. They could spend their entire bankroll in a matter of minutes at a land-based casino.

They could play penny slots, but you have to pay per line when you play the slots. If they only play for one penny, there is only one way they can win.

So, most slot players spend at least a dime per spin. Slot machines spin an average of 600 times per hour, which means you could easily spend $60 or more per hour.

In-person gambling is more expensive than gambling online.

Land-based casinos have betting minimums for table games. If you want to play a table game, you will most likely have to spend $10-$25 per hand, depending on the game you want to play.

If your bankroll is only $30, you have enough money for three hands of blackjack at $10, or one hand of baccarat at $25 and a tip for the dealer.

People with limited bankrolls should have options for gambling if they want to. That is where online gambling sites come in.

Online gambling sites offer more inexpensive games. Digital table games almost always have a minimum of $1. You can play 25 hands of baccarat for the same amount as one hand in a land-based casino.

Poker players can take advantage of budget-friendly options as well. You can buy-in to a cash game with one-cent small blinds and two-cent big blinds. It will only cost you $2 to get 100 big-blinds in that game.

It’s the same for sports bettors. A land-based sportsbook or a bookmaking shop will typically have much higher minimum bets than an online betting site.

More Banking Options

Another benefit of gambling online is that you can fund your account in any way you want to.

Land-based casinos only accept cash. They have ATMs available, so you can get cash out using your credit card, but they typically have astronomical fees.

Some casino cashiers will work with you to cash money orders or use other forms of payment. But it can be a complicated process.

Online casinos and betting sites offer many banking options. You can use your credit card to fund your account, initiate a wire transfer, use prepaid credit cards or Visa gift cards.

They also often work with electronic wallet providers, such as Paypal, Neteller, or Skrillex.

Many gambling apps and sites also accept cryptocurrency transactions, such as Bitcoin.

More banking methods is a major advantage of gambling online.

You can also choose how you want to withdraw your funds. A gambling website can mail you a check, initiate a wire transfer, or deposit money directly into your bank account.

Some sites also offer cryptocurrency withdrawals.

These are examples of banking methods that are typically available for players in the United States. Online gambling transactions in the US are complicated because of the UIGEA.

Players in other countries will have even more options.

All of these banking options benefit the customer because they offer more confidentiality. When you use cryptocurrency or an electronic wallet, all of your account information is encrypted, so the casino or sportsbook only gets the information they need to know.

There are some fees or limits that apply to each of these banking methods, depending on the gambling site you use. But the variety of options lets you decide what method is most convenient for you.

The Value of Online Gambling Promotions

Every casino offers promotions and loyalty programs to persuade customers to use their casino instead of a competitor’s. Some sportsbooks and poker rooms do the same.

But online gambling promotions offer more value and more options.

More Promotion Options

Gambling sites offer several types of bonus promotions, including deposit matches, free spins, free bets, and cash back rebates.

You can choose the promotion that works best for you. If you are a slots player, free spins on a new slot machine game will be a valuable offer for you.

Gamblers who prefer table games or sports betting don’t have much use for free spins, so they can choose free bets or deposit match bonuses instead.

Some of the best promotions available through gambling sites are deposit match bonuses. The site gives you money that you can use to continue gambling in any way that you want to.

Bonuses at online gambling sites can be very valuable.

Deposit matches do have playthrough requirements, You have to spend a certain amount during a specified period before the site allows you to withdraw your funds.

If you are a small-stakes gambler with a limited bankroll, it may be difficult for you to meet the playthrough requirement before the deadline. You may want to choose a different kind of bonus that has a smaller playthrough requirement.

Sports gamblers are often left out of loyalty programs when betting in person. Land-based sportsbooks and bookmakers do not offer promotions most of the time.

Fortunately, online gambling sites don’t leave sports bettors out. You can use deposit bonuses to place your wagers, some sites offer free bets that apply specifically to sports bettors.

If you pay attention to the promotions available, you can consistently find new offers that help you make the most of your online gambling bankroll.

Better Value for Gamblers

The best part about all online gambling promotions is that they all give you more opportunities to gamble. They all offer funds that go directly into your account or offer free opportunities to bet or play.

Land-based casinos offer loyalty programs with hotel discounts and free dinners, but those things don’t have anything to do with gambling. If you live near your favorite casino, you don’t have much use for a hotel stay.

Online gambling sites have more promotional options, so you can choose the one that works best for you, and all of their bonuses offer a better value for gamblers than land-based promotional programs.

Online Gambling Benefits for Casino Players

All of the advantages that we have covered so far are available to any gambler, no matter what kind of gambling they enjoy.

But there are additional benefits for casino game players, in particular. Here are a few reasons that casino players will love gambling online.

Game Variations

Online casinos have way more game variations than land-based casinos.

Land-based casinos cannot compete with the variety that online casinos offer because the floor space limits them.

Most land-based casinos typically have around 100 game variations, including all the slot machines. Some online casinos have thousands of games, including multiple versions of your favorite table games.

If you have only played a particular version of your favorite game in a brick-and-mortar casino, you will be ecstatic to find online casinos that offer multiple options.

Roulette and blackjack are excellent examples. Most land-based casinos offer one form of roulette and two or three forms of blackjack.

Odds are you’re familiar with European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette. But did you know that you can play other variants such as Double Ball and Mini roulette online too?

There are many, many blackjack variants available online. For example, you can play American blackjack, European blackjack, Perfect Pairs, Atlantic City, Double Exposure, and many others.

Keep in mind that each variant will have its own house edge, which will affect how much you’ll win in the long run.

Variation House Edge Number of Decks
Atlantic City Blackjack 0.35% 8
European Blackjack 0.39% 2
Multi-hand Blackjack 0.63% 5
Vegas Downtown Blackjack 0.38% 2
Vegas Strip Blackjack 0.34% 4
Double Exposure Blackjack 0.69% 8
Blackjack Switch 0.17% 5

The point is that you get to choose, whereas when you play in a land-based casino, your options are usually standard blackjack and a specialty game, such as Vegas Strip or Double Exposure blackjack.

Roulette and blackjack are only two examples, too. Most online casinos offer at least a couple of variations of nearly every one of their casino games.

This extensive variety of online casino games allow you to try different versions, experience games you have never played before, and discover new favorites.

Free-Play Games

Another benefit of online casino gambling is that real money casino sites offer free-play versions of their games. You can try out new games without spending a cent of your own money.

There are very few land-based casinos that allow you to play a game for free.

Playing casino games for free has a few upsides. You can try a new game or variant, or test a new feature.

This is also a good way to learn how to play a game, since you’re bound to make a few mistakes when you don’t know how all of the details work.

But you don’t have to worry about those mistakes chipping away at your bankroll when you play for free. Your mistakes won’t cost you anything at all.

No Wait Times

One of the most frustrating experiences at a land-based casino is waiting for a seat at your favorite table game or waiting for someone to leave the slot machine you want to play.

You never have to wait when you gamble online. Every casino game is available at all times, and they can accommodate an infinite number of players on the same game.

Live dealer blackjack games are an exception. You can join the game at any time, and they can still accommodate an infinite number of players through a bet behind feature.

But there are typically only seven seats at a table. The first seven players to enter the game will automatically get seated, and they will be the ones to choose whether to hit or stand for each hand.

After the seats are filled, any players that join the game will automatically be relegated to a bet behind spot. If the player that you bet behind wins, you will win. When that player loses, so do you.

Bet behind games are not quite the same as traditional blackjack, so if the blackjack game you want to play is full, you can play the digital version or visit another live dealer casino site until a seat opens up.

No matter what casino game you want to play, there is always a way for you to play it immediately online. You’ll never have to wait.

No Etiquette Rules or Expectations

Good etiquette is an integral part of any social interaction. There are many rules of etiquette in the land-based casino setting.

Casino etiquette often involves tipping the dealers and cocktail waitresses, being mindful of other people’s personal space, and using the correct signals when interacting with the dealer.

If you are playing a game with several other people, such as craps, you may need to be mindful of other people’s superstitions. Many craps players are very superstitious about people using the word seven.

You can easily offend a whole table of craps players by accidentally saying the word seven. They may even get mad at you if you say eleven because it sounds too close to seven.

Etiquette expectations are a part of the casino experience, but you may feel uncomfortable quickly if you don’t know the rules. You don’t have to worry about that when you gamble online.

When you are gambling using your computer or mobile device, the only person you can offend is yourself. You don’t have to worry about other players’ superstitions or confusing the dealer by making the wrong hand signal.

As long as you are playing digital games, there is no dealer involved because the computer handles everything.

You can save the money you would typically spend tipping the dealers and cocktail waitresses. We recommend using it for another round of your favorite game.

The only exception is when you play live dealer games. Live dealer games do have real dealers, so you should tip them occasionally, just like you would in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Live Dealer Games Offer A Social Experience

Some gamblers love the interaction that they enjoy when they visit a land-based casino. If you have only gambled in person, you might miss the interactions you typically have with dealers and other players.

Live dealer games offer the best of both worlds. You can still access them any time through the convenience of an online casino. But, live dealer games let you interact with the dealer and other players via a live chat feature.

While chatting through an instant messenger box is not quite the same as interacting with someone face to face, it is the next best thing.

You can still ask the dealer questions, hear them congratulate you when you win, and see their facial expressions when you say something funny.

Live dealer games are an excellent option for those players that enjoy the social aspect of casino gambling.

Online Gambling Advantages for Poker Players

Poker is different from casino games because you compete against other players instead of competing against the house.

That means that the game features that online poker players appreciate the most are different from the advantages that online casino players enjoy.

Here are some of the benefits of playing poker online.

Online Poker Software Features

Several in-game features are available when you play poker online that are not available for any other game, in person or online.

Many of these features will make you a better poker player.

  • In-game notes allow you to record any patterns you see from other players so you can keep track of their habits.
  • Four-color decks make it easier to differentiate between different suits, especially when playing on a small screen.
  • Range calculators can help you determine the range of possible hands that your opponents may have. You can use them to calculate your potential outcomes.
  • Heads-up displays track your opponent’s moves and display them so that you can easily use their past actions to make game decisions.
  • Hand analysis programs analyze your moves and compare them with your opponents. They can help you learn from your mistakes, and they can help you understand your opponents if you repeatedly play against the same players.
  • Pot displays tell you exactly how much is in the pot from one moment to the next. You can focus on your game strategy because you don’t have to pause to figure out how much money is in the pot.

In addition to all of these features built into the online poker software, you can also take advantage of additional programs that track and evaluate your hands or train you on how to play the game.

Online poker is very different from in-person poker. You do not have the advantage of seeing other players’ faces or body language.

Because you can’t rely on the “tells” that usually indicate how other players are doing, you have to rely on software features that help you analyze their moves.

That will help you become a better poker player for in-person games too.

Play Poker for Smaller Stakes

Another benefit of playing poker online is that you can play for much smaller stakes.

Land-based casinos typically have $1/$2 games as the lowest available blinds. Those low-stakes games often come with $200 or $300 buy-ins.

When you play real money poker online, you can find games with penny/two-penny blinds. It is easy to find games where the buy-in is only $10.

Not only do the games start with lower blinds, but online poker players also raise at less drastic rates than land-based players.

It is common to see players raise $10-$15 during the pre-flop betting round when you play a $1/$2 No-limit hold ’em game in person. That is as much as seven times the big blind.

In an online game with the same size blinds, most players only raise three times the big blind. So, a $6 pre-flop raise online should be interpreted the same as a $15 pre-flop raise in person.

So, not only can you play poker for smaller stakes online, but because the bet sizing is much smaller compared to live poker games, you’ll experience less variance too.

Online poker is ideal for small stakes players.

Multi-Table Gaming Allows You to Play More

When you play poker in a land-based casino or even a home poker game, you can only play one game of poker at a time.

Unfortunately, the laws of physics do not allow you to be seated at multiple tables simultaneously, so you are stuck with the game at the table in front of you.

Online poker players can split their screen, which essentially allows them to be at multiple tables at one time.

You can play up to thirty online poker tables at one time if you can keep track of everything going on.

There are different methods of setting up your display and game settings so that you can pay attention to the game that requires your immediate attention.

Multi-table poker gives you more practice because you end up playing way more hands in the same amount of time. The more practice you get, the better poker player you will be.

If you are a professional poker player, you can use multi-table gaming to increase your hourly rate.

As long as you have your game set up to pay close enough attention to each table, you can win a lot more money because you play so many more hands than a single game of poker.

Tournaments and Cash Games Give You Options

Online poker sites also give you more options for the game formats that you want to play.

Some people prefer tournament-style poker, while others prefer cash games. You don’t have to choose one or the other when you play poker online.

Poker sites online have way more tournament options than land-based poker rooms.

Here are a few examples of different poker tournament types that you may find online.

  • Sit-and-go tournaments begin as soon as the table is full, which means you always know exactly how many players will be in the tournament. They are smaller tournaments, but you can play them anytime without worrying about logging on at a specific time.
  • Satellite tournaments offer entries into larger tournaments instead of a first-place prize. Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP main event after winning satellite tournaments.
  • Bounty tournaments have two prize pools. The first is a regular prize for whoever wins the hand, and the second is a bounty prize that gets awarded to any player that knocks another player out of the tournament.
  • Re-buy tournaments allow players to pay for a second buy-in to stay in the tournament after their chip stack gets below a certain threshold. Online poker sites typically offer re-buy tournaments that allow players to maintain their position instead of starting over.

All of these different poker tournaments are available every day online.

More importantly, they are available at a variety of different buy-in levels. You can choose the play the tournament that matches your skill level best.

Land-based poker rooms typically only have a single tournament each day. If that tournament is not the game you want to play or if the buy-in is more than you can afford to spend, you are out of luck.

You can always find a poker tournament available at the level you want to play when you play poker online.

Another benefit of online poker tournaments is that they offer much larger prize pools. You would expect them to have smaller pools because the buy-ins are typically smaller.

But, because online poker tournaments include people from all over the world, there are hundreds of more players involved. The prize pool adds up quickly because there are so many players.

It is possible to find online poker tournaments with with $1-$10 buy-ins that offer $10,000 in prize money.

Those prize and blind combinations are almost impossible to find in person because land-based poker rooms do not have enough players to generate large prize pools for low-stakes tournaments.

Online poker is genuinely distinct from in-person poker. You might be playing Texas hold ‘em in both instances, but online poker requires a different set of skills than land-based poker.

The software features, tournament options, and low-stakes that are available online will help you become a better poker player, allow you to play poker more often, and offer better prizes.

Benefits of Online Gambling for Sports Bettors

There is one group of gamblers that sometimes gets forgotten about, and that is sports gamblers.

Sports betting was once outlawed throughout most of the United States, but it is experiencing a resurgence now that PASPA has been repealed.

Many states are passing legislation that allows sports betting both online and in-person. Here are some of the reasons you might prefer online sports betting.

More Betting Options

Just like casino games, online sportsbooks give you more options. Online gambling sites do not have to worry about the confines of physical space, so they can offer you more betting opportunities than any land-based sportsbook.

The best online betting sites  will give you dozens of real money betting options for your favorite sporting events. They have more sports options available than land-based sportsbooks.

You can bet on the most popular sports, such as the following.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Golf

Online sportsbooks also offer betting options on more obscure sporting events, such as ping pong games, beach volleyball, and cricket.

They also offer betting options on things that are not strictly sports-related. Online sportsbooks process wagers on entertainment betting markets such as the Oscars and reality TV shows. They also offer  esports betting, and political gambling.

If you want to bet on who will be the next president or who will win the next League of Legends tournament, an online sportsbook is the best place to go.

Besides offering more betting options on different kinds of sports and pop culture events, online sportsbooks also different kinds of wagers.

Land-based sportsbooks might only offer moneyline wagers and over/under bets, while online sportsbooks will also include dozens of prop bets, spread bets, and other wagering options.

There are dozens of betting options when you bet on sports online, and you will have way more selections to choose from than if you were to place your bets in person.

You Can Easily Shop the Lines for the Best Odds

Another benefit of sports betting online instead of in-person is that you can compare the odds and lines from different sportsbooks.

Each betting site sets their odds and lines independently. You can win more money with better odds, so it’s always worth trying to find the best prices.

It is difficult to shop the lines when you bet in-person because most sportsbooks and bookmaking shops are too far away from each other to make a physical visit to each one feasible.

Online sportsbooks make it easy to compare odds. You can check half a dozen sites to compare the odds within a few minutes.

After finding the betting site with the best odds, you can choose to place your bet there instead of at another sportsbook.

Because you can compare several sites to find the best odds, you can also place different bets at each site. One online sportsbook might have better odds on your straight bet, but another site might offer better odds for the spread.

You can maximize your potential profit by placing different bets on different betting sites after comparing the odds online.

All Information is At Your Fingertips

The last reason that online sports betting is better than land-based sports betting is that you can easily find all of the information you need.

To access an online sportsbook, you have to connect to the internet. While you are connected, you can use the same device to check a player’s most recent statistics or search for other information about the team before you place your bets.

Online research is easier than ever because we can access thousands of websites in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching on a computer, a phone, or a tablet. You can find the most up-to-date information almost instantly.

When you take advantage of the resources available, you will be able to make the wisest betting decisions possible.

You get to find the best odds, check the latest information, and choose from dozens of betting options when you bet in an online sportsbook. Land-based sportsbooks cannot compete with those possibilities.

The Many Reasons to Gamble Online

We’ve covered many advantages to gambling online.

Every player can take advantage of the convenience of gambling anytime and anywhere, and they can enjoy more variety than land-based gambling facilities can even dream of offering.

Online gambling sites offer better promotions, more variety, and additional features that benefit different gamblers.

There are so many reasons to gamble online, and each of them makes gambling more affordable, more convenient, and more fun for every player.

If you’re ready to get started, check out these online gambling tips for beginners.

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