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Guide to Aussie Millions

The Aussie Millions is a poker tournament series held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.

The inaugural event was run in 1998 and has been run every year since attracting some of the biggest and brightest names in the game.

Commonly known as the largest poker tournament in the Southern Hemisphere, the Main Event of the Aussie Millions usually generates a several million dollar prize pool up for grabs.

The Tournaments

Each year the tournament is a series of preliminary events that lead up to the featured Main Event of the series. The preliminary events range in buy-ins and game type much like the World Series of Poker. The entire series is run over the span of about three weeks usually in mid to late January.

The Main Event started in 1998 as a $1,000 Limit Hold em event that brought in 74 players. In 2001, the series was shifted to January, and the Main Event buy-in was increased to $5,000 in 2002. In 2003, the Main Event was changed to a $10,000 buy-in and attracted 122 entrants. The event has continued to grow with the 2016 Main Event drawing 732 entrants at the buy-in of $10,600.

The structure of the Aussie Millions Main Event is a bit different from most major poker tour main events but is one that most serious players and professionals are a big fan of. The tournament starts on Day 1 at eight-handed tables and continues like that until the field is shrunk down to 36 players. At this point, the tournament switches to a six-max format (six players at each table). As this is a pro-friendly structure, there have been some grumbles from amateur players, though, most are happy to make it that far and to be able to have the privilege to complain about that.

Past Winners of the Aussie Millions Main Event

Below we’ve compiled the list of past winners of the Aussie Millions Main event as well as the name of the event (as it has evolved over the years) and what each player received for taking home the victory.

1998Australian Poker Championships (Limit Hold’em)Alex Horowitz$25,900
1999Australian Poker Championships (Pot-Limit Hold’em)Milo Nadalin$38,150
2000Australian Poker ChampionshipsLeo Boxell$65,225
2001Australian Poker ChampionshipsSam Korman$53,025
2002Australian Poker ChampionshipsJohn Maver$150,000
2003Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipsPeter Costa$394,870
2004Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipsTony Bloom$426,500
2005Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipsJamil Dia$1,000,000
2006Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipsLee Nelson$1,295,800
2007Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipsGus Hansen$1,500,000
2008Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipsAlexander Kostritsyn $1,650,000
2009Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipStewart Scott$2,000,000
2010Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipTyron Krost$2,000,000
2011Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipDavid Gorr$2,000,000
2012Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipOliver Speidel$1,600,000
2013Crown Australian Poker ChampionshipMervin Chan$1,600,000
2014Aussie Millions Poker ChampionshipAmi Barer$1,600,000
2015Aussie Millions Poker ChampionshipManny Stavropoulos$1,385,500
2016Aussie Millions Poker ChampionshipAri Engel$1,600,000

High Roller and Super High Roller Events

In addition to the other preliminary events, the Aussie Millions have added two special events to appeal to the high stakes (“nosebleed”) players and the wealthy. They started with adding the A$100,000 event in 2006 and the A$250,000 event in 2011. Both events have been run every year since.

While most players aren’t able to play in this size event, it is still a fan favorite as it draws out the best in the world and is an absolute must watch if you are there for the event. Below we’ve put together a list of the winners as well as how many entries (including rebuys) there was each year.

High Roller – A$100,000

YearWinnerPrizeEntriesTotal Prize Pool
2006John JuandaA$ 1,000,00010A$ 1,000,000
2007Erick LindgrenA$ 1,000,00018A$ 1,800,000
2008Howard LedererA$ 1,250,00025A$ 2,500,000
2009David SteickeA$ 1,200,00023A$ 2,300,000
2010Daniel ShakA$ 1,200,00024A$ 2,400,000
2011Sam TrickettA$ 1,520,00038A$ 3,800,000
2012Dan SmithA$ 1,012,00022A$ 2,200,000
2013Andrew RoblA$ 1,000,00022A$ 2,200,000
2014Yevgeniy TimoshenkoA$ 2,000,00047 (29 Rebuys)A$ 7,486,000
2015Richard YongA$ 1,870,00070A$ 6,860,000
2016Fabian QuossA$ 1,446,48041 (11 Rebuys)A$ 4,018,000

Super High Roller – A$250,000

YearWinnerPrizeEntriesTotal Prize Pool
2011Erik SeidelA$ 2,500,00020A$ 5,000,000
2012Phil IveyA$ 2,000,00016A$ 4,000,000
2013Sam TrickettA$ 2,000,00018A$ 4,500,000
2014Phil IveyA$ 4,000,00030 (16 Rebuys)A$ 11,270,000
2015Phil IveyA$ 2,205,00025A$ 6,105,000
2016Steve O’DwyerA$ 951,96016 (1 Rebuy)A$ 3,920,000