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Best Anonymous Poker Sites in 2022

Anonymous poker sites have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. These online poker sites offer a safe space for recreational players. They prohibit players from using third-party programs to gain an advantage.

Unfortunately, not every online poker room offers anonymous tables or prohibits heads-up displays. You can spend hours trying to find ones that do, or you can just join one of our recommendations.

We’ve tested and vetted each one, and we can tell you with confidence that these are the best anonymous poker sites you can join in 2019.

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There’s one thing we want to point out. Some poker sites offer anonymous poker tables in addition to regular poker tables. Then, there are sites where players are anonymous on every table they join.

We prefer to recommend sites that fit in the latter camp.

The reason is simple. You won’t have to spend precious playing time weeding through the tables that aren’t anonymous.

Not that we don’t only recommend poker sites that are 100% anonymous, are there are many factors to consider when choosing where to play online poker annoymously for real money.

We’ll explain how we choose the best anonymous poker sites shortly. Before we get to that, we’re going to explain what anonymous poker tables are and why you should consider joining a site that has them.

Then, we’ll wrap up this guide by answering a common question we’re seeing. And that question is, are players who use HUDs cheating?

A Primer to Anonymous Poker Tables

What is an anonymous poker table?

It’s simple. An anonymous table doesn’t use screen names to distinguish one player from another. It uses numbers instead.

Anonymous tables prevent players from tracking and collecting data on their opponents.

Most sites don’t stop there, though. They also limit or prohibit the following.

Notes and tags
These are now temporary. Your notes and tags will expire once you or the person you’re taking notes on leaves the table.
Heads-up displays (HUDs)
These are now prohibited. HUDs collect and display data in real-time. This gives players an advantage over players who don’t use them.
These are now limited. Most poker sites limit you to less than five to ten cash game tables.

Anonymous poker sites have put these rules into practice to protect their recreational players.

How so?

Everything from notes to tags to multi-tabling gives educated and informed players more leverage over their opponents. It gives them information they might not otherwise have. This is especially true the more tables they’re playing on.

This is an advantage that NO ONE has offline. You can take notes offline most times and if you’re fast enough.

However, there’s no way for you to track hands unless you pay attention. And if you’ve never played against someone before, you won’t have information on them until you play a few hands with them.

That’s not the case online where players can sell or exchange hand histories. In doing so, they’ll have hands on opponents, opponents like you, who they’ve never played with before.

While we don’t agree that HUDs are cheating, we do think that exchanging or buying hand histories is.

Unfortunately, this is one of the many things that recreational players have to deal with. It’s why anonymous poker sites exist.

And it’s why you should consider joining one.

Why Join an Anonymous Poker Site?

There are a few reasons why you should consider joining an anonymous poker site; here are the main ones.

Create a More Even Playing Field

Poker players who use HUDs are already experienced, educated, and informed. They already have an advantage over most recreational players.

Poker sites that allow software, note-taking, player searching, and have full-blown lobbies compound the advantage these players already have.

They allow players to collect hundreds of hands worth of data every hour. And these players can search the site for weaker players to target.

Anonymous poker sites remove these advantages. They even the playing field.

Now, everyone must pay attention to the action at every table they play at. They can’t rely on software to track hands for them or to give them data to use (in real time).

These players can still beat you, but they have to work at it.

And if they have a bad day, but continue to play anyway, the advantage might become yours. Play solid poker against these guys, who are used to relying on tools, and you might just crush them.

Always Start Fresh

If you happen to be at a particularly tough table, all you have to do is get up and leave. An anonymous poker site provides a small amount of concealment.

No one can track you. And notes and tags are temporary.

This means you can leave to find another table, a softer game. There’s no target on your back. No one can intentionally prey on you.

Discourages Pros From Playing

Poker pros are a spoiled bunch. They have all these tools and resources to help them play poker. And when they can’t use them, they tend to throw temper tantrums.

That’s why you should join an anonymous poker site.

These sites limit or prohibit what players can do. Players can’t use HUDs or track their opponents. And this severely limits the amount of hands or games they can play, as well as the money they make.

So, they’re often discouraged from playing at these sites altogether.

You can think of this like swimming in shark-free waters.

About Our Top-Rated Anonymous Poker Sites

Okay, so you’re convinced that you should join an anonymous poker site. Now, we’ll tell you why you should join one of the sites we recommend above.

Reason #1 – Relevance

This page is about recommending the best anonymous poker sites not the best poker sites for tournaments and not the best poker sites for beginners.

The focus is on poker sites where players are unknown. This means that every poker site we recommend needs to offer, prohibit, or limit the following.

  • Temporary notes and tags
  • Prohibits third-party software
  • Limits how many tables you can play on simultaneously
  • Can’t search for players

We also prefer to recommend sites that offer a quick seat feature.

A quick seat feature eliminates the need for a lobby. You input the games, stakes, and variants you want to play. Then, the software finds you a table and seats you automatically.

There are two benefits to the quick seat feature.

You don’t have to spend time looking for open seats. The software will do this for you.
Prevents players from seeking you out
The quick seat feature seats people at random. Grinders won’t have a choice as to where they play. This means they can’t seek out weaker players.

The benefits and features go hand in hand with anonymous tables, which is why we’re more likely to recommend sites that have them.

This reason alone should be enough for you to join one of our top-rate anonymous poker sites, but we’re not done yet.

Reason #2 – Important Poker Attributes

Here’s another reason you can trust our recommendations. We double check every poker site to ensure they meet our standards for the following attributes.

A site needs enough traffic otherwise, games won’t run.
We prefer to recommend poker sites that offer a wide variety of games (Texas Hold’em, Stud, Omaha, etc.) and variants (deep stack, turbo blinds, bounty tourneys, etc.).
We look for two offers, a deposit bonus and VIP program. Both types of offers are a great way for breakeven and profitable players to make a little extra coin.
It’s important to us that the sites we recommend have software that looks good, functions as it’s supposed to, and has several features. Some of the features we look for include four-color decks, quick seat, auto top-off, and more.

If a poker site does these things well, you’re all but guaranteed to have a good time.

Reason #3 – Safe and Reputable

Here’s the last reason why you can trust our recommendations. We won’t ever recommend a site that’s unsafe, untrustworthy, and that has a bad reputation.

That’s why we look for the following during our review phase.

A gaming license doesn’t guarantee that your money is safe, but it does increase the odds. It’s also important for us to examine who issued the license because some gambling jurisdictions offer more player protection than others.
We look to see what other players think about a room and how that room treats their customers.
Terms and Conditions
We comb the fine print to ensure that the poker site’s terms, ranging from promotions to banking to software, are reasonable.

The bottom line is that we thoroughly research and test every poker site we recommend. This is the only way we can ensure they’re a good fit for our readers.

We spend hours, if not days, researching and testing every poker site. Then, we take several more days to write our reviews and pages like this one.

That’s how you know you can trust our recommendations. We put in a ton of effort into each one. You can’t discount our decades of combined experience either.

We know an awesome poker site when we see one.

If you want to join an anonymous poker site and have a safe and enjoyable experience, you don’t need to look any further than the best anonymous poker sites we recommend at the top of this page.

Best Anonymous Poker Sites

Are Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) Cheating?

Before we wrap up this page, we want to answer the question, are heads-up displays (HUDs) cheating?

This is an important question considering that the main topic we’re covering is anonymous poker tables. Many sites have anonymous tables because they think HUDs are ruining the game.

Are they? Let’s take a look.

Four Reasons Why HUDs Are Unfair

There are many poker players, including both recreational and serious players, ‘who think HUDs are unfair.

Here are the most common reasons why.

  • HUDs give already knowledgeable and skilled poker players an extra advantage.
  • Many recreational players aren’t aware that these tools exist. This means they’re not using them, nor are they aware that others are using these programs against them.
  • People who play poker on mobile devices can’t use HUDs.
  • Players can buy or trade hand histories. They can have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of hands’ worth of data on you, even if they’ve never played a hand with you.

These reasons make sense. That last reason is especially bad. It’s a massive disadvantage to play against someone who already knows how you play despite never seeing them before.

What Does the Pro-HUD Side Say?

The Pro-HUD side says that HUDs are fair and that there’s nothing unfair or unethical about them.

The reason they give the most is that HUDs are available to everyone. They’re not a secret that only a select group of players are privy to.

Anyone can buy and use a program like Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker. You can use it to gain an edge over your opponents, too. And that’s true.

But the problem with that thought process is that not everyone knows these tools exist. If you don’t talk to other poker players or participate in groups or forums, you’ve probably never heard of them before.

And while you can say that it’s their responsibility to seek that information out, not everyone wants to take poker seriously. Not everyone cares about finding every edge.

The only way we’d agree with the pro-HUD side is if poker rooms that allow players to use HUDs somehow informed everyone that some of their customers use them.

This could be in a welcome email. They could put it in their terms and conditions (that you read before you sign up). Or they could place an icon over players’ avatars to signal to you that they use a HUD.

However they choose to do it, poker sites and the poker community should do a better job of information recreational players.

Only then would we think it’s reasonable to say that everyone should know about them, has access to them, and can use them at the poker tables.

Who’s Right?

It’s hard to say.

We understand both sides of the discussion. We’re poker players too, and we’ve played online poker with and without HUDs in the past.

That said, it makes sense to limit HUDs since recreational players make up the majority of the player pool. If these players leave because they have a target on their backs, the games will die.

Good players don’t need HUDs anyway. They will always make money from weaker players. And if HUDs cease to exist, then there will be an influx of (weaker) players to win money from.

It doesn’t matter what we think, though.

Many poker sites have billions of hands worth of data and just as much in deposits and customer data.

They’ve already noticed that the games aren’t as good as they used to be. There are fewer people playing. And since prohibiting HUDs and introducing anonymous poker tables, they’ve seen an uptick in traffic.

The point?

Many poker rooms are already starting to phase HUDs out.

Who knows what the future will look like, but we wouldn’t be surprised if most rooms took this path in the future.

For now, it comes down to what you think. If you don’t have a problem with HUDs, then maybe joining an anonymous poker site isn’t the right move for you. Maybe you choose a different kind of poker site, buy an HUD, then go fight fire with fire.sta

And if you do disagree with them, that’s okay, too. It’ll then make total sense to join one of the poker sites we recommend above.

Only time will tell with what will happen to heads-up displays. For now, though, you can still choose whether to use them and/or play against others who use them.

Play Online Poker Anonymously

There are several benefits to joining an anonymous poker site. Arguably the biggest one of all is that they give you a chance to even the playing field.

Now, playing on anonymous poker tables doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win money or that better players won’t beat you hand after hand.

What these sites do is eliminate the target on your back. They’ll stop players from using software to collect data they can use against you in real time. And it’ll mean that you’ll be an unknown player at every table you join.

Sound good?

Then, we recommend you scroll up and check out our list of recommended websites. We’ve tested and vetted each one ourselves, so you know that they’re the best anonymous poker sites that you can join right now.

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