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How and Where to Bet on the Isle of Man TT

The first Isle of Man TT event was held way back in 1907 and the race remains one of the most popular motorcycle competitions up to this day. It lasts for two weeks and you can add an extra layer of excitement if you bet on the Isle of Man TT for real money.

Not many sportsbooks cover the event, so odds are not widely available. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of the best sites for betting on the Isle of Man TT online.

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The top Isle of Man TT betting sites deliver rewarding bonuses, high odds, and other perks that caught our attention.

We explore the markets they offer to bettors in this guide. We also share some great tips for betting on the Isle of Man TT, to help you recognize value bets, and cover other useful information you should know.

Choosing Where to Bet on the Isle of Man TT

We recommend using one (or more) of the best Isle of Man TT betting apps and sites that we list on this page. This is the safest approach and will ensure a good experience.

Of course, there are other ways to decide where to bet on the Isle of Man TT with real money. Here are the most reasonable options.

  • Read Our Reviews – We provide detailed reviews of online bookmakers to help you find the right site for you.
  • Do Your Own Research – You can always perform your own research in the pursuit of the top online betting sites for the Isle of Man TT. Just make sure that you avoid rogue bookies.
  • Listen to a Friend’s Recommendation – If you have a friend that has already placed Isle of Man TT wagers online, you can ask them for a recommendation. Personal recommendations are a great way to ensure you bet with trusted sites.

Whatever your approach, your goal is to bet with safe gambling sites that offer great Isle of Man TT odds. That last part is crucial because you won’t find THAT many options for betting on the race.

Mobile Betting on the Isle Man of TT

A lot of people prefer mobile Isle of Man TT betting. That’s only natural because it’s so convenient. You don’t need a separate account and you can access the latest odds and betting markets at any given moment.

All of the top sites we recommend also offer the best apps for betting on the Isle of Man TT online. They each have mobile-responsive betting websites that are compatible with pretty much every major brand of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

If you prefer a native app, some of the sportsbooks have dedicated Isle of Man TT betting apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

You can learn more about the different options by visiting the following page.

Essential Info for Isle of Man TT Betting

If you don’t know how to bet on the Isle of Man TT online, we can help you get started. You’ll want to learn about the Isle of Man TT betting markets at your disposal first, so let’s begin with them.

Even the best Isle of Man TT betting sites don’t have a lot of options for the event, but there are still a few wagers to explore such as the following.

  • Race Winners – The Isle of Man TT consists of series of races, and you can bet on the winner of many of them.
  • Rider with Most Wins – Some of the riders take part in multiple races during the Isle of Man TT, and you can bet on which one of them will earn the most victories.
  • Head-to-Head – The best sites to bet on the Isle of Man TT sometimes pair up the top drivers and you can back one of them to win more events than the other.
  • Isle of Man TT Props – Isle of Man sportsbooks often get creative and launch exciting prop bets once the race is there.
  • Isle of Man TT Live Betting – For some of the more popular races, you can even enjoy live Isle of Man TT betting with real money.

We provide in-depth Isle of Man TT betting tips for each of the main different markets late. There are also some basic “rules” that every beginner should get familiar with.

The following tips are simple, but shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Bet for Value – The Isle of Man TT odds represent probabilities, and you should only place wagers when you think that the real probability of the outcome is higher than the odds suggest. This is known as betting for value, and it’s the only way to make money in the long run.
  • Check for Rule and Format Changes – It’s possible that new rules or format changes are introduced, so make sure to check if that’s the case before placing your Isle of Man TT bets. They could affect your outlook.
  • Don’t Place too Many Wagers – The bookies are not idiots and profitable opportunities are hard to find. Be selective and try not to place a whole bunch of bets.
  • Follow Basic Motorsports Betting Advice – Every motorsport event is different, but certain principles apply to all of them. We cover those in our guide to motorsports betting.
  • Understand the Format – If you don’t know how the Isle of Man TT works, you shouldn’t risk your money. Make sure you fully understand exactly what you are betting on.

Isle of Man TT Format and Classes

The Isle of Man TT format is relatively unusual compared to other popular competitions. All races take place on the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course. The circuit consists of just over 60 km of public roads that are closed while the event is running.

There are different types of terrain throughout the circuit, and it goes nearby several villages.

The Isle of Man TT Mountain Course is one of the most challenging in the world.

The schedule includes two weeks of intensive action. The first one is entirely dedicated to practice sessions. Here’s how the preparations go.

  • Sunday – An untimed session that’s designed to help the newcomers get familiar with the circuit at the start. After that, the rest of the riders have the chance to make their first laps, divided by classes.
  • Monday to Friday – There are daily afternoon practices that help the riders prepare for the races in the next week.

Once the preparations are done, it’s time to move on to the next week that is consists of several races in different classes.

Isle of Man TT Classes

It’s good to learn more about the different classes before you start Isle of Man TT betting online for real money.

Here are the main classes and when each of them was introduced for the first time.

Class Debut Year
Senior 1909
Lightweight 1922
Junior 1911
Superbike 2005
Superstock 2005
Zero 2010
Sidecar 1923

The Senior class is the most popular and it’s dominated by 500c bikes nowadays. It’s the one that most Isle of Man TT betting websites offer odds for, so make sure you pay special attention to the contestants in this class.

The Lightweight and Junior classes include smaller engines, while the biggest motors are in the Superbike class. There are even electric bikes in the TT Zero class.

If you want to know more about the different categories, the official website of the Isle of Man TT has a classes section.

Betting on Time Trials vs. Mass Starts

One of the most important factors you should consider when working on your Isle of Man TT betting strategy is that the races are time trials, unlike many competitions that use mass starts.

The contestants begin each competition one after the other and the interval between each driver is 10 seconds.

Time trials starts are very different than mass starts when it comes to motor racing.

Here’s what that means if you compare the Isle of Man time trial format to mass starts in competitions like the MotoGP.

  • Race Against Time – The drivers are mostly racing against time, so they must focus on their performance and try to get the best out of their motorcycle, without thinking about the competition too much.
  • No Visual Contact – While the bikers will inevitably have visual contact with some of the opponents that started around them, it’s not like in mass starts when they know the current standings at almost any given moment.
  • No Overtaking – While there is some overtaking in Isle of Man TT, it’s not a crucial factor for the final standings. This is unlike MotoGP, Formula 1, and other motorsports with mass starts.
  • Live Betting Is Different – If you prefer Isle of Man TT online betting while the races are running, you have to mostly rely on splits and lap times to understand how each contestant is doing.

Betting on time trials can be challenging for people with limited experience, so make sure to adjust your Isle of Man TT predictions with that in mind.

Betting on Isle of Man TT Race Winners

Every edition of the Isle of Man Tourist Tour brings a few opportunities to make money, even if not all races are covered by the Isle of Man TT gambling sites.

You can still place your wagers on the Senior TT events and some of the other classes. The following betting tips for the Isle of Man TT can help you pick the eventual champions.

  • Previous Winners – No rider has come out of nowhere to dominate the Isle of Man TT, at least in the modern history of the event. You should start from previous winners or at least contestants with some experience.
  • Riders with the Same Bike – The riders often are forced to change the motorcycles they used in previous editions because of sponsorship reasons, mechanical failures, and more. If a contestant actually has the chance to use the same bike, that could be a strong advantage.
  • Follow the Practice Sessions – There’s a full week of practice sessions before the races, so make sure to follow the news and the results from them before you gamble on the Isle of Man TT with real money.
  • Resources – Look for riders who have strong sponsors and teams behind them. That leads to various benefits both in the build-up and during the competition.
  • Back Multiple Riders – The races are often wide open and there are plenty of riders who have a realistic chance to win. The odds of the best Isle of Man TT bookmakers online often reflect that and you can comfortably back more than one contestant and still register solid profits.

You might have to dig deep into the research for some of these factors above, but that’s necessary if you want to win money from Isle of Man TT betting.

Isle of Man TT Previous Winners and Cool Facts

The history of Isle of Man TT is long and rich, with so many exciting episodes that it would be close to impossible to cover them all.

However, knowing at least some of the most important facts about the event could be helpful for your Isle of Man TT picks.

Let’s begin with the riders with the most wins in the prestigious Senior TT clash.

Rider Wins
Joey Dunlop 26
John McGuiness 23
Michael Dunlop 19
Dave Molyneux 17
Ian Hutchinson 16

The standings pretty much confirm our advice that you need to check the previous winners when gambling on the Isle of Man TT races.

Now here are five interesting facts and stories about the competition. They probably won’t help too much from a betting perspective, but they are so cool that we wanted to mention them!

  • The Tornamona Accident – Isle of Man TT legend Joey Dunlop almost missed the 1985 edition because the boat he was using to get to the island sank. He got out on time and his bike was then somehow recovered. The most incredible part is the Dunlop won that year!
  • Bicycles Welcome – Famous cyclist Mark Cavendish joined the show with his bike in 2013 and registered a top speed of 62 mph on a downhill slope. On a bicycle!
  • The Ladies Join the Show – The first female to join the Isle of Man TT was Inge Stoll in 1954 and her participation opened the door to many women entering in the future.
  • Mad Sunday – The middle Sunday of the Isle of Man TT’s two weeks is reserved for the public to try the course. A lot of the fans watching dress up in fancy outfits. The show is called Mad Sunday and for a good reason!
  • Electric Bikes – The future belongs to electric vehicles and Isle of Man TT has introduced the TT Zero class for electric bikes.

It also must be mentioned that the Isle of Man TT is believed to be one of the most dangerous races in the world. The competition has claimed over 250 lives over the years, despite the introduction of countless safety measures.

Betting on Other Motorsports

The Isle of Man TT covers only a couple of weeks each year and we’re % sure you watch other motorsports if you like this competition. Chances are, you also bet on them. We have plenty of betting guides that offer useful tips for them.

Feel free to check them out and improve your chances to win money by betting on motorsports.

If you don’t have the time to prepare your own wagers, we have a section with motorsports betting picks from our experts. Here are the most recent recommended wagers published there.

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