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7 Ways to Gamble With Just 10 Bucks

By Randy Ray in General
| October 14, 2020 10:09 am PDT
How to Gamble With $10

Maybe you had a bad stretch gambling, or perhaps your bills were higher than usual, and you don’t have much of a gambling bankroll left. If you’re like me and enjoy gambling, this is a bad feeling.

But not all is lost. If you can get together a bankroll as small as $10, you can keep gambling. You just have to be more selective about what you gamble on.

Here’s a list of seven ways you can gamble in a way that hurts your wallet less. You need to be careful when you work with a small bankroll, but you don’t have to quit until you run out of money.

Buy Some Lottery Tickets

The lottery is the best way to risk a few bucks for the chance to win a lot of money. You can buy scratch-off tickets for as low as $1 and entries for the big national lotteries are usually $2 or $3 per ticket.

Your odds of winning something are usually slightly better on a scratch-off ticket, but the amount you can win is also much lower than on a big lottery drawing.

If you buy 10 $1 scratch-off tickets, you might run through your bankroll in just a few minutes. This is okay if that’s what you want to do, but I recommend buying some $2 or $3 tickets to the big lottery drawings in the coming week.

If you buy a $2 ticket for a drawing every day, you can have a chance for the next five days. The odds are against you winning the big prize, but you might get lucky. And even if you don’t win the big prize, you might get lucky and score one of the smaller prizes.

You could also consider buying real money scratch cards online, too.

Gamble on Sporting Events

You don’t have to risk big money to gamble on sporting events. Many of the top US betting sites accept wagers as small as $1. Or you can bet a few bucks on a game with one of your friends or people you work with.

The nice thing about betting a few bucks on a game is you can spend two or three hours watching the game after you make the wager.

Rooting for your team to win can be as much fun as actually winning with a small bet.

You could also start a small betting pool where everyone puts in $5 and draws teams from a hat. You can award the top finisher with the entire pot or give prizes for first and second or first, second, and third.

Online Jacks or Better Video Poker

You can find online video poker casinos that offer Jacks or Better for a nickel a hand. The common strategy advice is to always use the five-coin option when you play video poker, but in this case, you need to stick with a single hand at $0.05.

You still want to play on a machine with a good pay table, and you miss out on the bonus if you get lucky and hit a royal flush, but you can’t afford to bet too much on each hand because your bankroll will disappear too quickly.

Find an online casino that offers 9/6 Jacks or Better for a nickel a hand. Use a strategy chart for Jacks or Better, and play as slow as you can stand.

The odds of winning are small, so the main goal is to play as long as you can on your $10. You might even be able to get a bonus, which will give you a bigger bankroll when you play Jacks or Better online.

Low Limit Online Poker Cash Games

Many of the popular online poker rooms offer micro limit tables.

These are tables that have betting limits of pennies.

You can find tables that have .05 /.10 limits and micro no limit tables you can buy into with $5 or less.

If you play tight and use a good strategy, you might even be able to grow your starting bankroll as you play. You’re going to need a little luck to avoid too many bad beats, but if you’re a good player, you might be able to play forever, starting with $10 or less.

Low Buy-In Online SNG Poker Tournaments

Another option if you play poker is low buy-in single table tournaments. Some online poker rooms have single table tournaments available for $2 to $5. And if you place in the top 2 or 3, you can double or triple your money.

Even if you’re a good tournament poker player, there’s some luck involved in single table tournaments. If you can afford to play a lot of them your skills can turn a consistent profit. But when you’re working with such a small bankroll, you need to be lucky enough to finish in the money in one of your first two or three tournaments.

The main strategy to use is to play tight until you don’t have a choice based on your stack size and to get into the money any way you can.

Family Card Games

A fun way to gamble is to wager a few dollars on a family-friendly card game. It doesn’t even have to be a card game; it can be a board game or any other type of game you play with family or friends.

You can put together a poker game and play with pennies or play a game of euchre or spades for $1 a game.

Use your imagination and you can find dozens of ways to add a little spice to games by risking a few pennies or dollars.

The main thing is to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the stakes and not take it too seriously. As long as everyone is having fun, risking a few bucks can add to the excitement of the game. But if you’re not careful, it can ruin an otherwise fun game night.

Quarter Slot Machines

This is the last game on the list because it usually doesn’t take long to burn through $10 on a quarter slot machine. If you get lucky you can play for a while, but if you don’t get lucky and spin as fast as you can, you could lose $10 in a few minutes.

If you gamble at an online casino you might be able to find a slot machine that has a lower wager amount. But even if you do find a lower coin machine you need to play slower than normal. It’s easy to take 100’s of spins an hour, and slot machines have a high casino edge.

Your best bet might be to find a big online slots bonus. Look around the best online casinos to see which ones have the best bonus. Deposit your $10 and play as long as you can on your deposit and bonus.


Lottery tickets are cheap, so you can always buy a few scratch-off tickets or get a few tickets for the big draws. You can also risk a few dollars on your favorite sports team and enjoy watching the game to see if you get lucky and win.

Online gambling also offers several ways you can stay in the game at the low limits. Online poker rooms have small stakes cash games and tournaments, and online casinos have many games you can play for 25 cents or less.

If you want to gamble on something outside of the casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms, you can place a small friendly wager on a family card game.

There are plenty of ways to stretch your gambling budget. I hope you’ve found this post helpful!

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  1. Denis Pol April 15, 2021 at 6:06 am

    I have never gambled. I am stopped by the fear that I will lose money. But whoever does not risk does not drink champagne. Where do you think I should start?



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