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Best Football Betting Apps in 2021

As the use of technology in online sports betting continues to expand, legal football betting apps are becoming more and more prevalent. Are you one of the bettors who’s looking for a fast and easy solution to lock in football bets at your convenience?

If so, it’s time to get acquainted with the best betting apps for football.

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Below we explain what makes these real money betting apps so great. We talk about what devices they’re compatible with, too, and discuss the different leagues you can bet on.

We also have you covered if you’re here to learn more about in-game mobile betting or want to better your chance of winning money from football betting apps

Why These Football Betting Apps?

Advantages of our top-rated football betting apps
  • Choice of Banking Options and Fast Payouts
  • Massive Range of Bets
  • Odds Boosters
  • Valuable Bonuses
  • Excellent User Experience
  • Safe, Sound, and Secure
  • Football Betting is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Not all mobile betting sites for football are created equal. Sticking to the most reputable ones will go a long way in improving your overall experience.

Among the “musts” an app must bring to the table before we give it our stamp of approval, here are details on some of the factors we weigh most heavily.

Choice of Banking Options and Fast Payouts

These are just some of the examples of how to deposit and withdraw using the most reputable mobile betting apps for football.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Bank Wire
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

There’s no sense dabbling on apps for online football betting if you can’t easily and confidently add and remove funds from the platform. The good news is the football apps we recommend offer an assortment of banking options – all of which are speedy and dependable.

Major credit cards and debit cards are welcomed with open arms. Crypto transactions are fast and smooth, and in many cases, encouraged with lofty bonuses.

Real money football betting apps accept a wide range of popular payment methods.

Massive Range of Bets

If you like to bet on football online, you’re probably fully in tune with how many college games are played during a typical Saturday during the season. You likely know all about the laundry list of NFL player props that you can bet on before and during the year.

Maybe you like to bet on the draft or who’s going to win the Heisman, or perhaps you’re looking for odds for the Grey Cup.

These themes alone account for endless bets, but the best football betting apps don’t stop there. The oddsmakers get creative and open opportunities that you won’t find elsewhere.

For example, things like betting on which NFL or college coach will be fired first and what team a certain player will get traded to have been commonplace at the most legitimate online betting sites for football.

When August rolls around and the new seasons are set to get underway, wagers like the following will be available.

Florida State Starting QB in 2021 Season Opener

  • McKenzie Milton; -200
  • Jordan Travis; +140
  • Chubba Purdy; +500
  • Tate Rodemaker; +1100

New Orleans Saints Starting QB in Game 1 of 2021

  • Jameis Winston; -175
  • Taysom Hill; +135

Rest assured that by combing through the lobbies of the best apps for football betting, you won’t miss a beat.

Odds Boosters

One of the cool things about these mobile gambling apps for football is they’re constantly updating their homepage with odds boosters.

Let’s say the Dallas Cowboys are listed at -5 (-110) in their upcoming game. To boost these odds an app might offer the Cowboys at -4 (-110) for a short period of time. Another might post Cowboys (-5) +110 in hopes of inducing action.

Keep in mind, these boosters will be time-sensitive. However, they aren’t just for point spreads. Totals, money lines, and player props are included among the many markets that’ll receive temporary bumps from mobile football betting websites..

Top Tip
Odds boosters might not last for long. If you find a price you like, pounce on the opportunity right away.

Valuable Bonuses

The following top football betting apps all offer some of the biggest welcome bonuses you’ll find online.

The initial bonus is always alluring, and the “extras” keep coming. Most of the best online betting apps for football offer a wide range of promotions every time you deposit.

Here are some examples of the regular reload bonuses available.

Betting App Reload Promotion Minimum Deposit Rollover Requirements
BetUS 10-50% of Deposit $100 3-10x
MyBookie 25% up to $500 $100 5x
BetOnline 25% up to $250 $50 6x
SportsBetting 25% up to $250 $50 6x

The moral?

Anytime you create a new or account or deposit money on gambling apps for football betting or anything else, be sure you’re capturing a juicy promo along the way.

Once you’re live, you can opt-in to receiving push notifications on your phone anytime there’s a new or expiring promotion. If you were betting on a desktop, you might miss out on these opportunities.

Excellent User Experience for Football Gambling

The different football leagues are divided with each distinct market separated. If you’re looking to bet on the NFL Rookie of the Year or want to examine football betting odds for NCAAF win totals, just click on that particular tab without having to search past other wagers.

Winning money is addicting, but the seamless user experience (UX) at the leading sports betting apps for football is what’ll keep you coming back. From their organization to the speed of being able to find a bet and lock it in, it can’t get any easier or more convenient.

Football Betting is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

On top of being the go-to betting apps for US football, these real money sports betting apps should be your fallback platforms anytime you’re looking for action.

Every sport and league you can imagine is featured in some form or fashion, and all the odds you’ll find are highly competitive.

You can bet on plenty of other sports using a football bet app.

Beyond amateur and professional sports, betting markets for politics and entertainment (TV shows, movies, music, etc.) are rampant. Heck, you can bet on state lotteries or what the Dow Jones will close at tomorrow!

These online sportsbook apps for football offer a whole lot more than just betting on what takes place on the gridiron.

Sound, Safe, and Secure Football Wagering Apps

From the software being first-rate to all your personal and banking information being protected, these football betting apps for iOS and beyond are the most trustworthy in the business. Everything is transparent, unavoidable glitches are resolved swiftly, and the support staff in place are adequately trained. 

Bettors will inevitably run into issues and disputes, even when using legal gambling apps for football betting. It’s crucial that a member of the support team is readily available to assist if/when a problem arises. Don’t be afraid to contact customer service, they are there to help.

We look at several other factors in addition to the above, but they are among the most important. Something else we look at is which regions the apps operate in. There are international football gambling apps that accept customers from all over. Often, though, the right choice is an app which focuses specifically on customers from your country.

Wagering on football is most popular in the US, unsurprisingly, and also in the UK. Here’s a quick overview of the top apps for those regions.

Best USA Football Betting Apps

  • BetUS – The BetUS app is heavily focused on American customers
  • MyBookie – MyBookie is easily the best US football betting app for prop bets.
  • BetOnline – Among the top football betting apps for using cryptocurrency.
  • Bovada – Perhaps the most well-known name for online gambling in the USA.
  • Xbet – One of the less well-known football betting apps in the US, but those who use it love it.

Best UK Football Betting Apps

  • Betway – Very few football betting apps offer a wider range of markets than Betway.
  • 10bet Sports – An awesome app for all kinds of gambling, including wagering on football.

Compatibility with different devices is also vital, as we cover in the next segment.

Is My Device Compatible with These Football Betting Apps?

The legal apps for football betting we’ve suggested can be accessed on a plethora of mobile devices. To help bring you up to speed on if your device can adapt, refer to the table below.

Devices Compatible with Our Top-Ranked Apps
Apple/iOS Devices Android Devices
iPhone Samsung Galaxy
iPad Google Pixel
iPod Touch Motorola Edge
Microsoft Surface Duo
Lenovo Tab

While the iOS operating system is limited to products created by Apple, football betting apps for Android don’t discriminate. All phones and tablets produced by Nokia, Oppo, and Xiaomi fall under the Android umbrella as well.

The list goes on, but any device operating under iOS or Android will be compatible with our recommended apps for betting on football.

The top sports gambling apps for football are compatible with all mainstream mobile devices.

If you’re utilizing a device that’s neither iOS nor Android, don’t worry. You can almost certainly gain entry to the best football betting apps online so long as you have access to working internet and a search engine. Which segues into our next point.

How to Access Football Betting Apps

How you access the most trusted football betting apps for iPhone, Android, or anything else, will depend on your location.

If you reside outside of the United States, apps may be available through your app store. Betway, arguably the best app to bet on football outside of America, is a good example.

On a side note, Betway is partly among the best online sports betting sites for football thanks to providing live streaming services within their platform. This is a major plus when live betting – a topic we’ll review further down the page.

Apps for Football Betting in the US

If you live in the US, you can skip visiting the App or Google Play Store and simply visit the app in your internet browser. Once you’re there, all login credentials will mirror the ones used if you previously signed up online.

It’s a smooth transition to using mobile sportsbooks for football as things appear largely as they do on a desktop. All the football wagers online will also be available via the mobile app.

What’s specifically appealing about US football betting apps is the lack of restrictions you’ll face.

Using football betting apps for the US that require downloading (not the ones we recommend for our US bettors) means complying with the laws of the state you’re physically located in. That could mean no access to player props and being disallowed from betting altogether if you’re traveling.

What Football Leagues Are Available for Mobile Betting?

Football is admired around the world, but notably in North America. With that in mind, these are the leagues you’ll find covered by all the top mobile sports betting sites for football.

  • NFL
  • CFL

You’ll have no problem finding betting markets for these three leagues year-round. The safest football betting apps in the USA will also typically include odds for the Australian Football League (AFL), although that’s not always a guarantee.

What we can promise is that if and when the currently defunct XFL regains its status, these mobile bookmakers with football betting will unleash a bevy of bets. Reports are that the XFL is planning a 2023 relaunch after its 2020 campaign went up in flames.

The three biggest football leagues are covered by all the best real money sports betting apps.

Here are some details about each of the top football leagues you can bet on.

NFL Betting on Mobile Apps

There are tons of advantages of using the best NFL football betting apps. The key to reaping the benefits is to be active on them all. On top of shopping for discrepancies in the odds, some sportsbooks will offer props that others won’t.

With so much to unpack on this topic, generating a separate page felt like the most appropriate thing to do.

NCAAF Betting on Mobile Apps

The easiest way to assess a Saturday slate is by simply scrolling through odds at the top-rated apps for betting on college football. As fast as the lines are moving in the minutes leading up to kick-off, it’s necessary that you’re able to quickly maneuver and lock in the most optimal price.

Exercising these habits on a mobile device is going to be your most convenient option.

Worth noting, lots of football betting sites limit themselves when it comes to NCAAF markets. They might only install odds for the spread, money line, and total.

The football gambling apps exhibited by us up the ante by posting markets for individual player performances. And boy is the list extensive, particularly at BetOnline.

Rather than continue to search for the best college football betting apps, simply click the button below.

CFL Betting on Mobile Apps

Lots of sportsbooks ignore the Canadian Football League until the season starts. Not the mobile sports betting sites for football that we’ve endorsed.

Specifically, SportsBetting.ag goes above and beyond when it comes to CFL betting. They’re out in front of their competitors with odds for CFL win totals, individual player awards, and player props.

To further open action for those interested in betting on the CFL, SportsBetting.ag provides lines for quarters and halves. In other words, if you want to bet on the CFL with one of these online football betting apps, hit the following button.

Live Betting on Football Apps

If you’re telling yourself you can’t bet on a game because you’re not at home in front of your computer, you’re doing it all wrong. This is where having a go-to app for mobile betting on football comes in handy. 

With one hand one a cocktail and the other on your phone, you can start attacking a horde of in-game bets with live football betting apps. The spread and total are bouncing around in line with the flow of the game; money line odds will be fluctuating every couple of blinks.

Where some bookies stop there, the most legit apps for football bets are just getting started. If you’re quick with your fingers, you bet on the outcome of the next play or series.

Pretend the Colts are playing Titans. Envision Indy is starting a drive (1st and 10) at midfield with 9:04 to go in the second quarter leading the game 7-3. Pop onto one of the top apps for live football betting and here’s what you might encounter.

What Will the Outcome of the Next Play Be?

  • Rush; -200
  • Completed Pass; +145
  • Incomplete Pass; +320
  • Sack; +1500
  • Turnover; +2200

Certain teams predictably hand the ball off on first down more than others. This page on TeamRankings.com highlights NFL team’s rush-play percentage to give you factual data regarding exactly how often teams are running and throwing the football.

It’s a great tool to lean on when targeting these types of in-game bets with your football wagering.

Will the Colts Get a First Down on This Series?

  • Yes; -285
  • No; +235

Maybe you noticed one of the Titans key defenders got hurt at the end of the Colts last offensive drive. Perhaps Indianapolis’ quarterback has looked sluggish, and the team has failed to convert on a third down.

Whatever tidbits you glean from watching the game and looking at stats should be directly applied to help you find an edge.

What Will Be the Result of This Drive?

  • Touchdown; +150
  • Field Goal; +175
  • No Score; +115

Will the Colts punch it in or end up settling for three? Do you think they’ll turn it over or be forced to punt? Selecting between all the possible outcomes of a drive is one more way to get money down.

Watching a game live allows you to pick up on tendencies in real-time as they’re happening. By studying the ebbs and flows and being aware of the game script, you’ve got a built-in edge when targeting these markets. 

Now it’s time to mix all these ingredients and cook up a winning recipe. Here are a few tips to sprinkle into the formula.

Accrue Information Before Betting on Football Gambling Apps

Hardcore bettors spend a significant amount of time trying to perfect their models. Whether that’s by watching film or crunching numbers – or probably a combination of both – their goal is to acquire useful information and apply it accordingly.

In that case, wouldn’t it be easier to bet on the outcome of a game having watched the entire first half play out?

Team and individual statistics are easy to track down – you can use that data along with what you’ve observed to form strong predictions about how things will pan out.

Bet Both Sides to Create Middling Opportunities

Let’s say you bet the over in a Chiefs vs. Raiders game before it started. The line was 51. If the score is 14-10 at the end of the first quarter, the live total has probably surged to 60. You can now bet the under and create a large “landing area” for you to win both bets.

That’s called “middling.”

React to EARLY Line Movement on Football Betting Apps

Maybe you were interested in backing an underdog before a game but were antsy about the +10 line. If the favorite gets the ball first and scores a quick touchdown, suddenly that underdog is going to be +12.5 or +13.

You probably still feel good about that underdog covering as nothing out of the ordinary has happened, only know you’re able to latch on with a few points of insurance.

Casual fans tend to overreact to whatever’s on the screen in front of them. Smart bettors do the opposite.

The follow page serves those who’d like to continue exploring strategies for live betting football.

How to Win Money on Football Betting Apps

Let’s switch gears and talk about something a little more exciting. After all, the goal stretches beyond getting money down in a safe and effective manner.

The ultimate objective is to turn a profit on these mobile football betting apps.

Compare the Football Odds on Betting Apps

Getting that extra half-point might not seem like a huge deal if you’re betting on a single game. However, think about what happens if you’re betting a bunch of games and you’re consistently getting that extra half-point.

Always scan the odds before betting to ensure you lock in the most favorable price. Do it repeatedly and your edge gets multiplied.

Beat the Closing Line

Start paying attention to the number you’re getting versus the closing line. This is easy to do using the top apps for mobile football betting. In the moments before a game begins, simply open one of the apps and compare the current odds to the ones you locked in.

If you bet on Florida early in the week at -14 and they close at -17, theoretically, you’ve already won. If Saturday rolls around and the Gators kick-off at -11, you might want to re-think your process.

Football betting markets trend toward efficiency, so beating the closing line means you’re able to correctly anticipate where the market is heading.

Sharp football bettors will tell you they aren’t betting on teams they like; they’re betting simply taking positions when a price meets their threshold.

Back the Favorites in Super Bowl Futures Bets

Betting on who wins the Super Bowl is the most popular bet in the entire land. It’s in such high demand that the market gets introduced just moments after the current season’s Super Bowl ends.

The betting apps with football odds install appetizing price tags to some of the long shots – don’t be tempted to roll the dice on one of these teams. Instead, back one (or more) of the favorites and chances are you’ll be in for a sweat when early February arrives.

Preseason Super Bowl Odds for Super Bowl Winners (Since 2013)
Super Bowl Super Bowl Winning Team Preseason Super Bowl Odds
48 Seattle Seahawks +800
49 New England Patriots +650
50 Denver Broncos +900
51 New England Patriots +600
52 Philadelphia Eagles +4000
53 New England Patriots +600
54 Kansas City Chiefs +600
55 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000

Just once since 2013 has a team that started the year with worse the +1000 Super Bowl odds hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

In each scenario, one of the three or four teams at the top of the preseason betting sheet wound up as the last team standing.

Bet Selectively

Don’t be that guy or girl who just bets on your favorite team repeatedly. Don’t be the person who’s only betting on a football game because it happens to be on television.

Whether you develop your own model or are getting picks from a reliable source, you should only be betting on the games that you feel like you have an edge in. The more substantial that edge is, the more units to fire away.

Employ Multiple Betting Apps

It can’t be restated enough how vital it is to use multiple apps. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve and the types of bets you want to make, you can’t just single out one as the best app for football betting.

You might end up liking one more than the others and think you’ve found the best football betting app but subjecting yourself to a single app has its negatives. These are just some of the positives to using more than one.

  • More football markets to choose from
  • Compare odds (quickly) and lock in the best price
  • Capture more bonuses and promotions
  • Ability to bet bigger in choice spots

We’ve touched on the first three points in previous sections; the latter is a “biggie” that could affect you.

If you plan on betting large amounts on a routine basis, it’ll be important to create accounts at multiple apps. This way you can spread out your wagers in case you get limited at one or more destinations.

Just remember to stick with the best apps for betting on football. Don’t be tempted by inferior options just for the sake of using more.

Use GamblingSites.com

We’ve created an all-inclusive football betting guide that delves further into strategy advice. From basic tips to direct guidance on subjects, you’ll find ample information that’ll broaden your expertise.

If free picks are what you’re after, we’ve got an entire section prepped for when you’re ready to bet on football games online. Those hungry to digest season-long predictions and all sorts of other relatable content, we have a select group of football writers regularly contributing articles on our football blog.

Using the Most Reputable Apps for Football Gambling

The more diligent you are about your methods, the more likely you are to have fun and win money betting on football. Knowing which mobile football betting apps to use is the first step. Setting up accounts at more than one while gobbling up succulent promotions set you down the right path.

Familiarizing yourself with tips and advice and always shopping for the best price keep you ahead of the game. Isn’t that nice?

If you’re still on the fence about using these apps for real money football betting, here are some going-away thoughts to help you make your decision.

  • Mobile betting is the most convenient way to bet on football.
  • The NFL betting apps we endorse are legal, reliable, and completely safe to use.
  • The range of bets and competitive odds make our recommended betting apps ideal for football.
  • These apps cater toward football bettors seeking a harmonious experience from start to finish.
  • Betting football on a mobile device means capitalizing on bonuses that are unavailable to desktops users.

If you are now ready to use your mobile device to check out the latest football odds, here’s a reminder of the top bookmaker apps for football betting.

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