Best Online Gambling for Europeans

If you live in Europe and are looking for somewhere to gamble online, then you aren’t short on options, because most of the largest online bookmakers, casinos, and poker rooms welcome customers from within the continent. Many other smaller outfits also accept European customers, so you have plenty of gambling sites to choose from.

This is a good thing of course, although it can also make it confusing when it comes to actually deciding which one you should join. With so many choices it can be tempting to just select one randomly and see how you do. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, because most sites are decent enough and the chances are you’ll be reasonably happy wherever you choose, but we would recommend at least taking a look at the sites we have selected.

With that being said, there are certain sites that really stand out in terms of what they have to offer customers. You’ll generally have a much better experience at these, because they just have that much more to offer, so it really does pay to be selective. You don’t even have to worry about comparing all your options yourself, because we have done that for you. You can see our recommendations for the very best European gambling sites on the internet at this time below.

Key Attributes of European Gambling Sites 

  • Licensed in the EU
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multi-Lingual Options
  • Bonuses & Rewards Available
  • Different Forms of Gambling
  • Quality Customer Support

All In One Gambling Sites or Specialist Sites?

There are a number of things that you really need to think about when deciding which gambling site is right for you. One of the first considerations is whether you want to use an all in one site where you can enjoy different forms of gambling at a single destination, or whether you want to use a specialist site.

On this page we have showcased our top recommendations for the all in one options. We have also compiled rankings of sites that are particularly good for specific types of gambling, which you can find on the following pages.

Ranking European Gambling Sites

We have produced the list on this page for one simple reason; we aim to help our European readers find the very best online gambling destinations. To achieve this we have assessed a wide range of different sites, comparing what they have to offer and then ranking them accordingly. We carry out regular testing, adjusting our rankings as necessary, to ensure that this list is completely up to date.

As very experienced gamblers ourselves, we feel we are something of an authority on what makes for a decent gambling site. We rank sites based on a variety of important factors, and we are confident that our list accurately reflects the best available options to you currently. All of our recommendations meet very high standards and you can be confident of a positive experience at any one of them.

What Makes These Sites Special?

Our recommendations stand out among the competition, because they not only get all the basics right but also work hard at ensuring that they provide a genuinely top class service to their clients. They are reliable and trustworthy, plus they all have proven track records and a large number of happy customers.

It doesn’t matter what form of gambling you enjoy, how often you gamble, or what stakes you bet and play with; you’ll get well taken care of at each of our recommended sites. They make it easy to sign up and deposit, with helpful customer support on hand to help you out if you have any problems. They all give decent sign up bonuses to new customers and generous rewards for their regulars. Cash outs are processed quickly and efficiently.

These are just a very few of the benefits these sites have to offer and there are many more. They all perform very well in the key areas tested, and they will help you get the most out of your online gambling. Honestly, these sites are truly great because they make every one of their customers feel special.

European Online Gambling Laws

We should mention that some of our recommendations don’t accept customers from every single European country. The single biggest reason for this is that there’s no online gambling legislation in place for the whole continent, and each country has its own laws. In most European countries it’s perfectly legal to bet and play games for money on the internet, but such activities are restricted in some regions.

The exact laws, and the way in which the industry is regulated, will vary from country to country. If you have any concerns about whether it’s legal for you to gamble online, or if you wish to learn more about the legislation and regulatory practices which might affect you, then it’s probably a good idea to do extra research.