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Review of the Game of Thrones Online Slot

It doesn’t matter if your favorite family is Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, or Targaryen. They’re all represented in Microgaming’s Game of Thrones online slot.

Pat yourself on the back because you’ve arrived at the most thorough and accurate Game of Thrones online slot review. We’ve got all kinds of gameplay spoilers in store.

You’re about to find out why one house is better than the other, why the Iron Throne is twice as nice, and how it’s possible to win 750,000 credits in a single spin.

Two Ways to Play the Game of Thrones Slot Online

Microgaming has two online Game of Thrones slots that are nearly identical. The distinction comes from the number of ways to win.

If you didn’t pay attention to the title, you wouldn’t know if you had the 15-line or 243 ways to win game in front of you, as they’re nearly identical.

Game of Thrones Game of Thrones 243 Ways
Software Microgaming Microgaming
Paylines 15 243 ways to win
Reels Five Five
RTP 95.03% 95%
Bonus Round Yes Yes
Scatter Pays Yes Yes
High-value Symbol Wild Wild
Progressive Jackpot No No
Top Payout Potential 750,000 coins 605,000 coins
Betting Limits 0.15 to 3.99 0.30 to 15.00

The stakes are slightly lower in the 15-payline game, but the rewards are higher. You can win a top payout of 750,000 coins in the traditional slot versus 605,000 in the 243 ways game.

Unless you want to wager less than $0.30 or more than $4 per spin, or have your eyes on that larger payout, you can play either machine. One isn’t better than the other.

Each Game of Thrones slot online has the same features too. We’ll explore what those are in the next section of our Games of Thrones slot review.

Game of Thrones Slot Features

Game of Thrones online slot base features

Even though the show is filled with non-stop action, twists, and turns, Microgaming’s slot representation is more laid-back.

Both slots are played with five reels, three rows, and simple imagery. You’ll get a bit of 3D effects here and there, including some series clips.

These are the base features in each Game of Thrones slot.

  • Iron Throne Scatter Pays
  • Game of Thrones Stacked Wilds
  • Coats of Arms and Royal Symbols

Here is what you need to know about each feature.

Iron Throne Scatter Pays

A battle for the Iron Throne carries over from television screen to slot screen. The Throne is both the key to unlocking the Game of Thrones free spins and the highest-value symbol on the paytable.

The Throne scatter is worth X200 based on your total bet.

Game of Thrones Stacked Wilds

You get one main game modifier. It’s the Game of Thrones logo, aka the wild symbol.

The wild symbol will stack, replace any other symbol (except the Throne scatter), and is also towards the top of the payout list on the Game of Thrones slot machine.

The payouts for hitting five wilds are different depending on whether you play the 15-line or 243-ways-to-win Game of Thrones casino slot.

  • 15-line game – 1,000 credits
  • 243 ways to win – X16.6 based on the total stake

The wild symbol is the second-best symbol in the game. Only the scatter symbol is more valuable.

Coats of Arms and Royal Symbols

In the Game of Thrones online slot machine, a coat of arms is known as a sigil or heraldy. Heraldic devices are used as a sign of status, as well as to show allegiance to a particular house.

Sigils are important, which explains why Microgaming used the top four Sigils as the highest-value symbols in the real money Game of Thrones slot.

The four sigils in Game of Thrones.

For example, Baratheon uses a deer for its Sigil, which is number one on the payout list after the scatter and wild symbols. Lannister is the Lion, Stark has a Wolf, and Targaryen is an Octopus.

The Royal symbols (King, Queen, etc.) take up the rest of the spots on the five reels as the low-value symbols for the Game of Thrones casino slot game.

We’ll get into the various payouts and prize boosts in this Game of Thrones slot review soon.

Before we get to that, we’re going to talk about the Game of Thrones slot free spins bonus round and the exciting cut scenes it uses from the TV show.

Free Spins on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones free spins bonus

We’ve mentioned the Game of Thrones free spins a few times. Now you’ll get to see why.

The bonus game is the highlight of the Game of Thrones online slot game. It plays the same regardless of which slot you choose to play.

Here is how it works. You’ll get to play favorites with the four houses.

  • Baratheon
  • Lannister
  • Stark
  • Targaryen

Each has a dedicated bonus round opportunity. Once you hit the proper scatter combination of a minimum of three Iron Thrones, you’ll witness some exciting clips from the TV show. Then it’s decision time.

Which GOT House Do You Serve?

You’ll have your choice of the big four. Each house is distinguished by different spin counts, multipliers, and stacked symbols.

House GOT Free Spins Count Bonus Multipler Bonus Symbol Stacks
Baratheon 8 X5 3
Lannister 10 X4 4
Stark 14 X3 5
Targaryen 18 X2 6

There are a few ways to strategize. It’s not just a matter of picking your favorite Sigil or family.

Instead, you can play it a bit safer with a higher spin count, like the 18 provided by Targaryen. When you do that, the multiplier is lower, though.

If you want to take a more significant risk while playing the GOT online slot, you could go with eight spins but a X5 multiplier. That way, if you hit something valuable, that X5 will skyrocket your payout.

The choice is yours. There isn’t a wrong way to play the Game of Thrones slot. Your decision comes down to how much variance you want to experience.

You can always take the middle ground too. Choosing Lannister or Stark is a great way to split the difference, to get a decent number of free spins and multiplier.

Game of Thrones Slot Jackpot Payouts

If you play the Game of Thrones real money slot, you will have the chance to win a substantial jackpot. The question we want to answer is, how much can you win?

The answer depends on which version of the Game of Thrones slot game you choose. The payouts are different for each machine.

Symbol Representation GOT Slot 15-Line GOT 243 Ways Slot
Scatter Iron Throne X200 (bet multiplier) X200
Wild Game of Thrones Logo 1,000 X16.6
Baratheon Sigil Deer 600 X8.3
Lannister Sigil Lion 500 X6.67
Stark Sigil Wolf 400 X5
Targaryen Octopus 350 X5

The multiplier is applied to your total stake on the 243 ways game.

Keep in mind that the scatter pay is the highest and most consistent paying symbol in both versions, but only one five-scatter combination can hit the board at a time.

So, your best bet is wild coverage. The wild symbol can stack, so it provides plenty of opportunities for multiplied prizes awarded in a single spin.

These are the best two ways to win big on the Game of Thrones slot machine.

Our Final Verdict on Game of Thrones Slot

Verdict of our Game of Thrones slot review

What do we think of the Game of Thrones slot by Microgaming?

We think there’s a lot to like about the Game of Thrones online slot, but we’re not 100% on board. The game is simple, incorporates the TV show well, and looks great on both PC and mobile.

We also discovered that the bonus round can be extremely lucrative. Our first go-round during our review of the Game of Thrones slot was quite successful. We won 15x times our total bet.

But that is the most exciting aspect of the game. There aren’t any mini-bonuses or creative twists during the base game. You get stacked wilds and scatter pays, but that’s the extent of it.

  • Two online versions
  • Low stakes gaming
  • Bonus multipliers
  • Up to 18 free spins
  • Bonus retriggers
  • Win up to 750,000 coins
  • Scatter pays
  • Stacked wild symbols
  • Video clips of the HBO series
  • Available for mobile play
  • Provided by a first-rate slot developer
  • Available in most Microgaming online casinos
  • Limited feature modifiers
  • Low stakes gaming
  • RTP under 96%
  • Not available for US players

The bottom line – Microgaming did a good job with the Game of Thrones online slot machine. If you enjoy the show, odds are you’ll enjoy playing this slot.

However, if you’re wanting or expecting non-stop action, then you might be disappointed.

Where to Play the GOT Slot Online

Play the Game of Thrones slot online

If you want to play the Game of Thrones slot online, you’ll first need to find a casino. There are two ways to find legit online casinos with Game of Thrones.

The first option is to comb through our online casino reviews. Your goal is to find top-rated online casinos with Microgaming software.

This is a good approach to take since you can learn more about each casino, specifically their banking options, promotions, other games, and so on.

However, this approach will take the longest because you will need to first find casinos with Microgaming slots, and then read each review to find the best casino for you.

The fastest approach is to simply join one of our recommended casinos for Microgaming slots. We vet each one to ensure they are safe, have a variety of casino games, and offer generous bonuses.

Either way, you will have no problem finding online casino sites with Game of Thrones on our website.

Most if not all the casinos we recommend let you play Game of Thrones online for real money and for free. So, there is no reason not to try out the GOT slot online today.

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