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Best Cricket World Cup Betting Sites for 2020

Wondering where to bet on the 2020 Cricket World Cup? We have answers!

Whether you’re an experienced bettor or just starting out, the first thing you should look to do when betting on the Cricket World Cup is find a safe and reliable online bookmaker that will guarantee you a smooth betting experience.

To help you with this, our team of experts has compiled the following list of the best Cricket World Cup betting sites.

Rank Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
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These particular online betting sites were selected through a combination of extensive research and our own personal experiences using them.

They’re definitely safe to use, and we happily trust them with our own money. You can expect to find many exciting betting options for the Cricket World Cup as well as fast payouts, lots of extra features, and professional customer support.

If you want to do a bit of research yourself, we’ve got you covered on that front as well. If you keep reading, you will learn all about the important factors to consider when picking the ideal online sportsbook. There’s also all kinds of other useful information relating to betting on the Cricket World Cup.

Picking the Top Cricket World Cup Betting Sites

We’ll start off by listing some of the crucial aspects you need to look out for when assessing the quality of an online bookmaker.

These are all factors that are deeply ingrained in our own methodology of finding the best Cricket World Cup betting sites out there. And we firmly believe they can make for a good starting point for your research.

Key factors to look at when picking the top Cricket World Cup betting sites

Credentials and Past History

Online sports betting has been around for more than two decades now, and the industry has grown tremendously in that period. Naturally, there are many bookmakers that started out early and have managed to gain worldwide popularity and establish their brands.

On the flip side, the sheer number of online bettors has encouraged new platforms to take a chance at providing something new and thrilling. Regardless of whether you usually go for a proven track record or prefer a more modern look and feel, we recommend you take a good and impartial look at the bookmaker’s history.

You don’t have to be in the business for long for people to start appreciating your effort to provide a quality platform, so don’t overlook the smaller bookmakers just on the basis of their short history. On the other hand, it is tough to neglect an operator that has been around for a while and has loads of favorable reviews from fellow bettors.

Whichever way you go with this, just make sure it is an educated decision and that you have weighed up the pros and cons.

Proper Licensing and Security

The first thing you should do on a betting site is check whether they are actually authorized to conduct an online gambling business. This information should be visible on the landing page and must include details of the gambling commission that has issued the license.

Needless to say, if you can’t find anything related to licensing on the site, this should be a big red flag. You can always contact their support center to ask about this, but bear in mind that obfuscation of any sort when it comes to licensing is not a good sign, and you should probably look to reevaluate your choice.

Another important aspect to look for is the level of security the site provides. For every transaction to be safe, they must have a security certificate issued by an authorized vendor. The way to ensure that is by simply checking your browser’s navigation bar. If the URL starts with “https://”, this means that all traffic goes through a secure protocol.

If there are no warnings on your browser, and the certificate is in place, it should be safe to bet there. Of course, there are different levels of encryption, but most of the reputable bookmakers hold a high standard with their security levels being comparable to those of banking institutions.

Betting Markets Selection

Having a good variety of betting markets is one of the major things that can help a bookmaker grow its user base. Both casual and experienced bettors are always looking for new ways to bet on their favorite sports, and the reputable betting sites are constantly looking for ways to meet those demands.

Most of the sportsbooks that have Cricket World Cup coverage will offer you the common markets with which you can bet on the outcomes of individual games or back an outright winner. However, the tournament offers so many other possibilities, and you should look for a bookmaker that gives you a chance to expand your betting strategy.

Variety of Payment Options

Since you’ll be using real money to bet on the Cricket World Cup, it is very important to have a diverse selection of payment methods. Even if you’ve already set your mind on a service, you will probably agree that it is good to have alternatives in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The various methods all have their strong and weak sides, so make sure you know what you’re picking and how it will affect your bankroll management. We will look into the most popular payment methods below, so pop by that section if you’re still having doubts.

Bonus Boosts and Exclusive Deals

The different bonuses and promotions that bookmakers offer are one of the biggest reasons to bet online. You might have a conveniently located land-based shop where you live, but chances are that it won’t be able to compete with the top rated Cricket World Cup betting sites.

You get a sign-up bonus at every online sportsbook, and that’s just the beginning. There are loads of exclusive deals and recurring bonuses that can provide a significant advantage. Make sure you’re always on alert for the best deals and how you can implement them in your betting strategy.

Bear in mind that some of them may be available for a limited time only and come with a pre-defined set of conditions you need to cover in order to pocket any winnings. Also, make sure you check what the bookmaker’s policy on regular bettors is. There are some that reward loyalty with additional goodies such as enhanced odds or free bets.

Live Play Betting Platform

Live betting has become a big part of placing wagers online as it makes for some tasty short-term betting options. Most of the common markets are available for in-game bets, but there are a lot that are specific to betting live.

Make sure you search for a betting site that not only gives you more possibilities to bet while the games are unfolding but also provides interactive information and statistics on the events. That way, you can ensure that you’re on top of the latest developments, which will help you time your moves better and utilize the right markets.

Another thing that can be very telling of a bookmaker’s quality is whether they provide a streaming service for their in-play section. The Cricket World Cup has global coverage, and you are bound to find a local sports channel that will show the games. However, don’t underestimate the ability to watch the tournament without even leaving the betting platform.

Mobile Device Compatibility

If you’re serious about turning a profit, chances are you will sometimes need to respond quickly to the changing dynamics of the tournament. It can be very frustrating to miss an opportunity to cash in on a certain live betting market or a limited-time bonus.

That is why we feel it is essential for a reputable bookmaker to provide a fast and responsive mobile version of its sportsbook. Even if you plan on carrying out your betting strategy from home, you can agree that sometimes it is necessary to have access to your account on the go.

Having control of all the features from your phone can be a game changer, so make sure you test out how the site fares on your mobile device prior to opening up an account.

Customer Service

A polite support representative who can provide you with prompt and effective assistance is crucial when betting online. Even if you’re not the kind of user who regularly turns to the helpdesk, chances are that some of the procedures will require you to contact them.

Since your main focus will be on making money from betting, we can definitely understand that wasting time on such issues can be irritating. That is why we always check the standard of customer care when assessing online bookmakers.

It is a sign of a good business model to have a high-quality support service available to users at all times, and it can definitely help make your betting experience go smoothly.

Depositing and Withdrawing at Cricket World Cup Betting Sites

It’s time to have a look at the most preferred and reliable payment services that bookmakers allow. Even if you already have a favorite service you use online, make sure you browse through the options as there might be some aspects you were not aware of.

Credit/Debit Cards

Setting up your betting account with a credit or a debit card is fast and easy. Chances are you already have one and are familiar with the process of using it online. Although there are clear advantages to that, we need to mention the downsides as well.

The best Cricket World Cup betting sites out there have done everything necessary to provide a safe platform that encrypts all data, but when registering a card, you still need to provide its details. This is not to say that the method is not safe enough, but there are still people who prefer not to disclose such info on the web.

Also, if you’re going to be using a card, make sure you check which options your bookmaker supports. You will find that almost every site allows for Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro, but the others can vary. You can expect an almost immediate reflection when you deposit funds, but withdrawals can take from 1 to 5 business days.


E-wallet services such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill are becoming more and more popular with online bettors, mostly because it costs nothing to open up an account with them, and you can expect fast transactions. Also, these companies have a proven track record and are generally very trustworthy.

The downside of using a wallet is the fact that there are fees. Although bookmakers don’t charge you anything when using them, the providers charge you a small amount for every transaction you make. It might be negligible for some, but make sure you are aware of the exact amount if you go with an e-wallet service.

On the bright side, deposits are reflected immediately, and the payouts are among the fastest out there. Withdrawals usually take between 24 and 48 hours to process but can be reflected in a matter of minutes with some bookmakers.

Bank Transfers

Most betting sites will allow you to transfer money directly from your bank account. Although many people tend to stray away from this method, there are certain advantages to it. The biggest one is that bookmakers usually accept high deposit limits from bank accounts.

So, if you’re planning on betting big, you might want to consider this method. On the downside, there are big delays when withdrawing funds, and the bank may charge you high fees. Make sure you check out what their policy is and whether it would be a feasible method for you with all things considered.


You should also be able to top up your account using a money transfer service. Brands such as Western Union and MoneyGram have a proven track record and are reliable. Transactions usually take up to a week to process.

If you’re looking for other alternatives, you should know that a lot of betting sites are now accepting crypto. A big advantage of using cryptocurrency is that all transactions are reflected immediately in your account, and there are no fees. The thing to note about this method is that the currencies’ value can change rapidly.

If you’re going to use crypto, you should be prepared to live with the constant value fluctuations and manage your bankroll carefully.

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Cricket World Cup Betting Sites FAQ

Is it safe to provide personal information to an online bookmaker?

It’s standard procedure for the bookmaker to request a copy of your ID and other personal details. The point of this is to verify your identity and make sure there is no misuse of information.

If you’re confident that the betting site covers all security and licensing prerequisites, you don’t have to worry about providing sensitive information.

How much can I deposit at Cricket World Cup betting sites?

The top Cricket World Cup betting sites usually offer high deposit limits. However, they can greatly vary, so we are not able to give you an exact answer that applies to all sites.

Our recommendation is to contact customer service and check what the policy on this is, especially if you’re planning on betting large sums of money.

How can I change my payment details?

You should be able to change your payment method from your account settings page.

If you need assistance on that, don’t hesitate to contact a support representative.

Where can I watch the Cricket World Cup?

The tournament has global coverage, but if you don’t have a local channel that picks it up, you can look for a betting site that provides a live streaming service.

We have some recommendations for online betting sites offering live streaming.


Thank you for reading our take on the best Cricket World Cup betting sites. We can’t guarantee you that our list alone will help you turn a profit, but we can definitely guarantee that those bookmakers all provide great markets, fast payouts, and a lot of exciting bonuses and extra features.

So, are you ready to make some money betting the biggest cricket event out there? Simply go to the top of the page, pick one of our recommended bookmakers, and start your journey now!

Alternatively, you can check out our main page on the best sports betting sites. Here, we rank the top sites in a wide variety of categories, which is helpful if you’re looking for something specific.