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Bill Brennan: Mysterious Stardust Thief

Thousands of people try to steal money from the casinos on an almost daily basis, but these people generally get caught and have to serve time for their actions.

Bill Brennan somehow managed to steal $500,000 from the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas and the authorities have yet to find out exactly what has happened to him.

The most amazing part of this whole situation is the fact that Bill Brennan stole from the Stardust in such an unconventional way. He didn’t use violence or any weapons to steal from the casino, nor did he use any advanced tools or technology either. He simply took the money and left.

Almost twenty-four years later, and this whole ordeal still remains an unsolved mystery. In order to understand the crime Bill committed, we must travel back in time over twenty years ago to the year 1992.

The Stardust Casino: 1992

It’s safe to say that twenty plus years ago, the Stardust wasn’t overly concerned with protecting their assets. Yes, they may have had some security officers and they may have had some cameras looking over the facilities, but none of it compares to the measures that they go through today.

Casinos were also a lot more trusting of their employees, which made them vulnerable for such attacks.

Who Bill Brennan is and What He Got Away With

Bill Brennan appeared to be just your average man; he was medium height and weight. He had dark brown hair, his clothes were always clean, and he seemed to take good care of himself.

The Stardust would soon find out, however, that Bill Brennan was much more than your average person, as he was capable of getting away with a crime that no man had accomplished before.

Bill Brennan had been working at the Stardust Casino for over four years when everything took place. He was an extremely diligent and hardworking employee at first, but he eventually let other employees negatively influence him.

He also started hanging out with a high roller at the casino, who put a desire for lust and money into his head. One day Bill demanded that he be given a supervisor’s position, but it was not granted because his manager didn’t believe he was ready for that kind of responsibility. This infuriated Bill and is probably what motivated him to commit this crime.

While Bill was working at the Stardust Casino, he had a chance to investigate the faults in the casino’s security system. Soon he knew which cameras showed what and at what times.

When he took the $500,000 (in a random combination of chips and dollars), no camera saw it and no security guard was there to witness it.

Due to these circumstances, it took the police several hours to even determine that it was Bill Brennan who stole the money. This gave Bill just the time he needed to pack up his stuff and leave.

The manager of Stardust’s Sportsbook at the time was Richard Saber, and he made a few comments about Bill in a 1992 interview. He talked about Bill’s interests, referring to him as a loner who only enjoyed spending time with his cat.

This is fitting seeing as how when the police charged down the door to his apartment, both Bill and his cat were long gone.

How far can a person go with a cat by his side?
This would be one of many unanswered questions to be asked by the police.

For years after Bill committed this crime, his name appeared on both the FBI’s Most Wanted List and America’s Most Wanted List. The investigation went on for several years, over which hundreds of calls came in with clues as to what they think happened to Bill. We outlined some of the most popular rumors for you below.

Rumors and Speculation

Since Bill Brennan was caught reading books about how he could change his identity, some people suspect that he may have fled to Canada or Mexico. It’s possible that he may have come up with an alias, and that he was able to successfully change his name.

However, this is not an easy process and it would be costly. $500,000 was a lot of money, but it wouldn’t last forever.

Many people believe he had an accomplice help him steal the money; perhaps it was the high roller at the casino who mysteriously disappeared a few months after the robbery. It could have also been another employee of the Stardust, although police were unable to identify which employee would be capable of committing such a crime.

Others believe that a man with Bill’s personality probably never would have worked with someone else and that he was incapable of leaving the city. He may have altered his appearance, found a new place to live, and is simply working under a different name.

Some people suspect that he may have been killed for not giving an equal share of money to his partner. Another strong possibility is that he was somehow connected to the mafia.

We could go back and forth for hours about the different possibilities, but the only thing we know for sure is that in these past twenty four years, there has been no trace of Bill Brennan.

  • Is he alive?
  • Is he dead?
  • How did he get away with the crime of a century?

These questions will remain unanswered unless any new information is received by the police regarding this case. Until then, this is still an unsolved cold case.

Ever since this crime took place, the Stardust and other casinos have been cracking down on employees they suspect may be stealing.

Often times, the casinos will have them undergo a thorough background check before they are even hired.

They also added even more cameras, and were careful to make sure that all parts of the casino were covered. It would be very difficult to get away with what Bill did back in 1992, because of how tightly secured the casinos are today.

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