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Guide to the European Poker Tour

**Has Been Cancelled by Pokerstars at the End of 2016

The European Poker Tour was a high stakes poker tournament series started in 2004 that featured stops all across Europe and a few other stops around the world. As a competing tour to the World Poker Tour and similar tours, the European Poker Tour aimed to capture a wider player pool by offering buy-ins about half the size of those at the WPT. This lower buy-in trend continued through the end of season three when they were forced to raise the buy-ins due to space constraints.

Many European casinos are smaller and don’t have massive spaces to accommodate huge poker tours. As poker boomed in popularity, they quickly were getting too many players for the event venue spaces they had for the tournaments. To deal with this, they raised the buy-ins for most of the main events to £8.000.

The Tour

The first two seasons of the tour saw seven events which were increased to eight in the third season. The number of tour stops continued increasing to its peak of 13 events through season eight and then began decreasing through its final thirteenth season which only had three events. Each stop on the tour had several preliminary events of varying buy-ins and games but always culminated in a main event for each stop.

Each season of the European Poker Tour had a championship event known as the EPT Grand Final which has been held in Monte Carlo every single season except for Season 13 which had no final event. Unlike some of the other tours, the European Poker Tour usually kept a lot of the same stops through all of the seasons. As new ones were added during the rise, they would usually stay on the schedule for multiple years.

The events all took place in Europe until Season 4 when they added the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure series held at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. This tournament regularly had the largest prize pool as the island spot drew a lot of competitors looking for poker fun and some sun. The usual first prize in the main event of the Caribbean Adventure was ~ $2,000,000. This was significantly higher than the other stop on the tour.

Prior Winners of the EPT

The list of winners of the EPT events is full of decorated players and some of the best in the world. While a lot of the winners are European, the American and UK players have made a strong statement on the scene. This is to be expected as travel costs are significantly higher for Americans to get to these European-based events.

Here is the list of the prior winners for each main event as well as the amount they won for their troubles.

Season 1

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT Barcelona OpenAlexander Stevic€80,000
EPT LondonJohn Shipley£200,000
EPT DublinRam Vaswani€93,000
EPT Scandinavian OpenNoah BoekenDKr1,098,340
EPT French OpenBrandon Schaefer€144,000
EPT ViennaPascal Perrault€184,500
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloRob Hollink€635,000

Season 2

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT Barcelona OpenJan Boubli€426,000
EPT LondonMark Teltscher€280,000
EPT Baden ClassicPatrik Antonius€288,180
EPT DublinMats Gavatin€317,000
EPT Scandinavian OpenMads AndersenDKr2,548,040
EPT French Open, DeauvilleMats Iremark€480,000
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloJeff Williams€900,000

Season 3

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT Barcelona OpenBjørn-Erik Glenne€691,000
EPT LondonVictoria Coren£500,000
EPT Baden ClassicDuc Thang Nguyen€487,397
EPT DublinRoland de Wolfe€554,300
EPT Scandinavian OpenMagnus PeterssonDKr4,078,080
EPT German Open, DortmundAndreas Høivold€672,000
EPT Warsaw OpenPeter Jepsenzł1,226,711
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloGavin Griffin€1,825,010

Season 4

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT Barcelona OpenSander Lylloff€1,170,700
EPT LondonJoseph Mouawad£611,520
EPT Baden ClassicJulian Thew€670,800
EPT DublinReuben Peters€532,620
EPT PragueArnaud Mattern€708,400
PokerStars Caribbean AdventureBertrand Grospellier$2,000,000
EPT German Open, DortmundMike McDonald€933,600
EPT Scandinavian OpenTim VanceDKr6,220,488
EPT Warsaw OpenMichael Schulzezł2,153,999
EPT SanremoJason Mercier€869,000
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloGlen Chorny€2,020,000

Season 5

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT Barcelona OpenSebastian Ruthenberg€1,361,000
EPT LondonMichael Martin£1,000,000
EPT Hungarian OpenWill Fry€595,840
EPT Warsaw OpenJoão Barbosa€367,140
EPT PragueSalvatore Bonavena€774,000
PokerStars Caribbean AdventurePoorya Nazari$3,000,000
EPT French Open, DeauvilleMoritz Kranich€851,400
EPT Scandinavian Open, CopenhagenJens KyllönenDKr6,542,208
EPT German Open, DortmundSandra Naujoks€917,000
EPT SanremoConstant Rijkenberg€1,508,000
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloPieter de Korver€2,300,000

Season 6

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT KievMaxim Lykov€330,000
EPT BarcelonaCarter Phillips€850,000
EPT LondonAaron Gustavson£850,000
EPT WarsawChristophe Benzimrazł1,493,170
EPT VilamouraAntónio Matias€404,793
EPT PragueJan Skampa€682,000
PokerStars Caribbean AdventureHarrison Gimbel$2,200,000
EPT DeauvilleJake Cody€847,000
EPT CopenhagenAnton WiggDKr3,675,000
EPT BerlinKevin MacPhee€1,000,000
EPT Snowfest, SalzburgAllan Bække€445,000
EPT SanremoLiv Boeree€1,250,000
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloNicolas Chouity€1,700,000

Season 7

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT TallinnKevin Stani€400,000
EPT VilamouraToby Lewis€467,836
EPT LondonDavid Vamplew£900,000
EPT ViennaMichael Eiler€700,000
EPT BarcelonaKent Lundmark€825,000
EPT PragueRoberto Romanello€640,000
PokerStars Caribbean AdventureGalen Hall$2,300,000
EPT DeauvilleLucien Cohen€880,000
EPT CopenhagenMichael TureniecDKr3,700,000
EPT Snowfest, SalzburgVladimir Geshkenbein€390,000
EPT BerlinBen Wilinofsky€825,000
EPT SanremoRupert Elder€930,000
EPT Grand Final, MadridIvan Freitez€1,500,000

Season 8

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT TallinnRonny Kaiser€275,000
EPT BarcelonaMartin Schleich€850,000
EPT LondonBenny Spindler£750,000
EPT SanremoAndrey Pateychuk€680,000
EPT LoutrakiZimnan Ziyard€347,000
EPT PragueMartin Finger€720,000
PokerStars Caribbean Adventure John Dibella$1,775,000
EPT DeauvilleVadim Kursevich€875,000
EPT CopenhagenMickey PetersenDKr2,515,000
EPT MadridFrederik Jensen€495,000
EPT CampioneJannick Wrang€640,000
EPT BerlinDavidi Kitai€712,000
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloMohsin Charania€1,350,000

Season 9

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT BarcelonaMikalai Pobal€1,007,550
EPT SanremoLudovic Lacay€744,910
EPT PragueRamzi Jelassi€835,000
PokerStars Caribbean AdventureDimitar Danchev$1,859,000
EPT DeauvilleRemi Castaignon€770,000
EPT LondonRuben Visser£595,000
EPT BerlinDaniel Pidun€880,000
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloSteve O’Dwyer€1,224,000

Season 10

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT BarcelonaTom Middleton€924,000
EPT LondonRobin Ylitalo£560,980
EPT PragueJulian Track€725,700
PokerStars Caribbean AdventureDominik Panka$1,423,096
EPT DeauvilleSotirios Koutoupas€614,000
EPT ViennaOleksii Khoroshenin€578,392
EPT SanremoVictoria Coren€476,100
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloAntonio Buonanno€1,240,000

Season 11

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT BarcelonaAndre Lettau€794,058
EPT LondonSebastian Pauli£499,700
EPT PragueStephen Graner€969,000
PokerStars Caribbean AdventureKevin Schulz$1,491,580
EPT DeauvilleOgnyan Dimov€543,700
EPT Malta, PortomasoJean Montury€687,400
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloAdrian Mateos€1,082,000

Season 12

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT BarcelonaJohn Juanda€1,022,593
EPT Malta, PortomasoNiall Farrell€534,330
EPT PragueHossein Ensan€754,510
PokerStars Caribbean AdventureMike Watson$728,325
EPT DublinDzmitry Urbanovich€561,900
EPT Grand Final, Monte CarloJan Bendik€961,800

Season 13

Event and LocationMain Event WinnerPrize
EPT BarcelonaSebastian Malec€1,122,800
EPT Malta, PortomasoAliaksei Boika€355,700
EPT PragueJasper Meijer van Putten€699,300

Cancelling of The European Poker Tour

At the end of the 13th Season in 2016, Pokerstars decided to call an end to the European Poker Tour. The move was made to make way for their new tour that launched in 2017 known as the Pokerstars Championship. While this is a brand-new tour, many see this as a rebranding and continuation of the European Poker Tour as many of the inaugural stops were the same including the Bahamas, Monte Carlo, and Barcelona.

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