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Betting on WrestleMania

Every WWE fan knows the significance of WrestleMania. It’s arguably the biggest wrestling event every single year, with lots of championship belts on the line and all the brightest stars involved.

What many don’t realize is that you can bet on WrestleMania for real money! Our wrestling gambling experts and here to help you to win with this guide to betting on Wrestlemania.

It features a list of the top WrestleMania betting sites and apps, tips on finding the best bets, and more useful information.

Best WrestleMania Betting Sites

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If you are looking for the best WrestleMania betting sites, we recommend that you pick one of the options above. They all operate under a legit gambling license and use modern security measures to protect every customer.

All of our top-rated WrestleMania sportsbooks go way beyond just guaranteeing your safety, too.

Here are the other advantages these online betting sites and apps bring to the table.

Benefits of the Top Wrestlemania Betting Sites

  • Excellent WWE WrestleMania odds – The best WrestleMania betting apps and sportsbooks online have higher wrestling odds compared to the competition and that improves your chances to win money.
  • A good number of wrestling gambling markets – The more WrestleMania markets at your disposal, the higher your chances to find a profitable opportunity. Our recommended WWE sportsbooks are excellent in that regard.
  • Fast payments and low transaction fees – The top sites for betting on Wrestlemania offer a good variety of payment options and the fees for every transaction are lower than average.
  • Plenty of bonuses and promotions that can be used for WrestleMania betting – If you love gambling on WWE for real cash, you can enjoy a large welcome bonus and other promotions that can be used to bet on WrestleMania or other big wrestling shows.
  • Competent customer support – If you have any questions or run into trouble, the customer support team of our recommended WrestleMania betting sites will be happy to help.

All of the WWE gambling sites we recommend also have legit WrestleMania betting apps. You can easily place your wagers or manage your account on the go.

Real money online gambling is supported on all popular mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Betting on WrestleMania 37

WWE WrestleMania 37 was going to take place on March 28, but the organization changed the schedule because of the health crisis in the USA.

The show was moved to the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, where Super Bowl LV was held. What we know for sure at this point is that WrestleMania 2021 will be a two-day event on April 10-11.

Raymond James Stadium will welcome WrestleMania 37.

The goal of the WWE is to have a live audience this time around. That shouldn’t change the situation too much from a betting perspective, but it’s still worth considering.

We don’t have any WrestleMania 37 odds yet because the list of matches hasn’t been announced. This means so don’t have any Wrestlemania predictions ready for you either. However, we know for sure that Edge and Bianca Belair will be part of the show.

They earned the right to challenge for any WWE belt by winning the 2021 Royal Rumble. That’s usually a good indicator that a wrestler is in the organization’s plans and will be promoted hard over the year.

Our team will be following all the latest developments in an attempt to identify where the storylines are heading. As soon as the odds are out and we see some good WrestleMania betting opportunities, you will find them here.

WrestleMania Betting Tips for Beginners

If you want to gamble on WrestleMania for real money, you need to understand some basics that apply to betting on the show.

They can help you build a proper strategy and avoid the biggest mistakes that many WWE bettors make.

Follow the Main Betting Fundamentals

Before we get to the specifics of betting on WrestlingMania, we should cover some sports betting fundamentals that everyone needs to know and respect. One of them applies to WWE gambling, while the rest are universal for all kinds of betting on sports.

  • Wrestling is scripted – The results of pro wrestling are determined by the WWE writers. That’s crucial to understand when it comes to your WrestleMania bets. Don’t focus on who’s the better athlete. Instead, try to figure out how each storyline will unfold.
  • Look for betting value – Trying to guess the outcome and then backing your assumption by betting real cash is futile. Be sure to study the latest WrestleMania odds and the probabilities behind them.
  • Apply bankroll management – Don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose. Apply a smart staking plan that will protect your bankroll.
  • Stay objective – Everyone loves certain wrestlers and hates others; it’s the nature of the sport. However, you can’t let your personal bias take over when it comes to WWE WrestleMania gambling for money.

With the basics out of the way, let’s check some specific WrestleMania betting tips that can improve your chances to find value.

Explore the Build-Up to WrestleMania

Many of you probably have heard the expression “The Road to WrestleMania” and there’s even a computer game with that name. The reason is simple – this is one of WWE’s biggest shows and the organization always tries to create hype in the build-up.

If you intend to bet on WrestleMania, you should closely follow the following pay-per-views that take place earlier in the year.

WWE Royal Rumble (January) It’s the first big show every year and the winners of the Royal Rumble matches earn the right to challenge for a WWE title of their choice during the same year’s WrestleMania.
WWE Elimination Chamber (February) This format was introduced in 2002 and quickly earned a regular place on the schedule. You will often see titles on the line and the outcomes affect the storylines leading to WWE WrestleMania.
WWE FastLane (March) The show was on and off the schedule recently, but it looks like it’s here to stay this time around. It’s the last big PPV before WrestleMania, so the results are definitely part of the bigger picture and should affect your wrestling gambling decisions.

All potential WrestleMania bets should include at least some level of analysis of the three big PPVs leading to the event.

On top of that, it would be a good idea to watch the smaller weekly shows and make sure you follow all the major storylines. That will give you a good base once the WrestleMania betting odds are released.

Study New Potential WWE Stars

Ever since its inception, WrestleMania has been a key show for the WWE. The event attracts a ton of attention and the organization knows that well.

That’s why WrestleMania is often used as a springboard for the careers of the rising wrestlers that the WWE wants to elevate. They usually come to the show with some hype surrounding them and the company makes sure they keep the momentum going.

Drew McIntyre’s career was boosted after WrestleMania 36.

Your WWE WrestleMania betting strategy should always include a good and hard look at potential new superstars. Does the organization need fresh blood and does it seem like an athlete of relatively lower status is being groomed in the build-up?

If that’s the case, make sure to adjust your WrestleMania gambling plans and try to capitalize on your findings.

Advanced WrestleMania Gambling Strategy

The first section of WrestleMania betting advice was focused on the big picture. Our goal was to help you understand how the show works and how the WWE approaches it.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, it’s time to explore more specialized tips for betting on WrestleMania with real money.

Try to Figure Out the Match-Ups Early

The top WrestleMania gambling apps and online sportsbooks release their odds relatively close to the event and that’s only natural. The matches are usually announced a couple of weeks before the show and that’s when the prices start to appear.

There’s nothing wrong with waiting for that moment to start preparing your WrestleMania betting strategy. However, going at it early brings plenty of advantages to the table.

You should start around the Royal Rumble, as that will give you an idea of two participants at the very least.

The winners of the Royal Rumble get the chance to fight for a title at WrestleMania.

You can also check the WWE champions of both Raw and SmackDown at any given moment.

Try to conduct several realistic scenarios early on and see if your WrestleMania predictions are going according to the plan. Remember that the writers need some time to create and develop the storylines, so you can see hints of what’s going to happen early on.

Look for the Trajectory of Both Rising and Established Stars

We already explained more than once that the WWE WrestleMania is not an isolated event. It’s an essential part of the bigger picture in the careers of all wrestlers involved.

The organization mostly uses it as the ultimate resolution of existing feuds or as a beginning of legendary new rivalries. Here are the two most obvious examples from the show’s history.

  • Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant at WrestleMania 3 – Two of the most iconic wrestlers of all time met in what many believe to be the greatest match of all time in the third edition of the show.
  • The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, WrestleMania 15 – The beginning of the most legendary rivalries in wrestling history was at WrestleMania 15 back in the day.

As you can see, two of the most epic feuds started at WrestleMania and you can expect more of the same in the future.

The rivalry between Hogan and the Giant was legendary.

What that means from a wrestling betting perspective is that you should always try to think long-term.

If the WWE decides to create new rivalry, what would be the best way to instantly build enough hype so that it could last for years? Answering this question can definitely help you make money gambling on WrestleMania.

Explore Patterns from Previous WrestleMania Editions

The writers that are behind every wrestling storyline have one goal – to create an emotional connection with the audience. They try to make the fans love or hate a certain character, just like in novels, movies, and TV shows.

It’s hard to come up with completely unique methods of achieving such an engagement which is why certain patterns emerge more often than not. When you gamble on WrestleMania, you should always study the previous editions of the show.

Look for patterns that fit the current narrative. Here are several examples that you could find throughout WWE’s history.

  • Love triangles
  • Former friends turn foes
  • The student faces the teacher
  • The hero returns to avenge a previous loss against the villain

Just think about how often those motives and many others have appeared before. They are bound to appear again, so make sure to consider them when betting on WWE WrestleMania.

And since history repeats itself, we have one more section designed to help you find the best WrestleMania wagers available.

What Does WrestleMania’s History Tell Us?

The first edition of WrestleMania took place in 1985 and the show remains the most important PPV in WWE’s schedule up. There’s a lot in the past that can help you make better decisions in the present and the future.

That’s why you shouldn’t ignore the stats and records if you want to win money from WrestleMania betting. Here are some numbers that could be helpful.

The Title Matches

If you are looking to bet on WrestleMania matches that are for a title, it would be useful to know how often the champions manage to retain their title. Here’s what the numbers show.

Year Title matches Champion wins Contender wins
Total 144 62 82
1985 3 0 3
1986 4 3 1
1987 2 1 1
1988 2 1 1
1989 3 1 2
1990 2 1 1
1991 3 0 3
1992 3 0 3
1993 3 1 2
1994 2 1 1
1995 3 1 2
1996 1 0 1
1997 3 1 2
1998 5 3 2
1999 6 5 1
2000 4 1 3
2001 6 1 5
2002 6 5 1
2003 5 3 2
2004 7 5 2
2005 3 1 2
2006 5 1 4
2007 4 3 1
2008 3 1 2
2009 3 1 2
2010 3 1 2
2011 2 2 0
2012 3 1 2
2013 3 2 1
2014 2 1 1
2015 3 0 3
2016 2 0 2
2017 8 3 5
2018 8 3 5
2019 9 2 7
2020 10 6 4


As you can see, WrestleMania history includes 144 fights that featured a champion defending his belt. The contenders won 82 of them which equals about 57%. That’s something to consider when wagering on WrestleMania, but here are some clarifications.

  • The list above doesn’t include matches for vacant titles.
  • Some matches were decided after a disqualification and the champion retained the title despite losing the clash.
  • On many occasions, the champion faced multiple contenders for the title at once.
  • The main reason why the number of titles has been going up recently is the addition of female WWE divisions.

The overall impression is that the WWE tries to keep it balanced, but the contenders have a slight advantage. We don’t recommend you to ever place your WrestleMania bets for real cash purely based on stats, but they are a good starting point.

Most WrestleMania Appearances

Another interesting statistic is related to the wrestlers with the most WrestleMania appearances. Let’s check them out.

Wrestler Matches Record
The Undertaker 27 25-2
Triple H 23 10-13
Kane 17 8-8-1
Shawn Michaels 17 6-11
Randy Orton 16 6-10
John Cena 15 10-5
The Big Show 15 4-10-1
Bret Hart 14 8-6
Chris Jericho 14 5-9
Hulk Hogan 12 8-3-1

It’s curious to note that only four of the top ten wrestlers with the most appearances have a winning record – The Undertaker, John Cena, Bret Hart, and Hulk Hogan.

Three of them are among the biggest superstars of wrestling ever and they have more than 66% win percentage each.

If you are going to gamble real money on a WrestleMania contestant that’s been around for a while, you should probably go against him, unless he’s a true superstar. Naturally, you should consider the context, but the raw data can’t be ignored either when it comes to WWE betting.

The WWE WrestleMania bookmakers online rarely use it to their advantage, so that’s one area where you could find an edge against them.

WWE WrestleMania Betting Recap

We sincerely hope that our WWE WrestleMania betting guide can help you win money from the event. Our experts update the page regularly around every edition of wrestling’s biggest show, so make sure to come back for fresh odds and gambling tips.

It’s essential to stay informed yourself, so it would be a good idea to follow the WWE and all news around WrestleMania in the last month or two before the event starts.

Finally, you should be looking to get the best value for your money. If you are still not sure where to bet on WrestleMania, the following online sportsbooks and wrestling gambling apps accept real money wagers for the show.

We’ve made sure to select the safest options on the market and the ones that come with the most perks. Joining takes only a couple of minutes, but the benefits are huge.

We recommend you use multiple WrestleMania betting apps and sportsbooks for the best outcome. This will allow you to shop for the highest odds and open the door to more promotions for WWE gambling with cash.

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