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Can You Learn How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win?

| June 1, 2022 8:37 am PDT
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You’ve probably done some previous research if you’ve long wondered how to trick a slot machine to drop.

So, what is it? Do we get it drunk first, or make it an offer it can’t refuse? Perhaps we dress up as “slot inspectors” and demand it pays out? Sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it?

Even though slots are getting smarter by the year, they don’t possess the cognitive functions to operate beyond their programmed capabilities to make money and payout winnings.

In many respects, that makes the question of “Can you manipulate a slot machine to pay out at will?” a silly one. But before you go and chuckle yourself into oblivion, it’s not entirely beyond the possibility of cheating playing slots. It has been done before and could potentially be done again as technology hits new leaps and bounds.

Of course, you’re not here to learn how to force a slot to drop the jackpot. You don’t want to manipulate slot machines to pay out huge amounts of cash.

Well, maybe you are. But tricks for winning on slots don’t always have to be, well, illegal. In fact, I’ll be sharing some hints and tips that are perfectly acceptable to use on legitimate online casinos and land-based ones, too.

Biggest Prizes You Can Win Cheating Slots

People happy and celebrating at slots

Before I get to those, let’s see what you can win when you trick a slot machine using illegal methods.

If fame has always been on your radar, but you can’t sing, dance, or haven’t got the best jump shot; there is always infamy! If you possess a brass neck and an opaque moral compass, learning how to rip off casino slots might be your calling.

As the best prizes to win are the biggest ones, let’s start with the jackpot!

A Very Painful Demise

Death. The ultimate high.

Although multi-national corporations own the majority of safe and reputable casinos, a few rogue traders and shady parlors are operating out there. I’d imagine that some of these, especially in parts of the world where less crap tends to be taken, wouldn’t be too keen on having you rip off their machines.

Many of these places don’t have the same levels of security or comprehensive technology to prevent scammers from ripping them off. Their respective bottom lines will also not be as attractive as the giants of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macau. 

However, if you can manipulate a slot machine, you’re going to do it. Right? If it’s there for the taking, you might see the risk to reward ratio as grossly in your favor.

Well, that might be the case. But let me tell you one thing for nothing — taking money from anyone is enough to land you in hot water. Ripping off a slot machine in a dangerous part of the world could literally see you up to your knees in steam.

Of course, that’s a far stretch. Who is going to bother wasting you in a giant vat of boiling water when they can clip you in the back room of their establishment and bury you in the wasteland?

If you’re lucky, you might get away with a couple of broken legs and the loss of an eye. But don’t expect everyone to be as lenient as “Ace” Rothstein from Casino if you get caught. 

A Lengthy Prison Sentence

So, you’ve read our guide to Las Vegas and fancy trying some of the machines at the big casinos on the strip. Or, to put it another way, you’re looking to drain a few slots through some nefarious tactics. 

Good luck with that. Not only will you find some of the most comprehensively secure machines on the planet, but look up at the eye in the sky watching your every move.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ve just had to sign in and provide your details. Look over your shoulder, and the chances are that you will see a couple of floorwalkers keeping an eye on things, too.

Well, that sucks. But being the hardheaded optimist you are, you don’t let any of this kill your vibe. So, you grab your homemade contraption, slide it into the machine, and… alarms. Many alarms. No way. That cannot be good.

Now the once innocuous machine is wailing like a ditched bride-to-be, and you have a bunch of Spring Breakers and twenty midwestern grandmas looking over in horror.

You wanted to know how to trick a slot machine. Now it seems you have been tricked into believing that it can be done. But instead of landing the big prize, you’re now running at the exit door like Usain Bolt with a rabid rottweiler on his tail. 

Even if you manage to dodge security and the many have-a-go-heroes looking to bounce you onto the floor, the chances are you’re screwed. At the worst, you’re looking at years in prison, a hefty fine, and a criminal record.

I guess you can relax knowing you’re not the only one that has tried to rip off a casino. Remember that Gaming Control Board agent who was a slots cheat? You can read about that one before it lights out.

You Cop a Major Fine

Let’s say you don’t get whacked or sent to the slammer. But if you’re still asking how to trick a slot machine into winning illegally, I admire your cojones. 

I’ll be sharing a few of the methods used by crooks over the years a little later. Now, I will say that this is in no way a nod of approval for you to do the same. I would strongly advise against it, to be completely honest. 

Even if you do manage to get away with it the first time, your chances of being caught in your second attempt are extremely high.

Technology is benefitting casinos these days. Regardless of whether you have comprehensive counter-tech or if you try to trick a slot machine with a string, a piece of gum, and a filed-down coin, you could be in for some severe punishment.

At the very least, you will walk away with a major fine. The chances are that you will receive some form of a criminal record, too. 

Can You Rig Slot Machines in Your Favor?

Can you learn how to trick a slot machine into payout? There are illegal ways of doing so. 

I don’t profess to have any surefire ways to win playing real money slots online. It’s harder to manipulate something that doesn’t come with accessible hardware. Hypothetically speaking, you can’t bust it open, access the interior, or manipulate the machine into thinking that more money has passed through it than has. 

But even with access to a land-based slot, even with no one watching, there are very few ways of convincing the machine to drop. This is because most of the traditional ways of how to trick a slot machine have been uncovered. If there is a flaw in the system, it gets quickly addressed. At the very least, in any establishment with the money to keep up with scams and cheaters. 

In the past, we have seen some pretty simple yet ingenious methods of deception when it comes to slots. Some of the most famous casino cheaters were pretty MacGyver-esque in their ways but still managed to make off with some jaw-dropping loots.

Here are just a few examples of some world-class swindlers and their methods.

  • Tommy Glenn Carmichael – One of the biggest casino cheats in history, Carmichael was the creator of the “monkey paw” tool that saw him fleece casinos in the US and the Caribbean. Following a lengthy prison sentence after being caught, Carmichael created “The Protector” to help casinos from being cheated. But that didn’t go as planned…
  • Dennis Nikrasch – Is there a way to trick a slot machine that this guy wasn’t aware of? Nikrash, a locksmith, made an estimated $15 million by targeting all kinds of machines with his homemade tools. When technology evolved, so did his methods. 
  • Louis Colavecchio – Known as “The Coin,” Colavecchio’s methods of producing counterfeit currency to deceive software inside machines were pretty genius. But ultimately, his methods would finally catch up with him when casinos started to notice that their coin reserves were full of duds.

Yes, there are tricks to scam slots into paying out. And yes, many times, these methods work.

But it takes a certain level of ingenuity to bypass a system’s built-in security features. With most newer slots extremely adept at picking up shady activity, it’s getting tougher to create methods for tricking slots into paying jackpots. Well, any prize at all.

Does that mean you should avoid playing slots? Not at all. Furthermore, be curious. Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as what are the best slots to play, or how long does it take for progressive jackpots to drop?

There is only so much I can help you with your curiosity. If you’re looking to cheat your way to millions, I can’t assist in that department. And even if I could and knew ways to scam slot machines and get away with it, I wouldn’t be here right now. I’d be sipping a cool pina colada on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean.

Thanks for reminding me that I’m not…

Are There Tricks to Winning on Slot Machines?

Slots graphic

So, we’ve covered some of the ways how to trick a slot machine. We’ve also looked at those who mastered the art of how to trick a slot machine to win.

At this stage, you’re probably not filing down your own version of the “monkey paw” or designing a groundbreaking tool for making slots pay. I’d like to think your curiosity in that department has been satisfied, but what about legal tricks to win on slots?

Ultimately, slot machines are random. I know we don’t like to hear it, but they pay out randomly. But here are some things you can do to decrease your chances of losing big with a couple of tips to help your efforts come away with a win. 

  • Always Play Within Your Means – The first thing to remember when playing slots, or any other game for that matter, is only to stake what you can afford to lose. Cutting into your rent or food budget to fund your gaming is dangerous and should never be entertained.
  • Create Win and Loss Limits – Creating win and loss limits is a great way to ensure that you are playing right. An easy example of this is to cap your winnings at, say, $500. When you hit that figure, you duck out. In contrast, you set your loss limit at $100 and walk away if you lose. Making use of managing your casino bankroll will help.
  • Target Games with Good RTP Percentages – Return to player (RTP) is what is expected to be returned while you play. While there are pros and cons of high RTP games, not exclusive to slots, knowing the RTP and volatility combination will help you choose the best titles out there. 
  • Forget About Systems – Can you manipulate a slot machine with systems? The answer is no. Anyone selling systems for games might as well be hocking tricks to circumvent male pattern baldness. Or maps to find the top 10 best pet cemeteries for raising your dead hamster. 
  • Start by Trying the Slot Out with Lower Stakes – Give it a shot at a lower stake. Get to know the game. Understand how the features are triggered and how the thing works. Do so instead of diving straight in at the deep end. 

These little nuggets of information won’t help you understand how to trick a slot machine. But they should give you a nice foundational platform from which to build your strategy for playing slots. You can also use our slots strategy tips to expedite your learning experience. 

There Are No Legal Ways to Trick a Slot Machine to Win

If you came here to learn how to trick a slot machine, I hope this clears things up.

I understand if you’re a little dejected by what I have covered. If you were expecting surefire ways to manipulate slot machines and become a millionaire, I’m sorry to have wasted your time. On the contrary, if you were looking for confirmation of what you already know, I’m sure your time wasn’t wasted.

All joking aside, there are ways that you can rip off casinos. The same way that there are methods you could hypothetically use to rob a bank, raid a football stadium, or take over the world. But doing so will take a lot more than a coin affixed to a yo-yo string with bubblegum. 

Things have changed in recent years where slots are concerned. But as technology evolves, so does the scammer’s mindset. Perhaps I will be able to enlighten you with some modern stories of mega heists in the future. But for now, “can you manipulate a slot machine” is a topic that I feel deserves a little rest.

If you’re heading to the casino soon, I’m sure you’ll be paying more attention to the slots littered across the games room floors. But remember that too much interest could see you arouse suspicion, no matter what time you choose to visit. 

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