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How and Where to Bet on the Ryder Cup

Hosted every other year, the Ryder Cup represents the zenith in team golf. A lot of planning goes into this revered competition that alternates between US and European soil, and there are tons of ways to get in on the action.

If you’re wondering where to bet on the Ryder Cup, what kinds of bets you can place, or anything to do with the format and future venues, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief.

Our Ryder Cup betting guide addresses all your queries, and then some.

Top Sportsbooks for Betting on the Ryder Cup

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There are tons of advantages tied to using the best Ryder Cup betting sites showcased above. First and foremost, they’re safe across all fronts. Rest assured, you can get your money on and off the site without worrying about any of your personal information being at risk.

While you might find one site easier to navigate than another, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you stay active on all these sportsbooks before and during the Ryder Cup.

On top of giving yourself the luxury of shopping for the best price, you’ll open your eyes to a much broader selection of Ryder Cup bets. You’ll also be able to claim a plethora of Ryder Cup betting bonuses.

As we’ll introduce in a devoted segment, bets will be distinctive (and there will be more of them) during the Ryder Cup compared to a “regular event.”

Another great reason to stick to these sites when betting the Ryder Cup online is you can seamlessly transition from a desktop or laptop to any mobile device.

Ryder Cup Betting Apps

apps for betting on the Ryder Cup

We’re in a day and age where everyone is doing everything on their phone. Thankfully, a mobile device is all you need to lock in your Ryder Cup betting picks. The sites we’ve endorsed above have a trusted platform on any iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Rather than search for the bookmakers on the app store and wait for them to download, just open your favorite internet browser and type in the names of these sites. You’ll have the opportunity to view each sportsbook in its original form – don’t worry about being directed to a partial version.

It’s especially beneficial to take advantage of mobile Ryder Cup betting while the event is being played. Easy access to up-to-the-minute live odds adds a whole new layer of excitement to your betting experience.

Ryder Cup Format

You know where to bet money on the Ryder Cup. Now let’s get you firmly acquainted with the format in place.

It’s been altered over the years since this tournament was established in 1927, but the format of the Ryder Cup remains unchanged dating back to 1979.

Ryder Cup Schedule of Events – 1979-Present
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Morning – 4 foursomes; Afternoon – 4 fourballs Morning – 4 foursomes; Afternoon – 4 fourballs Singles all day

The only thing that is sometimes different is the order of foursomes and fourballs during the first two days of play.

Sometimes fourballs will be played in the morning and foursomes shifts to the afternoon; it’s entirely up to the hosting captain.

  • 8 Team Matches on Friday
  • 8 Team Matches on Saturday
  • 12 Singles Matches on Sunday

There is a total of 28 points up for grabs, and the first team to accumulate 14.5 points is awarded the trophy.

Before we go any further, let’s quickly rehash foursomes and fourballs to avoid any potential confusion.


Foursomes is a fancy way of saying “alternate shot.” One member (of the two-man team) tees off on the odd-numbered holes while the other member tees off on the even-numbered holes.

Once the tee shot is struck, the team plays alternate shot until that hole is completed.


Fourballs is another way of saying “best ball.” It’s a little bit easier to “go low” during this session. Each man plays his own ball throughout the entirety of the round. Only the lower of the two team scores is recorded.

Sunday’s singles are self-explanatory as each captain sends out all 24 competitors in 12 head-to-head showdowns. One of the interesting differences between the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup is how the Sunday order is determined.

Sunday Singles Selection Process

Once Saturday’s portion of play is completed, each captain sits down with his vice-captains (and sometimes players) to fill out the Sunday “batting order.”

Unlike the Presidents Cup where the captains go back-and-forth announcing who’s slotted in what position, it’s all premeditated at the Ryder Cup. Each squad fills out its 12-man order without prior knowledge of the other team’s order.

Vast Selection of Ryder Cup Bets

Now for the slice of this guide that’s dedicated to all the different types of Ryder Cup wagers you can place.

There’s a lot to unpack in this section, so let’s jump right in.

Who Will Win the Ryder Cup?

One of the cool things about betting on if USA or Europe wins is that you don’t have to wait until September arrives to settle in on your Ryder Cup prediction.

Click on the golf futures tab on any of the betting apps/sites we recommended, and you’ll see odds for the Ryder Cup pretty much year-round (during a Ryder Cup year).

Who Will Make the Ryder Cup Team?

Another bet you can place way in advance is who will be on the Ryder Cup team. This prop won’t be available at all the best sites for Ryder Cup betting, but BetOnline and SportsBetting.ag typically come through.

The exact criteria for qualifying changes from year to year, as can the number of captain’s picks pending extenuating circumstances. One way to keep track of who’s in line to make the team is by checking the official Ryder Cup standings.

Betting on Individual Matches

Every foursome, fourball, and singles match that goes out can be bet individually.

Maybe you’re dubious about the United States winning the cup but are keen on a specific duo taking care of business in a certain match. Perhaps you want to fire away on a handful of the singles matches on Sunday.

All 28 matches in the Ryder Cup will be posted as individual bets.

Rory McIlroy and Patrick Reed played an epic singles match in 2016 at Hazeltine. Reed ultimately won 1up.

Most Points Scored (US/Europe/Overall)

You’ll be able to bet on which player scores the most points on each team, as well as who will be the top point scorer at the Ryder Cup in general. This is where trying to gauge who’s got the best chance to play five matches enters the equation.

The “top-point scorer” market branches off into additional markets zeroing in on the captain’s picks and rookies.

  • Most Points Scored by a Captain’s Pick (US/Europe/Overall)
  • Most Points Scored by a Rookie (US/Europe/Overall)

That’s nine Ryder Cup betting markets right there, and there are loads more to uncover.

How Many Matches Will a Player Compete in?

Some sites might offer this bet for all 24 golfers while others will select a smaller number of high-profile players. Winning or losing the matches is irrelevant here as you’re simply betting on how matches the player will appear in.

Here’s an example of this market from the 2018 Ryder Cup.

How Many Matches Will Tiger Woods Compete In?

  • 3 or Fewer; +1000
  • 4; +160
  • 5; -160

Total Points Won by a Player (Over/Under)

You can bet on how many points a player will score across the three days of the competition.

Going back to the 2018 Ryder Cup for some perspective, here’s what these bets looked like.

Total Points Won by Sergio Garcia

  • Over 2.5 Points; +150
  • Under 2.5 Points; -170

Total Points Won by Tony Finau

  • Over 1.5 Points; +125
  • Under 1.5 Points; -105

Head-to-Head Matchups

In traditional head-to-head matchups, you’re betting on which player shoots the lower score. Attacking H2H matchups at the Ryder Cup is a bit different.

The winner will be determined by which players ends the week with more points.

This won’t be subjected to solely matching up Americans versus Europeans. Guys from the same team will be pitted against one another.

Miscellaneous Ryder Cup Prop Bets

The following list clues you in on some of the Ryder Cup props that will be scattered across the sites. This serves as another reminder of why it’s crucial not to stick to just one site.  

  • First player out in singles for the Europeans
  • Last player out in singles for the Americans
  • Player to hole the winning putt
  • Who will hit the opening tee shot on Friday?

As fun and profitable as betting golf online can be, the dials get turned up a notch every two years at the Ryder Cup.

Ryder Cup Betting Tips

Ryder Cup betting tips

You can apply models to help you forecast how an individual will perform at “normal” events. The Ryder Cup is an entirely different beast where in most cases, course history doesn’t exist. Recent results play much less of a factor.

Instead, hone in on team chemistry and pay attention to momentum.

We’ve compiled several golf betting strategies on this page – many of which are applicable as tips for betting the Ryder Cup.

What stands out about betting on the Ryder Cup (compared to regular events) is you should be doing most of your damage after the event starts.

Watch the Tournament, Target the Sunday Singles Session

We alluded to all 28 matches being posted as individual bets. Make sure to take advantage by poring over these opportunities.

The closer you’re following the action, the more of a handle you’ll have on how individuals are dealing with their emotions. You’ll have a firm grip on which guys are playing well and which guys aren’t ready to step up to the plate.

By the time Sunday morning’s matchups are announced, you’ll have tons of information at your disposal to help formulate your predictions.

Between changing venues and setups to the turnover on each roster from year to year, every Ryder Cup is unique. That’s why the best way to dish out Ryder Cup betting tips is to focus our efforts on the particular Ryder Cup in question.

Betting On the 2021 Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits

2021 Ryder Cup

After a worldwide pandemic put a wrench in the 2020 Ryder Cup, the festivities were postponed until 2021. The plan is to have fans in attendance and proceed with business as usual.

One of our top golf writers prepared this early look at the 2021 Ryder Cup in the interests of curbing our appetite until September inches closer and we know more.

Once the tournament is upon us, we’ll be sure to unleash a full-blown Ryder Cup betting preview highlighting our predictions and best bets for the week.

We will also contribute additional content to help you win money on the Ryder Cup, like an article featuring 2021 Ryder Cup power rankings. Follow our golf blog to stay in the loop.

Ryder Cup Results

It’s time to start rounding out this guide to betting the Ryder Cup with some data about this event. Starting with who’s won every single edition.

Winners of Every Ryder Cup
Year Course, Location Winning Team Score
1927 Worcester CC, Massachusetts USA 9.5-2.5
1929 Moortown Golf Club, Yorkshire Great Britain 7-5
1931 Scioto CC, Ohio USA 9-3
1933 Southport and Ainsdale GC, Lancashire Great Britain 6.5-5.5
1935 Ridgewood CC, New Jersey USA 9-3
1937 Southport and Ainsdale GC, Lancashire USA 8-4
1947 Portland GC, Oregon USA 11-1
1949 Ganton GC, Yorkshire USA 7-5
1951 Pinehurst #2, North Carolina USA 9.5-2.5
1953 Wentworth Club, Surrey USA 6.5-5.5
1955 Thunderbird CC, California USA 8-4
1957 Lindrick GC, West Riding of Yorkshire Great Britain 7-5
1959 Eldorado GC, California USA 8.5-3.5
1961 Royal Lytham & St Annes GC, Lancashire USA 14.5-9.5
1963 Atlanta Athletic Club, Georgia USA 23-9
1965 Royal Birkdale GC, Lancashire USA 19.5-12.5
1967 Champions GC, Texas USA 23.5-8.5
1969 Royal Birkdale GC, Lancashire TIED 16-16
1971 Old Warson CC, Missouri USA 18.5-13.5
1973 Muirfield, East Lothian USA 19-13
1975 Laurel Valley GC, Pennsylvania USA 21-11
1977 Royal Lytham & St Annes GC, Lancashire USA 12.5-7.5
1979 The Greenbrier, West Virginia USA17-11
1981 Walton Heath GC, Surrey USA 18.5-9.5
1983 PGA National GC, Florida USA 14.5-13.5
1985 The Belfry, Warwickshire Europe 16.5-11.5
1987 Muirfield Village, Ohio Europe 15-13
1989 The Belfry, Warwickshire TIED 14-14
1991 Kiawah Island Golf Resort, South Carolina USA 14.5-13.5
1993 The Belfry, Warwickshire USA 15-13
1995 Oak Hill CC, New York Europe 14.5-13.5
1997 Valderrama GC, Andalusia Europe 14.5-13.5
1999 The Country Club, Massachusetts USA 14.5-13.5
2002 The Belfry, Warwickshire Europe 15.5-12.5
2004 Oakland Hills CC, Michigan Europe 18.5-9.5
2006 K Club, County Kildare Europe 18.5-9.5
2008 Valhalla GC, Kentucky USA 16.5-11.5
2010 Celtic Manor Resort, Newport Europe 14.5-13.5
2012 Medinah CC, Illinois Europe 14.5-13.5
2014 Gleneagles, Perth & Kinross Europe 16.5-11.5
2016 Hazeltine National GC, Minnesota USA 17-11
2018 Le Golf National, France Europe 17.5-10.5


As you peruse through the list of Ryder Cup winners, keep the following thought in mind.

1979 was a big year for the European team. It’s not only the first time that the current 28-point system was put in place, but it was also the first time that the Euros could include players outside of Great Britain and Ireland.

Considering the GB&I team didn’t win a single Ryder Cup between 1959-1997, it’s no wonder that team Europe decided to open their options. And boy did this change pay dividends.

Despite losing the Cup in 1981, ’83, and ’85, Europe is 11-8-1 at the Ryder Cup dating back to 1979.

Ryder Cup Records

Phil Mickelson’s 12 appearances are the most of all time. Lefty’s place in Ryder Cup lore doesn’t end there, though, as his name is plastered all over the Ryder Cup record books.

Most Matches Played at the Ryder Cup
Name Matches Played
Phil Mickelson 47
Nick Faldo 45
Sergio Garcia 45
Lee Westwood 44
Bernhard Langer 42
Neil Coles 40
Tiger Woods 37
Seve Ballesteros 37
Billy Casper 37
Collin Montgomerie 36
Christy O’Conner Sr. 36
Tony Jacklin 35
Jim Furyk 34
Lanny Wadkins 34
Arnold Palmer 32

Now let’s move on to the most points accumulated by an individual in Ryder Cup history.

Most Points Won at the Ryder Cup
Name Total Points Won
Sergio Garcia 25.5
Nick Faldo 25
Bernhard Langer 24
Billy Casper 23.5
Collin Montgomerie 23.5
Lee Westwood 23
Arnold Palmer 23
Seve Ballesteros 22.5
Phil Mickelson 21.5
Lanny Wadkins 21.5
Jose Maria Olazábal 20.5
Lee Trevino 20

Sergio Garcia surpassed Nick Faldo after beating Rickie Fowler 2&1 on Sunday at the 2018 edition.

Sergio Garcia has amassed more points at the Ryder Cup than anyone else in history.

We’ll now start listing an assortment of other captivating Ryder cup records.

Most Foursomes Points Won at the Ryder Cup

  • 11.5, Sergio Garcia
  • 11.5, Bernhard Langer
  • 10.5, Seve Ballesteros
  • 10, Tony Jacklin

Most Fourballs Points Won at the Ryder Cup

  • 10.5, Ian Woosnam
  • 10.5 Jose Maria Olazábal
  • 9.5, Sergio Garcia
  • 9, Phil Mickelson
  • 9, Lee Westwood
  • 9, Seve Ballesteros

Most Singles Points Won at the Ryder Cup

  • 7, Collin Montgomerie
  • 7, Billy Casper
  • 7, Lee Trevino
  • 7, Arnold Palmer
  • 7, Neil Coles

Most Points Won by the Same Pairing at the Ryder Cup

  • 12, Seve Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazábal

Finally, here are a couple of tables depicting the youngest and oldest players to ever appear in a Ryder Cup.

Youngest Players to Compete in a Ryder Cup
United States Age Europe Age
Horton Smith 20 years, 339 days Sergio Garcia 19 years, 258 days
Jordan Spieth 21 years, 61 days Nick Faldo 20 years, 59 days
Tiger Woods 21 years, 270 days Paul Way 20 years, 216 days
Rickie Fowler 21 years, 292 days Bernard Gallacher 20 years, 221 days
Oldest Players to Compete in a Ryder Cup
United States Age Europe Age
Raymond Floyd 51 years, 20 days Ted Ray 50 years, 67 days
Jay Haas 50 years, 290 days Christy O’Connor Sr. 48 years, 273 days
Raymond Floyd 49 years, 23 days Dai Rees 48 years, 196 days
Fred Funk 48 years, 95 days George Duncan 47 years, 283 days

Future Locations of the Ryder Cup

Want to get a leg up on your preparation for future Ryder Cup gambling? Keep this table handy so you can check in on where future Ryder Cups will be played.

Upcoming Ryder Cup Venues
Year Hosting Golf Course Location
2021 United States Whistling Straits (Straits Course) Sheboygan, Wisconsin
2023 Europe Marco Simone Golf and Country Club Rome, Lazio, Italy
2025 United States Bethpage Black Farmingdale, New York
2027 Europe Adare Manor Adare, County Limerick, Ireland
2029 United States Hazeltine National Golf Club Chaska, Minnesota
2031 Europe TBD TBD
2033 United States Olympic Club (Lake Course) San Francisco, California
2035 Europe TBD TBD
2037 United States Congressional Country Club (Blue Course) Bethesda, Maryland

For a deeper dive into the venues being utilized in the United States, scan through the course guides below.

Betting on Golf’s Most Acclaimed Events

Do you feel like you’ve got a decent grasp on how to approach this spectacle of an event?

You should be familiar with the best Ryder Cup betting websites and be in tune with the types of wagers you’ll be able to place. We broke down the Ryder Cup format, offered tips and advice, as well as incorporated a bevy of records to help you gain perspective.

The Ryder Cup only comes around once every two years. Very few golf tournaments are as prestigious and offer as many opportunities as possible in the betting arenas.

In fact, the Presidents Cup and the four majors are the only other events that can even hold a candle to the significance of the Ryder Cup.

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