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Best Football Betting Apps 2021

There are many ways to bet on football these days. Using football betting sites offers many advantages over traditional options, especially if those sites have apps that allow you to bet on the move.

Before we get into any detail about using mobile apps for your real money football wagers, let’s start with our recommendations. Here’s our latest list of the best football betting apps.

Rank VA Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
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Every single one of these top football betting apps is safe to use and provides value to users in many different ways. Among other things, they offer high odds, juicy promotions, and large variety of football wagers.

We talk about all that below, where we explain in detail the reasons why we love these mobile apps for betting on football. We also cover the benefits of using multiple football betting apps, and answer some of the most common questions relating to betting on football from mobile devices.

If you’re just looking to deposit some money and place your wagers right now, please go right ahead and visit one of the betting websites listed above. They all have top quality football betting apps that won’t disappoint you.

GamblingSites.com’s rankings of the best apps for betting on  football online.

#1 Tip – Use Safe Football Betting Apps

One very important point to make right now is that you should only ever use football betting apps that are trustworthy and reliable. That goes for ANY type of real money gambling app you use, in fact. If you’re depositing real money, you want to know your funds are safe.

How can you tell that a mobile gambling app is safe? Well, here’s what we look at when deciding which apps to recommend to our readers.

  • Online gambling license
  • Security measures
  • Reputation

Online Gambling License

The first thing we examine is the online gambling license of all the real money apps we’re considering for our list of recommendations. It must be issued by a respectable authority that appropriately monitors its licensees. That’s one of the best safety nets when it comes to protecting your money and personal information.

A good example is the UK Gambling Commission, which is one of the leading regulators when it comes to gambling apps and online gambling sites.

All of our recommended football betting apps are appropriately licensed to offer real money gambling services.

Security Measures

Once we make sure that the betting app has no intention of stealing your cash and data, we confirm that it can protect you from outside sources.

We look at the app’s security measures, such as the payment providers used and the installment of proper SSL encryptions for all important transactions.

Our top-rated football betting sites have all shown clear evidence of reliable customer protection.


The final step of our safety checks is related to the reputation of the betting app. We always dig into the feedback available on the internet, in app stores, and all places where the mobile sportsbook’s previous customers can share their impressions.

If we find any reason to doubt the integrity of a real money betting app, we look into it more deeply immediately. Unless we’re satisfied that such doubts are unfounded, it’s not going to make our list of recommendations.

The football betting apps we rate highly are the ones that have a proven track record.

How We Rank the Best Football Betting Apps

Once we are satisfied with the safety factor, we proceed to analyze how good an app is for real money betting on football specifically. We research several different aspects of an app to help us determine that. Here are the most important of those, in no particular order.

  • Variety of betting markets
  • The odds available
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Banking options
  • Live betting platform
  • Betting limits and minimum wagers
  • Additional features
  • Overall user experience
  • Customer support
  • Device compatibility

Variety of the Events and Markets

We want to see all NFL and college football games available for betting on. Additionally, we want to see lots of markets for each of them.

The best football betting apps offer plenty of options for every game, as well as a range of futures and other wagers. This means good opportunities for bettors to find the value and place good bets.

Note that due to the popularity of the NFL, we have a page dedicated specifically to the best apps for betting on the NFL.

The Odds Available

Finding the highest possible odds is essential when betting on sports. The best sports betting apps – whether football focused or not – are typically very competitive when it comes to the odds they offer.

Our top-rated football apps all regularly offer prices that are better than the industry average. The differences might be small, but they can make a big difference in the long run. A little bit extra on every winning wager soon adds up.

Bonuses and Promotions

As soon as you join any of our recommended football betting apps, you will be welcomed with a bonus that can be used to bet on football on the go.

When you clear the initial offer, you can take advantage of many other deals that are designed to keep regular bettors happy. The list includes reload bonuses, enhanced odds for popular football games, exclusive Super Bowl promotions, and so much more.

Top Tip
We encourage you to regularly check the promotion section at the football app, or apps, you decide to use, or at least subscribe to the mailing list. You don’t want to miss any opportunity to make some extra money via bonuses and other offers.

Payment Options

We expect each of our best-rated football apps to provide reliable and fast payment options to their customers. Here are the most popular banking methods you will find.

  • Credit and debit cards: Visa, Maestro, Mastercard
  • E-wallets: PayPal, Neteller, Skrill
  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Other: Prepaid cards, money transfer services, pay-by-phone, checks, wire transfers

The full list of providers depends on your country of residence and the football app you decide to install.

Another important point here is that the leading real money gambling apps should always offer fast payouts. That’s certainly the case with the ones we recommend.

Live Betting Platform

Live betting on football is a great way to find profitable markets. And if you do so on your mobile device, you don’t have to be sat at home on your computer. You can go watch a game with your friends and simultaneously place your wagers on the go.

That’s why we prefer mobile football apps that include live betting. We want to see all NFL games covered at the very least, as well as college football from the NCAA Division I.

Betting Limits and Minimum Wagers

Some people just want to try their luck and have fun without risking a lot of money. Others have a large bankroll and years of experience, so they would like to place huge wagers. The best football betting apps are flexible enough to satisfy both groups.

The low minimum bets will provide beginners with the opportunity to learn and improve with a small investment. At the same time, the high limits are perfect for high rollers looking to bet big on football games.

Additional Features

The best mobile football apps are always trying to improve their products. As a result, you can enjoy some side features that provide unique opportunities, such as the ones listed below.

  • Cash Out

This allows you to settle your football bets before the event is finished. You can secure profits or cut your losses, depending on how the game is unfolding. While you lose some value in the process, the Cash Out feature is a nice tool against the variance in sports betting

  • Bet Builder

Most of our top real money football betting apps will give you the chance to create your custom wagers through Bet Builders. You can combine various betting markets, and the bookmaker will give you odds for it

Overall User Experience

Another factor we always take into account is the user experience. The design and navigation of each of our top football betting apps is intuitive, so you can quickly find any betting market or feature that might be interesting to you.

There are no endless loading times, broken links, tiny buttons, or other annoying problems that might make betting on football on mobile an unpleasant experience.

Customer Support

The best apps for betting on football also make sure that each customer can get assistance on any matter. Just contact the staff, and an agent will be there to politely resolve your issue.

Most of our recommendations offer at least one channel for real-time communication, such as live chats and toll-free phone lines.

Device Compatibility

Our recommended apps work on most mobile phones and tablets. The likes of iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and other mainstream brands are all supported.

Most of the time, you won’t even have to download additional software. Just open the mobile-responsive site and log into your account to start betting.

Using More Than One Real Money Football Betting App

Some people find it convenient to use the services of only one football betting app. While we understand the reasons behind that, the extra effort to manage multiple mobile bookmakers is worth it.

Reasons to Use Multiple Football Betting Apps

  • Easy to shop for the best odds
  • Maximum value from bonuses and promotions
  • Lower chance of getting limited or restricted

Some of these benefits will be more important to you than others. They’re all worth taking into account, though, when considering whether to use multiple football betting apps or not.

Downsides to Using Multiple Apps

In the interests of balance, we should explain that there are a couple of disadvantage to using multiple apps. The first is simply that you have more usernames and passwords to keep track of. Hardly a big deal, but worth mentioning.

The other disadvantage applies mostly if you’re a frequent or high stakes bettor. If you’re putting down a lot of money all in one place, you might get flagged as a “VIP” and given special treatment. This is less likely if you’re spreading your action around.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages here in our opinion, but this is ultimately a personal decision you need to make.

Football Betting Apps FAQ

Is it safe to use football betting apps?

Yes, if you stick to top football betting apps with a respected gambling license and high-level security. All of our recommended mobile apps here cover these criteria.

Are football betting apps free?

Most of them are, including all of our top-ranked football betting apps on this page.

How can I download a football betting app?

Most football betting apps online work through the mobile-responsive site of the bookmaker or sportsbook, so you won’t be required to download and install additional software most of the time.  

However, there might be exceptions. If that’s the case, you will either be sent to the respective app store for your device or provided with another way to install the software.

What’s the data usage of football betting apps?

They require little data, so you can comfortably use them with most plans.

Can I use the same account to bet on football both on mobile and on desktop?

Most mobile football apps have a version that works on other platforms, and you need only one account.

Is it legal to bet on football using mobile apps?

If it’s legal to bet on football online in your country, then it’s almost certainly legal to bet using an app, too. If you want more information about your jurisdiction, take a look atour page about the gambling laws across the globe.