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The Best Mobile Bitcoin Gambling Sites in 2022

Can you think of many things that have been bigger or more popular in recent years than mobile devices and Bitcoin? We can’t, and we only expect their popularity to increase in the near future.

Now, think about what happens when you mix these two with gambling. You get a potent cocktail that, when ingested, can lead to an enjoyable experience online. But only if you join the right Bitcoin gambling site.

Join the wrong site, and it’ll be akin to the worst hangover you’ve ever had. That’s easily avoidable, though, seeing as you’re here. All the sites in the table below have been thoroughly vetted. Join any one of them, and we’ll all but guarantee that you have a great time gambling online.

Rank Gambling Site Exclusive Bonus Products Get Started
#2 280% Up To $14,000
  • Casino
Visit Site Las Atlantis
#3 125% Up To $2,500
  • Sports
  • Casino
Visit Site BetUS
#4 60% Up To $1,000
  • Sports
  • Casino
  • Poker
Visit Site BetOnline
#5 100% Up To $1,000
  • Sports
  • Casino
  • Poker
Visit Site SportsBetting.ag

You can’t go wrong with any of these options. We know because we’ve done our homework. We’ve created accounts and checked out each site firsthand, as well as researched the companies that run them.

You want to know what we found out?

That each site meets our standards. Each site offers fair games and betting opportunities. They have promotions with fair terms. They accept Bitcoin, too.

Best of all, you can access each of these sites using your mobile device.

The bottom line – you can join any of these sites, and we’re confident that you’ll have a great time. If not, you let us know.

Now, with all that said, we know that general gambling sites aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you want a more specific experience. In other words, you want to join a sportsbook, poker room, or casino.

If that sounds like a better option for you, then one of the following pages will place you on the right path.

Sports Betting Bitcoin

Sports Betting With Bitcoin

Casino Gambling Bitcoin

Casino Gambling With Bitcoin

Play Poker Bitcoin

Playing Poker With Bitcoin

6 Key Ingredients Every Awesome Gambling Site Has

We get it – you have no reason to trust our recommendations. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why should I join one of these gambling sites over the dozens recommended at other review sites?”

That’s a fair question.

So, what we want to take a few minutes to do is go over what makes the sites above unique. We’ll show you the key ingredients we look for in each gambling site we recommend to our readers.

Key Ingredient #1: Reputation

One of the first things we do is scour the internet for information on who runs the site we’re reviewing. We want to know everything we can about them. That includes things such as the following.

  • How long they’ve been in business
  • The jurisdictions they’re licensed in
  • How they treat their customers
  • If they’ve ever been involved in any predatory behavior

And so on.

What we’re specifically looking for are things they may have done or are currently doing that would endanger you, your information, or your Bitcoin.

Key Ingredient #2: Banking

Having the option to deposit and cash out in Bitcoin is obviously important. However, we also look for the option to use other banking methods.

Next, we look at the gambling site’s banking limits. We prefer sites that offer a wide spectrum – super-low lows and super-high highs. The goal is to make sure that each site can cater to as many players as possible.

We also look for low or zero fees. It’s important to us that we recommend sites that let our readers keep as much of their money as possible.

Key Ingredient #3: Gambling Options

The sites we prefer to recommend are what we call “all-in-one” (AIO) gambling sites. These are sites that offer several gambling products under one roof. For example, you can bet on sports, play poker, and play casino games.

We prefer these sites because they give you the most bang for your time. You can create one account (assuming anonymity isn’t an option), and you can access each of these products with a couple clicks of your mouse.

That’s not enough, though. We also make sure that each product is high-quality. For example, a sportsbook doesn’t do you any good if you can’t bet on something as common as esports. A poker room does no one any good if they don’t get enough traffic for games to run. Who wants to play at a casino that doesn’t offer table or live dealer games?

The bottom line – each product needs to hold its own. It should be good enough that you’d want to join it even if the other products weren’t available.

When each section is that good, the gambling site is better than the sum of its parts. It’s plenty good enough for us to recommend to our readers.

Key Ingredient #4: Mobile-Friendly

Being mobile-friendly is obviously important since this page is about mobile gambling. Anyway, we make sure every site we recommend to our readers offers some kind of option for mobile gamblers. This could be a different website, a mobile-responsive website, or even a native app.

That’s not enough, though.

It’s also important to us that each site we recommend has a robust selection of betting opportunities and games within each product they offer. A casino does no one any good if they have 200+ casino games for desktop users but only 15 games for mobile players.

Last, it’s important to us that their mobile site works well. It doesn’t matter how good their betting options or games are if it takes you forever to figure out where to find them, how to use them, or if the site is full of bugs.

Key Ingredient #5: Solid Support

Customer support doesn’t get as much attention as things like welcome bonuses or games do. It’s just as important, though, if not more so. Next time you have a problem or question, and you can’t get ahold of customer support, we bet that you’ll agree with us.

One of the things we look for is the number of ways you have to contact support. We prefer sites that offer support through at least email and live chat. We give sites brownie points if they offer phone support, too.

We also look at the site’s response time. Sites that respond to emails within a few hours are given extra credit, while sites that respond in less than 24 hours are given a high-five. Sites that take longer than that will have points taken from them.

Key Ingredient #6: Offers

Promotions aren’t a make-or-break item necessarily, as we feel that so many people put too much weight into promotions. They’re fun and exciting, no doubt about it. But reputation, banking, and support are far more important.

That said, most sites have promotions, so it only makes sense for us to compare offers and terms. We prefer sites that have a nice variety of promotions for each of the products they have. That includes welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, cashback perks, VIP programs, free bets and spins, and more.

Just as important as the offers are the terms you agree to when you claim them. We recommend sites that have reasonable terms and try to avoid recommending sites with predatory terms. We understand their need to make a profit – it just shouldn’t be at your expense.

There you have it. Those are the things we look for.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? You’d think that every site would excel in those areas.

That’s not the case, though. So many sites drop the ball in those areas. They have weak support or predatory bonus terms or crappy software and games.

Those sites aren’t on the list above…and they never will be.

We only recommend sites that excel in each of these areas. That’s how you know that you can join any one of the sites in our table above and have a great time playing there. Our standards are that high.

Yours should be, too.

FAQs About Managing Bitcoin from Your Mobile Device

The following are questions we’ve seen about using your smartphone to manage, track, spend, and invest your Bitcoin. We figured this information would be useful to our readers, as you’re here to learn about gambling with Bitcoin from your smartphone.

Let’s get to it.

Are there apps you can use to manage your Bitcoin?
AYes. You can download apps that you can use to help store and manage your Bitcoin. There are several examples, which include Coinbase (wallet), Airbitz (wallet), and Cash App – amongst several others.

These apps allow you to manage several profiles, back up your information, convert your Bitcoin and transfer it, buy/sell Bitcoins, and much more.
Are there apps you can use to mine Bitcoin?
AThere are, but only expect to find them for Android devices. Apparently, a few apps have made it on the Apple app store, but they were pulled down.

KnowYourMobile.com says these are the best apps for mining Bitcoin from your phone.
  • Easy Miner
  • LTCMiner
  • DroidMiner BTC/LTC Miner
They also say that unless you have a newer gen phone, you shouldn’t bother. Even if you do, you shouldn’t expect to mine more than 0.0005 Bitcoins in 8 hours of work. You’re much better off mining from a hardcore PC if you can swing it.
What types of features should I look for?
AIt depends on the app you download. That said, here are a few features to look for.
  • A tracker that tells you the current price of Bitcoin, converted to the currency of your choice
  • Notifications when the value of Bitcoin rises above or falls below a specific level
  • Earn Bitcoin in exchange for allowing advertisements
  • Automatic backup and recovery
  • An option to pay (offline) via Bluetooth
  • Spending limits with password or PIN required to spend above them
  • Recovery phrase for if/when your phone is broken, lost, or stolen
  • Multi-signature addresses between you and the server for added security
  • Private keys stored locally and not on the cloud
  • Sync data with several devices
Again, it depends on what you need the app for, but these features will be helpful in just about any situation.
Can you use your app offline?
AIt depends on the app. Some apps will let you send payments via Bluetooth.
What happens if my phone breaks or is stolen or lost?
AMany of the apps we’ve seen will let you recover your information once you enter a password or PIN number.
What are some examples of Bitcoin apps I can download?
AHere are some of the apps that are available for managing and tracking your Bitcoin. Just Google each one to see if it’s what you’re looking for and if there’s an app for your specific device.
  • CoinbaseBuy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. You can also use this as a wallet, price tracker, and directory. The one thing people complain about here are the fees. It’s available for both iOS and Android.
  • CryptoTrax – Manage your portfolio with this app. It’ll track the value of your investments and give you an idea of your profits/losses. You can also set up price alerts.
  • Enjin Wallet – This is made by the same company that created the first cryptocurrency for gaming. This has an interesting security feature where if you lose your phone, you can restore your wallet on another device by scanning a 12-word security phrase.
  • Investing.com – This app offers comprehensive databases for tracking the prices of more than 1,300 altcoins in real time.
  • BitPay – This offers one-touch Bitcoin payments.
  • Gliph – A mobile marketplace for Bitcoin. You can send and receive messages, put items up for sale, purchase items, and more.
  • Spare – Turn your Bitcoin into cash quickly and conveniently. You can request cash and get a barcode, which you can take to a local shop. The shopkeeper scans the code and gives you the cash in exchange. This eliminates the need for an ATM, which is pretty neat.
  • Blockfolio – Set price alerts, buy new coin, track your investments, and more.
There are tons of apps out there. A simple Google search will bring them all up. You should expect more apps to hit the market and for them to become more sophisticated over the next couple of years.
Is my identity hidden? Do I keep my anonymity?
AIt doesn’t look like anything changes as far as anonymity is concerned. Some apps take things a step further by ensuring your IP isn’t stored or associated with your transactions or identity. They hide your IP address from “prying eyes.”
Are these apps secure?
AWe can’t confirm that, as we’ve not used the apps above. However, many of these apps say that they use hardcore encryption and that your private keys will never leave your device.

What’s more, many of these apps have extra layers of security for if or when something happens to your phone.
Do you have to pay to access the apps?
AMost of the apps we looked at were free to download and use. Some of them will have fees for the transactions you make and for accessing extra features. Others will have advertising in lieu of charging anything at all.

FAQs About Gambling with Bitcoin from Your Mobile Device

Here are the most common questions we get about gambling online using Bitcoin from smartphones and tablets.

Can you use your smartphone to gamble online? What about tablets?
AYeah. Nowadays you shouldn’t have a problem finding a gambling site that’s mobile-friendly. That goes for casino games, sports betting, poker, and more.

The challenge you might have is finding a gambling site where you can do everything from your phone and pay in Bitcoin.
They exist, though. It’s just that your options might be limited depending on what you’re looking for in a gambling site and where you’re playing from.
Do you have to download any apps?
AThat depends on the site. Some gambling sites have mobile apps. They’re rare, though.

That goes double for Bitcoin-only sites since they tend to use HTML5 technology, which is compatible with most modern devices – or soon will be. You don’t have to download apps from these sites to use them.

In fact, these are a great way to go because you don’t have to use all of your phone’s resources on gambling apps.
Can you play using Bitcoin?
AThat depends on where you join.

If you join a hybrid gambling site, such as Bovada, then probably not. You can deposit in Bitcoin, but you’ll play in dollars.
If you join a site that deals only in Bitcoin, then you’ll be able to play in Bitcoin.

Make sure to read our reviews before you join a site. We’ll tell you whether you can gamble in Bitcoin or not.
What games can you play? What can you bet on?
AThere are few, if any, limitations as to what you can or can’t play from your phone.

As far as casino games go, you’ll get to play anything from slots to video poker to card games and more. You’ll even get to play live dealer games. If you join a Bitcoin-only site, you’ll get to play games such as Satoshi Dice and Minesweeper.

Sports betting is the same way. In fact, you’ll find the fewest limitations betting sports online. Most sportsbooks are mobile compatible without you needing to download any apps.

Poker will be the most hit or miss. Some sites have mobile poker, while others haven’t added the option yet.

Regardless of what you want to play, this is one of those instances where you’ll want to do a little homework before you sign up somewhere. Each site is different in terms of what you can do from your mobile device, the games you can play, available features, and so on.
Do you have to pay to download mobile gambling apps?
AYou shouldn’t. Not from a site where you can gamble for real money, at least. They’re already making money from customers who gamble and lose.
Can I play games or bet on sports for free?

You won’t be able to bet on sports for free. There’s not really a way to do that for free since the bets made impact the lines/odds.

That said, you can usually play poker for free money, as well as casino games. The exception to casino games will be live dealer games, as those tend to have limited seating which, understandably, they want to reserve for real money customers.

Other than that, though, you should have no issues finding free games to play.
What devices are compatible with mobile gambling sites?
AThe types of devices most commonly compatible are those from Apple or running an Android operating system.

Blackberry and Windows devices are compatible, too. It’s just hit or miss as to what sites you can use them at and the extent of your gambling options.
Is mobile gambling safe and secure?
AIt is. That’s assuming you join a safe and secure site to begin with, though.

Make sure the site has a security certificate. You can quickly confirm this by seeing whether there’s an “S” after the “HTTP” in the web address. It’ll look like this: https.

Next, make sure the gambling site is licensed and regulated. After that, make sure the games are tested regularly for fairness.

Last, make sure the site has a good reputation. You can do that by reading our reviews and forums. You want to see whether the site has a history of bad behavior.

If all these things check out, then the site should be plenty safe for you to join.
Are mobile gamblers still eligible for promotions?

Sometimes mobile users will receive unique promotions that desktop users won’t get. This could be a deposit bonus, free spins, or a free bet.

Other times, they’ll get access to the same offers that desktop users do. These offers can be massive, especially for Bitcoin-only sites. For example, we’ve seen several Bitcoin casinos that are offering 100% match bonuses up to 1 BTC.

Nothing is off limits, though. It just depends on where you sign up and what you plan to play or bet on.
Do I use the same account that I have on my computer?
AYes. If you already have an account somewhere, just go there from your phone and log in using the same information. You shouldn’t have any issues logging in.


This page combines three things that people are LOVING right now – online gambling, mobile technology, and Bitcoin.

It’s not hard to hop onto this bandwagon, either. Chances are good that you’re reading this from your phone or tablet. We’d bet that you already have Bitcoin, too, seeing as you’re reading this page.

All that’s left for you to do is choose from one of the sites above – which we’ve already vetted for safety, security, great software and games, and more. Then transfer your Bitcoin over and start playing.

It couldn’t be any easier to get started.

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