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Live Casino Hold ‘Em at Online Casinos

Casino Hold‘em is a unique blend of poker and house-banked casino games. It is a fun poker alternative that does not require competing with other players.

You can play Casino Hold’em online with real dealers at several of the top live dealer casinos. Here are the best live Casino Hold’em sites we recommend.

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#3 250% Up To $12,500 Visit Site Visit Site
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Live Casino Hold‘em appeals to different types of gamblers.

For example, poker players appreciate a new way to play their favorite game for real money.  

Some casino players enjoy Live Casino Hold‘em as it gives them a chance to explore poker without the stress of competing against other players.

When you play online Casino Hold‘em with live dealers, you get the added benefit of enjoying personal interaction with a dealer, but you still get to gamble from home.

If you have never played live dealer Casino Hold‘em before, you need to know what to expect. You can learn everything you need to know from this page.

We offer strategy tips, explain side betting options, and compare live Casino Hold’em to other games.

We also provide some reviews of some of the different live Casino Hold‘em games you can play online for real money.

How to Play Live Casino Hold‘em Online for Money

Wondering how live dealer Casino Hold‘em works? The game is surprisingly simple.

Here is how you play it online.

First, you will need to create an account and make a deposit with a live Casino Hold‘em site or a live dealer casino app. We recommended the best casinos to play live Casino Hold‘em online at the top of this page.

Next, you need to make a deposit. Online live Casino Hold ‘Em is not available for free; you can only play for real money.

Then, you need to select the live Casino Hold ‘Em game from the site’s live dealer section. Here are the steps that begin when you enter the live game.

  • The dealer might be in the middle of a hand when you join. If that is the case, you will need to wait until the next hand to join the game.
  • When you see the words place your bets at the top of the screen, you can start betting.
  • You have to bet the ante to join the game. If you are playing a side bet, you need to place those bets at the same time.
  • After the betting closes, the dealer will deal two cards face up to the players, and two cards face down to themselves.
  • The dealer will also deal three community cards face up.
  • You get to decide if you want to continue playing by calling or folding for this hand.
  • To call, you have to place another bet equal to double your ante.
  • If you do not call before time runs out, you will automatically fold.
  • One you have made your decision, the dealer will deal another two community cards and reveal their own hand.
  • The objective is to have the best five-card poker hand using a combination of your two cards and the five community cards.
  • Betting for the next round will begin after the casino processes payouts for winning bets.

That is all you need to know about how to play live Casino Hold‘em online for real money.

For a more detailed look at the rules of the game, check out our main guide to playing Casino Hold’em.

Tips for Playing Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

Every gambler wants to know the best way to beat the system.

Live Casino Hold ‘Em depends on the cards that you get dealt, so there is no way to guarantee that you will win every time.

You can, however, use a few strategies to give yourself a better chance of winning whenever you play real money live dealer Casino Hold ‘Em.

  • Don’t bet too high in relation to your bankroll. Remember, you have to bet a total of three times the initial ante to stay in a hand.
  • Calling is almost always better than folding. As long as you have a pair or two high cards, you should call.
  • Only fold when you have low unpaired cards.
  • Make live Casino Hold’em side bets sparingly.
  • Take advantage of welcome bonuses and other promotions at live dealer online casinos to get more money to play with.

These strategies will not guarantee a win, and the house edge will very likely mean you lose in the long run.

They will allow you to stay in the game when playing live dealer Casino Hold‘em for money, though.

That means better entertainment value for your money, and a greater chance of getting on a winning streak.

What is the RTP for Casino Hold’Em?

The RTP for live Casino Hold ‘Em is typically 97.84%.

However, the RTP changes if you choose to play side bets. Aces or better side bets have an RTP of 93.74%, and Evolution’s jumbo seven jackpot has a dismal RTP of 81.64%.

The RTP can also change depending on the live Casino Hold ‘Em sites you join, as live online casinos get their games from different software providers.

Live Casino Hold‘em vs. Other Games

Casino Hold‘em is is a poker game played against the dealer instead of against other players. This is similar to some other live dealer games.

Of course, it is also similar to the digital version of Casino Hold‘em.

Let’s take a look at how live Casino Hold‘em compares.

Live Casino Hold‘em vs. Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Casino Hold‘em is similar in some ways to live dealer blackjack. Live baccarat and roulette games also have a live dealer, but the player does not take any action after the initial bets.

Blackjack is different from baccarat and roulette because you have to decide whether you want to hit or stand after the cards have been dealt. That second action is what makes it similar to live Casino Hold‘em.

However, blackjack players do not often pay for a second bet when making their action. As long as you hit or stand, your first bet is all you have to pay for.

If you choose to call in live Casino Hold‘em, you have to place a new bet that is valued at twice as much as your ante bet. You can fold, but then you automatically lose your ante bet.

When you play live dealer blackjack, there are a limited number of seats at each table. If the table is full, you will have to bet behind another player.

Bet behind allows an infinite number of players for any blackjack game, but only the first seven players are actually playing blackjack. They are the ones making the hit or stand decisions.

If you are betting behind another player, you are merely betting on whether or not they will win. You do not get the choice to hit or stand.

Casino Hold‘em live online does not require a bet behind system. The player hand is the same for all players. Each player gets to decide if they want to fold or call and continue playing.

Blackjack Casino Hold’em
Seats Limited (usually 7) Unlimited
Bet Behind Yes No
Betting Rounds 1 2
House Edge 0.5% +/- 2.16% +/-

Live Casino Hold‘em vs. Digital Casino Hold’em

There are several advantages of playing online Casino Hold‘em with real dealers instead of the digital version.

Live dealer games have higher betting limits than digital games. You can typically play up to $500 or even $1,000 per hand when playing live Casino Hold‘em games online.

You may also qualify for unique casino promotions when you join an online casino with live Casino Hold‘em.

The one big benefit of playing the digital version of Casino Hold‘em is that you can play the game at your speed.

When you play live dealer online Casino Hold‘em, the dealer moves quickly, and you have to go at their pace.

You have a specific amount of time to place your bets and another period when you can call or fold. If you don’t act quickly enough, you might end up automatically folding.

At the end of the hand, the computer will automatically determine who won and begin paying out winning hands.

The dealer does not wait for that process to be finished. They will remove the cards and begin preparation for the next hand almost immediately.

Some players do not like that the dealers remove the cards immediately. They want to have a moment to analyze the hands for themselves to see which cards created the winning hand.

The ability to review the cards is especially helpful if you are a beginner player who is not familiar with poker hands and their rankings.

You can learn better when you have a moment to look over the cards, identify which hands are present, and understand why one hand is better than the other.

Live dealer Casino Hold‘em online moves quickly, so you don’t have the option of reviewing the cards after they have been dealt. When you play digital Casino Hold‘em, you can take as long as you want in between bets.

Popular Live Dealer Casino Hold’em Games

Live Casino Hold’em is fundamentally the same wherever you play it. However, the various versions from different software providers do have some unique features.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular Live Casino Hold’em games you can play online for real money.

Live Casino Hold’em from Evolution Gaming

Evoltution Gaming Logo

Evolution Gaming is the leader in live dealer casino games, including live Casino Hold‘em.

The only downside to Evolution Gaming is that they only sell their software to sites in certain markets. Unfortunately, that means that most American players cannot play on Evolution’s software.

It is only available where there is in-state online gambling regulation, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

As more states pursue online gambling regulation, the list of state-regulated casinos with Evolution software will hopefully grow.

Several features make Evolution Gaming’s live Casino Hold‘em game stand out for those who can access their software.

Interface Changes to Match Internet Speed

One of those features is that the player interface will automatically change to match your internet connection.

Players that have a strong connection will get to enjoy the full-screen game with HD-quality streaming. When your internet connection is too slow, you will get routed to the classic view.

If you are playing live Casino Hold’em online with the classic view, the video stream will appear in a smaller box on the top of your screen. The lower half of your screen will display your betting options and the cards.

Both player interfaces offer high-quality graphics and sound, and they make it easy to play the game. You can manually switch between each view if you prefer one over the other.

Automatic Shufflers

Another feature that makes Evolution Gaming’s live dealer Casino Hold‘em games stand out is that they use automatic shufflers.

Casino Hold‘em games use a single deck of cards, and there are nine cards in play for each hand. So, you can expect to go through a deck approximately every five hands. 

Some players prefer to see the cards getting shuffled by hand, but it is much faster to use an automatic shuffler. You will be able to play more hands without having to wait for a new deck to get shuffled every few minutes.

In addition to features, Evolution Gaming also offers more side bets and Casino Hold ‘Em variations than any other software provider. 

Bonus Bet and Progressive Jackpot

Evolution Gaming offers two side bets. You can play either of these side bets on the standard Casino Hold‘em game or the 2-hand variation.

The bonus bet gives you a chance to win, even if you lose. As long as you have a pair of aces or a better hand, you will automatically win the bonus bet, even if the dealer has a better hand than you do.

Your bonus bet only applies to the first five cards. The five-card hand is made up of the two cards you get dealt and the three cards that get dealt on the flop.

Here are the payouts for the bonus bet on Evolution’s live Casino Hold‘em game.

Hand Payout
Royal Flush 100:1
Straight Flush 50:1
4 of a Kind 40:1
Full House 30:1
Flush 20:1
Straight or Less 7:1

The Jumbo Seven Jackpot is another side bet option with a progressive jackpot. It is a network-wide jackpot that combines contributions from dozens of real money online casinos and casino gambling apps.

However, each online casino has to opt-in to the progressive jackpot option. Some Evolution Gaming casinos do not offer this side bet because they have chosen not to participate in the progressive jackpot network.

Players have to choose to play the side bet to qualify for the Jumbo Seven Jackpot. It pays out an uncapped prize whenever a seven-card straight flush gets dealt.

Seven-card straight flushes are hard to come by. So, the Jumbo Seven side bet also pays out smaller prizes for other hands.

Hand Payout
7-Card Straight Flush Progressive Jackpot
6-Card Straight Flush 5000:1
5-Card Straight Flush 250:1
4 of a Kind 50:1
Full House 5:1
Flush 4:1
Straight 2:1

Both of these side bets are valid even after the player folds, which gives you extra opportunities to win.

So, it pays to join live casinos with Casino Hold‘em games produced by Evolution Gaming.

Two-Hand Live Casino Hold‘em

Evolution Gaming is the only online software provider to offer a live Casino Hold‘em variation with two hands.

Two-hand Casino Hold‘em is the same as the traditional version, except that the player can bet on two hands instead of one. You have two opportunities to fold and two opportunities to win.

The side betting options are the same for traditional Casino Hold‘em and the two-hand version.

If you want to play both hands and both side bets, your wagering amount will add up quickly. You need to be mindful of that.

It is a good idea to use a lower stake than usual so that you don’t lose your bankroll too quickly.

Two-hand live dealer Casino Hold‘em is a fun variation because you feel like you win more often. However, you are also betting twice as much per round, so it can be dangerous if you don’t have a solid bankroll management plan.

Live Casino Hold‘em from Evolution Gaming

Live Casino Hold’em from Fresh Deck Studios

Fresh Deck Studios logo

Fresh Deck is another software provider that offers live Casino Hold‘em for real money. It is the only software provider that offers live dealer Casino Hold‘em for US players in all states.

Unfortunately, access for American players is about the only thing that makes Fresh Deck’s live Casino Hold‘em game stand out.

It uses the standard game rules and offers a simple aces-or-better side bet similar to Evolution’s bonus bet. The studio features a blue table with blue walls in the background.

Many live dealer studios have started separating dealers with a partition so that you can’t see the other tables that are being streamed while you play.

Fresh Deck’s studio has all of the tables in an open area, which can be distracting.

If you are looking for a straightforward live Casino Hold‘em game, Fresh Deck offers that. More importantly, they offer their games to players all around the world, including in the US.

Live Casino Hold’em from Playtech

Playtech logo

The last software provider that we want to highlight is Playtech. This company is one of the leaders in the online gambling business.

Live dealer Casino Hold‘em is available at all of Playtech’s online casinos and live casino apps. They use the same payouts and game structure as Evolution Gaming and Fresh Deck, including the aces or better side bet option.

There are two different versions of real money live Casino Hold‘em available from Playtech, but there is only one difference between them.

The classic live Casino Hold‘em game uses two automatic shufflers to keep the game moving quickly. When you play Soho Casino Hold‘em, the dealer and a human shuffler will shuffle the cards by hand.

Having human dealers shuffle the cards gives a more authentic casino experience. Some players want to see the cards getting shuffled so that they know the game is fair.

It also slows down the pace of the game. When the hand ends, the dealer will take some time to shuffle the deck before handing it to the shuffler, who will reshuffle the deck.

Because this process happens between every hand, there is quite a bit of pause time between each round. That gives you more time to interact with the dealer if you want to.

Some players like the slower pace, and they appreciate seeing the cards get shuffled. Other players prefer a fast-paced game. That is why Playtech offers both the classic and Soho versions of Casino Hold‘em.

Playtech’s two Casino Hold‘em variants

You will also notice some differences in the studio set up for each version.

The classic version uses a more traditional green felt table, and the dealers are more formally dressed. A wooden partition acts as the backdrop for the dealer and separates your game from other tables.

When you play the Soho Casino Hold‘em version, the dealers are dressed slightly more casually. For example, male dealers are not required to wear a tie for the Soho version.

Soho Casino Hold ‘Em tables have a purple-patterned design, and the room is open so you can see all of the other tables. The backdrops are more modern.

Playtech offers two variations of Casino Hold‘em to allow players the chance to choose which one they like best.

The differences are simply a matter of design and preference, but the gameplay itself is the same for both versions. 

Software Provider Side Bets Available Variations
Evolution Gaming Bonus bet + progressive jackpot Two-hand Casino Hold ‘Em
Fresh Deck Aces or better side bet None
Playtech Aces of better side bet Soho Casino Hold ‘Em offers a different design.

Ready to Play Live Casino Hold‘em For Real Money?

Anyone can enjoy live dealer Casino Hold ‘Em, no matter how much gambling experience they have.

It is the perfect game for poker players who want to play something a little different from their typical poker games.

Players who are intimidated by poker can use live Casino Hold‘em as an introduction to poker games like Texas Hold’em. They can become familiar with poker hands and strategy without the pressure of competing against other players.

Live Casino Hold‘em is also ideal for live blackjack players who don’t want to bet behind another player when the blackjack table is full.

Now that you know how live Casino Hold‘em works and how it is different from other casino games, you are ready to start playing.

Choose from our list of live dealer casinos with Casino Hold‘em above and get started.

You could be enjoying everything that live Casino Hold‘em has to offer, and all it takes is the time to register for an account and make a deposit.

Here’s a reminder of the best live online casinos we recommend for playing live Casino Hold’em for real money.

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