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Best PGA Championship Betting Sites for 2021

The PGA Championship is one of the major golf tournaments on the calendar, and it comes with global coverage and a lucrative prize money pool. Its popularity has ensured that there are plenty of exciting betting options, and we’ll be looking at the leading online sportsbooks that provide them.

Let’s start things off with our list of the best PGA Championship betting sites to be found online right now. These sites have all been thoroughly researched by our team of experts, and their attention to detail means you be assured of a safe and enjoyable betting experience if you choose to bet with any one of them.

Rank VA Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
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The process of selecting and using an online bookmaker can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to placing wagers on the internet. That’s why we’ll be with you every step of the way while you build up confidence and get ready to bet real money on the web.

Below we go over all the aspects we think make for a top PGA Championship betting site and give you a few tips on what you should look out for when choosing on your own. First, though, let’s look at the main advantages of betting the PGA Championship online.

Advantages of Betting on the PGA Championship Online

Before we go into details on how we pick the best betting sites and what you should look out for, we think it’s important to touch on why we feel betting on the PGA Championship online is the way to go.

Six reasons to bet on the PGA Championship online.

It’s Fast and Easy

Convenience is one of the top reasons bettors all over the world choose to place their wagers online. Everyone has a device connected to the internet nowadays, and all you need to do is deposit some cash and start betting.

Having to go to your local betting shop can be a hassle, and the online bookmakers are the only ones who give you the chance to bet instantly without leaving the comfort of your home.

There’s a Ton of Different Sportsbooks

It’s not an exaggeration to state that there are thousands of online betting platforms you can choose from. Sure, you can’t trust all of them with your money, and some may not have the PGA Championship covered. But trust us — there are plenty out there that can give you both!

You just need to look around for the ones that best fit your strategy and provide the betting markets you want to hit. Fortunately for all of us, there’s no shortage of them when it comes to betting on golf and the PGA Championship in particular.

Odds Are Higher

The bookmaker always charges you for providing the platform for you to bet on; there’s no getting around it. After all, it’s a business, and they need to take a small portion to keep the ball rolling. The good news is that the best PGA Championship betting sites out there want to stay as competitive as possible.

This means that they don’t overdo it and keep their betting margins low which in turn results in better odds for the users. You just need a quick look at the odds online to be convinced that a land-based shop cannot give you the same value.

More Betting Options

Having the ability to bet on different aspects of your favorite sports is key for a successful strategy, and online bookmakers know that various betting markets are in demand. So, to keep their bettors happy, they do their best to provide a wide range of different betting options.

When it comes to the PGA Championship, you can pick from all the popular betting markets like backing an individual to win the tournament or a certain stage and predicting the nationality of the champion.

On top of that, you will have all sorts of outrights and prop bets that you can place even before the championship has started.

Various Bonuses and Exclusive Deals

Promotions can prove to be a real boost to your chances to be successful, and luckily, the best PGA Championship betting sites offer lots of those. You will be greeted with a sign-up bonus which can either be a cash injection to your bankroll or a number of free bets you can place on the platform.

There are also bonuses linked to national holidays and big sporting events that you can take advantage of. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those as they may be available for a short period of time only.

And don’t forget that online bookmakers are trying hard to keep you as their customer, so the really competitive ones will reward your loyalty if you place enough bets with them. This means that at some point you may be entitled to some exclusive offers or enhanced odds for your wagers.

Extra Features

We like everything that comes extra when we are betting online. That’s why you will find a lot of cool features if you go with one of our recommended PGA Championship bookmakers.

The Cash Out feature is something we always look for. It allows you to place a stake that you can take back while the event you bet on is still unfolding. That way, you have better control of your wagers and can cut out some losses.

You’ll also find that many of the top betting sites allow you to accumulate multiple bets into a single slip and even provide you with the ability to devise your own custom wagers.

How We Rank the Top PGA Championship Betting Sites

We can totally understand if you want to know more about our process of selecting the best PGA Championship sportsbooks out there. After all, so far we’ve only given you a list of them without providing any additional details. We hope that this section will clear things up and convince you that being objective and transparent is our first priority.

Our vetting process consists of several aspects we put under the microscope. First and foremost, we look at the operator’s background and credentials. If everything checks out, we give the platform a test by going through every step needed to register, place a bet, and take out your winnings. We basically analyze all the important factors that will affect your overall experience with the site.

Please see the following page for further information on our process for evaluating betting sites.

We are impartial and unbiased when it comes to ranking the top PGA Championship betting sites, as there is nothing more important for us than being honest with our readers. We also provide detailed reviews of all the online betting sites we recommend, enabling you to find out exactly what they offer before signing up.

Picking the Best PGA Championship Betting Sites Yourself

If you are the type of person who likes to do his own research, that’s absolutely fine with us. We like to encourage our readers to be proactive and find their own path to becoming a successful bettor.

In this section, we have covered some of the most important ranking factors for us. Even if you are adamant about picking your own bookmaker, be sure to check out the criteria we listed below. You might find some valuable nuggets among them.

Key qualities of the best PGA Championship betting sites

Data Protection

The bookmaker will need to verify your identity and payment method, so there is no way you can bypass the need to provide this information. We know it’s a bit of an unnerving proposition, but the thing to remember is that this is standard procedure.

And more importantly, if the bookmaker has the security setup in place to ensure your data is encrypted, there is nothing to worry about. The thing to look for is whether the betting site has an SSL certificate.

This can be checked from the navigation bar of your browser. If you’re seeing an https connection, this means that you are connected through a secure protocol. The level of encryption used by most of the top PGA Championship bookmakers is as good as your bank’s, so there’s nothing to panic about if you’re in the hands of a reputable operator.

Proper Licensing

Like every big business, online gambling is regulated to ensure that people are not treated unfairly. You should be able to easily check whether a bookmaker is licensed to operate as the information must be presented on the landing page of the site.

Look for a seal representing one of the gambling regulators or a license number. If you still feel something is amiss, you can always look up the information on the regulator’s database for this particular site.

This can certainly take up some of your time, but it’s imperative that you are 100% certain of the licensing status of the website before you provide any personal and payment information.

Number of Payment Options

Variety is important when it comes to putting money into a betting account. That is why we only select bookmakers who provide a solid selection of payment methods that can satisfy every bettor’s needs.

Most betting sites that cover the PGA Championship will allow you to use a credit or a debit card, e-wallets, and different types of money transfers. Some of them even provide cool alternatives for people who want to avoid fees and look for the fastest payouts.

We will highlight all the available payment tools and provide a detailed summary of their pros and cons in one of our next sections.

Value of Bonuses and Promotions

As we already explained, bonuses are one of the industry’s best assets. Knowing where the top promotions are and when you can take advantage of them can be absolutely huge. That is why it has always been an important ranking factor for us.

Always check what is on offer but also try to be pragmatic. Some deals can sound tasty, but they may come with terms and conditions (such as wagering requirements) that reduced their overall value.

Easier-to-get bonuses are a sign of a top online bookmaker, and that’s exactly what you will find if you use one from our list.

Live Betting Platform

Easier access to gambling has made live betting an absolute necessity. After all, who wouldn’t want a chance to place a quick punt while the action is unfolding? Needless to say, online sportsbooks quickly caught up with the demand and now provide numerous exciting features for in-play betting.

The top PGA Championship betting sites will not only allow you to place live bets but will also provide stats to help you out with your strategy. Some of them will also have a live streaming service so that you can watch the tournament unfold without even leaving the platform.

Mobile Compatibility

Let’s face it — betting on your home computer is not enough anymore! The more you improve your research and betting strategy, the more you need to react to changing dynamics. In many cases, this can catch you while you’re outside, and that’s when phones come to the rescue.

A bookmaker who cares about its users’ experience should be able to provide you with an adequate mobile version of its sportsbook. Some will even go the extra mile and roll out an in-house app, but even just a mobile-responsive version of the betting site that provides access to all needed features can go a long way.

Customer Support

From your first deposit at a betting site, you are essentially being provided a service, and it is very important that there is a professional contact center you can turn to for any queries you may have.

You might not need assistance for the majority of your betting transactions, but trust us when we say that a knowledgeable and polite operator can save you a lot of time and energy. That is why we always look at which bookmakers excel in providing quality customer support experience.

How to Join a PGA Championship Betting Site

When you’re ready with your choice of bookmaker, it’s time to sign up and start your betting journey. The process is pretty straightforward, but there are a few things you should know beforehand.


Registering with an online bookmaker is not that different from opening an account with any other internet service. You will need to provide a few personal details such as age and date of birth, a valid email, and an address.

You will also have to come up with a username and password which should be strong enough to meet the bookmaker’s security requirements. You may also be asked to choose a security question which will be used in the event of a forgotten password.

Customizing Your Account

Once you provide your personal and contact details, you will be given the chance to customize the settings of your account. Some betting sites allow you to change the color theme and the order of the different features on the navigation bar.

But more importantly, make sure you set your time zone, preferred currency, and odds format. It’s good to get these things out of the way in the beginning so that you can concentrate on your betting afterward.


The process of verifying your identity should occur when you deposit money and start betting. A representative from the platform will get in touch with you to request some details.

You will probably need to provide proof of address, or a bank statement and a copy of your ID. As we already explained, this is standard procedure, and you should not worry about any misuse of this info if you’re joining a licensed bookmaker.

Depositing Funds at PGA Championship Betting Sites

Depositing your money is the next order of business. You will be asked to select your desired payment method and the amount you wish to transfer. Since the process is very simple, we would like to focus on the actual payment services you can use to create your betting bankroll.

Credit/Debit Card

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Diners Club

Cards are still the most preferred option out there most likely because pretty much everybody has one. Deposited funds from a card are reflected instantly on your account, and you can bet that money straight away.

The more widespread options we listed above are accepted by almost any online bookmaker, but you may have more options, so be sure to check what your bookmaker allows if you have another card at your disposal.


  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

E-wallet services are also very popular with bettors. Again, almost all bookmakers support the reputable e-wallet platforms, and your e-wallet deposits are reflected instantly in your betting account.

Although bookmakers don’t charge you a fee when you use them for depositing, there might be some coming from your e-wallet. This depends on the amount of money and the type of account you have with them, so if you’re not sure about any of this, be sure to contact them prior to making any deposits.

Prepaid Services

  • Entropay
  • Paysafecard

Prepaid cards and vouchers are a great way to control your budget as you simply can’t go over what you have in your account.

The more famous options like Entropay and Paysafecard can be found with the top-rated PGA Championship betting sites, and there are no delays or fees when depositing with them.

Bank Wire Transfers

Most operators allow you to wire money from your bank account, but if you’re going to go down that route, you should know that there are delays.

Usually, deposits made with bank transfers can take up to 72 hours to reflect in your account. Also, depending on your bank contract and the amount of money you are depositing, there can be fees. It’s best you consult with a bank representative and ensure you are well aware of all aspects on their side.

Placing Wagers at PGA Championship Betting Sites

As soon as you make your first deposit, you’ll probably be itching to get started. As we already pointed out, placing a bet online is as easy as pie. You simply choose the betting market you like and click on the odds for your prediction.

When it comes to the PGA Championship, there are a few betting options that you should be able to find at any bookmaker covering the event.

  • Outright Winner

This market lets you wager on the eventual winner of the tournament. Most bookmakers roll out odds for this option very early, so you may be in for a big payout if you can predict correctly here.

  • Top 5 Finish

If you feel like naming the winner is too hard, this market will help you hedge your bet. Your player simply needs to make it into the top 5 for your wager to be successful.

  • First-Round Leader

Sometimes it’s not the favorites who make a flying start to a tournament. This market lets you bet on who will emerge as the leader after the first round, and there can be big value here if you spot an underdog that has a chance of doing it.

  • Nationality

Depending on your bookmaker, you may have quite a few markets related to the players’ nationality. The more popular options include wagering on the nationality of the winner and also predicting who will be the top finisher from a specific country.

Withdrawing at PGA Championship Betting Sites

If you start turning a profit, naturally you’ll be looking to withdraw some of that money. Basically, all of the payment tools available for deposits can also be used to take funds out of your account. Unlike most deposits, however, withdrawals can take some time.

We go through the delays of the different services below, so be sure to factor those in when you are making your final decision.

Payment Method Withdrawals
Credit/Debit Cards 3 to 10 business days
E-Wallets Between 24-48 hours
Prepaid Cards and Vouchers 3 to 10 business days
Bank Wire Transfers Between 1-2 weeks

All of these delays depend on the bookmaker, but our recommended PGA Championship bookmakers are some of the fastest ones out there!

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If you visit our main sports betting sites page you’ll find a list of all of the categories we cover for online bookmakers and sportsbooks. Here are some of the more popular categories that you might be interested in.

PGA Betting Sites FAQ

How old do I have to be to bet on the PGA Championship online?

Every country has specific laws and regulations on that, so we are not able to give a definite answer here. However, you can refer to the following section of our site and check the laws in your region.

How much money can I deposit in my betting account?

The maximum and minimum deposit amounts differ according to the bookmaker. The minimum threshold is usually around $5-$10 whereas the maximum can reach up to tens of thousands. If you’re planning on depositing sums close to these thresholds, be sure to contact your bookmaker for more information.

What is the minimum bet amount I can place?

Again, this solely depends on the bookmaker, but the least possible amount is very low at most of the PGA Championship betting sites. It’s as low as a few cents with some, but it can go up to a dollar with others.

Do I have to pay any taxes on my winnings?

Although most countries don’t tax gambling winnings, there are certainly some who do. You will have to make sure you check the law in your country of residence.

Can I get addicted to gambling on the PGA Championship?

There is certainly a possibility you can lose control of your gambling. If this happens, you need to take measures immediately as gambling addiction is a very serious condition that can wreck your life. If you want to learn about how to tackle the problem and gamble responsibly, please visit the page below.


We’ve reached the end of our detailed look at the best PGA Championship betting sites out there. We hope that we have been able to convince you of the benefits of betting on the tournament online.

You are welcome to try and find the bookmaker that best fits your needs yourself. Following our guidelines should help get you there, but if you prefer to put more time into developing your betting strategy instead, just pick one from our recommendations, and you won’t regret it!

For more advice on betting on the PGA Championship, including the latest odds and our predictions, please visit the following page.