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Where to Bet on Valorant Online – Top Sites for 2022

Video game-producing giants Riot Games finally released a closed beta version of their newest title Valorant in 2022. The game is a multiplayer first-person shooter and promises to be every bit as exciting as previous releases by the company.

The nature of the game allows for some terrific Valorant betting options and some of the top online sportsbooks and bookmakers will be getting involved. Here are our recommendations for the best Valorant betting sites.

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Valorant is still new on the market, so there aren’t any competitive matches scheduled so far. You can expect this to change soon, and the esports betting sites listed above will be among the first to roll out odds for real money wagering when the time comes.

These will be the best sites for betting on Valorant online as there all reputable and trustworthy operations with lots of experience in covering esports events.

On this page we tell you all about how we know that each one of our recommended betting sites offers a high-quality service. We explain the exact process we follow when rating and ranking online bookmakers and sportsbooks.

We also give an overview of Riot Games’ new release and compare it to other titles that have firmly established themselves on the competitive videogaming scene. We provide some useful tips for betting on Valorant with real money, too, and share our thoughts on what to expect from the game in the future.

Valorant Betting Sites

Finding the Best Valorant Betting Sites

Finding the best sites for betting on Valorant is not that different from finding the best sites for betting on any other esport. We’d still like to explain the process we follow, though.

While many experienced esports bettors are probably familiar with where to bet online for real money, there are lots of people who are just getting started with esports betting. That’s why we feel it’s important to be transparent with our readers and provide a detailed look at what we do.

Our team of experts looks at every aspect of the sportsbooks we review, and applies a list of criteria we have built up after years of testing online gambling platforms.

There are a few general rules to consider for every type of real money gambling site, but we also focus on specifics for each category. Here are some of the key factors we assess before we can feel confident in recommending a site to our readers.

  • License and security
  • Odds and line
  • Betting options
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • User interface
  • Payment options
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Customer support

This is not the full list, but gives you some idea of how thorough we are. You can rest assured that any of our recommendations on this page are genuinely among the best Valorant betting sites you’ll find.

Check out this page for more about how we rank esports betting sites in general.

Is Valorant More Like CS:GO or Overwatch?

Before we get to our tips for real money Valorant betting, we feel it’s necessary to talk a little about how the game looks like. And, of course, the big question everyone is asking right now is if the game is similar to any of the big names on the esports scene.

Immediately after getting a glimpse of the concept and gameplay, fans from across the globe started a heated debate on whether Valorant is more like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Overwatch.

The truth is that it’s a mixture of both.

In Valorant, two teams consisting of five players each have an objective to either kill every member of the opposing team or plant and defuse a bomb. Sound familiar?

If it does, this is because both CS:GO and Overwatch have very similar objectives.

When it comes to gameplay, Valorant is a very dynamic first-person shooter with more similarities to how an Overwatch game develops. However, this isn’t to say that tactics like those employed by professional CS:GO teams in tournaments have no place in it.

On top of that, the look and feel is probably closer to CS:GO than it is to Overwatch. We will let you decide which of the two household names draw more comparisons with the new release but one thing is for certain, we’re in for a great ride with Valorant!

Why Bet on Valorant?

Not sure if betting on Valorant will be worth it?

Check out these three reasons why we believe that wagering on the game could prove to be a very profitable option.

Sportsbooks Have No Stats to Use

Valorant is a brand new product, so even the top Valorant betting sites will have very little information on the teams and their strategies until competitive tournaments have been around for a while.

This can give bettors a big advantage since bookmakers and sportsbooks rely a lot on past statistics. It’s one of the main devices they use when calculating odds, and not having such information can cause them to make pricing errors.

If you’re on top of things, you’ll spot those pricing errors and be able to take full advantage of the betting value they may off.

Valorant Is Already Very Popular

The beta version of the game gathered millions of people watching online. This comes as no surprise.

Fans have been craving for a new shooter to emerge on the scene and one developed by a company like Riot Games was always like to attract big attention from sponsors, spectators, and professional esports players.

Similar titles like CS:GO and Overwatch have been a hit for years and their following is only growing, so there are valid reasons to believe that Valorant will have a similar impact on the community.

Bonuses and Promotions

Whenever a new game rolls out, the esport betting sites are generally quick to persuade both experienced and rookie bettors to join their platforms. And one of the best ways to do that is by giving users a lot of bonuses and promotions to take advantage of.

This competition between the top Valorant betting sites will surely yield great offers for us all. And with the hype surrounding the game, it will be very beneficial for people to enter the scene early and boost their chances with the bonus options that are bound to emerge in abundance.

Tips for Betting on Valorant

It’s time to provide our Valorant betting tips.

We can’t promist that you will definitely win money if you follow these tips, but they can at least provide some guidance and aid you in creating your own betting strategy. 

Learn the Rules of the Game

Although the game is new, you can be sure that the best sites for betting on Valorant will be quite knowledgeable about the rules and what teams need to achieve in order to win.

It will not be enough to just get a quick overview of the concept. If you want to stay on top of the bookmakers, you need to learn how the game works, know its specifics, and understand which qualities give teams an advantage.

Watch Matches Online

Theory is important, but you need to also get a sense of the practice. Watching games online is a sure way to see how players think and act in certain situations which opens a lot of doors when it comes to esports betting.

Most of the streamers are pro gamers. Experiencing their know-how in applying different strategies firsthand can be of great benefit when you’re building up your understanding of the game.

Valorant is already wreaking havoc to Twitch and YouTube records, so you will find no shortage of coverage online. You can’t really come up with an excuse here and you best buckle down and put the effort to see how the game is played at the top level.

Plan for the Early Uncertainty

As we already pointed out, the Valorant betting sites will have no past information to draw on and you can turn this to a huge advantage if you do your homework.

On top of that, the fact that the game is new means that there can be quite a few surprises when the official tournaments kick off. The players may be professionals but it will also be a brand new experience for them and you can’t really say how they will perform under pressure.

This all gives you a good chance to catch some great betting prices and get an early headstart on the sportsbooks. You just need to put the time into looking for the best deals and researching the teams.

Remember the Esports Betting Fundamentals

Now that we’ve covered the specifics of betting on Valorant, it’s time to look at some of the more general betting advice that will fully apply to the new game.

Here’s what you should never forget when wagering on esports online.

Follow bankroll management
Make sure you don’t spend more money than you can afford to lose.
Pick the best sites
Don’t make compromises with your bookmaker of choice. Every single betting feature is important so you can’t settle for anything but the best if you want to have a successful betting journey.
Make the most out of bonuses and promotions
Exclusive offers are your betting ammunition. The more you use them, the bigger chances you have to make a profit from betting on Valorant.
Bet for value
Always look for odds that represent a realistic probability and don’t just wager on every single game. Be sure to prepare well and only choose events for which you have an ample amount of information and insight.
Shop for the best lines and odds
Do not limit yourself to only one bookmaker. This is a mistake that inexperienced bettors usually make. You want to explore all your options and choose the best one so you have to monitor multiple sportsbooks to catch the highest deal.

For more advice, check out these esports betting tips.

Ready to Bet On Valorant?

We are entirely convinced that Valorant will be a big hit on the esports market. Riot Games is a veteran in the business and one of the biggest esports tournament organizers.

They know their stuff, and acquiring a big following and sponsorship deals will not be an issue for them. Expect to see professional tournaments as soon as the official release hits the shelves.

We hope that this page will help you prepare for when the time comes, so you’re ready to start making real money at the top Valorant betting sites!

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