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Review of the Back to Venus Online Slot

Back to Venus slot

Flowering plants are probably not the first thing you think about when you think of outer space. Stars, moons, and black holes seem more relevant.

The Back to Venus casino slot game might be able to change your mind. This game uses a play on words to relate the Venus flytrap to aliens from the planet Venus.

When you combine venus fly traps with the planet Venus, you apparently get alien plants that are ready to take over the farm.

The Back to Venus slot machine is the sequel to Betsoft’s popular game, It Came from Venus. You don’t have to be familiar with the original game to enjoy the sequel.

Our Back to Venus review tells you all about this exciting slot machine and its multiple bonus features. Let’s start by exploring some of the game’s basic setup features.

Back to Venus Slot – The Basics

You can play Back to Venus for real money. The minimum bet is $0.20 per spin, and the max bet is $20. There are ten other pre-determined bet amounts in between those extremes.

All of the bet amounts on the Back to Venus slot game are pre-determined. So you don’t have to choose a coin value or the number of pay lines you want to play with.

Every spin on Back to Venus automatically includes all twenty pay lines. The preset bet amounts allow you to spend between one penny and $1 per pay line.

Key Details

Betsoft’s Back to Venus online slot
  • Theme: Aliens
  • Manufacturer: Betsoft
  • RTP: 97.07%
  • Reels/Rows: 5/3
  • Paylines: 20, fixed
  • Minimum bet: $0.20
  • Maximum bet: $20.00
  • Maximum Prize: $86,760
  • Progressive Jackpot: No
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Mobile Compatible: Yes

Symbols and Paytable

Alien plant life is a unique theme for a casino game. You might not know what kind of symbols to expect to see on a game with this theme.

When you see the symbols on the Back to Venus online slot, you will probably agree that the symbols they chose are exactly what they should be for this theme.

Skeeter is the farmer who owns the farm that has been taken over by venus flytrap aliens. He is the story’s main character, so his headshot is the highest paying symbol.

That is followed by the alien plant and the UFO abducting Skeeter’s cows. Skeeter’s barn, the flowering plants, and the crop circle are all medium-pay symbols.

The low-paying symbols are basic playing card symbols between ace and jack. It is disappointing that these symbols haven’t been designed to represent the theme. There is nothing alien about them.

The high paying symbols for the Back to Venus slot.

In addition to the game’s payout symbols, there are two special symbols on the Back to Venus online slot game.

The asteroid is the game’s wild symbol. It can only appear on reels 2-5, but it is a sticky wild that stays in place for two spins.

There is also a rocketship scatter symbol. It does not offer any specific payouts, but three or four scatter symbols will activate the free spins bonus feature. The rocketship only appears on reels 2-5.

Features of the Back to Venus Online Casino Slot

Now that you know the basics of how to play the Back to Venus slot machine, let’s explore the game’s features and payouts.

What Is the Maximum Win on Back to Venus?

The max win on the Back to Venus casino slot is $86,760, which is 4,338 times the max bet amount. You have to get multipliers during the free spins bonus feature to win the highest Back to Venus jackpot.

During the base game, the highest payout is $300 when you play the max bet. To get the highest prize in the base game, you need five Skeeter symbols to line up on a pay line.

What Are the Back to Venus Bonus Features?

There are three bonus features on the Back to Venus online casino slot. Two of them are available on the base game, and the other one is a free spins feature.

We’ll explore how each of these features works, starting with the next section.

In addition to these features, Back to Venus also has sticky wild symbols. The sticky wild symbols stay in place for at least two spins to offer additional wins.

Prickly Stick and Re-Spin Feature

Back to Venus prickly stick and re-spin feature

The prickly stick and re-spin feature is one of the bonus features available during the Back to Venus base game. It can get triggered randomly after any non-winning spin.

When the stick and re-spin feature gets activated, a game symbol will be chosen randomly. Then, the reels will re-spin until you get a win with that symbol.

During the stick and re-spin feature, the symbol tends to fill up the reels in a particular order. You will usually see the symbol take over the last two reels and then the first two reels.

In order to win, you need this symbol on at least the first three spaces on a pay line. So, you can’t win until it shows up on the third reel.

The re-spins are random, so there is no guarantee that the symbol will take up all of the spaces on any reel. But it does happen more often than during a regular spin.

If you are lucky, you can get a massive payout when the symbol takes over every spot on the reels. This Back to Venus bonus feature turns your non-winning spins into some of the best wins possible!

You never know when the prickly stick and re-spin feature will start, but you are guaranteed to win something when it does.

Flowering Wild Boost

Flowering wild boost on the Back to Venus slot

The next Back to Venus bonus feature is the flowering wild boost. It is another feature that is triggered randomly during any non-winning spin on the base game.

At the end of a non-winning spin, the reels may light up because of the alien plant’s power. That power increases the odds of asteroid wilds appearing on the reels.

Remember that the asteroid wild symbols are sticky wilds that stay in place for at least two spins. So if you get five or six wild symbols for two spins in a row, you are sure to collect significant wins.

Asteroid wild symbols can only appear on reels 2-5. That doesn’t change during the flowering wild boost. But the boost feature increases your odds of getting two or three wilds on each of those reels.

Rocketship Free Spins Feature

Back to Venus’ free spins feature

The Back to Venus real money slot gives you an opportunity to win ten free spins by collecting three or more rocketship scatter symbols.

The number of free spins you can win is always ten. If you get four scatter symbols, the free spins will have additional features.

It is not possible to get five scatter symbols because the scatter symbols do not appear on the first reel.

During your free spins, all wild symbols will remain in place for the rest of your free spins. You have better chances of getting more wild symbols on the free spin reels.

If you activated the free spins with four scatter symbols, you could get multiplier wilds on the free spins reels. Multiplier wilds are the best way to maximize your win potential while playing Back to Venus online for real money.

The free spins feature on Back to Venus is relatively basic. It is disappointing that you can’t win more than ten free spins at a time.

If you are lucky enough to get multiplier wilds, you can win significant amounts during the free spins. But that is the only unique feature on the free spins.

We think the stick and re-spin feature is the best feature on the Back to Venus casino slot machine.

It Came from Venus Comparison

Back to Venus is a sequel based on the original game, It Came from Venus. This Back to Venus slot review has focused on the sequel, but we want to take a moment to consider how it compares to the original.

Both of these games have the same unique alien plant life theme, and they feature Skeeter the Farmer as the main character.

The original game has another character trying to kidnap the alien plant from Farmer Skeeter. Here are a few other differences between the Back to Venus and It Came from Venus slots.

Slot It Came from Venus Back to Venus
Release Date 2012 2020
Theme and Symbols Symbols related to Farmer Skeeter and his alien Venus flytrap Symbols related to Farmer Skeeter and his alien Venus flytrap
Wild Symbols Multiplier wilds Asteroid wild symbol
Scatter Symbol Warning sign with payouts Rocketship activates free spins
Bonus Features Free spins feature activated by collecting feed me symbols
Pick-and-click bonus game
Ten free spins with multiplier wilds
Prickly stick and re-spin
Flowering wild boost
Pay Lines 30 20
Maximum Prize 3,750 coins $86,760
Betting Limits $0.01-$150 $0.20-$20

As you can see, there are some significant differences between these two games. High-stakes players will appreciate the expanded betting limits on the original game.

Some players might appreciate the pick-and-click bonus game in It Came from Venus because it offers something different from the format of the spinning reels. However, the stick and re-spin feature on Back to Venus is a more valuable bonus feature, in our opinion.

Back to Venus has more detailed and modern graphics because it was released more recently. Besides that, both games are exciting and unique. You can’t go wrong playing either slot from Betsoft.

Back to Venus Slot Review Conclusion

We enjoyed playing Back to Venus for this slot review. It is a fun game with unique bonus features, and we appreciate that you can earn bonus features on the base game.

Let’s end this review of the Back to Venus slot with information about how this game stacks up in specific areas.

RTP and Volatility

RTP for Back to Venus

The Return to Player percentage on the Back to Venus online slot machine is an impressive 97.07%. That is a high overall RTP that indicates you have good odds of winning in the long run.

It is crucial to remember that RTP is not a guarantee of your payouts. RTP is a theoretical calculation based on hundreds of players playing thousands of spins. But it is still a good indication of the game’s overall odds.

Back to Venus is a medium volatility slot machine. Therefore, you will experience frequent, small wins during the base game, like a low-volatility slot.

The bonus features increase the overall volatility by offering significant wins when the bonus features are active.

Overall, we appreciate the high RTP and medium volatility. It offers the perfect balance to please most players.

Graphics and User Experience

Back to Venus slot graphics

If there is one thing that Betsoft is known for, it is creating slot games with incredible graphics. The Back to Venus slot online is no exception.

All of the graphics are detailed and 3-dimensional. You would not expect alien carnivorous plants to look fun and exciting, but Betsoft pulls it off with their incredible graphics.

Every detail is well thought out, and all of the symbols are unique and interesting. The only disappointment is the lack of design on the playing card symbols.

The Back to Venus user experience is self-explanatory and easy to figure out. We appreciate the pre-determined bet amounts because it makes it easier to start playing immediately without changing several settings.

Back to Venus Bonus Features

Slot features on Back to Venus

All of the bonus features on Back to Venus are valuable, but the prickly stick and re-spin feature is our favorite. It offers significant, guaranteed wins without having to leave the base game.

The free spins feature is adequate but nothing particularly special. You may have to play a while before you earn free spins, and it would be better if you could earn more than ten spins.

Our favorite part of the Back to Venus bonus features is the fact that several of them are available on the base game.

Every wild symbol is a sticky symbol, and you can activate two bonus features on any non-winning spin. That makes it easier to experience the bonus features and adds excitement to the base game.

Thanks to the excellent graphics, the high RTP, and the impressive bonus features, you are sure to enjoy yourself when you play the real money Back to Venus slot.

Play Back to Venus Online Now

You made it to the end of our Back to Venus online slot review. We enjoyed playing this slot, and we think you will too. But where can you play it?

It depends on who you ask but, in our opinion, these are the best online casinos with Back to Venus.

Online casinos with the Back to Venus slot
  • BetUS – Check out BetUS today to play Back to Venus for free or real money. They offer dozens of other games from Betsoft, too. If you sign up today, you can claim a 150% match bonus worth as much as $3,000.
  • Wild Casino – You can play dozens of Betsoft games including Back to Venus on mobile and your desktop at Wild Casino. If you make a deposit today, you can claim a $5,000 welcome bonus.
  • BetOnline.ag – Join BetOnline.ag to play casino games like the Back to Venus slot, as well as to bet on sports and play online poker. If you make a real money deposit today, BetOnline.ag will give you a 100% match bonus worth up to $3,000 over your first three deposits.

These are our top-rated online casino sites with Back to Venus and other casino games by Betsoft.

We also have a full guide to Betsoft slots, which includes a list of the most reputable online casinos with Betsoft slots. Check it out if you’d like to learn a little more about Betsoft and their slot games before you play them online for real money.

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