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Titan Storm Slot Machine

Titan Storm is a 5 reel slot machine that was developed by NextGen Gaming for online casinos.

This game is based on Greek mythology, specifically the gods fighting their enemies, the titans.

The story of gods vs. titans is an old one that’s been told many ways through movies and TV shows. The most recent depiction was in a 2011 film called Immortals, where gods and titans face off ina bloody battle.

Titan Storm isn’t as grim of an affair, but it uses an interesting atmosphere and characters to set the stage for a battle.

Let’s continue discussing Titan Storm by covering its setup, atmosphere, music, animations, bonuses, and betting options. We’ll also compare Titan Storm to other god themed slot machines to seehow it ranks.

Titan Storm Slot Machines Overview

243 Ways to Win

Titan Storm doesn’t have pay lines like most slot machines. Instead, it sees you form wins by landing matching symbols on adjacent reels.

The symbols don’t have to be in any sort of pattern, so long as they are in consecutive reels and the combination starts from the leftmost reel.

The fact that you have 243 ways to win creates lots of winning possibilities, which is why many players like these types of games.

Atmosphere / Background

Titan Storm creates a unique atmosphere through floating mountains, strange lights, and a planetary background.

We assume that the floating mountains are Mt. Olympus, and you’ll notice blue lights in both these mountains as well as those on the ground.

The planetary background, which features a small planet in the foreground and a larger one in the distance, also helps set the mythological atmosphere.

On the ground, you’ll see a mixture of tall grass, rocks, and blue crystals. The crystals are another aspect that makes this feel like a mystic place where gods would dwell.

Music and Sound Effects

You’ll hear a dramatic tune in the background, which combines powerful sounds with chanting to set the god like atmosphere.

The music gets more intense when you spin the reels, making it feel like the battle between gods and titans has begun.

You’ll also hear sound effects during winning payouts, with these sounds falling in line with the main game music.


This game features a few animations during winning payouts, including Zeus creating a ball of lightning in his hand, light bursting from the reels during scatter wins, diamonds shooting out ofthe reels during big payouts, and the Hera symbol flashing.

The bonus also includes a couple of animations, such as Zeus breaking apart the reels with his sword, and light coming up from the grass as big wins hang in the balance.

Titan Storm offers an adequate number of animations during the main game, but the ones featured in the bonus add far more excitement.

Titan Storm Pay Table and Graphics

Titan Storm’s symbols and payouts include the following:

  • Zeus Wild

    Wielding thunder in his hands and standing strong, Zeus is the wild symbol and substitutes for everything, including the scatter symbol. Zeus only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4.

  • Golden Door Scatter

    Appearing only on reels 2, 3, and 4, the scatter offers 50x your triggering bet if it appears 3 times anywhere within these three reels.

  • Hera

    Hera is the top paying symbol, delivering 2,000 credits for 5 symbols, 200 for 4 symbols, 50 for 3, and 10 for 2.

  • Titan

    Overthrown by the gods and imprisoned deep within the earth, these creatures are the long time enemies of the gods. This titan pays 1,000 credits for 5 symbols, 100 for 4 symbols, 50 for 3,and 10 for 3.

  • Winged Beast

    This beast isn’t immediately identifiable from Greek Mythology. It pays 500 credits for 5 symbols, 50 for 4, and 25 for 3.

  • Gold Mask, Sword

    These two symbols pays 200 credits for 5 symbols, 50 for 4, and 25 for 3.

  • A, K

    The A and K offer 100 credits for 5 symbols, 40 for 4, and 20 for 3.

  • Q, J

    These two letters pay 100 credits for 5 symbols, 30 for 4, and 15 for 3.

  • 10, 9

    The 10 and 9 offer 100 credits for 5 symbols, 25 for 4, and 10 for 3.

Symbol Graphics

The symbols look excellent in Titan Storm, with all six of the unique symbols featuring detailed graphics. We especially like Zeus, Hera, the titan, and the winged beast.

Our main complaint is that we can’t immediately identify some of the symbols from Greek mythology. It’s obvious that Zeus, Hera, and the titan are well known figures, but we don’t know where thewinged animal, gold mask, and sword fit in.

Also, with as good of a job as NextGen did on the unique symbols, we wish they would’ve added more gods and titans as lower paying symbols. Instead, they filled out the low paying prizes withgeneric letters and numbers.

Titan Storm Slot Bonus Features

The glaring weakness to Titan Storm is that its only bonus is free spins. Below you can see how these free spins work along with a look at the Gamble feature.

Free Spins

You can trigger the bonus round with 3 or more scatter symbols, or a combination of 3 scatters and wild symbols. Considering that wilds can substitutes for scatters, you’ll trigger the bonus morefrequently than in other games.

Once you trigger free spins, the sky turns dark and Zeus will shatter the reels with his sword. He stands in the middle of the screen with his sword raised while you’re prompted to click to startthe free spins.

When the free games begin, the reels fall down from the sky and you’ll see 3 wild scatter symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.

You get 10 free spins, and you can retrigger 5 free games at any point by getting 3 or more scatters/wilds anywhere on the reels.

The big perk to these free spins is that 5 of a kind wins pay 5x their normal value. In the case of a 5 of a kind Hera win, you’d collect 10,000 credits instead of 2,000.

Gamble Feature

You can try to double or quadruple your winnings by clicking the button with a spade and heart at the bottom of the reels.

This brings up a second screen, where you’ll see the back of a playing card and options to choose the card color or suit.

You can win the Gamble feature five consecutive times before you’re forced to enter the main game again.

If you lose at any point, you lose both your triggering spin and any winnings earned during the Gamble round. You can exit at any time by clicking the Take Win button.

Betting Options

Pay lines are fixed at 25, but you can adjust your coin denomination from €0.01 to €2.00. This makes for a minimum bet of €0.25 and a max bet worth €50.00.

Considering that you have 243 ways to win on any spin, the €0.25 minimum bet isn’t too bad.

Other Options

Once you’ve set your betting preferences, you can use Auto play to spin the reels automatically by clicking the green button next to the spin button.

This brings up a sliding bar that allows you to choose between 5 and 100 spins. If you’ve used Auto play in a previous session, you can use the Last Settings button to speed things up.

One other option that you have is the ability to turn sound on and off with the speaker button in the lower left hand corner.

Win Frequency

Titan Storm’s win frequency is average for a 243 ways to win slot. We also found this to be a streaky game since we’d win several spins in a row, only to have this followed by losing streakslasting 8 10 spins.

One thing that surprised us about this game, though, is how often the free spins come up. Due to the combination of wild and scatter symbols being able to trigger the bonus, you’ll get plenty offree games.

Return to Player RTP

RTP for Titan Storm is 95.45%, which is average for an online slot. This coincides with the average win frequency that we experienced over the course of several hundred spins.

Game Rules

Some of Titan Storm’s rules are different from other slots due to the 243 ways to win aspect. Here’s a look at the main rules:

  • The €0.25 minimum bet activates all 243 ways to win.
  • Winning combinations can occur anywhere on all reels. But their reels must touch, beginning from the leftmost reel and going right.
  • Each symbol can only be used once in winning combinations.
  • The wild and scatter symbols on appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Comparison to Other Greek God Slot Machines

Titan Storm is one of several slot machines that are based on Greek mythology. And as you’ll see below, it compares favorably when pitted against similar slots.

Amaya’s Battle for Olympus

This 5 reel, 50 pay line slot takes place near the gates of Mt. Olympus and features classic mythology figures like Athena, Hades, the Hydra, Poseidon’s trident, and Zeus.

We like the action in this game since it offers dramatic music and several animations.

The absolute best aspect of Battle for Olympus is the bonus round, where you choose to fight as either Hades or Zeus.

During the bonus, you try to line up a moving dot with an icon to make your attacks more powerful. The goal is to drain your opponent’s energy with devastating attacks and win more credits.

The only thing that we don’t like about Battle for Olympic is the transparent reels, which show multi colored clouds behind them. We applaud Amaya’s attempt to create a detailed background, butit ends up looking cluttered in this case.

In comparison, Titan Storm offes a detailed background without cluttering the screen, which is why we like it better than Battle for Olympus.

Rival Gaming’s Coins of Olympus

This 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine opens with a fun introduction video that shows different Greek gods along with their fabled home, Mt. Olympus.

This game features 3D graphics, although they’re not as crisp as what modern slots offer today. Nevertheless, the action is fun and so are the depictions of the gods.

Speaking of the gods, you’ll see Aphrodite, Aries, Athena, Dionysus, Hades, Hera, Hercules, Pegasus, Poseidon, and Zeus on the reels.

The animations in Battle for Olympus are really good since you’ll see a different one for each god. We also like the unique sound effects that accompany each individual win.

The features are also good in this slot because you can get an expanding wild, free spins, and second screen bonus.

Overall, Coins of Olympus has better bonuses and symbols than Titan Storm. But the latter offers superior graphics and animation quality, making these two games even.


Titan Storm offers several aspects that players will find interesting, beginning with the 243 ways format. While not the first slot to offer 243 ways to win, Titan Storm is fun because it createsso many winning possibilities.

Another likeable part of this game is its background, which uses floating mountains and lights to create a unique atmosphere. We also enjoy the music during spins, payouts, and bonuses, whichsets the stage for a clash between gods and titans.

One thing that we don’t like about Titan Storm, though, is how the only bonus is free spins. While the free spins have some entertaining frills, Titan Storm’s bonuses don’t match what we’ve seenin other Greek mythology slots.

Another thing that could improve is the win frequency, which is average and will see you experience plenty of cold steaks.

Despite the limited bonuses and streaky play, we still like Titan Storm due to its graphics, atmosphere, and music. If you like Greek gods, then you’re going to enjoy playing Titan Storm.

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