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Progressive Jackpot Slots – How Often Do They Hit?

| May 18, 2022 12:10 pm PDT
Progressive jackpot symbolism and imagery

Are progressive jackpot slot odds just too high to consider? Even the most intrepid player will ask themselves that question at some point.

But there’s no point in denying that we would all love to drop that big one at some point in our lives. Whether that’s down to the audacious amount of cash involved or simply the sheer ecstasy of the win comes down to the person.

But what are the odds of hitting the jackpot on a slot machine? And how regularly does it happen? Allow me to answer those questions for you below.

How Progressive Jackpots Work in a Nutshell

Land based progressive jackpot machines

You probably already know how slots with progressive jackpots work. If not, you should be able to pick up the nuts and bolts in just a couple of minutes.

While I’d love to sit here and type away concerning all you need to know about progressives, it’s not what you have come here for. But just in case you’re not sure, let’s briefly skim over the important stuff. 

First, progressive jackpot slot odds come in various shapes and sizes. You can win minor jackpots of around 2x your bet all the way up to millions of dollars that are way beyond. So, that’s potentially a decent return and/or enough “F You money” to keep you going for a long time.

As for how they operate, this does depend on the type of game. Some will pay a lucky punter out when a random number generator (RPG) picks them out. Others will award the top prize for landing a pre-determined number of symbols in a row. 

For the most part, progressives work on a shared network across different games. But this is not always the case. Some games only payout to those spinning on that title, whether land-based or online. Furthermore, some games will require punters to play at the top stake applicable before allowing them a shot at the big haul.

Both land-based and online slot games with progressive jackpots are very popular with those chasing big wins. The major reason for this is that they can pay out astronomical sums to anyone playing the game. In 2003, $38.7m was won on the Megabucks Jackpot slot and remains the largest sum ever received from a progressive.

The Odds of Winning Progressive Slots Jackpots

The short answer? It depends on the game. Your chances improve slightly if you play at legitimate online casinos, but there is no way of sneaking in a shortcut here.

Of course, you’re not here for the short answer. You want to know your odds of hitting the jackpot on a slot machine right now. And that’s absolutely fine. In fact, it’s something that many enthusiasts will ask at some point in their journey from slot machine rookie to king of the one-armed bandits. 

Progressive jackpot slot odds, where dropping a life-changing jackpot is concerned, can range from one in 50 million to approximately one in 600 million.

Considering that your odds of dying in an unprovoked shark attack are one in 7 million if you are an American that lives nowhere near the coast, this should give you a better understanding of just how difficult it is to nail one. 

You might not like what you hear, but luck is the driving factor when it comes to your odds of winning a jackpot on a slot machine. As for a progressive jackpot of tens of millions? The odds speak for themselves. But minor to medium jackpots ranging from $10 to $1000 will not be as difficult to land. 

The Best Ways to Win Progressive Jackpots

Slot machines lined up in a casino

You’ve got to be in it to win it.  Don’t you hate that old saying? Yup, me too. Still, just because it’s as hacky as a Carlos Mencia punchline does not make it any less true.

Your best shot of winning a progressive jackpot at the most base level is to play one. The same way that your chances of becoming a doctor improve every time you show up for biochemistry class. If you’re not spinning, you won’t be winning any time soon.

Like snake-oil salesmen, some shady souls are selling tips for improving your odds of winning progressive slots jackpots. While I do not doubt that you are smart enough to see these reprobates for what they are, they wouldn’t exist if no one was buying into their crap.

If there are ways to bring progressive jackpot slot odds down, why would they be sharing them? However, it’s worth reminding you that some jackpots are easier to win than others.

For Instance
Hot Drops jackpot slots come with guaranteed payouts. You can potentially land one of three prizes: the Hourly, Daily, and Super jackpots.

In addition to these types of progressive prizes, there are many other progressive slots jackpots up for grabs across several games. In fact, more and more sites are latching on to the demand for these games, which means that even classic titles are being re-released with a progressive slant.

Want more advice as to how to score a jackpot takedown? Check out the post below.

Revealing Our Top Secrets: How to Win at a Progressive Jackpot Slot

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Can We Really Determine When Progressive Slots Drop?

Traditional slots with money

Progressive jackpot slot odds vary, which has an effect on when they drop. That should be common knowledge to anyone interested in these games.

Minor progressives could hit a few times in an hour. But if you’re expecting to make a life-changing sum of money consistently, you should get your expectations in order. The chances are very much against that happening!

As for your odds of hitting the major jackpot on a progressive slot machine? Well, you could get lucky at any time. The beauty is that it’s indeterminable. If Lady Luck is on your side, you could be taking that Bentley out for a spin before you know it. Just remember not to go crazy, though. Huge wins are rare on progressives.

While you ponder if progressive slots are for you, why not brush up on your general slots knowledge by reading our dedicated slot machine guide.

Do you still want to know more about the best ways to win a progressive jackpot? Perhaps the following questions and answers will help!

What Are the Best Progressive Jackpot Slots Online?
AThat would be a matter of opinion. In terms of popularity, the likes of Mega Moolah and Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold are frequently rated high with players.
How Much Would You Need to Spend to Win a Progressive Jackpot?
AYou could spend millions of dollars playing progressive jackpots online or at land-based casinos and never hit one. Conversely, you could land the jackpot from a 50c spin! Remember, it’s all about luck.
Are Progressive Jackpots Rigged?

There is no evidence to suggest that progressive jackpots are rigged. The RNG software used in these games ensures that winners are random.

If progressive jackpots are rigged to help someone or a group of people win, it would take some next-level genius to pull it off. Even then, they would surely be caught and prosecuted.

Can You Make Money Playing Progressive Slots Online?

Yes. You can. As covered above, you could win life-changing money or some nice little boosters, if luck falls at your feet.

If you’re looking to make a career from playing progressive slots, I’d recommend another line of work!

What Are the Best Strategies for Winning on Progressive Jackpots?
AWhile there are certainly ways to ensure that you don’t spend more than you can afford, there are no strategies, cheat codes, or tricks to help you win a progressive jackpot. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are talking out of their behind.
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