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Guide to Betting on the PGA Championship

Historically the fourth golf major of the year, the PGA Championship is now sandwiched between the US Master and the US Open.

It takes place in the middle of May, and betting on the tournament is available all year round at most online sportsbooks.

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The PGA Championship is one of the best golf tournaments to bet on for a variety of reasons.  If you’re interested in getting in on the action, this guide has all you need.

As well as listing the best PGA Championship betting sites online, we explain all about the different wagers you can place, offer tips for winning money, and more.

Best PGA Championship Betting Sites

The trusted PGA Championship betting sites we recommend have been carefully selected by our team of golf gambling experts.

We’ve ranked them based on a wide range of criteria that evaluates every important aspect of the online betting experience.

Using the best PGA Championship online bookmakers not only means a great overall experience – it can also make a huge difference to your long-term returns.

Here are the main factors we look at to determine the best online gambling sites for betting on the PGA Championship with real money.

  • Safety – The safety of your money and personal information is the first thing we check. We only ever recommend sports betting sites we know are safe to use.
  • PGA Championship Odds – Higher PGA Championship betting odds means a greater chance of winning money.
  • PGA Championship Betting Markets – The top PGA Championship sportsbooks online offer a good range of wagering options for the tournament.
  • Bonuses and Promotions – We want to see rewarding bonuses and promotions for both new and existing customers.
  • Fast Payouts – Fast withdrawals are not only convenient, they are also a sign that a bookie is in good financial health.
  • Mobile Betting – All the top sites here have PGA Championship betting apps, and they work well on all mainstream devices.
  • Customer Support – If you need help, the customer service specialists at the top sites for betting on the PGA Championship will react accordingly.
PGA Championship logo and Best PGA Championship Betting Sites

Going through all of these factors helps us to determine which sites are genuinely the best for betting on the PGA Championship online.

We also continuously refine our evaluation and ranking processes to ensure we provide the most accurate and useful information possible.

Using Apps to Bet on the PGA Championship

All of our top-rated PGA Championship gambling sites have mobile versions that are compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Every feature and market that you can find on desktop is also part of the best PGA Championship betting apps. Some of them even have exclusive bonuses for mobile betting.

If your plan is to mostly place your wagers on the go, we recommend the following gambling app.

BetUS – Best PGA Championship Betting App

Betus Mobile
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  • Compatible with: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Banking methods: Credit and debit cards, Cryptocurrencies, Cash transfers
  • Payout time: 24 hours for crypto, a few working days for cards

You will struggle to find a better option than BetUS when it comes to mobile PGA Championship betting sites.

The sportsbook app comes with a full range of markets and an intuitive user interface. You can find all the PGA Championship bets you need in a heartbeat and the odds are often higher than the competition.

If you add the large number of bonuses and promotions offered by BetUS, your chances to end up making money grow significantly.

Other perks of using BetUS include fast payouts and an impeccable customer support service. You can contact the staff 24/7 and an agent will instantly help with any questions or problems you might have.

The Huge Selection of PGA Championship Bets

PGA Championship betting types

Wondering what kind of PGA Championship bets you can place?

The same bets you can for a regular PGA Tour event, just with a much bigger selection. You’ll also encounter a ton of prop bets that you wouldn’t see during a non-major week.

In a nutshell, you’ll simply have more options and more players to choose from when betting on the PGA Championship compared to a regular golf tournament.

Here’s what you can expect to see.

To Win the PGA Championship

The first set of PGA Championship odds that get released are the odds to win the tournament.

Who’s going to lift the Wanamaker Trophy at week’s end?

While almost every other PGA Championship betting market doesn’t get unveiled until the week of, you can find odds to win the PGA Championship pretty much year-round.

First-Round Leader (FRL)

Commonly referred to as “FRL,” this is exactly as it sounds. The advantage of betting on the first-round leader is not having to wait until the tournament is over to reap your rewards.

You’ll also get more favorable odds compared to betting on that same golfer winning the event. For example, a player who is priced at +1200 to win will likely be around +1800 to be the first-round leader.

The downside is this market is a total crap-shoot.

It’s hard enough to pinpoint who’s going to hoist the trophy on Sunday. Trying to project who will be leading after 18 holes is even more volatile.

Top Finish

This is a great way to profit on a golfer playing well without him winning the tournament. PGA Championship odds for a top-5, top-10, and top-20 finish will usually emerge by the Monday before it starts.

Some of the top online sportsbooks will even have odds for top-30 and top-40 finishes, but that’s a little more unusual.

To help gain perspective on what a guy’s odds would look like for these various finishes, here are a few examples.

Player Top-5 Finish Top-10 Finish Top-20 Finish
Roy McIlroy +225 +110 -170
Patrick Reed +500 +250 +120
Joaquin Niemann +850 +400 +190

This market essentially allows you to choose your level of risk.

Betting on a player to finish in the top-5 carries more risk than betting on him to finish in the top-20, but the potential rewards are greater.

Head-to-Head Matchups

Arguably the most lucrative way to bet on the PGA Championship online, attacking the H2H matchups gives you plenty of options. There are many, many matchups you can bet on for each edition of the tournament.

If you’re shopping the lines across all of the top PGA Championship betting sites, you’ll easily be able to spot discrepancies in these markets.

For instance, say you’re targeting Jon Rahm in a matchup against Brooks Koepka. Rahm could be -140 in one spot and -110 in another.

Now say you want to back Patrick Cantlay versus Justin Thomas. Cantlay could be listed at +100 at one site while he’s lurking at +125 in another.

One of the beautiful things about head-to-head matchup bets is you can bet on 72-hole matchups or single-round matchups.

If you missed the Thursday morning deadline to get your wagers in, you’ll still have betting options.  Round 2 matchups will be available almost as soon as round one is completed.

Make/Miss the Cut

Here you’re betting on whether or not the payer makes the cut.

What’s the cut at the PGA Championship? The low 70+ ties after 36 holes.

This is one of the golf betting markets that gets expanded to a large degree during the four majors. Some online betting sites won’t even list odds to make or miss the cut at a regular event. Other sites will offer a limited selection.

At the PGA Championship, you’ll be able to sort through the entire field and pick your spots.

For the high-profile players, the make/miss the cut odds could look something like this.

Xander Schauffele to Make the Cut -900
Xander Schauffele to Miss the Cut +600

For someone less stable, they’ll look more like this.

Bubba Watson to Make the Cut -350
Bubba Watson to Miss the Cut +280

PGA Championship Prop Bets

All of the wagers featured above can be found during a typical PGA Tour event in some form or fashion. Props is where things get a little more interesting for the PGA Championship (and other majors).

The top betting sites will unleash a hodgepodge of PGA Championship prop bets the week of the event. They can be on a variety of things taking place on and off the course.

  • Winning Score – Over/Under 274.5 Strokes
  • Highest 18-Hole Score – Over/Under 82.5
  • Will There Be a Playoff?
  • Will Bryson DeChambeau Make an Eagle?
  • Color of the PGA Championship Winner’s Shirt
  • Will the Winner Tweet out a “Thank You” to the PGA of America?

Some of these PGA Championship props will be offered at multiple sites. So be sure to compare the prices diligently before pulling the trigger.

Live Betting the PGA Championship

This is a phenomenon that has become increasingly more popular in recent years. Once that first ball is airborne on Thursday morning, the pre-tournament PGA Championship odds are closed.

The good news is this doesn’t shut you out from getting in on the action.

Live PGA Championship odds get generated as soon as the tournament begins and are then constantly updated.

If a player makes a birdie, his odds rapidly become less appealing. Conversely, if Jordan Spieth is +1600 to win and makes a double bogey, you’ll see Spieth’s odds plummet in the blink of an eye.

For those who will be glued to their televisions following the tournament intently, this is a great way to bet on the PGA Championship. If you want to bet on Dustin Johnson and you know a short par-5 is approaching, place the bet before he steps onto the tee!  

4 Essential Tips for Betting on the PGA Championship

PGA Championship betting tips

Think of this PGA Championship betting guide as a recipe for success. Among the ingredients you’ll want to integrate to ensure the formula is complete, four tips come to mind.

First and foremost, how has a golfer been playing lately? Has he missed his last three cuts or is he riding a string of top-25s?

Actively shopping the odds across all of the top PGA Championship sportsbooks is also significant. You want to gain as much knowledge about the course setup as you can, and you want to follow trustworthy accounts on social media that’ll keep you in the loop.

Here’s some more detail on each of these PGA Championship betting tips. 

Study Recent Form

Unlike the Masters, the PGA Championship is contested at different venues year in and year out. This equates to putting a larger emphasis on recent form when deciding who to bet on pre-tournament.

Playing well ahead of the PGA Championship won’t guarantee any success, but there’s one thing we can gather when studying recent form.

Take a look at the following table showing how recent winners fared in their last tournament prior to playing in the PGA Championship.

Year Winner Finish in the Previous Start
2020 Collin Morikawa T20
2019 Brooks Koepka 4
2018 Brooks Koepka 5
2017 Justin Thomas T28
2016 Jimmy Walker T14
2015 Jason Day T12
2014 Rory McIlroy 1
2013 Jason Dufner T4
2012 Rory McIlroy T5
2011 Keegan Bradley T15
2010 Martin Kaymer T22
2009 Y.E. Yang T19
2008 Padraig Harrington T20
2007 Tiger Woods 1
2006 Tiger Woods 1
2005 Phil Mickelson T10
2004 Vijay Singh 1

This data tells us that playing poorly right before the PGA Championship almost certainly means you won’t be hoisting the Wanamaker Trophy.

The point here is to pay close attention to the most recent results. If a guy missed the cut the week before the PGA, don’t bother betting on him to win unless you have a VERY good reason to.

History tells us that playing well leading into this golf tournament is a common denominator of the eventual champion. Even more so than most.

Shop Around the PGA Championship Odds

It’s crucial to shop your lines if you want to uncover the best prices available. As easy as it is to navigate from one betting site to another, there’s no reason to not take the time to scope through the differed odds for the PGA Championship.

Even if your goal is to just bet on an individual to win the tournament, it’s still important to look around to ensure you don’t leave equity on the table.

Here’s a good visualization of why you’ll want to shop around.

Scottie Scheffler’s PGA Championship Odds
BetUS MyBookie BetOnline
+5000 +4500 +3500
Abraham Ancer’s PGA Championship Odds
BetUS MyBookie BetOnline
+4500 +6600 +5000

Survey the Course

Because the PGA Championship is played at different venues each year, we can’t just go back to last year’s results and expect to gain any sincere perspective on course fit/course history.

This makes it important to study the course hosting the PGA Championship before you place your bets.

You don’t have to compile extensive research about every single hole (although feel free to dive in); we’re talking about a general understanding of the layout and setup.

Some of the questions you should be asking yourself are as follows.

  • What are the putting surfaces? Bermuda, Bentgrass, Poa annua?
  • What’s the par, how many par-5s are there?
  • Is it a bomber’s paradise?
  • Is the rough going to be long?

This gives you a basic idea of the types of players you’ll want to target.

Looking back at the 2015 PGA Championship, Whistling Straits is fairly wide open off the tee but incredibly demanding on and around the greens. Hence, Jason Day (brilliant short game, top-tier putter) reigned supreme.

Assessing Bethpage Black or TPC Harding Park (sites of the 2019 and 2020 PGA Championships), those are golf courses where the premium is placed on ball-striking. It’s no surprise that Brooks Koepka and Collin Morikawa – two of the best irons players on tour – each picked up a victory.

Monitor Storylines/Pay Attention to the News

This piece of PGA Championship betting advice isn’t as imperative as the previous three. Nonetheless, it can still be extremely beneficial.

We won’t always know how a golfer is feeling or what’s he’s thinking about in advance of the PGA Championship. However, there are enough reliable outlets across social media that can clue you in on breaking news. Some of which will impact the way you perceive a golfer.

Here’s a perfect example that can help you apply this concept.

Many were surprised to see Kevin Kisner miss the cut at the 2021 RBC Heritage. Kisner’s got a great track record at Harbor Town and is usually one of the tournament favorites going.

On the flip side, had you dug into Kisner a couple of days before the tournament began, you would have learned that he was trying an arm-lock putting method that week for the first time in his career.

Maybe a golfer just had a baby and is finally playing with a clear head. Maybe a guy is going through swing changes and just hooked up with a new coach.

When it comes to finding value, there’s no such thing as a shortage of information. And there are lots of sources of information when it comes to betting on golf.

For example, here are some Twitter accounts we recommend following.

  • @RobBoltonGolf
  • @JustinRayGolf
  • @PGAChampionship

Betting on Club Professionals at the PGA Championship

Of the 156 spots available at the PGA Championship, 20 are reserved for Club Professionals. Betting on one of them to win the tournament would be lighting money on fire, so don’t do that.

Instead, what you should do is target the club pros in the head-to-head matchups (versus each other).

Some of the top betting sites, specifically MyBookie and BetOnline, will release matchups involving all 20 of these men. With less information to fall back on pertaining to these individuals, the odds simply won’t be as fine-tuned as they are for the household names.

A determined bettor who isn’t afraid to do some digging can easily capture some edges. In other words, there is dependable data you can easily access. And it’s a lot more readily available than you might think.

For example, Marty Jertson played in the PGA Championship in three straight years (2018-2020).

Marty Jertson at the PGA Championship

Most people betting money on the PGA Championship won’t take the time to look up this Phoenix native’s yearly results. They might not know they’re obtainable.

However, by simply googling Marty’s name followed by “results” into your browser, you can actually track down quite a bit.

To summarize, most will casually glance right over the club pros and zero in on the world-class players when the matchups come out. The savvy bettors will be diligent and scour the club pros to find any advantages they can.

Another cool thing about the matchups between club pros is the majority of them don’t make the cut. In fact, just six club pros have qualified for weekend play at the PGA Championship since 2011.

This means your matchup bet will likely end by Friday, so there’s no need to wait around until Sunday to cash your ticket.

PGA Championship Records and Stats

Established in 1916, the PGA Championship has been around for more than 100 years. That means lots of history has been made.

It’s not hard to track down a list of the most recent winners, and you can find scoring data from this event if you’re willing to comb through multiple pages.

As far as organizing a wealth of historical data about the PGA Championship in one central location, that’s where this segment comes in handy.

Past Winners of the PGA Championship

The table below highlights who has won here in recent years, as well as what they shot, how many strokes they won by, and where the tournament was played.

Recent PGA Championship Winners
Year Winner Winning Score Venue
2006 Tiger Woods 270 (-18) Medinah CC, Course #3 – Medinah, IL
2007 Tiger Woods 272 (-8) Southern Hills – Tulsa, OK
2008 Padraig Harrington 277 (-3) Oakland Hills, South Course – Bloomfield Hills, MI
2009 Y.E. Yang 280 (-8) Hazeltine National – Chaska, MN
2010 Martin Kaymer* 277 (-11) Whistling Straits, Straits Course – Kohler, WI
2011 Keegan Bradley* 272 (-8) Atlanta Athletic Club, Highlands Course – Duluth, GA
2012 Rory McIlroy 275 (-13) Kiawah Island GR, The Ocean Course – Kiawah Island, SC
2013 Jason Dufner 270 (-10) Oak Hill, East Course – Rochester, NY
2014 Rory McIlroy 268 (-16) Valhalla GC – Louisville, KY
2015 Jason Day 268 (-20) Whistling Straits, Straits Course– Kohler, WI
2016 Jimmy Walker 266 (-14) Baltusrol GC, Lower Course – Springfield, NJ
2017 Justin Thomas 276 (-8) Quail Hollow Club – Charlotte, NC
2018 Brooks Koepka 264 (-16) Bellerive CC – Town and Country, MO
2019 Brooks Koepka 272 (-8) Bethpage Black Course – Farmingdale, NY
2020 Collin Morikawa 267 (-13) TPC Harding Park – San Francisco, CA

Most Successful Golfers at the PGA Championship

Now let’s look at who’s experienced the most success in the PGA Championship.

From tournament wins and high finishes to the most number of made cuts, it’s no surprise that the legends of the sport occupy most of the space.

Jack Nicklaus and Walter Hagen are tied for the most PGA Championships won of all time. Tiger is hot on their trail, while other active golfers have won multiple Wanamaker Trophies (Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka).

Tournament Wins
Walter Hagen 5
Jack Nicklaus 5
Tiger Woods 4
Gene Sarazen 3
Sam Snead 3

The Golden Bear has landed inside the top 5 14 times at the PGA Championship.

Nobody else can even sniff that record.

Top-5 Finishes
Jack Nicklaus 14
Tiger Woods 8
Billy Casper 6
Gary Player 5
Steve Elkington 5
Nick Price 5
Greg Norman 5
Lanny Wadkins 5

Here’s another PGA Championship record that has Jack Nicklaus’ name at the top.

The first four PGAs Jack teed it up at, he finished 3rd-1st-2nd-2nd (1962-1965). Between 1973-1977, Nicklaus’s game log at the PGA Championship was 1st-2nd-1st-4th-3rd.

15 top-10s in all at the PGA Championship for the Golden Bear.

Top-10 Finishes
Jack Nicklaus 15
Tom Watson 10
Phil Mickelson 9
Tiger Woods 9
Billy Casper 8
Raymond Floyd 8
Gary Player 8
Sam Snead 8

Jack’s tied with Raymond Floyd here, but look out for “Lefty” catching up. Mickelson could catch Nicklaus and Floyd as soon as 2022 at Southern Hills.

Most Cuts Made
Jack Nicklaus 27
Raymond Floyd 27
Phil Mickelson 25
Tom Watson 25
Hale Irwin 24
Arnold Palmer 24
Jay Haas 23
Tom Kite 23

Scoring Stats at the PGA Championship

The lowest individual round at PGA Championship is 63, which has been shot by a handful of competitors.

Here are some more PGA Championship stats for scoring records.

Most Rounds in the 60s
Jack Nicklaus 41
Phil Mickelson 37
Jay Haas 28
Tom Watson 27
Tiger Woods 26
Ernie Els 24
Raymond Floyd 24
Jim Furyk 24
Steve Stricker 24
Vijay Singh 23

If Phil can stay healthy, he’s got a legitimate shot at passing Nicklaus in the coming years.

 Aside from a potential push from Mickelson, Jack’s record should remain intact for a while.

Lowest 72-Hole Score in Relation to Par
Player Year To Par
Jason Day 2015 -20
Tiger Woods 2000 -18
Tiger Woods 2006 -18
Bob May 2000 -18
Steve Elkington 1995 -17
Colin Montgomerie 1995 -17
Jordan Spieth 2015 -17
Brooks Koepka 2018 -16
Rory McIlroy 2014 -16

Notice that seven of the nine times a player has shot at least 16-under-par at the PGA Championship has occurred since 2000.

Does this mean golfers are getting better? Or the courses are less challenging?

Fantasy Golf and the PGA Championship

PGA Championship DFS

Betting on the PGA Championship continues to expand, and not just through “traditional” betting options.

One of the most exciting alternative ways to take part in the action is via fantasy golf. There are various options for DFS contests at the PGA Championship, some of which offer the opportunity to win big money.

Here are some examples of fantasy golf competitions for the PGA Championship.

  • Cash Games
  • 50/50s
  • GPPs

Cash games are when you create a fantasy lineup at one of the DFS sites and match up against others who have done the same. The lineup that scores the most points wins.

50/50s are tournaments where the top half of the field gets paid. In other words, lineups that finish in the top half of the standings receive a payout. Lineups that finish in the bottom half of the standings don’t.

GPP stands for “Guaranteed Prize Pool.” GPPs are undoubtedly the most enthralling way to capture fantasy golf for the PGA Championship.

Among the biggest GPPs around, you have the chance to turn $20 into $1 million if you can create the winning lineup.

PGA Championship Predictions and Picks

Our guide to betting real money on the PGA Championship will hopefully help you find good value wagers that have a great chance of being profitable.

If you need some additional guidance, you should check our golf betting blog. Our golf betting experts provide plenty of insight and analysis for each edition of the PGA Championship.

They do the same for other tournaments throughout the year. Here are some the most recent posts.

Should you want direct advice for what bets to make, you’ll find that in our golf betting picks section. We provide free PGA Championship prediction and picks every year.

Again, we do the same for other tournaments on a regular basis.

Ready to Bet on the PGA Championship Online?

You know now how to bet on the PGA Championship and make money. Are you ready to put what you’ve learned into action?

There are never any guarantees of success, of course, but if you follow all of our advice then you’ll be in good shape for sure.

Remember that one of our most important pieces of advice is to use the best PGA Championship betting sites and apps. Here’s a reminder of our top recommendations.

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