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Guide to MotoGP Betting Sites

If you love high-speed races on motorcycles, you’re probably a fan of the MotoGP. MotoGP racing is a thrill a minute, and even more exciting when there’s real money on the line.

Betting on the Motorcycle Grand Prix can be a lot of fun, and there are plenty of opportunities to wager on individual races and markets like who will the MotoGP Championship. It’s important to bet on MotoGP at the right places, though.

Our list of the best MotoGP betting sites is where you should start.

Rank VA Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
#2 50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#3 100% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#4 50% Up To $250 Visit Site Visit Site
#5 50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site

The online sportsbooks and bookmakers we list all offer MotoGP betting, but that’s not enough to earn a recommendation from us.

These betting sites are safe and reputable, so you know you can trust them with your money and personal information. They provide generous bonuses and promotions, too, as well as other benefits. We talk about each of these benefits later on this page.

We also explain why joining at least a couple of the best MotoGP betting sites is a good approach if you want to improve your overall chances of making money.

MotoGP Betting Sites

Safety at MotoGP Betting Sites

The safety of your money and personal information is the undisputed top priority when picking an online sportsbook or bookmaker. This is why our first step when assessing any real money gambling site is to check it can be trusted.

Here’s what we examine to establish that.

  • Gambling license
  • Security measures
  • Reputation
  • Payment providers
  • Responsible gaming policy 

Gambling License

The first component we look for is the gambling license of each of our top rated MotoGP betting sites. It should be issued by a reliable regulator that is doing a good job. The governing body should closely monitor each bookmaker and sanction every mistake.

Good examples of trusted gambling commissions are those in the United Kingdom, Malta, Gibraltar, and a few more other countries. They provide a safety net for each player, and we always stick to bookmakers that are regulated by a reliable gambling commission.

Security Measures

Once we’re sure that an online betting site doesn’t have the intention to harm you, we explore the security measures that are installed. After all, losing your money or personal information due to negligence is as bad as being scammed.

What we expect to see are the latest SSL encryptions on the market and a website that’s protected. Each transaction of money and data should be safe from harmful third parties.


One of the best things about the internet is that everything stays out there. If a bookmaker has been unfair to its customers in the past, there are traces of that. The best betting sites for grand prix motorcycle racing all have a solid reputation.

We have no reason to believe that they are trying to steal from their customers or treat them dishonestly.

Payment Providers

Next in line are the payment options that are supported by the online bookmaker. They should include trusted companies live Visa, PayPal, Skrill, and other similar options.

Any sportsbook that means business should be using the services of the best banking methods available on the internet.

Responsible Gaming Policy

Some people may develop an addiction to gambling. It’s a dangerous disease that has ruined the life of many. We believe that every motorcycle racing betting site should help its customers fight the issue instead of taking advantage.

This is why the top MotoGP betting sites have a strict responsible gaming policy in place. It allows the players to limit their potential losses and seek help for any issues they may be experiencing.

Rating the Best Sites for Betting on MotoGP

Once we’ve established that a site is safe and trustworthy, we then have to consider how good it is for the specific category we’re rating it for. There are several aspects we explore to establish this.

When it comes to rating the best MotoGP betting sites, the following are among the most important factors we look at.

MotoGP Betting Markets

The variety of the available betting markets is important. Our top MotoGP sportsbooks cover at least the more popular options. We are talking markets such as race winner, winner of the qualifiers, head-to-head battles between the different races, and more.

On top of that, we want to see futures and outrights such as the Championship winner, for example.

Each customer should have access to enough betting opportunities for each MotoGP race and the season as a whole.

MotoGP Betting Odds

We’re also looking for betting sites with the best MotoGP odds. That’s determined by the margin of each bookmaker. The lower it is, the higher the value in the prices.

The “standard” margin for betting on the MotoGP online is about 10%. Our recommended online sportsbooks offer a slightly lower margin, so they consistently provide competitive betting odds.

MotoGP Betting Limits

We know that some of our readers are beginners that just want to try their luck by betting on MotoGP online without risking too much. Others have a lot of experience in sports betting and prefer big stakes.

Our goal is to find MotoGP betting sites that suit both recreational players and high rollers. We stick to bookmakers with a low minimum bet and high limits, so everyone can place exactly the desired amount.

Advantages of Using the Top MotoGP Betting Sites

Now you know a bit about how we decide upon the best sites for betting on MotoGP. But why should you use them?

There are a few advantages, and we outline the biggest of them below.

Promotions and Bonuses

You won’t find many promotions that are exclusively for the MotoGP races, but the standard offers by our leading online betting sites can be used for the competition.

For starters, you’ll be able to claim a welcome deal for new customers in every single one of the bookmakers we recommend. It will either be a large first deposit bonus that requires some work on your side or a smaller, but much easier to obtain, free bet.

Either way, you start earning extra value the moment you open a new account and add some funds. There are other promotions that can provide even more later on, such as reload bonuses, free bets, odds boosters, and others.

Simply keep your eyes open and you should be able to find exciting offers.

Mobile Compatibility

All of our recommended MotoGP betting sites work on mobile as well. You don’t have to download and install anything. Simply open the page of the bookmaker and it will adjust automatically. The list of supported devices includes iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

Some people don’t really care, but betting on mobile has a lot of advantages. You can place your wagers at any given moment and you won’t miss on a good bet, just because you don’t have access to your account.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of promotions, manage your account, or contact the customer support team.


Since we mentioned customer support, let’s talk about that a bit more. You might be thinking that you won’t ever need assistance and we certainly wish that’s true, but most people end up taking to the staff at some point.

Whether a payment is late, you need more information about some promotion, or anything else, it’s quite common to need some assistance. Some bookmakers are a bit sloppy in this area and we don’t like that.

Our top rated MotoGP betting sites offer reliable access to the customer support team. On top of that, each agent is competent enough to solve most of your problems in a timely manner. You won’t have to deal with clueless staff members that waste your time and energy for nothing.

User Interface

The user experience on each online betting site matters as well. In this current day and age, you should be able to seamlessly navigate through the different pages and find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Wasting too much time to place a wager or perform any other basic action because of a complicated user interface is simply unacceptable. You won’t have to deal with such issues if you decide to join any of the best MotoGP betting sites.

Why Join Multiple Online Betting Sites?

A lot of people find it annoying to use the services of more than one sportsbook on the web. We understand how it seems too complicated, but the benefits are totally worth it. You get much better value for your money that way.

Understand why by reviewing the reasons below.

Shopping for the Best Odds

Probably the biggest advantage of using multiple Motorcycle Grand Prix betting sites is that you will consistently get the highest price possible. The odds of our top rated betting sites are similar, but not identical for betting on grand prix motorcycle racing. Even a couple of percentages leaves room for more profit for you.

Imagine how the extra winnings accumulate over time. The extra time you need to manage a couple of accounts will bring you hundreds of dollars in the long run, if not thousands.

If you’re interested in learning more about the process of shopping for the best price, check out the page below.

Hunting for Bonuses and Promotions

Some people actually build a sports betting bankroll nearly from scratch, thanks to bonuses and promotions. They start with a small amount of money and go to one bookmaker. They claim the sign-up bonus, boost their bankroll, and visit the next one.

If you get the best out of the welcome offers of a couple of betting sites, you will end up with a nice pile of cash. Naturally, you can’t do that if you stick to just one MotoGP online sportsbook. The bonus hunting strategy requires you to join a couple.

Also, the first deposit bonuses are only the start. Usually, there are plenty of other offers like reloads, free bets, and so on. If you have access to a couple of different bookmakers, you will have the chance to place wagers with extra added value way more often.

You Are Not Stuck With One Bookmaker

Technically, you are never stuck with one bookmaker. But the process of finding a new one, opening an account, and making a deposit can be a pain. Not to mention, you will most likely have to go through boring Know Your Customer procedures every time.

That’s what happens if you use only one MotoGP betting site and suddenly change your mind. There are many possible reasons for that and it happens a lot. If that’s the case, and you use other sportsbooks as well, you won’t have any issues whatsoever, simply bet there.

If you don’t, you will have to waste a lot of time and energy to find a new place.

Tips for Using Multiple MotoGP Betting Sites

You probably understand why we advise you to use more than one MotoGP bookmaker online at this point. If you intend to adopt this approach, there are a couple of simple rules that will make your life much easier.

Use a Separate Email Address for Betting

The first one would be to create a separate email address for sports betting purposes only. Use it to register in all the MotoGP online bookmakers that you intend to use, so you will receive all messages there.

When you do that, you minimize the risk of missing an important message related to bonuses, promotions, or anything else.

The other benefit is that you won’t get spam on your usual email address that you use for other purposes. Receiving a bunch of sports betting messages might be annoying if you are looking for other things.

Use Different Passwords

Most people have the tendency to use the same password everywhere. That would be a bad idea when it comes to sports betting or anything else that’s related to real money.

If someone manages to guess or hack your secret code somehow, every single account you own will be compromised. Avoid that by adding a different password in every place. Sure, it might be a bit boring, but we have a solution for that problem, which leads us to our next point.

Use Password Management Software

There are plenty of cheap or even free tools that will provide the necessary help. Find password management software that suits you and start using it. This will allow you to only remember one secret code that’s used for the tool.

All of the other passwords will be automatically generated and stored by the password manager.

If you don’t want to install a new program, we have an alternative for you. Create a single file with all of your passwords and protect it with a password. You can then remember just one secret password.

Don’t Keep Too Much Money in One Place

One of the biggest challenges of using multiple MotoGP betting sites would be to manage your bankroll properly. You shouldn’t keep too much money only in one account, because you have to stay flexible.

It depends on how often you bet, but probably an amount that is enough for five to six bets is optimal. If you win a lot of cash, you should withdraw most of it. That way you will have enough money on the side to reload if you lose everything in one of the sites you are using.

To achieve that, you need to pick the right payment provider, which brings us to the following section.

Use a Flexible Payment Option

You will constantly move money between the different sites. The deposits are instant with almost every banking method, so that’s not an issue. The withdrawals, however, could take a lot of time. You should consider picking one of the following two options.

  • E-wallets
  • Cryptocurencies

The likes of PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are among the most convenient payment options for people who use multiple betting sites. The fees are low and every deposit is instant, but the speed of the withdrawals is where e-wallets truly shine.

You can get your money in around 24 to 48 hours or so, which is way faster than the likes of credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and money transfer services.

One of the issues with e-wallets is that they are not offered to players from the USA and other countries with restrictive online gambling laws. But there is one known alternative that works well, and that’s cryptocurrency.

Gambling with Bitcoin has become very popular in recent years, and a couple of other cryptocurrencies followed. Nowadays, most of our top-rated motorcycle racing betting sites support at least BTC and Ethereum. You can often find other coins available as well.

The transactions with crypto are fast and the withdrawal times are similar to what you get for e-wallets. The fees are also low or non-existent. Some bookmakers on the web like Bitcoin so much, that they offer a higher sign-up bonus to customers who use it to deposit.

The problem with cryptocurrencies is that they are not that user-friendly and the rates change frequently. A lot of people are finding it hard to keep up.

And yet, there are ways to go around that. You could open a wallet that offers the option to keep your money in traditional currencies, so most of the time, the rates won’t matter that much.

Online MotoGP Betting FAQ

Is it safe to bet on the MotoGP on the internet?

You shouldn’t face any issues if you decide to join one of our trusted MotoGP betting sites. If you pick one on your own, you should still be fine, but keep your eyes open and try to avoid fishy bookmakers.

Look at their license and reputation first to make sure a governing body is holding them accountable.

Is it legal to bet on the MotoGP online with real money?

The laws in each country are different, but it’s legal in most places. To make sure it’s legal where you live, simply check out our online gambling laws and jurisdictions page.

It offers information about online gambling regulations in most regions.

Am I required to declare my profits?

The answer to this question could vary depending on your country.

There are places where you don’t have to report any wins. In others, you are obliged to declare your profits, while others also require you to pay taxes.

How can I make a real money deposit to bet on the MotoGP online?

It depends on your location and the bookmaker you pick.

The most popular options at the best MotoGP betting sites are credit and debit cards, e-wallets, crypto, money transfer services, and wire transfers.

How can I withdraw my MotoGP winnings?

In most cases, you can use the same banking options that you deposited with.

If that’s not possible, the bookmaker will provide alternative methods.

What should I do if I get addicted to gambling?

Try to be aware of the dangers of gambling addiction, as it could negatively affect your life. If you have any worries that you might be getting addicted, you should tell someone and act on it.

 Our gambling addiction page is a good place to learn some basic steps for tackling the problem.