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Best US Open Betting Sites in 2021

The tennis Grand Slam tournaments are hugely popular among fans of the sport and attract a lot of interest from bettors. If you’re looking to bet on the tournament online, be sure to study our list of the best US Open betting sites below. These online bookmakers and sportsbooks are the safest around, so you can trust them with your real money wagers.

Rank MI Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
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Each of our recommended online betting sites covers tennis extensively and offers a wide range of US Open betting opportunities. Because they’re all reputable operators, you can be sure that your personal information is safe and that you’ll be paid any winnings in a reasonable timeframe.

Other advantages of our top-rated US Open betting sites include competitive odds and exciting real money bonuses. We talk in more detail later about the different aspects we consider when ranking the best US Open betting sites so that you can learn everything about our evaluation process.

Further sections of this page are dedicated to the advantages of betting on the web and answering frequently asked questions about US Open betting. If you’re ready to get started right now, just go ahead and join one of our recommendations. These really are the best sites for betting on the US Open.

How We Pick the Best US Open Betting Sites

The best US Open betting sites from GamblingSites.com

We don’t like to just recommend a bunch of betting sites to you without sharing an explanation of how we selected them. So, let’s take a look at why the sites listed above are considered the best for betting on the US Open online.

What we do when evaluating gambling sites is relatively simple but very effective. Our team of experts in online betting and gaming carries out a thorough assessment of a wide range of sites, rating them all in a number of different categories. The sites that score the highest across all categories are the ones that we then recommend.

When it comes to listing the best sites for betting on the US Open, the following factors are among the most important.

  • Protection of your money and personal data
  • US Open betting markets
  • US Open promotions and bonuses
  • Supported payment options
  • Betting margin
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Live betting platform
  • Customer support service

Protection of Your Money and Personal Data

Every time we rate an online sports betting site, we start by checking the safety of the customers’ money and personal information. No betting site on the internet is worth your time if you don’t have solid reasons to believe it’s safe to use.

The first way to find out if we are dealing with a legit sportsbook is to check the online gambling license. It should be issued by a recognized gambling authority with a solid reputation. When that’s the case, a site will always have their regulator monitoring them to ensure they’re acting in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Next in line are the security measures that are implemented. Each transaction of money or personal information must be protected by the proper encryptions. If that’s not the case, they will potentially be vulnerable.

Once we are sure that customers are well protected, we do a final check of the site’s broad reputation within the industry. We want to make sure there are no reports of unethical behavior, such as stalling when paying out winnings. You won’t find places that engage in such behavior on our list of the top US Open betting sites.

US Open Betting Markets

Since the main target of this page is to showcase the leading US Open betting sites on the web, we always explore the betting markets for this specific competition.

The options for the individual matches are what concern us the most. We want to see all popular options like match winner, handicaps, over/under sets, and so on. Everything else brings bonus points. The more betting markets that are available, the higher your chance to find a profitable one.

Sometimes, there is value in futures and outrights too. We don’t expect a ton of them, but there should be at least a couple options. For example, betting on the winner of the US Open is a must.

US Open Bonuses and Promotions

Many online sportsbooks offer bonuses and promotions to their customers. We make sure to check not only the value of these promotions but also the terms and conditions.

We like to see good bonuses on offer to new customers. We also like to see other ongoing offers such as reload bonuses, loyalty clubs, and so on.

Naturally, we make sure that the promotions can be used to bet on the US Open. The same applies not only to welcome offers but to other ongoing deals such as reloads, loyalty clubs, and so on. Some of our recommended US Open betting sites also have exclusive promotions specifically for wagering on the tournament.

Supported Payment Options

We want to see that at least a couple of the most popular payment options are supported at US Open betting websites before we recommend them. Deposits and withdrawals should be easy to do, too.

Particularly important is the speed of processing withdrawals. Cashouts should be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

Betting Margin

Our recommended sportsbooks operate to low betting margins, which means competitive US Open odds. Some are even better than others, though.

If you want to get the best possible value for your wagers, we recommend that you join multiple US Open sportsbooks. This will provide you with the opportunity to shop for the best lines and odds, which can make a notable difference in how much money you make.

Mobile Compatibility

We know that a lot of our readers like to bet on the go. It’s convenient and allows you to take advantage of betting opportunities as soon as you spot them.

This is why we prefer sportsbooks that work well on mobile. Our recommended US Open betting sites will automatically adjust to the device you’re using. All mainstream brands are supported, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

Live Betting Platform

The US Open is great for live betting. The sheer number of games and the TV coverage make it easy to discover profitable in-play betting markets.

Our top-rated US Open betting sites all offer live betting for the tournament. They each have a high-quality live betting platform that includes a wide range of betting markets.

Customer Support Service

Most people underestimate the importance of a legit customer support service right up to the moment they have a problem. You never know what could happen, and you’ll want some assistance when it does.

If you decide to join one of the top US Open betting sites, you can be sure that you’ll get that assistance. They all have helpful customer support on hand to deal with any issues you may experience.

Why Bet on the US Open Online?

A lot of people are still betting in brick-and-mortar sportsbooks or other land-based gambling venues, often simply because it’s what they are used to. If you are among them and don’t feel confident about betting on the US Open online, you are making a mistake.

Wagering with the leading sports betting sites on the internet comes with a bunch of benefits, and it would be foolish to miss out on them.


Five Advantages of Betting on the US Open Online

The advantages of betting on the US Open at online betting sites
  • Convenience
  • Better odds
  • More betting markets
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Live betting opportunities

Let’s take a more detailed look at these advantages.

Online Betting Is Easy and Convenient

In the past, placing a wager on any sporting event would require you to get out of your house, go to a certain gambling establishment, and provide the money in cash. The whole procedure took a lot of time and effort, especially if you didn’t have a bookmaker nearby.

You can reduce the time spent on each US Open bet to minutes or even seconds now. You don’t have to leave your home or travel. Just sit at your computer and open the betting site you are using. Find the match that’s interesting to you and check the odds.

Furthermore, you can do that at any given moment using the mobile version of the sportsbook; they all have one nowadays. The only thing you need is a phone that has access to the internet, and that’s it.

Such convenience spares you a ton of time and allows you to take any betting opportunity instantly. If you like the odds, you can bet. There’s no danger of missing out.

Online Betting Sites Offer Better Odds

The main factor that determines how competitive the odds of an online bookmaker or sportsbook are is the betting margin. They all apply a margin to their odds to ensure that they make a profit in the long run. This is similar to the house edge in casino games, with the exception that it can be beaten.

Typically, online sports betting sites operate to a lower margin than their land-based equivalents. This means that, on average, you’ll get better odds for your US Open wagers by betting online.

Promotions and Bonuses

If you decide to bet on the US Open on the internet, hundreds of betting sites are out there competing for your business. These sites are all trying their best to get the attention of new customers.

One result of the competitive marketplace is the range of bonuses on offer for joining new betting sites and the ongoing promotions available once you’ve signed up.

The sign-up offers of most betting sites are often worth a lot. There are other ongoing deals designed to reward each loyal customer, and the US Open is included in most of them thanks to the popularity of the tournament.

Furthermore, there are often special tennis promotions and exclusive US Open offers on the line that bring even further value to the table. The extra cash and goodies that come from them could very well be the difference between making and losing money from betting on the US Open.

More Betting Markets

Another advantage of online betting that improves your chances of success is the variety of US Open betting markets. You will find a ton of options for each match but also plenty of futures and outrights.

While most of you will and should stick to the traditional options, you should always take a look at the other opportunities. You never know what market might catch your eye and bring in some profits.

Live Betting

We love live betting, and tennis is one of the best sports for that. There are so many ups and downs and changes in the odds during a match that there are many opportunities for betting in play.

Since the US Open is part of the Grand Slam and is one of the biggest tournaments out there, every match is available for live betting. That’s a total of over 240 contests in the men’s and women’s singles.

Our recommended US Open betting websites all give you the tools you need to succeed with your wagering. They provide stats before each match and give live updates throughout, and some even broadcast the event for free if you have an active account.

US Open Betting FAQ

Is it safe to bet on the US Open on the internet with real money?

It’s safe most of the time. If you stick to our recommended US Open bookmakers or carefully pick a sports betting site on your own, you should be fine. Still, there are some fishy operators out there, so you should keep your eyes open.

Can I legally bet on the US Open online?

In most countries around the globe, yes, it is legal. Still, there are some that have a more restrictive approach towards gambling on the internet. We recommend that you check out our page that’s dedicated to online gambling laws and jurisdictions. We cover most regions there, so you most likely will find more information about your particular situation.

Do I have to declare my US Open betting profits and pay taxes on them?

Once again, it depends on the laws of your country. Some will require you to simply declare your winnings from betting online. Others will go one step further and apply taxes to them. If you are lucky, your country won’t be asking for either.

What can I use to deposit real money on the internet and use it to bet on the US Open?

There are plenty of options, such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets, crypto, wire transfers, money transfer services, and more. Our recommended US Open betting sites cover at least a couple of them, so you should easily find a suitable payment provider.

How can I withdraw my US Open betting profits?

Most of the payment options that can be used for deposits are good for withdrawals too. The likes of credit and debit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and wire transfers are some examples.

Can I get a bonus to bet on the US Open online?

Most certainly. All of our top rated US Open betting sites will be happy to provide a sign-up bonus for every new customer, as well as a couple of other promotions once you’re done with the welcome package.

What happens if I get addicted to gambling?

You should always monitor your behavior. If you feel you might have a problem with gambling, don’t hesitate to act, as gambling addiction is a serious disease that could destroy everything in your life. We have a gambling addiction page that is designed to help you find various ways to tackle the issue.