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Amatic Slot Machines

A mainstay in the European casino world, it is very likely that you have played on an Amatic machine without ever knowing.

The company has had a long history in the space, not just in the slots market, but in traditional table games as well.

While they have expanded their offering to include online slot machines and games, the company is probably best known for building gamecabinets, and multi-game systems for land-based casinos.

For the purposes of this article, we are going to look at the history of the slots division of Amatic, featuring an overview of many of their most popular games.

The Early Years

Amatic is an Austrian-based company that was founded in 1993, just before the onset of the online gaming world. It is no surprise then to see that the company’s original focus was on providinggames for the land-based casino world.

This was a highly competitive industry with many suppliers already entrenched in the space, but that didn’t stop Amatic from carving out a niche for themselves.

One of the earliest successes for the company was the release of Roulette Grand Jeu, an automated roulette game. This allowed the game to take place without physical chips, which sped up thegameplay considerably.

This was, of course, music to a casino’s ears. With this automated version of the game, there were more spins per hour, which meant more money for the casino to make.

Also, as the game was digital, you could have more than six people playing on the same wheel, which expanded the reach of each roulette game.

Innovation in… Design?

Amatic, while known for some table games to start, got into the video slots world early on as well. Again, this was a crowded space, and it was well before all the crossover content we now see ina land-based casino.

The management of Amatic decided to focus their efforts on the design of the cabinet, making a very noticeable curved design stand out on the casino floor. They also added a cabinet that allowedplayers to play multiple games from the same machine, and these design elements propelled the company’s success.

Entering the Online World

With the growing popularity of the online casino space through the 2000s, it was time for Amatic to add the development of online games to their portfolio. The easiest thing for the company to dowas to take their existing video slots line and re-engineer them for players to be able to play from home.

However, as you will see, the company went a step further and created a whole new set of themes for their video slots.

The company further advanced their product line with the release of the Multi-Remote Gaming system. This product was a game-changer, as now a licensee could host the traditional video slots onany website of their choosing, rather than have them enter a land-based facility to play.

This meant an instant cross-marketing opportunity for many of their land-based clients.

Popular Amatic Slot Games

Rather than give you a list of all the games that the company offers, we prefer to highlight some of the most popular Amatic games you will find online and in land-based casinos. Let’s take alook at a few of them here:


Well, let’s start with arguably the most popular game in the Amatic catalog. This is a game based on the legendary Italian character Casanova. Casanova was a womanizer who happened to write a lotabout his adventures (and misadventures) with women while on his travels.

The legend of Casanova has grown, and his name is now generally accepted as the term used for any man who considers themselves to be a bit of a play with the ladies. We are sure you have usedthis term sometime in your life!

As for the Casanova slot machine, you can already imagine what constitutes the theme of the game. Yes, you are playing the role of Casanova as he attempts to seduce three beautiful women.

We aren’t too sure how well this game is being received in 2018, but rest assured that in the privacy of their own homes, men all over the world are stepping into this character to play this slotmachine.

The game itself is a traditional five-line, twenty-payline game that allows you to bet multiple credits per line. There are plenty of bonus spins and rounds, and the game also features a seriesof wild symbols (the Casanova logo) that unlock the bonus rounds and free spins.

Eye of Ra

It seems that Egyptian mythology is one of the most popular themes for online slots games. You will see casino lobbies littered with references, and with good reason. It seems that no matter howmany new spins (pun intended) on the theme, Egyptian-themed games continue to be the most successful.

Amatic gets in on the game with their Eye Of Ra slot machine. For those of you not familiar with Ra, he is the Egyptian Sun God, mostassociated with the heat of the noon sun.

That seems to be most appropriate for this game, as you will be feeling the heat of a game that has a whopping 720 paylines!

This game has five reels of symbols, but a very different shaped game board that allows for so many additional paylines. As a result, you cannot select which paylines you want to bet on (thatwould take forever). Instead, you make a choice of the number of credits you want to play, and you are open to winning from every pay line.

The other difference between this game and traditional five-reel games is that when you win, the game does not show you which lines paid what amount. Again, that would take far too long, so thegame simply summarizes your win and credits your balance.


Continuing on the theme of games with characters, we bring you another very popular title in Billyonaire. In this game, you get to assume the role of Billy (get it?) who is incredibly wealthy andwants to spend his fortune amassing art and other treasures, via the spinning reels.

This game is a five-reel, forty-payline slot machine. This gives you the opportunity to both spread your money around more and spend more money, with the ability to spend between one and twentycredits per line, per spin.

It features decent graphics, but it is the allure of being a big spender that we think gives the game its popularity.

The other thing that this game features are four different special bonuses: Free Spins, Scattered Aces, Wild Grand X, and Extra Wilds. All of these are outside the traditional spins and allow youto amass credits rapidly.

These can be unlocked by having three or more wild symbols appear when you spin the reels.

Diamond Cats

There are a lot of people who love cats in this world. Also, there are a lot of people who love diamonds. So, why not combine the two into and send these people into a frenzy!

We have to assume that this is the purpose of the Diamond Cats slot machine, which features all the cuteness of the kittens and the glitz of the glamorous jewels.

This is one of the Amatic slots that features a little more animation (exactly what the cat lover in you wants!). When you win, the winning combination of kitties projects forward, bring theircute faces even closer to you.

There are several bonus features and free spins to be won in this five-reel, twenty-payline slot machine. While we are certain that this game will only be attractive to a certain subset ofplayers, we think that Amatic does a good job of adding themes that are more niche-focused (see the Casanova theme above).

Wild 7

Okay, now here is a game that is a little more traditional from a slots perspective. This game has all the classic stylings that you might have found in a land-based slot machine the first timeyou stepped foot into a casino.

We actually appreciate these games – sometimes all the themes and the bells and whistles that come along with them can be a bit much, and we just want to hunt for the right combinations of fruitsand stars to win our fortunes.

This is a standard five-reel slot machine that only features ten paylines, which is again a throwback to the early days of video slot machines. Where Amatic gets you to spend your money here isthat the maximum bet per line is up to fifty in this game, meaning that you can have a maximum of five hundred credits going at any time.

Now, you may be confused by the fact that the majority of the symbols are fruits and not numbers. This confused us at the start as well, but we still love the retro look and feel of the game.

The key to the game is the 7, which can be used as a wild symbol to replace any symbol in a winning combination. If you get the lucky 7, your win will be doubled over the standard payout for theline.

The game features a “gamble” option, which is essentially a double-or-nothing feature for your winning spins.

The twist here is that you can win two or four times your win, but only have to gamble half your winnings, so while it is gambling, it isn’t throwing away all your winnings for a shot a doublingup. We tend to avoid this feature unless we are feeling super lucky.


As you can see from the reviews above, Amatic has done an excellent job moving from the land-based side of the casino business into the online world.

Their range of slots games runs from the traditional to the advanced-theme games, and all of them feature excellent ranges of paylines that are sure to attract all types of players.

While you may not see their games in too many online casino lobbies, we are certain that this number will continue to grow as the company continues to cement themselves as one of the leadingproviders of games and systems for the European casino market.