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Amaya Slots and Where to Play Them Online

While Amaya is a familiar name in the online slots world, they’ve been through several name changes after also getting involved with online poker world. After acquiring the Rational Group and becoming the Stars Group, most of their slots are still branded with the Amaya name since that’s what’s familiar to players.

If you’re just looking to step right into the best casinos, then here are our recommendations for where to play Amaya slots online.

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Amaya was founded in 2001 and is based out of Toronto, Ontario, in Canada. They have a tremendous reputation for producing high-quality games on a consistent basis, and that’s one of the reasons why their portfolio of titles is so popular.

This company is one of the biggest in the online gambling world by far, so it’s no surprise that their games can be found at most of the top online casinos in the world. Their games are available at a lot of different online brands, and that can make it difficult to pick out where to play if you’re doing all of the research yourself.

Below, we’ll share our own research methodology along with the primary factors we take into consideration when making our recommendations. This will save you a ton of time and give you an understanding on how to best pick and choose where to play Amaya Gaming slots online.

Where to Play Amaya-Slots

About Amaya’s Online Slots

There are three primary areas to focus on when describing the library of Amaya’s online slot games. First, let’s look at the themes and concepts they use.

You’ll find everything from popular brands in established media to concepts they’ve developed themselves over the years, so there’s plenty of variety there.

The variety of game themes Amaya has produced is one of the reasons why their portfolio as a whole is so strong.

The second point is that slots from Amaya have pretty good graphics. They’ve been making games for a long time, so it’s obvious that some of their visuals will be a bit dated, but they’ve typically kept up with the aesthetic trends of the time.

Finally, we have their features and pay table distributions. You’ll find everything from progressive jackpot titles with high levels of volatility to more relaxed slots that fit more into the casual gaming type of feel with low volatility levels and balanced overall pay schedules.

If you want to dive into more game specifics, check out our in-depth reviews on a few Amaya Gaming slots.

Rating the Best Casinos for Amaya Slots

For our own research, we make sure that we start with a solid base of trusted online casinos to choose from. To establish this foundation, we sort out all of the casinos that don’t meet certain strict guidelines.

We’re going to describe the things that we look for below in terms of these guidelines and what it takes to meet them.

These are things that we believe all players deserve in their experience no matter which games they play, which stakes they’re comfortable at, or how often they sit down to get in on the action.

Online Casino License and Reputation

First and foremost, when we recommend where to play Amaya online slots, we always want it to be with sites that have licenses in well-respected jurisdictions. The licensing process is nothing more than a rubber stamp in some places. However, it’s extremely strict with a lot of accountability in others.

We prefer the latter situation for our readers, and that’s why we primarily focus on casinos that have licenses from top-tier jurisdictions. These include the following

  • Isle of Man
  • Gibraltar
  • Malta
  • United Kingdom

With these jurisdictions, you can rest assured that casino operators are held to high standards and that there are processes in place that are actively used to handle issues in a way that’s responsible and helpful.

Payout History and Withdrawal Processing Speed

No one enjoys waiting a long time just get their cash.

It’s amazing that we need to actually spell out something that seems that obvious, but there are a lot of casino sites out there that simply don’t get it and instead give players significant delays.

One of the biggest nightmares for any online slot fan is to win a big jackpot only to find out that the casino is shady and won’t pay out.

We are incredibly serious about making sure that the online casinos we recommend for where to play Amaya online slots have a history of paying out consistently.

We prefer those that pay out as quickly as possible as well, but we have to keep in mind that some payment methods take longer than others. It’s not always purely in the hands of the casino staff when it comes to wait times for actually receiving your funds.

You have to remember that it’s actually your money in the casino account, and it’s just like any other bank account you might have in that you want to be able to move your funds around quickly whenever you like.

That’s why we look at the overall history of the site and any customer complaints when evaluating this for a given casino.

Customer Service and Support

It’s a massive pain whenever you want some help with something but can’t get in contact with support.

Our standards for customer service are based on what we would like to see ourselves, and that includes a variety of ways to contact the support staff along with open hours that are always available for customer care.

Virtually all of the top Amaya slot sites have customer service available 24/7/365. No matter when you need them, they’ll be there to help you.

There are some exceptions to this in the form of sites that have support available most of the time by their usual methods, particularly during peak hours for where they are licensed. But they still answer emails and provide support during off-peak times.

We have a really hard time recommending a site if they don’t have a lot of ways to contact support, and this is because we know that players have different preferences when it comes to how they’d like to contact the customer service team.

The most popular options are email, live chat, and telephone, but other methods can be used as well like Skype, messaging apps, and text messaging.

Choosing Where to Play Amaya Gaming Slots

While all of the above is great, the fact of the matter is that there isn’t one particular method that works for everyone.

Instead of trying to give you one, our approach is about giving players a list of the best options available then giving you the tools and information to pick the best option for you within that list of sites.

We want you to know how to choose from our list of the top online casinos for Amaya slots. Keep reading below if you’re having difficult evaluating your choices.

Compatible Mobile Options

A whole lot of people are playing casino games via mobile these days. Because there are different mobile casino software options for all types of devices, compatibility may be an issue.

If you want to play via mobile, you need to make sure that the casino you choose has mobile options that work well for your device and operating system.

Most of the sites that we recommended will have flexible mobile platforms that cater to smartphones and tablets and also use a wide range of operating systems. This includes everything from the popular iOS and Android to the less popular Windows Phone and Blackberry along with compatibility for a lot of other, lesser-known types of systems.

The key thing is that today’s mobile market is dominated by HTML5 platforms that drive games produced in both HTML5 and Flash. Many of Amaya’s older titles have mobile versions that run in Flash, and while that’s not a problem for most modern mobile devices, it’s still something to remember when thinking about compatibility.

Bonus Selection and Other Promotions

Something we always advocate for is players getting the most value they possibly can out of their real money play. This is why we try to explain how the promotions work for each of the recommendations we make in the reviews for those individual casinos.

All of the top casino sites for Amaya slots have different types of bonuses and other deals available. Here are some examples

  • First deposit bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • Free chips
  • Free spins
  • Rebates on losses
  • Slot leaderboard tournaments
  • Loyalty programs

This is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of what you’ll find. What’s important from the point of picking a site as an individual is having an idea of the type of player you are and which styles of promotions give you the best value.

If you prefer sticking to one site for a long time, focus less on the first deposit offers and more on the recurring specials that give you value over the long run like reload bonuses and a strong loyalty program. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to jump around taking advantage of big welcome bonus offers, that’s a completely viable strategy as well.

The point is to have an idea of what will work the best for you and make your picks based on that information.

Other Software Providers and Available Games

It’s the nature of the slots sector in the modern era of online casinos for there to be games provided from a lot of different software providers all in one place. What this means is that all of the best casinos for Amaya Gaming online slots will almost always have games from at least a few other developers.

You should have some idea of the types of games you’d like to have available, and that includes preferences for other software providers in the slot space as well. As good as Amaya’s game portfolio is, there are still thousands of games out there from other companies. This includes table games and live dealer tables as well.

Playing Amaya Gaming’s Slots Online

There are several factors to take into account when you’re choosing where to play Amaya Gaming slots from our list of recommended online casions. The first is looking at all of the things that virtually all players will want to have. After that, you can pick out which sites have the features, promotions, and game selection that personally appeal to you most.

If you use all of the information we’ve organized from our own research to make your decision, then you’ll be able to choose where to play without a hitch and end up with a real money casino you’ll be happy with.

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