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Top-Rated Online Poker Sites for Michigan

Michigan poker players have it good. There are dozens of casinos and cardrooms that offer live poker action. There are many advantages to playing live poker in the state too, which we’ll talk about later.

But you don’t want to overlook online poker in Michigan either. You won’t have as many poker rooms to choose from, but all you need is an account with one of the best Michigan poker sites to have a great time.

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We’ll explain in more detail later, but the lack of online poker sites in MI is balanced by the larger selection of games, formats, variants, betting limits, and promotions that any one site offers.

But this guide isn’t about persuading you to play real money poker online and to forget about live poker. In fact, we’re going to show you the advantages to playing both live AND online. This is because we think you should take advantage of both methods.

In fact, let’s start this guide with looking at your live poker options in Michigan and the reasons why you should play offline.

Live Poker in Michigan

More than 40 cardrooms and casinos in Michigan offer poker. Here is a small sample of the casinos that offer poker and the games and stakes you can expect to find at each one.

Greektown (Detroit, MI)
Play a variety of NLHE poker tournaments throughout the week with buy-ins ranging from $50 to $160. They run cash games too where you can earn prizes for winning their high hand and bad beat jackpot promos. Greektown is open 24/7.
Joey Armadillos (Niles, MI)
This is a bar poker room. They run a $100 poker tournament every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 2 PM.
MGM Grand (Detroit, MI)
The MGM in Detroit offers limit and no limit Texas Hold’em and pot limit Omaha. They run a Splash Pot promotion every Monday where your M life card gets you an entry for the chance to win a $50 splash pot. They also run a free blind and bat beat jackpot promotion.
Firekeepers Casino (Battle Creek, MI)
The poker room at Firekeepers Casino features 26 tables and a non-smoking room. Firekeepers also runs a bad beat jackpot and guaranteed tournaments with prize pools that exceed $1 million dollars.
Odawa Casino (Petoskey, MI)
Cash games run before and after all tournaments as well as every Friday and Saturday. NLHE poker tournaments run on Sundays and Thursdays.
Soaring Eagle (Mount Pleasant, MI)
The Soaring Eagle is a 24-hour poker room that spreads the largest variety of games of any casino or cardroom in this list. They spread games like Texas Hold’em, Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple, Omaha, Razz, Seven-Card Stud, and mixed games. They run several tournaments throughout the month, too.

This is just a small sample of the poker rooms and casinos you’ll find in Michigan. But this list gives you the gist of what you can expect.

The one unique thing about poker in Michigan is that the cardrooms offer charity poker games. This means they can rake the pot but that all the money they collect must go to a local charity.

The poker rooms that run these games make money off your patronage, like when you buy drinks, food, or merchandise. So, we suggest playing at a business you want to support who supports charities you believe in.

Otherwise, you can play in a Michigan casino poker room, which operate how you’d expect (like a Las Vegas poker room).

Advantages to Live Poker

There are many advantages to playing live poker in Michigan. Here are a few of our favorites.

Enjoy the casino
Why stop at playing poker? Play at one of the casinos in Michigan and you can play slots, video poker, and table games like blackjack.
Partake in other activities
Many casinos offer other forms of activities or entertainment. For example, the Bay Mills Resort in Brimley, MI, has an 18-hole golf course. And the Soaring Eagle hosts musicians, magicians, comedians, and more.
Eat at nice restaurants
Another thing we like about playing live poker in casinos are the restaurants. For example, you can get a sandwich at STACK’D at the Greektown Casino, a beer and pretzel at Dacey’s Taphouse at Firekeepers Casino, or a steak from Sacy’s at the Bay Mills Resort.
One thing that live poker has that online poker doesn’t really is the option to chat with other people. Live poker gets you out of the house and around other people.

These are a few reasons why we like to play live poker in MI. Of course, you’re also supporting local businesses and are partaking in a hobby instead of sitting on your butt at home.

But if you want to sit on your butt and play poker, then you can always play online poker in Michigan instead.

Real Money Online Poker in MI

You won’t find 40+ online poker rooms, at least not great ones anyway. But if you join one of the best Michigan poker sites, you won’t need that many sites. One or two will be more than enough.

Here is just a small sample of what you can expect to find online. Keep in mind that the examples we’re sharing came from only one online poker site.

Poker Games and Variants

Most online poker sites spread Texas Hold’em and Omaha in no limit, pot limit, limit, and hi/lo betting formats. The variants you can play depend on the type of game you’re playing (cash or MTT).

Every poker room also has their own unique variants. And almost every game or tourney you play will use multiple variants together i.e. a deep stack turbo MTT with a guaranteed prize pool.


For cash games, you can play in games with stakes ranging from $0.01/$0.02 to $10/$20. It just depends on the poker site you join.

Tournaments vary from $1 to $215, though special tournaments or MTT series will often have larger buy-ins. But these MTTs will have satellites tournaments you can play to try to win a seat for a fraction of the cost.

Guaranteed Tournaments

You’ll have dozens of guaranteed tournaments to choose from online. Here’s a small sample of the MTTs you can play in just one day from just one poker site.

  • $2.20 PLO H/L – $100 GTD
  • $22 PLO Bounty – $1,000 GTD
  • $22 PLO8 Deep Stack – $2,000 GTD
  • $5.50 NLHE – $4,000 GTD
  • $55 NLHE – $7,500 GTD
  • $1.10 NLHE – $150 GTD

This barely scratches the surface as to the number and variety of tournament you can find online. You owe it to yourself to log into one of the top poker sites in Michigan and browse their MTT lobby. You’ll be blown away by all the games and variants you’ll see.

Advantages to Online Poker

Here are a few reasons why you should play poker online in Michigan.

More games and variants to choose from
Compare the games and variants between the live and online poker sections. Only one live poker room comes close to offering what every online poker room offers.
More promotions
You can participate in tons of offers and deals like deposit bonuses, leaderboard challenges, bad beat jackpots, reload bonuses, cashback, VIP programs, and more.
Poker software
Online poker software can help you make money, play better poker, prevent sharks from singling you out, and learn the fundamentals.
More poker rooms to choose from
You can have accounts with multiple poker sites. When you’re ready to switch rooms it only takes seconds to do.
If you’re not the type of person who needs to socialize, you can play poker from the privacy of your own home.
24/7/365 action
A few poker rooms in Michigan are open 24 hours. But every online poker room is open 24/7. Your only challenge is to find a game running (if you want to play in the middle of the night).

Those are just a few of the many reasons why we like to play poker online for real money in Michigan. If any of those advantages resonate with you, then you might enjoy playing online poker. All you need to find is an online poker account with any of the top-rated poker sites in MI.

About the Top Michigan Poker Sites

The quickest way to find a safe, secure, and trustworthy online poker site in Michigan is to join one of the sites we endorse.

But how do you know you can trust our recommendations? It’s because we research and test every site to ensure they meet or exceed our standards in the following areas before we’ll endorse them.


Every online poker site must have a current gambling license issued from a reputable gambling commission or authority.

This ensures that a poker site won’t operate without rules and oversight.


Any poker site can obtain a gambling license if they pay enough money to a cruddy gambling commission.

That’s why we also ensure that every site we recommend has a great reputation from other poker players in the community.


Every poker site we recommend must accept banking methods that Michigan poker players can use. This includes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, credit and debit cards, money transfers, and more.

It’s also important that the poker rooms don’t charge too high of transaction fees and that their minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits accommodate a wide range of players.


We prefer to recommend Michigan poker sites that offer more than just Texas Hold’em and Omaha. They should have games like Stud, Draw, and Badugi too.

The variety of variants also matter because this is what keeps games fresh and interesting.


A poker site must have traffic otherwise there won’t be enough players for games to run.

We look at sites that track traffic to ensure that each poker site we endorse has enough people during peak hours. We also look at their lobby to see what games have the most traffic.


We prefer to recommend poker sites that run a large variety of promotions including deposit bonuses, cashback, leaderboards, guaranteed tournaments, and more.

The more incentive a poker room gives you to play at their site, the better.

Customer Support

We test the customer support at every poker site we recommend to see how quickly they respond and whether they actually help us solve our problems and answer our questions.

This is an often overlooked aspect, but it’s important when gambling online for real money.


We test every poker site on a variety of devices (computers, tablets, and phones) to ensure their software works well and looks great.

We publish all the information we find in our reviews, so if you have any questions about whether a poker site is a good fit for you, this is the first place we recommend you look.

But if you’re new to this online poker thing, the easiest and fastest way to find the best Michigan poker site is to join one of the poker sites we recommend. As you can tell, we go to great lengths to vet every poker site we recommend.

You won’t find a better group of MI online poker sites. We guarantee it.

Best Michigan Poker Sites

Michigan Poker FAQ

Is poker legal in Michigan?
AYes, it’s legal to play poker in Michigan.
What are the best banking options for playing poker online?
ABitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) is our favorite banking option because it’s anonymous, fast, cheap, and you can move small or large sums of money at one time. But if you don’t own cryptocurrency, your next best option is a debit or credit card.
Can you play poker online for real money?
AYes, all the Michigan poker sites we recommend let you play poker for real money.
Can you play poker for free?
AYes. The poker sites we recommend also have free money games where you don’t pay to play (and you don’t win real money). You can also play freeroll tournaments which cost nothing to enter but often have a small prize pool.
Can I have more than one poker account?
AYes, you can, but only at different poker sites. In fact, we recommend you have more than one account so that you have the largest variety of games, variants, stakes, and promotions to choose from. You also increase your chances of finding an open seat or upcoming tournament when you have multiple poker accounts.


Michigan poker players have it good. You can play live poker in one of 40+ different venues throughout the state. And while you’re at it, you can enjoy a round of golf and a nice meal, too.

But if you’d rather play poker from home, we recommend you try playing poker online. There are many advantages to real money online poker, from the games and variants you can play to the stakes you can play for and the promotions you can claim.

All you need is an account with one of the best poker sites in Michigan.

That’s where we come in. You’ll find the best Michigan poker sites on this page. Join one or two of them now and in a matter of minutes, you could be winning money playing your favorite poker game or tournament.

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