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Guide to Betting on the FedEx Cup

Established in 2007, the FedEx Cup has changed the way players and fans approach each PGA Tour season.

Most other major sports have a regular season that builds toward the playoffs. That’s what the FedEx Cup represents for the highest level of professional golf.

We explain the format and how it works on this page. We also provide valuable resources for those interested in betting on the FedEx Cup.

FedEx Cup Format

While athletes in other major sports in the US have a designated offseason, there’s no rest for the weary on the PGA Tour.

The TOUR Championship in Atlanta signals the end of a PGA Tour season (around Labor Day); the next season gets underway across the country in Napa the very next week.

Players of the highest standing can pick and choose when they tee up, but every tournament not entered is a missed opportunity to rack up FedEx Cup points.

The regular season ends at the Wyndham Championship in August, only the top 125 in the FedEx Cup standings advance to the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

During the playoffs, the field gets whittled down each week.

  • Top 125 Qualify for the Playoff Event #1 (THE NORTHERN TRUST)
  • Top 70 Qualify for the Playoff Event #2 (BMW Championship)
  • Top 30 Qualify for the Playoff Event #3 (TOUR Championship)

The TOUR Championship

TOUR Championship logo

The PGA Tour introduced a staggered starting leaderboard at the TOUR Championship in 2019. The primary motive behind this alteration was to ensure that the winner of the TOUR Championship and FedEx Cup was the same individual.

This gives fans the drama they’re looking for and prevents an anticlimactic finish, as we saw in 2008.

Upon winning the first two legs of the FedEx Cup Playoffs in ’08, Vijay Singh was already guaranteed the FedEx Cup Trophy before he ever arrived at East Lake Golf Club. The current “staggered” system in place precludes that from ever happening again.

Based on the FedEx Cup Points list following the BMW Championship, the final 30 players will begin the TOUR Championship las follows.

Staggered Leaderboard at the TOUR Championship
Position in the FedEx Cup Standings Score
1 -10
2 -8
3 -7
4 -6
5 -5
6-10 -4
11-15 -3
16-20 -2
21-25 -1
26-30 E

Where to Bet on the FedEx Cup Online

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It’s important to note that these aren’t just the best places to bet sports online. They are specifically the top sites if you plan to bet money on the FedEx Cup.

These online sportsbooks are reputable and there’s a variety of trusted banking options. Those are a given anytime we endorse a betting site. What helps these bookies really stand out is their attention to golf markets, specifically, FedEx Cup betting.

If you prefer to bet on a mobile device, just head to these featured sites on your cell phone or tablet for a seamless transition. For a deeper dive into using apps for golf betting, check out the following page.

Betting on the Winner of the FedEx Cup

Betting on who wins the TOUR Championship is essentially the same thing as betting on who wins the FedEx Cup. However, pricing for the TOUR Championship won’t be released until the BMW Championship has concluded.

Betting odds for the FedEx Cup winner are released well before that, typically early in the calendar.

Not all, but some of the top sportsbooks will unveil a market to bet on the winner of the FedEx Cup at different points in the year. They could pop up in January and be gone by February – only to reappear for a couple of weeks in April and vanish by May.

Every installment of FedEx Cup odds will feature up-to-date pricing based on the current FedEx Cup standings.

If you sense a player is going to play well in the summer, capturing him during the Florida Swing (March) could end up paying dividends. If you’d rather wait to see what the staggered leaderboard will look like, that’s okay, too.

Dustin Johnson was the champ in 2020 after beginning the week on top (-10), although Rory emerged in 2019 after starting Thursday five back (-5).

For those who are yet to fully grasp the staggered leaderboard concept, feel free to hone in on who will shoot the lowest 72-hole score at the TOUR Championship. The places we recommended to bet on the FedEx Cup online also offer that market.

Dustin Johnson won the 2020 TOUR Championship.

Betting on Who Wins the PGA Tour Money List

This is a separate betting market that’s somewhat related to FedEx Cup betting odds, but often has a different outcome.

You can place wagers on who will end the year atop the official money list. Don’t be surprised if the money leader doesn’t sync up with the FedEx Cup champion.

In fact, we haven’t seen the same golfer win the money list AND the FedEx Cup in the same year since Jordan Spieth’s magical run in 2015.

Money Leaders and FedEx Cup Winners Since 2016
Year Money List Winner FedEx Cup Champion
2016 Dustin Johnson Rory McIlroy
2017 Jordan Spieth Justin Thomas
2018 Justin Thomas Justin Rose
2019 Brooks Koepka Rory McIlroy
2020 Justin Thomas Dustin Johnson

Betting on the FedEx Cup Playoffs

For the first 12 years of the FedEx Cup’s existence, four playoff events followed the regular season. The Dell Technologies Championship was removed from the postseason rotation after 2018 leaving three events remaining on the FedEx Cup Playoffs schedule.

  • BMW Championship (Top 70)
  • TOUR Championship (Top 30)

While THE NORTHERN TRUST and BMW Championship are hosted at different courses each year, the TOUR Championship has been contested at East Lake Golf Club uninterrupted since 2004.

East Lake Golf Club, in Atlanta, is the current home of the TOUR  Championship.

Qualifying for the season-ending festivities in Atlanta comes with a whole lot of perks, including invitations to all the WGCs and majors the following year.

Now for a couple of tips for betting the FedEx Cup Playoff events.

Be Cautious of Guys Around the Bubble

Treat each event as you would when betting on a regular golf tournament but pay close attention to the guys around the “bubble.”

For example, a guy sitting in the 76th slot at THE NORTHERN TRUST is fully aware that it’ll take a strong week to move into the top-70. On the contrary, the player in the 68th spot knows that a poor showing at THE NORTHERN TRUST will send him home packing. His season will be over.

In many cases, the added pressure of HAVING to play well to advance will hinder a player’s performance. Then again, if we’re talking about one of the world-class players who knows how to rise to the occasion, added pressure could equate to an increased level of focus.

Stress Recent Form and Target Hot Golfers

  • Billy Horschel parlayed a runner-up finish at the second playoff event in 2014 into victories the next two weeks at the BMW Championship and TOUR Championship.
  • Bryson DeChambeau won back-to-back playoff events in 2018.
  • Henrik Stenson (2013) and Jason Day (2015) each won multiple playoff events in the same year as well.
  • Rory McIlroy won two playoff events in 2012, only to repeat the feat by winning two more playoff events in 2016.

If a guy wins early in the playoffs, don’t take your eye off him the rest of the way.

As condensed as the current schedule of the FedEx Cup Playoffs is, finding a good rhythm and/or a hot putter in the middle of late portion of August can go a long way.

FedEx Cup Points Per Event

We’ve talked a lot about FedEx Cup betting, let’s make sure you’re fully in tune with the process for players acquiring points.

Keep in mind, only players who make the cut receive FedEx cup points at an event.

FedEx Cup Points Distribution
Finish Regular PGA Tour Events WGCs and Invitationals Majors and THE PLAYERS Opposite Field Events
1 500 550 600 300
2 300 315 330 165
3 190 200 210 105
4 135 140 150 80
5 110 115 120 65
6 100 105 110 60
7 90 95 100 55
8 85 89 94 50
9 80 83 88 45
10 75 78 82 40

For a portrayal of this information in full, refer to the official FedEx Cup point distribution chart.

FedEx Cup Points in the Playoffs

In the first two playoff events, the points are quadrupled compared to a regular PGA Tour event.

For example, 3rd place awards a player 190 points during the season.  3rd place in a playoff event nets a player 760 points (4 x 190 = 760).

Distributing Points for Ties

Let’s say three guys tie for 5th-place. That trio simply splits the points allotted for 5th, 6th, and 7th.

For perspective, the difference between finishing “solo-5th” at a major and in a three-way tie for 5th at a major is 10 points.

FedEx Cup Bonus Money

Don’t forget about the generous FedEx Cup bonus money. After the regular season ends, players ranked 1-10 in the FedEx Cup standings receive between $2 million (leader) and $500,000 (10th).

At the conclusion of the FedEx Cup Playoffs, the PGA Tour ups the ante and hands out some serious dough.

Bonus Money per the Final Standings
Finish Bonus $
1 $15,000,000
2 $5,000,000
3 $4,000,000
4 $3,000,000
5 $2,500,000
6 $1,900,000
7 $1,300,000
8 $1,100,000
9 $950,000
10 $830,000
11 $750,000
12 $705,000
13 $660,000
14 $620,000
15 $595,000
16 $570,000
17 $550,000
18 $535,000
19 $530,000
20 $505,000
21 $490,000
22 $478,000
23 $466,000
24 $456,000
25 $445,000
26 $435,000
27 $425,000
28 $415,000
29 $405,000
30 $395,000


Past Winners of the FedEx Cup

Wondering who has won the FedEx Cup and what their ranking was at the start of the playoffs? We’ve presented those details in the table below.

FedEx Cup Winners
Year Winner Starting Rank at the Playoffs
2007 Tiger Woods 1
2008 Vijay Singh 7
2009 Tiger Woods 1
2010 Jim Furyk 3
2011 Bill Haas 15
2012 Brandt Snedeker 19
2013 Henrik Stenson 9
2014 Billy Horschel 69
2015 Jordan Spieth 1
2016 Rory McIlroy 36
2017 Justin Thomas 2
2018 Justin Rose 4
2019 Rory McIlroy 5
2020 Dustin Johnson 15

Just three of the FedEx Cup winners began the postseason as the #1 seed. Tiger Woods is responsible for two of those occurrences.

Recapping This Guide to the FedEx Cup

FedEx Cup betting recap

The PGA Tour was always exciting, but the implementation of the FedEx Cup takes the exhilaration to a whole new level.

Just imagine how hard somebody’s blood must be pumping when they’re standing over a putt worth more than $15 million.

All that money on the line urges fans to want to get in on the action – now you can by betting on the winner of the FedEx Cup. And you don’t have to wait until tournament week, you can get money down six months in advance and take advantage of favorable pricing.

When odds for the FedEx Cup winner aren’t available, shift your focus to betting on the tournament at hand or start prepping for the upcoming major.

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