7 Tips for Ending Your Latest Gambling Skid

By Nicholas Sterling in Tips & Tricks / Strategies
| June 27, 2022 11:24 am PDT
How to snap a losing streak in gambling, chips, coins, dice

No one wants to have a losing streak in gambling. Watching your money go down the drain is incredibly frustrating because your team failed to cover by a half-point. Sometimes, it seems like the universe is against you.

However, a losing streak doesn’t have to last. My tips for how to end a losing streak in gambling will give you the inside track to returning to your winning ways.

Are you looking to end an online gambling drought? Please take a look at my top tips for ending your losing streaks.

Bet on Props with Low Odds

We know sports betting is very popular within the gambling realm. The top sports betting sites are the place to visit when you need to place your bets. However, it can be frustrating when the wagers aren’t going your way.

Everyone wants to find value with the spread, moneyline, player prop, etc. They have high odds for a reason, as they don’t have a great chance of hitting. Before you know it, the losses pile up.

Bettors can break that rough patch by taking props with lower odds. You won’t find much value, but it’s a great chance to build confidence.

Building your bankroll through single bets with (-250) or lower odds is tough. That’s why we’ve seen the same game parlays become more popular. You can find value with a few props that have low odds.

We’ll want to keep in line with the theme of tips for ending gambling droughts. Same game parlays can be tricky, so I’d start with single bets. I can’t guarantee you’ll win much money, but it’ll help end your losing streak.

You can try out the same game parlays and props with higher odds as you build confidence. It’ll go a long way towards ending your gambling drought.

Change Your Routine


Sometimes, you have to switch things up for a different result. This could apply to many things in life, including how to stop losing in gambling.

Many people likely follow the same pattern. Maybe they play online poker every night or wager on every NFL game for the week. If you’re on a losing streak, something’s not working. That’s when it’s time to change your routine.

We know frustration will mound with a losing streak. It’s possible you could go into your nightly poker sessions already thinking you’ll lose. That negative attitude will diminish your chances of earning a profit.


It’s possible that people can’t change the times they play online casino games or wager on sports. Most people have to work throughout the day, so playing at night is their only option.

They can certainly adjust their schedule. Instead of playing four times a week, limit yourself to one or two nights. Bettors can wager on one NBA game instead of seven.

Nothing will change if you keep doing the same thing over and over. Changing your routine to be in a better position to snap your losing streak in gambling is essential.

Take a Break from Gambling

Sometimes, the best tips are the simplest. There are things in life that make even the happiest person frustrated. The best way to handle that situation is to walk away and take a break. We apply the same philosophy to how to end a gambling losing streak.

Obviously, it’s no fun dealing with a gambling losing streak, but it can also be dangerous. People lose a lot of money to the point where it affects their personal life. It’s important to examine the lingering effects of gambling losses.

You’ll have people hoping to earn their money back by placing more bets. Sometimes, it’s best to take a break from gambling.

You can decide how long to take a break. Some people may be okay with taking 24 hours off, while others must avoid the gambling scene for a month. It’s important to take this time to reset.

This will help relieve any anger towards gambling. A fresh mind will go a long way towards ending your losing streak.

Taking a break is a good life tip for any situation that frustrates you. When you’re ready to come back, feel free to visit these top online casino sites to help you get back into the groove of things. Top Online Casinos

Refine Your Bets to Your Best Sports/Games

There are hardcore gamblers that will bet on anything with odds. They may not know much about the sport/game, but they view it as another opportunity to earn a profit. However, that can lead to a losing streak.

Betting on sports/games, you know well, will help with how to end a losing streak in gambling. That way, you’re only wagering on things you have an extensive background in.

The NFL is the most popular sport in the U.S., but a sport like NASCAR or Golf would give you more value if you predict the winner. Let’s have a hypothetical favorite for each sport.

Odds on a screen
  • NFL: Los Angeles Rams (-190)
  • NASCAR: Kyle Larson (+450)
  • Golf: Rory McIlroy (+1000)

There’s much more value in finding the winner in NASCAR and Golf, but it’s much tougher to predict. It only makes it more difficult if you aren’t an expert in that field. That can lead to a losing streak.

We can apply the same logic to casino games. A poker expert may have a tough time with online slots or blackjack. They’re better off staying at the poker table. One of the top tips for ending gambling droughts is sticking to your strong suits.

Set a Gambling Budget

One of the biggest problems with a gambling losing streak is people lose a ton of money. Instead of trying one of the tips for ending losing streaks, they chase the money. This is a process of trying to make up for the lost money.

Some people may pull this off, but most gamblers put themselves in a bigger hole. It’s crucial to establish a budget to stop the losing streak.

Maybe it’s okay to chase the money a little bit, but you must cut yourself off before it’s too late. It’s brutal to recover from a deep hole.

What’s nice about this tip is it can also help you prevent a losing streak. Setting a budget may not avoid a losing streak altogether, but it’ll help keep that losing streak at a minimum. You’ll prevent yourself from going into a deep hole.

Ultimately, you have to decide your budget. Some people may be okay with wagering $100 a night, while others may wager $50 throughout the week. You can learn more about it by visiting our real money gambling sites page.

Setting up a budget will help with how end a gambling losing streak.

Play for Less Money in Online Games

This is an extension of my latest tip, focusing on online games. We know online poker games can feature a big pot. The bigger the pot, the larger the buy-in. It’s not uncommon to lose big on poker.

A losing streak can lead to a significant loss. You don’t necessarily have to stop playing online poker, but it’d probably help if you played in games with a smaller pot. That way, a loss wouldn’t hurt as much.

Let’s check out buy-in options for different poker games.

Peaking at poker cards
  • No-Limit Hold’em (full ring) cash game: $25
  • No-Limit Hold’em, 45-player sit-n-gos: $50
  • No-Limit Hold’em, multi-table tournaments: $200

This isn’t the best example because you can enter poker games for $1 or $2. However, I made sure to use this example because it shows the variety of one game. People using my tips for ending losing streaks likely won’t enter a tournament with a $200 buy-in.

It’s much safer to opt for a low buy-in poker game. We can also say the same for blackjack and online slots.

I would limit your wager for blackjack and use less money for your next online slot game. It’ll be significant for how to end a losing streak in gambling.

Take a Hard Look in the Mirror


Everyone wants to blame the game when they have a losing streak. People don’t want to admit it, but a losing streak often stems from bad bets. There’s plenty of luck in gambling, but you must know the sports/games to succeed.

Sometimes, you have to take a hard look in the mirror to determine how to end a gambling losing streak. You hold the key to ending this losing streak.

Honestly, anything can lead to a losing streak. Perhaps something in your personal life is distracting you from doing enough research for gambling. Maybe you lack confidence at the poker table.

Either way, some people need to take a moment and evaluate themselves. Whether they want to have a new poker strategy or need to eliminate distractions in their personal life, this can tie into my previous tips of changing your routine and taking a break.

It shouldn’t embarrass anyone to reflect on their gambling failures. Even the best gamblers in the world lose thousands of dollars. I’m not recommending you do that, but it happens.

How does this fit into your tips for ending gambling droughts?

The Process Behind Ending a Gambling Losing Streak

If you gamble enough, you’ll go through a losing streak. You would have to be the luckiest person in the world never to have a gambling losing streak. Thankfully, we know how to end a losing streak in gambling.

I think it’s a great idea to take a break and evaluate your thought process. That way, you can eliminate the stress and frustration. Everyone wants to have fun while gambling.

Once you end your gambling losing streak, feel free to visit the best online gambling sites.



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