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Join the Best High Stakes Sportsbooks in 2021

Some people don’t want to bet $100, $500, or even $1,000 per bet.

No way – that’s chump change.

They want to bet more. They want to bet $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000 – or more – on any given market or bet.

But the challenge is that few sportsbooks have betting limits that high. Most have limits that peak somewhere between $1,000 and $2,500 per bet. So your first task is to find a betting site that has high limits. But you don’t want to sign up to the first sportsbook you find, either. You want to join the BEST sites for high stakes sports betting.

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Think about it…if you want to wager $10,000 on one bet, how large is your bankroll? Using standard bankroll guidelines, it’s going to be anywhere from $500,000 to $1,000,000.

Are you going to trust that much money to just anyone? Heck no! You’re only going to trust the best betting sites with that kind of money – otherwise, you’re a dummy.

That’s why we recommend only the above sportsbooks for high stakes betting. We’ve vetted them for you. Your money’s in good hands when you bet with them.

To get started, simply click the “Visit Now” button.

Now, if you’re new to online betting, we recommend reading the review for each sportsbook before you sign up and make a deposit. And that’s because each sportsbook will have different banking methods, banking limits, payout limits, betting markets, and more – all things you want to make sure you’re okay with before you send them a 6- or 7-figure bank wire.

Best online sports betting sites for high stakes wagers

9 Qualities the Best High Stakes Betting Sites Share

While researching sportsbooks to find the best ones with high betting limits, we noticed that the best ones shared a few qualities. The more of the following 9 qualities a sportsbook possesses, the better you can feel about betting large sums of money there.

Please Note
  • We’re not covering the basic qualities every sportsbook should possess. This includes qualities such as licensing, integrity, fair terms, responsive support, and so on. It should go without saying that betting at a dishonest book makes everything else we say irrelevant.
  • We used Pinnacle and Bookmaker for our examples below. Both are good examples of how high stakes betting sites should do things. And the pros we know highly recommend both.

1 High banking limits

If you want to bet $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 per bet, you need to have that money in your account first. And that’s hard to do if sportsbooks have payment methods with low max deposit limits. So we recommend finding a sportsbook that accepts deposit limits in the $10,000-$20,000 range PER deposit – and preferably higher.

2 Low fees

We’re talking about large sums of money here. Tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Millions, even. With amounts that large, even the smallest of fees add up fast. One percent of $1 million is $10,000, just to put things into perspective.

Here’s what we recommend you look for (in order of preference):

  • No fees (duh).
  • A flat fee. For example, $8 per transaction.
  • A percentage-based fee with a cap. For example, 3.5% up to $45.

What you don’t want is a percentage-based fee without a cap. Because the fees you pay could equal the size of one of your bets.

3 Fast payments

We don’t know about you, but we’re going to be a little antsy to receive our money when we know it’s going to be in the 6-to-7-figure range. We’ve found the best way to ease that anxiety is to choose a sportsbook known for both fast and reliable payouts. Aim for one to two weeks for checks, one week for wires, and under a week for everything else.

4 High payout limits

Many sportsbooks – even those with high betting limits – have limits on what they’re willing to pay out on a rolling 24-hour basis.

Your objective is simple – find a sportsbook that offers the largest payout limits (per 24 hours) relative to the sports you plan to bet on, as well as their betting limits. For some people, it might even make sense to join two sportsbooks, because any money wagered that you won’t get paid on is an opportunity cost – it’s money you could wager somewhere else and profit with.

5 Winner friendly

It doesn’t make much sense to bet large sums of money if the sportsbook doesn’t want winning bettors. All that’s going to happen is that you’re going to have your account closed or severely capped. In a worst-case scenario, you’re going to get into a (losing) battle for some – if not all – of your winnings.

The good news is that high limit betting sites that accept winning bettors often go hand-in-hand. But the best way to know for sure is to read our sportsbook reviews.

6 Good odds

One thing that varies from sportsbook to sportsbook are the odds you pay for any particular bet. Your goal is to find the sportsbooks that consistently offer the best prices. It’s the same as finding a sportsbook that doesn’t charge banking fees – even a one or two percent difference in vig adds up.

And while most sportsbooks have similar margins, there are others who clearly stand out for having the best prices. For example, you can see on this page that Pinnacle has a 2% (average) margin on major soccer events, while the industry average is 6%.

Think about that for a minute…how much money will you save because of that 4% difference? For people betting tens of thousands of dollars, the answer is simple – a lot.

7 VIP programs

Most sportsbook review sites recommend that you find a sportsbook that’s offering a MASSIVE bonus.

But we disagree – that’s a stupid idea.

99.99% of deposit bonuses aren’t worth anything to high limit bettors. If you’re betting $10,000 per pop, are you going to get excited over a $250 deposit bonus? No way – it’s chump change. But that’s what low limit bettors want, so that’s what low (betting) limit sportsbooks offer.

What you should focus on instead are VIP or cash-back programs.

These are going to be harder to find amongst high stakes sportsbooks. For example, Pinnacle doesn’t offer one. That’s because they can’t. They’re already operating on low margins – they don’t have much to spare after paying their overhead.

However, some books – like Bookmaker.eu – do. So they give you points for every bet you make, which you can then save and later exchange for perks like cash back or merchandise.

Trust us – while collecting points for 1% cash back may seem trivial, remember what we’ve said earlier about banking fees and vig. Even nominal amounts add up FAST when you’re talking about betting large sums of money. This is definitely worth your time.

8 Offer excellent support

Every sportsbook should offer excellent support. However, we feel there’s a bit of a difference between the support that should be given to a $10 bettor and the support that should be given to a $20,000 bettor. The best sportsbooks will offer one-on-one support, though you may have to ask for it. If you can’t find one-on-one support, then make sure their live chat or email is fast and top-notch. Otherwise, tell them you’re going to take your money elsewhere.

9 Okay with arbitrage

Many books frown on arbitrage bettors because it reduces their margins – if not eliminates them altogether. So they’ll either cap their accounts or close them altogether.

But we’ve noticed that a few of the best high stakes sportsbooks don’t mind. In fact, some high stakes betting sites welcome (winning) arbitrage bettors because of the following.

  • It helps tighten up their odds.
  • They have confidence in the people who set their lines.

Note that not all of the top high stakes betting sites advertise the fact that they’re okay with arbitrage betting, and they don’t necessarily let everyone get away with it.

Tips for High Stakes Sports Betting

Betting huge amounts of money on sports is different than placing a couple of bucks on your favorite league for fun. You need to be careful with your investment and make sure that you make the best decisions.

Here are several tips for high stakes sports betting that can help you improve your results.

Use Multiple Betting Sites

You absolutely have to use multiple betting sites if you are a high-stakes player. That will allow you to consistently get higher odds and better lines by engaging in line shopping. The difference usually is several percentages which means hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.

You can add to that the extra value you can get from the bonuses and promotions that will be available. The welcome bonuses of the top betting sites alone are worth it and there’s more to come after you’re done with that.

Follow Strict Bankroll Management

If you intend to bet large amounts of money, you better learn how to properly manage your bankroll. Even the winning players often hit bad streaks where Lady Luck is against them. That’s not the end of the world and it evens out in the long run if you have a sensible staking plan.

That will provide a solid runway for your strategy to work and protect you from busting your entire bankroll after several unlucky wagers.

There are different options available and the best one depends on your needs and strategy. Our page on money management can help you build a proper plan.

Don’t Chase

Many horror stories in sports betting are related to people who try to chase their losses by placing bigger and bigger wagers. That’s probably one of the easiest ways to go bankrupt which is not a big deal if your initial capital was a couple of hundred bucks or less than that.

I would argue that it could even be a valuable lesson at that price, but that’s not the case when it comes to high-stakes sports betting. If you often lose it after an unlucky wager and try to make for it up by placing double or triple your normal bets, you will eventually trigger a disaster.

Make sure to keep your discipline intact or you will pay a heavy price.

Don’t Keep Your Whole Bankroll at Betting Sites

If you are betting with small stakes and your bankroll is $100, for example, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it all in your betting accounts. It’s more convenient that way and making many small transactions is hardly ideal because you will accumulate fees that will eat your profits.

However, the risks are too big when it comes to high stakes betting. If something goes wrong, like the betting site goes bankrupt or there’s another problem, you will have too much money on the line.

You should avoid that by keeping just enough to cover several bets, let’s say four or five. If you lose the cash, simply add more. If you win some, make sure to quickly request a payout. You need to find the most suitable payment provider for that purpose which leads us to the next section of this page.

Top Payment Options for High Stakes Sports Betting

Some payment options are better than others for high stakes betting. For example, pay by phone providers allow you to deposit up to $50 or so in most cases which makes them a bad choice for high rollers.

Here are our suggestions for the top payment providers for high stakes sports gambling.


Many of our top-rated betting sites for high stakes accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The deposit limits at some are as high as $500,000 which is basically impossible to find for the other payment options.

On top of that, you can enjoy plenty of extra promos, there are no fees, and the payouts are extremely fast. The sportsbooks also allow payouts in the region of $100,000 and nothing beats that.

Wire Transfers

A lot of people don’t like wire transfers and for a good reason. The whole process is slower and more complicated than most of the other payment options you could use.

And yet, that’s one of the best options for high rollers. It’s one of the most secure payment methods and the limits for both deposits and withdrawals are high. If you are going to bet large amounts, you can afford the slower payments to make sure your cash is safe.


The limits of e-wallets like Skrill and PayPal can’t compare to Bitcoin or wire transfers, but they are still worth your attention. You can often move your money fast which is essential if you operate with several betting sites and want to keep most of your cash outside of them.

They are easy to work with, they are fast, and they support multiple currencies. On the negative side, you can’t use e-wallets in many countries, including the USA.


So, there you have the 9 qualities we feel the best high stakes sportsbooks possess. However, there’s one other thing you need to keep in mind.

Not every sportsbook makes it clear that they accept large bets, winning bettors, or arbitrage betting.

For this reason, you’ll want to make sure you read sportsbook reviews so you can see what their various limits are and whether they’re okay with winning bettors. We try to cover these details in each review we write.

If you can’t find the information there, another spot to check is the sportsbook’s FAQ section, as well as their betting limits page, which you can find in their terms or help section.

Whatever you do, don’t join a sportsbook until you know for sure they have most, and preferably all, of the qualities we discussed above. That’s the only way to know for sure that you can trust them with your 5-, 6-, and 7-figure bankroll.