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Top Online Poker Sites for MTTs

Poker MTTs (multi-table tournaments) are a blast to play. They offer the opportunity to play for hours on end for a fixed amount of money.

They also offer the opportunity to win lots of money relative to the buy-in. You can win hundreds of dollars or up to millions, and everything in between.

The first step to enjoying everything tournaments have to offer is selecting the right site to join, like the one we recommend. Join one of the best poker sites for MTTs and you’ll have more tournaments than you can possibly play, ran by a safe and secure site you love logging into.

Rank Poker Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
#2 100% Up To $500 Visit Site Visit Site
#3 100% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#4 100% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site

You can’t go wrong with the sites listed above. They all possess the following qualities.

  • A large variety of games, stakes, and variants to choose from
  • Large guaranteed tournaments with four-, five-, and six-figure prizes for the top spots
  • Satellites into their biggest tournaments for a huge discount
  • Reputation for paying their players quickly
  • Loads of banking options with reasonable limits and fees
  • Tons of valuable promotions to claim such as deposit bonuses, VIP programs, and free plays

And more. We’ll talk about what we specifically look for in each site before we can say that they’re the best online poker sites for MTTs in the next section.

You’ll also learn what variants and features we look for and the types of features we look for that tells us whether the poker site is ideal for recreational or part-time poker players.

We’ll wrap up this quick guide with a list of our favorite poker MTT variants. If you’re unsure of what tournament you want to play next, check out this list. We’re sure you’ll find something.

Rating Poker Sites For Multi-Table Tournaments

It’s not easy to find or choose the best poker sites for multi-table tournaments to recommend to our readers. It takes a lot of time to test each site, research the companies running them, and compare the pros and cons to result in a list like the one above.

Every online poker room is different. Just because we found an excellent poker site for cash game players, that doesn’t mean that they’ll work for MTTs. So, we can’t just wing our recommendations.

What we do instead is spend a bunch of time, money, and resources testing every site to ensure they meet our standards for MTT players. And during that process, we ask ourselves the following questions.

1Do They Have Lots of Variants?

The first thing we look for is lots of tournament variants. This is important to us because everyone likes playing different kinds of tourneys. Everyone has their favorites.

The best poker sites for multi-table tournaments will have most, if not all, the following variations.

  • Knockout or bounty tournaments
  • Guaranteed tournaments
  • Fast fold tournaments
  • Satellite tournaments
  • Step tournaments
  • Turbo tournaments
  • Deep stack tournaments

The ideal scenario is finding all these variants combined with a large variety of poker games, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, and so on. That way, everyone can find something to play.

The best of the best MTT poker sites will also have tournament series, like the WSOP or WCOOP/SCOOP from PokerStars. MTT series will have larger guarantees, tons of satellites, and lots of money to be won.

Who wouldn’t want to play them?

2Are They Recreational Player-Friendly?

Some people might disagree, but many people feel like sites full of grinders using third-party programs like Poker Tracker 4 are ruining the game. They make the games harder, so they’re less fun for players who couldn’t care less about optimal play.

Okay, so what does a recreational player friendly poker site look like?

Anonymous Tables
These are tables that use numbers instead of screennames.
Temporary Tags or Notes
You can take notes and tag players, but once that player (or you) leaves the table, the tags/notes disappear.
Quick Seat
This is a feature that some rooms use instead of or in addition to the traditional poker lobby. It quickly seats you at a table using the parameters you give it.
Third-Party Software Prohibited
Many poker sites have gone as far as to prohibit commonly accepted tools and software, such as heads-up displays (HUDs).

Many of the top MTT poker sites online offer all the above while also reducing the number of tables players can have open simultaneously. This discourages pros from signing up.

In turn, if you play at these sites, you’ll play on a more even playing field. You’ll be up against other recreational players like you, instead of players who use everything at their disposal to take your money.

3Do They Offer Large Guaranteed Tournaments?

We prefer to recommend sites that offer guaranteed poker tournaments. The bigger the guarantee, the better.

Why? Large guaranteed tournaments are more fun to play than smaller ones. You won’t have a problem finding poker sites that offer $10k or $20k guarantees. These guarantees aren’t hard to meet even with $5 to $20 buy-ins.

The downside to these tournaments is that you play for several hours, if not all day, to possibly win a high three-figure or four-figure score.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with these scores. It’s just that you can play in a similar field and for a similar length of time for a chance to take down a six-figure score.

All you’ve got to do is join the right sites. These will have much larger guarantees, usually $100,000 or more, sometimes even $1 million.

And even if the buy-in is too high (because the poker site is small, for example), they usually have satellites to these events.

This will give you the opportunity to play in a large guaranteed tourney for a fraction of the cost.

4What Features Do They Have?

The last thing we look at before recommending a poker site to tournament players are their software features.

You don’t need to have features, but they can make it easier to play. Some of them make it more fun to play poker.

Here are some of the features that we look for when ranking the top online poker sites for MTTs.

Can you stack, tile, or cascade your tables? Having the ability to choose how you display your tables might make it easier for you to multi-table.
Four-Color Deck
This feature makes it easier to spot flushes and flush draws.
Auto Register
This feature will help you to keep your session going without having to close all your current tables. Once you bust or finish a tournament, this feature will register you for another one just like it.
How many tables can you play at once? Many sites are reducing the number of tables players can have open simultaneously. You’ll want to double check this to make sure you can play the number of tables you want to.
Quick Seat
Input the type of tourney you want to play including the game, stakes, variants, etc., and this feature will help you find one fast.
Part of the fun that comes from playing poker comes from the social element. We like sites that offer a chat feature so that you can talk trash, poker hands, or just chit chat with other weekend warriors.

Those are just a few of the features we like to see from online poker sites. Many sites offer these features and then some.

The only way to know for sure is to read our reviews. We spend a lot of time going through each site, testing their software, noting the games and stakes they offer, and ensuring their software works flawlessly.

Our reviews are the best way to know what to expect from a poker room before you create an account and make a deposit. If you’re particular about what you play, make our reviews your first stop.

Our reviews cover other important stuff too, ranging from who runs each site to their reputation, banking options they accept, and the promotions you can claim. You’ll find all the information you need to decide which poker site is the best one for you to join.

Best Poker Tournament Variants to Play Online

Maybe you know that you want to play poker tournaments. You like the idea of winning a huge chunk of money one. Or perhaps you like knowing exactly how much you can lose (unlike cash games).

You know all this, but you don’t know which poker tournament variant you want to play.

We don’t blame you. That’s a tough choice to make, especially considering all the formats and variants you have to choose from.

The good news is that we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find our five favorite tournaments to play online and why we think you should check them out.

1Knockout / Bounty Tournaments

A knockout or bounty tournament takes a piece of every player’s buy-in and uses it as a “bounty” on that player’s head.

For example, if you join a $50 + $4 bounty tournament, the $50 will go towards the prize pool and rake. The $4 will be your bounty.

If someone knocks you out, they’ll get your $4. If you knock someone else out, you’ll get their $4. There’s no limit to how many bounties you can collect, and you get to keep them regardless if you win, lose, or cash in the MTT.

Bounties are a lot of fun to play because they can offset your buy-in or add a decent amount to however much you cash for. They also create a ton of (light) action since players go bananas whenever a short stack is all in.

This fact alone makes these tournaments soft to play.

2Step Tourneys

Step tournaments are a variation of satellite tournaments. We like these a little more, though. Here’s a rough idea of how they work.

  • There are several steps. For our example, we’ll say there’s ten steps.
  • You can buy in directly to any step that you want (one through ten). The lowest step will have the smallest buy-in. The highest step will have the largest buy-in.
  • The tenth step will have the grand prize, usually a live tournament package or huge cash prize.
  • Your goal is to start at whatever step you want and win your way to the tenth step (and, hopefully, win that one too).

What makes step tournaments unique is that once you get a few steps in, losing won’t necessarily mean that you’re done with the tournament.

For example, say you win step 1 and 2 but get fourth in step 3. A lot of the time, what will happen is that you’ll either get the opportunity to redo step 3 or you’ll move down to step 2.

This is awesome for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, it gives you multiple chances to make a deep run or win the whole thing. This is especially helpful if you’re starting on one of the lowest steps.

The other reason why we like this is because you get tons of replay value out of one buy-in. If you buy into step 1 and win that tourney, you won’t have to pay to play step 2, 3, replay step 2, or however it goes for you. You won’t have to pay another entry fee until you totally bust that tourney.

For those reasons, you can’t go wrong playing step tourneys. These offer a ton of value for tournament players.


We like satellite tournaments for many of the same reasons as step tournaments. You can get lots of value for a relatively small buy-in.

For example, you can play in a $50 satellite and eventually win a seat to the WSOP Main Event that has a $10,000 buy-in. Chris Moneymaker did it. Then, he won and became a millionaire.

Or you can play in a satellite for a couple of bucks and play in a tournament that usually has a $100 or $200 buy-in. The guarantee on this tournament can be $100,000, $500,000, or even $1 million. Do well in this tourney and you can add a four-, five-, or even a six-figure score to your resume.

Ultimately, satellite tournaments are great because they offer players a chance to play in some large, name-brand tournaments when they otherwise couldn’t afford to.

4Fast Fold

If you like to play lots of hands, then we can’t recommend fast fold poker tournament enough.

Fast fold poker is unique in a few ways.

  • Players are part of a pool.
  • You’re allowed to fold before it’s turn to act.
  • Once the hand is over (either you fold or you go to showdown), everyone is seated at a new table with other players from the pool.

Because you’re able to fold before it’s your turn to act and get another hand to play just a few seconds later, you’ll play 2x to 4x more hands than you will at a traditional poker table.

Fast fold tournaments are great for players who want to play lots of hands. It’s also great for tight players who prefer to play premium pairs and broadways. You’ll get them more often since you’ll receive 2x to 4x more cards throughout one of these tourneys.


The last tournament variant we recommend you check out are tournament freerolls. These are great to play because almost all of them offer a real money prize or something else of value, yet you don’t have to pay to play.

Nowadays, entry to freerolls is limited to players claiming a promotion, those who are at a specific VIP level, or those that meet other requirements. It’s tougher to gain entry into one of these tourneys.

That’s good for you, though. It means smaller fields, softer competition, and a higher chance of you cashing. That’s a fair tradeoff in our books.

Enjoy Playing MTTs Online

Tournaments are a blast to play. You won’t regret your decision to check them out. That said, you’ll have a better time if you get started on the right foot.

What does that mean?

Well, the biggest factor is choosing a top-quality poker site to join. You want to find one that has an awesome selection of tournament games, variants, and stakes to choose from.

They need to be safe, secure, and reputable, otherwise, nothing else will matter.

You could try to find a site like this on your own, but that will take you days or weeks to accomplish. Not only that, but you’ll have to spend a little money testing every site out. This can get expensive.

So why not leave all the testing and research up to us? Our reviews and ratings are NOT paid for. We only recommend the best poker sites for MTTs. We determine who is best using our research and decades of combined experience playing (online) poker.

The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with any of the sites listed at the top of the page. Join one of them now and see for yourself.

Best Poker Sites for MTTs
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