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Ultimate List of Poker Hand Nicknames

Nicknames for Poker Hands

Once you’ve played a few dozen hours of poker, you might assume that there’s a nickname for every poker hand you get.

Well, after scouring the internet and our own poker vocabularies, we can tell you this – that’s a good assumption.

Some of the most popular hands in poker have half a dozen different nicknames. It’s tough to keep track of them all.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Our list below has more than 150 poker hand nicknames categorized by hand type.

Check it out to learn the slang for your favorite poker hands.

Poker Hand Nicknames for Pocket Pairs

Pocket pairs are hands that contain two cards of the same value. For example, pocket aces (AA), kings (KK), and queens (QQ).

The following are the most popular nicknames for pocket pairs in poker.

Ace-Ace (AA)

Pocket aces is the best starting hand that you can get pre-flop in games like Texas Hold’em. You’re approximately 80% to win against any two cards before the flop.

These are the most common poker hand slang for pocket aces.

Nicknames for Pocket Aces
  • American Airlines: The acronym, “AA”, holds the same acronyms as this commercial airline. There are even some similarities when it comes to American Airlines’ logo and this poker hand.
  • Apollo 11: You might hear some players call pocket aces Apollo 11 since Apollo 11 was the first mission to the moon. The ace is considered “1” in poker and furthermore, “AA” can translate directly to “11”.
  • Bullets: An ace bears a similar resemblance to a bullet. Therefore, two aces could resemble two bullets, hence the plural form of the nickname.
  • Batteries: This nickname refers to the “AA” symbol that can be found on most batteries.
  • Pocket Rockets: Aces look like rockets and two aces in the hole is a pocket pair. Thus, pocket rockets.
  • Snake Eyes: Snake Eyes is a borrowed reference from craps. In craps, you hit a Snake Eyes when you hit a one on each die.
  • Teepees: The nickname “Teepees” refers to the pointy tip of the “A’ that makes them look like a teepee.

King-King (KK)

Pocket kings is the second-best hand that you can get in poker.

Like pocket aces, there is plenty of poker hand slang names for this combination.

Pocket Kings Slang
  • Ace Magnets: This term is called “Ace Magnets” because you don’t want to see an ace since this is the only pair that can beat you. This is quite the ironic name!
  • Cowboys: The history behind this nickname is unclear. However, this nickname might come from the phonetic sound that the letter “K” makes and Texas Hold ‘Em’s Old West origins.
  • Elvis Presley: The nickname “Elvis Presley” refers to this “King” of Rock and Roll.
  • King Kong (or Gorillas): The name King Kong comes from the two K’s that come with this pocket pair. You can also find some players calling it “Gorillas”.

Queen-Queen (QQ)

Pocket queens has a few nicknames that it goes by. Unfortunately, some of these names are derogatory, so these are the most common poker hand names you’ll find.

  • Calamity Jane: This name comes from a frontierswoman who was friends with Wild Bill Hickok back in the Old West.
  • Ladies: Since the Queen is the only female card in the deck, this suits the card well without bringing any explicit language into the mix.

Jack-Jack (JJ)

Pocket jacks is a difficult hand to play. It’s the fourth strongest pocket pair in Texas Hold’em, yet players tend to play them as if they were as strong as aces, kings, or queens.

Fortunately, the poker slang for pocket jacks isn’t nearly as difficult.

  • Brothers: nickname comes from the card’s male gender and the pocket pair’s identical status.
  • Fishhooks: The letter “J” bears similar resemblance to a fishhook which is where the name comes from.
  • John Juanda: You might find some players calling pocket jacks, “John Juanda”, a famous poker player who has made millions in winnings and was voted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Ten-Ten (TT)

There are a few nicknames for the poker hand pocket tens. These are the most common ones you’ll hear at the table.

  • Binary: In binary, 1010 equates to 10 which is the value of the card here.
  • Dimes: In the United States, a dime is worth 10 cents which is also a reference to the value of the card.
  • Dynamite: This poker hand slang comes from T and T sounding like TNT.
  • Train Tracks: This is mainly an alliteration, but also possibly a reference to the Old West.

Nine-Nine (99)

Pocket nines are a fun hand to play. You can raise with them, overcall with them, limp in pre-flop with them – it’s hard to go wrong, so long as you don’t overplay them.

Here are some of the different names you might hear someone call pocket nines.

  • Phil Helmuth: This is the hand that this acclaimed poker player used to win the 1989 WSOP.
  • Popeyes: The nines bear a similar resemblance to the famous cartoon character’s arm muscles.
  • Pothooks: The nine looks like a pothook.
  • Wayne Gretzky: This is named after the hockey legend’s jersey number which was No. 99!

Eight-Eight (88)

You’ll find plenty of poker hand slang for pocket eights.

  • Infinity: The 8 looks like the infinity symbol turned on its side.
  • Piano Keys: There are 88 keys on a piano.
  • Pretzels: The 8 in this pocket pair looks similar to the shape of a pretzel.
  • Snowmen: The 8 looks like a snowman.

Seven-Seven (77)

Here is some slang that you might hear when someone has pocket sevens.

  • Candy Canes: The 7 has a similar look as a candy cane.
  • Hockey Sticks: The 7 has a similar shape as a hockey stick.
  • Mullets: If you look close enough, the 7 also looks somewhat like a mullet.

Six-Six (66)

Here’s some of the poker hand slang you might hear with pocket sixes.

  • Boots: The number 6 looks like a boot. Therefore, having two 6’s can resemble a pair of boots.
  • Cherries: The number 6 also looks like a cherry.
  • Route 66: This is the road from Chicago to LA.

Five-Five (55)

If you get pocket fives, here are some nicknames you can call your hand.

  • Nickels: The value of a nickel is five cents.
  • Snakes: Pocket fives has the same shape as two snakes.
  • Speed Limit: 55MPH was the maximum speed limit allowed in the US until Congress changed the law.

Four-Four (44)

Here are some poker nicknames you can use for pocket fours.

  • Darth Vader: This nickname is usually referenced when you get the four of spades and four clubs as your starting hand.
  • Magnum: This name comes from the famous .44 Magnum handgun.
  • Sailboats: The 4s for this pocket pair can look like sailboats.

Three-Three (33)

These aren’t as many nicknames for poker hands like fours, threes and twos – certainly not as many as pocket aces or kings. Here are the few nicknames that you’ll hear the most.

  • Crabs: The 3s on the card closely resemble a crab’s pincers.
  • Lucky Dragon: References for the favorite Chinese hand that “never loses.”
  • Treys: This is a French nickname that dates to the 14th century referring to a card or die with three points.

Two-Two (22)

Pocket twos is the worst pocket pair you can get, but you can still win a huge pot if you flop a set. You’ll hit a set approximately 1 time for every 8 tries.

  • Deuces: This nickname comes from the French word, deux, which means two.
  • Desmond: Nicknamed after Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
  • Ducks: The number 2 looks somewhat like a duck.
  • Richard Nixon: Nicknamed from the famous photo of Richard Nixon giving two victory signs.

A-X Poker Hand Nicknames

If you can’t get a pocket pair likes aces, kings, or queens, then a strong A-X hand is often the next best thing.

Here are some of the poker hand nicknames you might hear when you or someone else picks up a hand with an ace and another card.

Ace-King (AK)

Ace King Nicknames

Some of the most common slang for poker hands is for hands like ace-king.

  • Big Slick: This is one of the most popular nicknames around. It’s a slippery hand known to bring big wins or big losses.
  • Kalashnikov: Named after Mikhail Kalashnikov who designed the AK-47.
  • King Arthur: Named after the legendary knight of the roundtable. This is also a play on his initials.
  • Korean Airlines: Named after the well-known South Korean airline. This is also a play on Korean Airline’s initials.
  • Walking Back to Houston: Popular poker slang by Texas players. This hand might leave you with no money if you overplay it.

Ace-Queen (AQ)

Here are some of the nicknames that players use for ace-queen.

  • Anthony & Cleopatra: Reference to Shakespeare’s play. The Ace is Anthony and Cleopatra is the Queen.
  • Big Chick: An imitation of the “Big Slick” nickname.
  • Doyle Brunson: In Doyle Brunson’s book, he said he would never play AQ. He was busted out of the 2008 WSOP Main Event holding AQ off-suit.
  • Rocket Queen: A reference to the famous Guns N Roses song.

Ace-Jack (AJ)

The poker hand nicknames for AJ come from a popular casino game, clothing brand, and a nickname for a specific position at the poker table.

  • Armani Jeans: A play on the initials of Armani Jeans.
  • Blackjack: Named after the popular casino game that you can find at just about any casino in the world.
  • Hijack: With this hand, you hold the high card (A) and the jack. Hijack is also a term used for the seat to the immediate right of the cutoff at the poker table.

Ace-10 (AT)

Here are the nicknames for the poker hand ace-ten and where they came from.

  • Bookends: Two ends of the highest straight that you can get.
  • Johnny Moss: This Texas poker legend is associated with this hand since it’s speculated that he began playing poker at the age of 10.

Ace-9 (A9)

Surprisingly, even poker hands like ace-nine have a few nicknames – these are the most popular ones.

  • Gimp: Given the nickname because it’s inferior to hand combinations of Ace-Ten and above.
  • Jesus: Nicknamed after Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, who won the 2000 WSOP Main Event off this hand.
  • Rounders Hand: A reference to the famous poker movie, “Rounders”.

Ace-8 (A8)

There is only one slang name for poker hand ace-eight.

  • Dead Man’s Hand: This is the hand that Old West lawman Wild Bill Hickok held when he was shot in the back of the head during a poker game.

Ace-7 (A7)

Here are the poker hand nicknames you’ll hear used for the hole cards ace-seven.

  • Slapshot: Nicknamed after this hockey reference since ace’s are seen as bullets and sevens can be seen as hockey sticks.
  • The Sonnert: Nicknamed after poker player Bengt Sonnert for the World Series of Poker Europe 2008

Ace-6 (A6)

Considering that it’s mostly men that play poker, you’d expect a few more naughty or explicit nicknames for poker hands.

But there are only a couple and, surprisingly, one of them belongs to the hand ace-six.

  • Mile High Club: A more explicit term. Airplane represents the ace and sex represents the six in this hand.

Ace-5 (A5)

There is only one nickname for the hand ace-five.

  • High Five: An ace is the high card, which gives us high five if you combine this idea.

Ace-4 (A4)

This poker hand has slang that derives from a famous poker player, plane, and likeness to another hand in poker.

  • Fake Aces: Called Fake Aces since the 4 in this hand looks like an ace but unfortunately, is not.
  • Plane Crash: Pocket aces are synonymous with flying terms. However, the 4 is missing a wing which is where the term “Plane Crash” comes from
  • Stu Ungar: Nicknamed after poker legend Stu Ungar. Stu Ungar used this hand to win the WSOP Main Event title in 1997 by making a straight.

Ace-3 (A3)

Here are a few poker slang names for the hand ace-three.

  • Ashtray: A play on the words ace and trey.
  • Baskin Robbins: Nicknamed after the 31 different ice cream flavors available at this ice cream joint.
  • Thrace: A combination of the words, ace and three.

K-X Hand Nicknames

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of good hand combinations you can make with the king card. Here are some of its most common nicknames.

King-Queen (KQ)

King-queen is a fun poker hand. You have the potential to flop strong hands like top-pair-top-kicker, as well as strong straight and flush draws.

Here are some of the most common poker hand slang for king-queen.

King Queen Poker Nicknames
  • King of Queens: TV show reference to the popular American sitcom starring Kevin James and Leah Remini.
  • Marriage: An obvious nickname considering kings and queens make married couples.
  • Divorce: Another iteration of the name for when this hand loses.
  • Mixed Marriage: This is used if the hand is off-suit.
  • Throne: A fitting name for the royal couple.
  • Valentine’s Day: This nickname can be used when you’re dealt both the King and Queen of hearts.

King-Jack (KJ)

These are the most common nicknames for the hand king-jack.

  • Harry Potter: An ode to the author, whose name is J.K. Rowling.
  • Jackie Kennedy: A reference to the wife of JFK, whose initials come out to JK.
  • Just Kidding/Joking: The backronym spells out JK.

King-Ten (KT)

There are two nicknames you’ll hear the most for the poker hand king-ten.

  • Katie: Another way to interpret K-T.
  • Ken: A combination of the words “King” and “Ten.”

King-Nine (K9)

The nicknames for the poker hand king-nine revolve around a famous football player, popular animal, and a famous dog that became a movie star.

  • Canine: An interpretation of the word K9.
  • Michael Vick: A reference to this NFL football player’s dog fighting conviction.
  • Rin Tin Tin: This nickname refers to the famous German Shepherd who was rescued during World War I and turned into a movie star.

King-Eight (K8)

Here are the nicknames for the poker hand king-eight.

  • Kate: A combination of the sounds that come from the word “King” and “Eight.”
  • Feast: A bit of a stretch but it’s what the “King Ate.”

King-Seven (K7)

The next time you tell your friends about your king-seven hand, try using one of these poker hand names to describe it.

  • Columbia River: The Columbia River is known for its king salmon. “King Seven” sounds a little like “King Salmon.”
  • Kevin: A name that not only sounds somewhat like “King Seven” but also combines the sounds of “King” and “Seven.”

King-six (K6)

There is only one name we know of that people use for the poker hand king-six.

  • Kicks: Nicknamed after the combination of the sounds that come with “King” and “Six.”

King-Five (K5)

Here is the nickname poker players use for king-five.

  • Knives: A phonetic combination of the words “King” and “Five”

King-Four (K4)

The poker hand king-four has two nicknames.

  • Core: A phonetic combination of the words “King” and “Four.”
  • Fork: 4K has a similar sound to fork.

King-Three (K3)

A lot of names for poker hands derive from animals. The hand king-three is no different.

  • King Crab: The 3 looks like a crab’s pincer. With the king, this is a King Crab.

King-Two (K2)

Here is the only nickname that we know of for the poker hand king-two.

  • Donald: A reference to Donald Duck, who is known as the “King of the Ducks”

Q-X Hand Nicknames

Seeing a queen in your opening hand can be a good feeling. A pair of queens is often good, plus queens make for strong flushes and straights.

Here are some popular nicknames for queen hand combinations that you might get.

Queen-Jack (QJ)

The poker hand nicknames for queen-jack revolve around a sunny travel destination, TV show, and what it sounds like to say queen-jack aloud.

  • Hawaii: A saying from the pros where if you don’t play this hand for a year, you’ll have enough money to go to Hawaii.
  • Maverick: A reference to the 1950s Mavericks TV show theme song where it says, “Livin’ on jacks and queens. Maverick is a legend of the west.”
  • Quack: A combination of the words “queen” and “jack.”

Queen-Ten (QT)

Here are the most common nicknames for the poker hand queen-ten.

  • Cutie: A play on the phonetic name for Queen-Ten, QT.
  • Q-Tip: A backronym of the QT name
  • Robert Varkonyi: Varkonyi knocked out Phil Helmouth with this hand and eventually went on to win the 2002 WSOP Main Event
  • Tarantino: Named after critically-acclaimed film director, Quentin Tarantino, whose initials also spell out QT

Queen-Nine (Q9)

There is only one slang name for the hand queen-nine.

  • Quinine: “Queen Nine” sounds similar to “Quinine.”

Queen-Eight (Q8)

Here is what poker players call queen-eight.

  • Kuwait: A phonetic play on the country in the Middle East.

Queen-Seven (Q7)

We’re not sure when you’d want to play a hand like queen-seven, but when you do, here is what you can call it.

  • Computer Hand: According to legend, a computer proved that queen and 7 were the most commonly occurring cards on the flop. There is also another story of a computer proving that Q7 was a break-even hand.
  • Dike: A lady with a mullet. The lady is the queen card and the seven is the mullet.

Queen-Six (Q6)

We know of only one nickname for the queen-six poker hand.

  • Quix: A phonetic combination of the cards queen and six.

Queen-Five (Q5)

This poker hand nickname derives from royalty.

  • Granny May: A reference to the queen. Granny is the queen and May is the fifth month of the year.

Queen-Four (Q4)

We don’t suggest you use this poker slang around your wife or other important woman in your life.

  • Housework: Unfortunately, this is a bit of an insensitive nickname. It’s supposedly an answer to the question: “What’s a Queen for (4)?”

Queen-Two (Q2)

In addition to animals, a few Disney characters have also been used for poker hand names.

  • Daisy: A reference to Daisy Duck, who is known as the “Queen of Ducks.”

Poker Nicknames for J-X Hands

While the lowest of the face cards, some hand combinations with a jack can prove to be very formidable. Here are some names you can use for the J-X hands you pick up.

Jack-Ten (JT)

The nicknames for jack-ten revolve around a famous singer and TV show star.

  • Justin Timberlake: A reference to this pop singer’s initials.
  • Greek Passport: Supposedly, a Greek immigrant won with this hand to buy an Australian residency.
  • TJ Hooker: Named after the 1980s TV show starring William Shatner.

Jack-Nine (J9)

Here are the nicknames poker players use for the hand jack-nine.

  • Braggars: In Braggars, jacks and nines are wild cards.
  • TJ Cloutier: Named after this poker legend, it’s rumored that TJ Cloutier flopped three straight flushes in one year with this hand.

Jack-Eight (J8)

The nicknames for jack-eight range from a player on words to the name of a serial killer.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer: Named after this infamous serial killer, Jeffrey (J) ate (8) his victims.
  • Jacket: A phonetic combination of the words “jack” and “eight.”

Jack-Seven (J7)

Maybe we can turn this poker hand and nickname into a drinking game?

  • Jack Daniels: Nicknamed after Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Tennessee whiskey.

Jack-Five (J5)

This poker hand nickname revolves around a famous pop band from the ‘60s.

  • Jackson Five: Named after the pop band that spawned one of the greatest singers and performers of all time, Michael Jackson.

Jack-Four (J4)

There are two nicknames you’ll hear the most for the poker hand jack-four.

  • Flat Tire: The answer to this question: “What’s a Jack for?” The answer is a flat tire.
  • The New Motown: Motown was originally named after the Jackson Five. However, now there are only four in the group.

Jack-Three (J3)

Here are the poker hand nicknames you should use for the poker hand jack-three.

  • J Lo: This is not a reference to the singer Jennifer Lopez but rather the fact that you hold a jack and a low card.
  • Lumberjack: A reference to a jack and a tree (3).
  • Minus Michael and Jermaine: The Jackson Five without two of its members.

Jack-Two (J2)

The nicknames for the poker hand jack-two derive from an old story and a word you don’t want to say in front of mom – unless you want your mouth washed out with soap.

  • Jack S**t: A more explicit name, “jack s**t” refers to the fact that a jack and a two is basically nothing in terms of playing potential.
  • The Prince and the Pauper: An ode to Mark Twain’s novel where two young identical boys have very different lives but decide to switch lives to see what’s on the other side.

T-X Hand Nicknames

T-X hands can lead to some nice hand combinations, such as a straight, flush, or even royal flush.

Here are some common nicknames for the ten card in poker.

Ten-Nine (T9)

Here is what some people call the ten-nine hand.

  • Countdown: Countdowns usually start with 10, 9, 8…

Ten-Eight (T8)

This poker slang derives from a famous video game.

  • Tetris: You won’t find very many nicknames for this hand. In this case, Tetris is more of a phonetic name for this hand.

Ten-Seven (T7)

This is a famous poker player’s favorite poker hand.

  • Bowling Hand: This is a reference to the dreaded 7-10 split that you might find when bowling.
  • Daniel Negreanu: This is Daniel Negreanu’s favorite poker hand when it’s dealt to him suited.

Ten-Six (T6)

Who knew there’d be a nickname for the poker hand ten-six?

  • Sweet Sixteen: Ten and six make sixteen in total.

Ten-Five (T5)

Here is what some people call the hand ten-five.

  • Five and Dime: From the old American “five and dime” stores where everything was either five or ten cents.

Ten-Four (T4)

It’s possible that only truckers will understand this poker slang.

  • CB Hand: 10-4 is CB radio language for the term, “okay”.

You might also hear similar terms like:

  • Convoy
  • Good Buddy
  • Over and Out
  • Roger That

Ten-Three (T3)

There are two poker hand nicknames for the hand ten-three.

  • Fast Connection: A reference to the T3 telecommunications connection.
  • Hot Waitress: This makes use of the “trey” nickname for the 3 card. A hot waitress is a “ten with a trey” where the ten refers to how pretty the waitress is.

Ten-Two (T2)

If you’ve been into poker for any length of time now, odds are you know at least one of these nicknames for the hand ten-two.

  • Doyle Brunson: Named after poker legend, Doyle Brunson won the WSOP in 1976 and 1977 with this hand
  • Terminator 2: The abbreviation for this movie title makes T2

9-X Hand Nicknames

Some of our most favorite 9-X hands are suited connectors. Who wouldn’t want to flop a straight and/or flush draw?

Here are some of the most common nicknames for poker hands with a nine in them.

Nine-Eight (98)

This nickname derives from a GM vehicle.

  • Oldsmobile: This is named after Olds 98 automobile.

Nine-Seven (97)

We don’t see the connection between the nickname and the poker hand nine-seven.

  • Persian Carpet Ride: A term WSOP commentator, Antonio Esfandiari, coined in reference to his Persian heritage.

Nine-Six (96)

You’ll want to cover the kids’ eyes for this one, as the nicknames for the hand nine-six refer to a sexual position.

  • The Dirty: This hand will usually only be referenced with a sexual undertone since it closely resembles the “69” sexual position.

Here are some other nicknames you might see similar to “The Dirty”

  • Big Lick
  • Breakfast of Champions
  • Dinner for Two
  • Good Lover
  • Prom Night

Nine-Five (95)

Here are what poker players call the poker hand nine-five.

  • Dolly Parton: Based on the movie “9 to 5” starring Dolly Parton, Dabney Coleman, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin.
  • Hard Working Man: Based on most work culture, a hard working man works from 9 to 5.

Nine-Four (94)

The poker hand nicknames for nine-four both revolve around sports.

  • Joe Montana: An ode to the Hall of Fame quarterback who played for the San Francisco “49ers.”
  • Lost World Series: This refers to the cancelled baseball World Series of 1994.

Nine-Three (93)

Here is the slang you might hear for the poker hand nine-three.

  • Jack Benny: For years, American comic and actor, Jack Benny, claimed to be 39 years old.
  • The Sandy: A reference to Sandy Dunlop who won the 2013 Black Cat Poker tournament with this hand.

Nine-Two (92)

This is one of the worst starting hands in poker, so hopefully you won’t have to use the slang for this poker hand too many times.

  • Twiggy: This is based on the famous British model’s waist size, which is said to have measured only 29 inches.

Nicknames for 8-X Poker Hands

We’re starting to get halfway through the deck. Even though there aren’t a ton of 8-X hands we love to play, surprisingly, you’ll still find several nicknames for them.


Here are the nicknames for the poker hand eight-seven.

  • Crosby: Hockey player Sidney Crosby wore the number 87
  • RPM: The first record was a 10 inch disc which spun at 78 revolutions per minute.

Eight-Six (86)

The nicknames for this hand derive from a older TV show and famous singer and songwriter.

  • Maxwell Smart: Named after the clumsy secret agent in the “Get Smart” TV series. IN this show, Maxwell Smart was known as Agent 86.
  • Rick James: This is named after singer and songwriter, Rick James, who died on 8/6.

Eight-Five (85)

Eight-five is hardly a playable poker hand. Still, there’s a nickname for it.

  • Chad: Former football player, Chad Ochocinco, wore the number 85. His last name, “Ochocinco” also directly translates to “Eight Five.”

Eight-Four (84)

We haven’t heard this nickname before. Have you?

  • Big Brother: Based on George Orwell’s book, “1984” where Big Brother is a common name throughout the novel.

Eight-Three (83)

The third worst hand in poker, yet there are two nicknames for it. Go figure.

  • Raquel Wench: This American actress and singer claims to be 38.
  • Most Feared Hand in Hold ‘Em: A tongue in cheek reference since eight-three is the third-worst hand in poker.

Eight-Two (82)

Here is another poker hand nickname that revolves around a duck.

  • Tadpole: This is the answer to the question: “what the duck ate?” In the question, the duck is the 2 card and “ate” resembles the 8 card.

7-X Hand Nicknames

Let’s look at some of the poker slang you can expect to hear when talking about 7-X hole cards.

Seven-Six (76)

Here are the slang names for the poker hand seven-six.

  • Trombones: An ode to the song “76 Trombones” from the musical and film “The Musical Man.”
  • Union Oil: A reference to the old Union 76 chain of gas stations all around the United States. Today, the company is owned by Phillips 66.

Seven-Five (75)

The poker hand names for seven-five derive from a famous spy, popular food condiment, and a war.

  • 007: James Bond won with this hand in the critically-acclaimed 2006 film “Casino Royale.”
  • Heinz: The H.J. Heinz Company in Philadelphia claims to have 57 different varieties of condiments, with their most famous being ketchup.
  • Vietnamese Slick: The Vietnam War ended in 1975.

Seven-Four (74)

Here are the names poker players use for the hand seven-four.

  • Double Down: In Blackjack, it’s often wise to double down when you hit 11 on your two cards. 7+4=11.
  • Kalashnikov: While this nickname can be used for Ace-King, you can use the term “Kalashnikov” for 74 due to his design of the AK-47 and AK-74.

Seven-Three (73)

You can win a poker tournament with any hand. One of the poker nicknames for the hand seven-three is proof.

  • Dutch Waiter: In this case, Dutch Waiter refers to “Sven with a trey” where Sven holds similar resemblance to the number seven and trey is a nickname for the three card.
  • Joe Hachem: Australian poker legend, Joe Hachem, held this hand when he won the 2005 WSOP Main Event.

Seven-Two (72)

This is the worst starting hand in poker, yet “garbage,” “trash,” or “money pit” isn’t one of its nicknames.

  • Beer Hand: If you win this hand, you should buy everyone a beer. However, since this is the worst in poker, it might take several beers to play this hand.
  • H.I.P: An acronym for the “Worst Hand in Poker.”

6-X Hand Nicknames

The value of the six-card might not be too powerful, but you can occasionally make a strong hand.

If anything, there is entertainment value to be had in knowing the nicknames for various 6-X hands you can receive.

Six-Five (65)

Here are the two poker hand slang names we know of for the hand six-five.

  • Bus Pass: In the UK, a bus pass is free to anyone aged 65 or older.
  • Ken Warren: Poker legend, Ken Warren, won the WSOP with this hand.

Six-Four (64)

The poker nicknames for this hand revolve around a popular ‘50s game show and a cricket player.

  • Billion Dollar Hand: A reference to the popular 1950s game show, “The $64,000 Question.”
  • Gilchrist: This is named after cricketer Adam Gilchrist who is known for his ability to hit 6’s and 4’s.

Six-Three (63)

Who knew that six-three was a good “ambush” hand? Apparently, it is, at least according to a popular poker book.

Here are the names you might hear players call this hand.

  • Blocky: A reference to a player mentioned in Doyle Brunson’s “Super/System” who always played 6-3 as an ambush hand.
  • Spanish Inquisition: A hand that not many people expect to win, but as Monty Python quotes, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

Six-Two (623)

Many poker hand nicknames come from actual poker games. The nickname for the hand six-two is no exception.

  • Aimsworth: Well-known Texas poker player Byron Wolford was playing against Jack Straus when this nickname occurred. Straus had pocket aces while Byron had 6-2. The flop revealed one two, the turn revealed another two, and the river was another deuce. The two players then went all in. When Straus asked what he was “drawing at”, he said, “Just aiming at another deuce. I guess I’m Aimsworth.”

5-X Hand Nicknames

Here are some 5-X hand nicknames you might hear from players.

Five-Four (54)

Who doesn’t like to play 54 suited, especially when you can use a cool nickname to describe the hand to your friends?

  • Colt 45: This is a reference to the infamous Colt .45 handgun as well as the beer brand.
  • Jesse James: This famous Old West outlaw was believed to have been shot by a Colt .45.
  • Moneymaker: Chris Moneymaker held this hand when he won the 2003 WSOP Main Event.

Five-Three (53)

There is a slight disconnect between the strength of this hand and its nickname – at least until you hear where it comes from.

  • Juggernaut: A reference to the “Magic: The Gathering” card which has a power of 5 and a toughness of 3.

Five-Two (52)

These are the poker hand slang given to the hand five-three.

  • Bomber: A reference to the B-52 bomber which has been in the U.S. Air Force since the 1950s.
  • Pickup: This refers to the card game, not the truck.
  • Quarter: This hand reversed shows 25, which is the value of a quarter.

4-X Hand Nicknames

We’ve already covered several nicknames which involve the four card. However, here are two more hands with nicknames that we haven’t covered yet.

Four-Three (43)

Here are the names you might hear for the poker hand four-three.

  • Books: This is the answer to the question: “What is a tree (3) for (4)?”
  • Waltz: This musical theme is played in ¾ time.

Four-Two (42)

The nicknames for the hand four-two revolve around a famous TV show character, piece of lumber, and the answer to everything in the universe.

  • Jack Bauer: Jack Bauer is the main character in critically-acclaimed TV show, “24.”
  • Lumberman’s Hand: A common piece of plankwood often has 2×4 dimensions.
  • The Answer: In “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” the infamous computer derives that the answer to everything in the universe is the number 42.

3-2 Hand Nicknames

When it comes to threes, we’ve covered several of the nicknames that you might find already. But here are two more that we haven’t covered yet.

  • Nut Low: This is the lowest possible hand that you can get in poker.
  • Michael Jordan: Michael Jordan wore the number 32 during his time playing in the NBA.

Those are all the slang names for poker hands that we could think of or find.

But if you know of one that we missed, contact us and we’ll add it to the list.

We want this to be the best list of poker hand names on the internet and, with your help, we can make that happen!

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