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Why Play Poker Online?

The question of why you should play online poker will have varying answers depending on your level of skill and experience, and what it is that you look to get out of the game of poker.

If you’ve just discovered the game, for instance, it’s a great way to get your feet wet. If you have a few years of experience under your belt, on the other hand, it’s a great arena to hone your skills and stay sharp.

Sure, you can do the same thing at the casino, but the comfort of being able to play in your own home is a hard offer to pass up, especially if you’re a first-time player.

So, whatever your level of expertise or whatever goals you may have set for yourself when it comes to poker, we can tell you why you should play online.

Get Your Feet Wet

It’s a random Tuesday night and you’re flipping through the channels on TV and come across an episode of the World Series of Poker. You don’t think much of it at first but before you know it you’re hooked.

The drama of a big all-in, a miracle river card, and the emotion of one poker player’s heart breaking while the other’s fills with joy, has you captivated.

You hear the announcers speak of the big $8,000,000 first-place prize money and your mind starts to wander. “Can I do that?” The more you think about it the more you realize that you don’t have to be a super athlete to play with the world’s best in this game.

You see a commercial for online poker and it hits you further, you don’t even need to leave your house to play with the best in the world!

You might be asking yourself how that’s possible. Well, if you’re reading this I think you know the answer we’ll deal you.

Enter online poker!

But wait, you realize you’ve never played a hand of poker before in your life. Well then you are in THE right place.

Online poker offers a first-time player the opportunity to test the waters absolutely free.

That’s right, FREE!

That means you can sit down at the table with absolutely no fear of losing any money while you learn the game.

Not only that, but taking a seat in a live poker game for the first time can be an intimidating experience. There might be players in the game with a wealth of experience just licking their chops at the sight of fresh meat. Not only that, but learning the rules and etiquette in a live setting can be nerve-wracking depending on the player make-up at the table.

Online, however, the rules of the game are intact thanks to the software, and rather than being worried about doing something wrong, you will be learning how to do everything right.

It’s hard to beat that level of comfortability while learning such an involved game, but that’s one of the big advantages that online poker affords you.

Now that you know that online poker is something you want to explore you might be wondering where to begin.

Lucky for you, we’ve already got that covered. Check out our Complete Guide to Poker before you get started on your poker journey to better familiarize yourself with the game and some of it’s more specific details.

A quick recap of the advantages of online poker for first-time players:

  • Test the waters ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • Learn the rules.
  • Get acclimated to the game without the intimidation of a live game.
  • Play at your leisure, from your couch to your bed, you can play literally anywhere.

Hone Your Skills

What makes online poker so great is that there are games available to players of all skill levels. If you’ve been playing poker at the casino for a long time and feel as though your game is getting stagnant and you’re not making as much money as you used to, you might need to sharpen your skills in ways that the live game just isn’t offering.

Likewise, if you’ve been playing online for quite some time, you will notice that the more you play the better you are getting.

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

With online poker, there are games running around the clock, giving you an endless supply of opportunities to practice and work on your game.

In a live setting, however, the amount of games is limited and may not always be running. So, you might find yourself out of luck when you go to the casino or poker room looking to get into a game only to find out there aren’t any running.

Whether you’re looking to improve your cash game or your tournament ability, the online poker space offers you ample opportunities for both. You can play literally thousands of hands in a very short period of time, in either game setup, to bring your game to the next level.

In the same way doing a lot of reps at the gym will make your muscles grow, a lot of reps at the poker table is the best possible way to enhance your game. In the context of poker, reps are akin to hands played.

Like the great entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says, “More, more, more.”

The more hands you see, the more situations you come across.

Not only that, but you will find yourself in certain situations quite often, making them a familiar spot to be in. When that’s the case, navigating through the hand is almost second nature.

Given that online poker affords you the opportunity to play free, or for micro-stakes, you have the chance to toy with new strategies and game theories at very minimal risk, if any.

  • Having trouble finding a good balance of hands to play pre-flop?
  • Do you often find yourself unsure of what to do on the river?
  • Trying to find the right level of aggression to deploy in late position?

The online arena is the perfect place to work on any holes in your game. You can do rep after rep at the play money tables until the cows come home, or you could do so at the micro-stakes table and only risk losing $5, $10, or maybe $20.

After it’s all said and done you can walk away with a new set of skills or have patched a few holes in your game, all for the price of less than a tank of gas.

Learn New Games

The most popular form of poker these days is no limit Texas hold ‘em. Ever since the poker boom of 2003 when Chris Moneymaker famously won the World Series of Poker aired on ESPN, it quickly became THE game.

Home games that were dealer’s choice for years quickly became no limit hold ‘em affairs. Online poker exploded and no limit hold ‘em tables and tournaments were the biggest beneficiaries.

Walk into any casino and the one game that’s spread more than any other is no limit Texas hold ‘em. While it’s popular for a reason, there are some other great variations of poker out there that players might be overlooking.

Not only can you play every form of poker imaginable online, but you can play games that most live casinos or poker rooms don’t spread.

Some of the game variations, like 7-card stud for example, differ greatly from no limit hold ‘em.

While the main aspects of the game, such as hand rankings for instance, remain the same, the rules of the game are a totally different story.

Outside of no limit hold ‘em you will often find limit hold ‘em, a few variations of Omaha (pot limit, hi-lo, Big O5, to name a few), three variations of 7 Card Stud (stud, stud hi-lo, and razz), and some online poker sites also offer 2-7 Triple Draw, Badugi, 5 Card Draw, and a few others.

What’s also great about being able to play different poker variants online is that they are, just like with no limit hold ‘em, offered in both cash game and tournament settings.

Being able to feel out new games in all their formats is a great feature to the online poker scene. While some brick and mortar casinos might offer a Stud or Omaha game or two, the chances of them also offering a tournament of the same game are slim to none.

No Bankroll, No Problem

We previously stated that you can sit down and get started in online poker with absolutely NO MONEY. Even a simple $5 deposit can set you on your way to literally hours of poker, and potentially heavy returns.

It’s always a scary moment when deciding to pull the trigger and make that first deposit online. Luckily, nothing could be simpler or less intimidating. New players often worry about a lack of a bankroll, and that’s something that online poker perfectly caters to.

You’ve never played poker before and thus you have no bankroll. Not a problem, jump into some play money games and free roll tournaments and treat every game like it’s the World Series of Poker.

You dabble in poker games with your friends for buy-ins of $10 or $20 so you’re worried you don’t have the bankroll to get started online. Not a problem, at the micro-stakes level a $10 or $20 deposit can go a LONG way.

If you don’t have a bankroll but want the feel of playing real money poker there are .01/.02 cent no limit hold ’em cash games along with an array of $1 buy-in tournaments.

There is literally no game type that is off limits no matter the size of your bankroll.

Tournaments, Tournaments, Tournaments

Anyone that plays poker knows the big money is tournaments, unless of course you’re playing in the highest stakes cash games. On any given day, online poker rooms are giving away A TON of money in their tournaments. Where else can you run a $1 buy-in into a possible $1,000?

With tournaments running around the clock of all game types and buy-in levels, you really can’t go wrong.

Whether you’re a professional tournament grinder or you enjoy a tournament or two a night to unwind, there’s something for everybody.

Paying $5 to play in a poker tournament that gives you a return of hours of fun and excitement and the potential of winning some serious money is a deal that not even the world’s best infomercial can top.

If you’re not familiar with online poker tournaments, or poker tournaments in general, not to worry. We have put together a comprehensive guide to tournaments that cover every aspect of the game. From how to get started to some of the best online poker tournaments available, we’ve got you covered.

Check out this Poker Tournaments Explained section to get you started.


Just like the number Pi in mathematics, online poker games are never ending. By never ending we of course mean that there are ALWAYS games running around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There aren’t many hobbies or professions that you can do WHEN YOU WANT TO. Of course, tournaments are at certain times so that’s clearly the exception here, but at the heart of it, there is always a game ready for you to take a seat at.

That type of freedom is something you simply cannot get anywhere else. By being able to play when you want, you never have to feel rushed or forced. You never have to feel like there are other players getting antsy waiting to get into a game and making the room uncomfortable. You can play poker on your terms; when and how you want.

Whether it be the weekend, before or after work, heck even AT work, the game will always be there!

A great thing about online poker’s never-ending game play (so long as your bankroll lasts) is that you’ll notice certain players like to play at certain times of day. You might notice that you tend to fair better against the “after work” crowd than you do the daily grinders. If you’re serious about making a profit this type of revelation can go a long way in terms of game selection and scheduling your poker sessions.

There’s No Place Like Home

You don’t have to be a fan of The Wizard of Oz to agree that there’s no place like home. That sentiment couldn’t be truer when it comes to the most comfortable place to play poker.

While the seasoned vet might feel right at home at any brick and mortar casino or poker room, there is truly only one way to REALLY feel right at home. We really can’t overstate just how great it is to be able to play online poker from the comfort of our own home.

You want to play some poker with your feet up while watching football?


How about turning on the laptop to get into a game before even leaving your bed in the morning?Done.

Whatever it is that makes you comfortable is at your disposal when playing at home.

Playing from a level of comfort helps you play with a clearer and freer mind, without any worries of the uncomfortable casino environment.

Let’s face it, poker is a fun game. With online poker you can have that fun anytime you want it. Whether you’re playing it as a hobby, or to make some serious money, you are going to enjoy the time you get at the online tables.


With online poker you have a vast array of game options at your disposal. From cash games to tournaments to Sit & Got, there is a game that fits your taste, likely at all times.

From Full Ring to Six-Max to Heads-Up and everything in between, there is no shortage of game variations to be played. Whether you’re looking for limit, pot limit, or no limit, it’s all there.

There is no other place than the online poker arena to afford the opportunity to choose from so many game options.

Reach the Top

Speaking of options, online poker offers the unique opportunity to play for a chance at World Series glory from literally anywhere in the world. Online poker sites often run satellites that send countless players to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

It was this very aspect of online poker that created the poker boom when Chris Moneymaker won an online satellite and parlayed it into becoming the 2003 World Series of Poker champion. Why can’t you be next?

Shuffle Up and Deal

So, what are you waiting for? The world of online poker awaits your arrival! If you find yourself with any questions don’t worry, just check out our Online Poker FAQ.

Best of luck!

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