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Best Copa America Betting Sites for 2021

The passion and talent on display at the Copa America is a treat for all soccer fans. For those who like a bet, the tournament offers plenty of opportunities for making money.

Betting on the Copa America makes an amazing soccer tournament even more exciting, and with the right approach, it can be profitable. Getting that approach right starts with deciding where to bet on the Copa America.

Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to bet on the tournament in a variety of ways. Regardless, though, there’s little doubt that the top option is always going to be to bet online. That’s why we’ve prepared the following list of the best Copa America betting sites for you to choose from.

Rank VA Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
#2 100% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#3 50% Up To $250 Visit Site Visit Site
#4 100% Up To $2,500 Visit Site Visit Site
#5 50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site

You may wonder how we’ve settled on the online sportsbooks above out of the hundreds of options available on the web. The answer is simple — our team of experts in online sports betting has carefully assessed a wide range of sites and rated and ranked them accordingly.

We only recommend safe and reputable Copa America betting sites that offer their customers competitive odds, loads of betting markets, and the opportunity to make something on the side through bonuses and promotions.

There are other criteria that we factor in, too, and we go into more details about the whole process a bit later on this page.

Other topics we cover are the advantages of betting on the Copa America online and some advice for making the most of them.

How We Pick the Best Copa America Betting Sites

If you are skeptical of instantly trusting our recommended Copa America betting sites, we salute you! You should always question things when it comes to putting your own money at risk, and we’re glad to share full details about our ranking process.

When we’re trying to determine which online sportsbooks and bookmakers are best for betting on the Copa America, we take many different factors into account. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones so that you can understand exactly what sets our recommendations apart from the competition.

Some of the main factors for ranking the best Copa America betting sites

Safety and Security for Customers

Our most important rule is to always stick to safe betting sites that will protect you and your money. It applies to all of our recommended sites, and the best for Copa America certainly cover this condition.

They have a solid reputation and all the necessary licenses for online gambling. This package is the best possible guarantee that you will be dealing with a legit company that doesn’t have the intention to simply lie to you and steal your cash or personal information.

The other potential danger online is to join a sportsbook that doesn’t use the latest technologies like SSL encryptions and other measures designed to protect transactions of cash and information.

Naturally, we make sure that’s not the case with any of our top rated Copa America betting sites.

Copa America Betting Markets

All of our recommended Copa America sportsbooks obviously cover the competition, but that’s not enough. We prefer to stick to the sites that have a large number of betting markets.

Our top priority is the options for the individual games, as we expect to see plenty of opportunities for each. While most people bet on traditional markets like match winner, over/under goals, and such, it’s always nice to have access to other wagers.

We don’t forget to check for interesting Copa America futures, outrights, and prop bets. They often provide unusual angles that might be worth exploring.

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the ways to jump over the line that separates the winners from the losers in sports betting is to take full advantage of the best promotions online.

And since Copa America is quite a popular competition in the most attractive sports in the world, you will have plenty of chances to claim extra promotions. The sites are more than willing to throw bonuses and other special deals at people in an attempt to gain more customers.

We make sure to check what every Copa America sportsbook has to offer and include that criterion in our selection process.

Betting Margin and Limits

A lot of people don’t exactly know what betting margin means, but let’s say it’s a tool that helps the bookmakers make money. The higher the betting margin is, the worse the value of the odds you will be getting.

Naturally, you want the most competitive prices if you are going to bet on Copa America online. Even the slightest differences matter, so we prefer bookmakers that keep their betting margin as low as possible. Depending on the market you pick, something like 5-7% is acceptable. More than that would turn making money into a monumental task.

Betting limits are important because not everyone is looking to stake the same sums. Some of you might be looking to bet small amounts of money just to make the Copa America games more fun. Others might be experienced high rollers that have the experience, knowledge, and bankroll to bet a small fortune.

We like betting sites that are willing to take care of both groups by offering flexible betting limits. The minimum wager should be low, and the maximums should be high for a popular competition like Copa America.

User Interface

Most of the criteria we talked about so far is related to money in one way or another, because, well, money is important. But it’s not everything, which is why we always check the user interface of each bookmaker on the web.

If you are going to bet on Copa America online, you will be spending close to a month regularly visiting your sportsbook and placing your wagers. If the navigation sucks, you are going to lose a lot of time in pointless clicking.

Picking one of our best Copa America betting sites will save you the trouble. They all have a clean design and interface, so you can quickly find the betting market you are looking for.

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, the odds and the lines move all the time, and the Copa America betting markets are not an exception. The opportunity to wager on a great line might be there one minute and gone in the next. You have to react fast if you want to make money.

One of the tools that could help is the mobile version of the online sportsbook you picked. You should be able to simply open your iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Phone or whatever device you use and place your wager.

Other important features that are useful on mobile are the ability to deposit and withdraw money. Our top rated Copa America betting sites cover everything you need on the go.

Payment Options

Since we mentioned deposits and withdrawals, it’s time to touch on another important topic. You should be able to quickly fund your account or cash out your Copa America winnings.

We make sure that’s the case by exploring the banking options that each betting site has implemented. The best providers for online payments are credit and debit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers, money transfer services, and crypto.

They are fast, reliable, and come with little to no cost whatsoever. All of our recommended Copa America betting sites support at least a couple of the options above, so you will be able to find a suitable payment method.

Help Section and Customer Support

If you spend enough time betting, you will inevitably run into questions or even problems. That’s not the end of the world if you joined an online sportsbook that has a proper help section and a reliable customer support service.

The former should give you the opportunity to easily find the information you are looking for on your own, while the latter is for more complicated situations.

There must be a comfortable way to contact an agent of the betting site. And the agent should be prepared to answer your questions in a polite and timely manner.

A lot of people underestimate it as a factor, but the lack of proper customer support service has driven millions of gamblers mad ever since online sports betting was born.

How to Bet on Copa America Online

If you are new to online betting and want to place some wagers on Copa America, it’s natural to be a little overwhelmed about everything involved. The top sportsbooks on the internet do make the process rather easy, though, so there’s nothing to worry about.

However, let’s take a closer look at the different steps so that you are fully prepared.

Pick a Copa America Betting Site

The first thing you need to do is to pick a betting site that covers Copa America. The fastest and easiest way would be to simply join one of our recommended sportsbooks. It will save you time and reduce the risks to a minimum.

Of course, you could conduct your own research and try to find another bookmaker on the web. If that’s the case, we strongly encourage you to carefully read the previous section of this page once again and consider everything we do in your own selection process.

Create an Account

Once you have found a suitable Copa America betting site, it’s time to open your account. The process is usually simple and requires a couple of quick steps.

You will be asked to provide some personal information like your name, email, country, and other similar details. Don’t worry about your privacy. If you have selected one of our top Copa America betting sites, your data will be protected.

Some sites will ask you to confirm your email address once you finish the registration process. This is standard procedure for many sites.  Just open your email and find the message they sent you.

It usually contains an activation link you have to click on. If you can’t find it, you should probably check your spam folder, just in case.

Once you activate your account, you are ready to go to the next step and add some funds.

Make a Deposit

The next step is to make your deposit so that you have money to bet on Copa America online. We already mentioned a couple of the top banking options, but let’s take a closer look at the details about them.

MethodPopular OptionsDeposit Processing TimeMinimum depositWithdrawal Processing TimeFees
Credit and debit cardsVisa, Maestro, Mastercard, Diners ClubInstantLow3-10 working daysNone
E-walletsPayPal, Skrill, NetellerInstantLow24-72 hoursNone
Money transfer servicesWestern UnionUp to 3 working daysHigh3-10 daysHigh
CryptoBitcoin, EthereumInstantLow24-72 hoursNone/Low

We hope that this table will help you pick the most suitable payment option for you. Some of you will probably wonder why Western Union is included, as it’s visibly worse than the rest. The reason is simple; it’s one of the few reliable providers that can be used by players from the USA and other countries with restrictive gambling laws.

Also, we must add that the information above may vary depending on your country and the bookmaker you pick.

Start Betting

If you’ve reached this point, nothing is stopping you from placing wagers on Copa America. Simply open the website of the sportsbook and find the competition.

Browse around to see what games are available and check out the betting markets. You will see the odds for each potential outcome. Once you find an opportunity that you like, simply add it to your bet slip with a single click.

Fill in your stake and confirm your bet once again. Unless there is something wrong, the bookmaker will accept it, and you’re good to go.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting on Copa America Online

Some of you might be wondering if betting on Copa America online is a better option than going to a betting shop or another land-based gambling venue.

We firmly believe that’s the case. But feel free to judge for yourself by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of betting on Copa America on the web.

Let’s start with the benefits that come with this choice.

It’s Easy and Convenient

The most obvious reason to bet on Copa America online is your own convenience. You don’t have to leave your home to place a wager on the internet. Simply open your computer, laptop, or mobile device, and you will be done in a minute.

You save a ton of time and energy this way. That time and energy can be invested in improving your Copa America betting selections instead.

There Are More Betting Markets

The variety of Copa America betting markets available online is staggering. The best European bookmakers online often provide more than 100 options for every single game.

You can place a wager on traditional ones like match result, total goals, and various handicaps but also go after goalscorers, cards, corners, and all kinds of other stuff. You won’t be using all of them, of course, but your chances of discovering a valuable bet are higher on the internet.

Better Odds

The sheer number of betting sites that offer Copa America is huge, and they are engaged in a never-ending war for survival. Each sportsbook on the web needs to constantly find new players and keep them, or someone else will steal them.

Such a competitive environment is perfect for the customers, as they receive various benefits. One of them is related to the betting odds. Usually, the prices on Copa America matches are higher online, so you will receive better value for your wagers.

Live Betting on Copa America

Some land-based bookmakers will give you the chance to bet on Copa America live, but the process is way too hard to take it seriously. If you want to place your wagers while watching the game, you must do it online for so many reasons.

For a start, you get quick access to a bunch of exciting betting markets. Most of the options that are available before the game starts are covered live, too, and there are some unique ones as well.

Some of the top ranked Copa America bookmakers will also offer live streaming services that allow you to watch the games from their live betting section.

The rest at least share detailed updates non-stop. You can get a clear picture on what’s going on at any given moment thanks to the commentary and the stats.

Extra Features

The bookmakers on the web can use the power of technology to give their customers access to all kinds of useful features that you simply won’t find in the real world.

A perfect example is the up-and-rising prop builder tools. They allow you to mix different markets and create your own exciting wagers that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

Another feature that many people love is the cash out. While it comes at a cost, you can close your wagers before the game is finished to secure a profit or reduce your losses. If you use it wisely, this option can reduce variance and the impact of luck.

Bonuses and Promotions

We left one of the best for last. Every bookmaker on the web will be eager to give you a sign-up bonus and various other promotions later on. You should shamelessly grab all the extra value that will be at your disposal.

The best part is that Copa America is extremely popular, so you can use the regular deals of our recommended betting sites to place wagers on the competition.

Many of them will even go one step further and offer exclusive Copa America promotions for even more ways to make money.

We want to stay neutral, so it’s only fair to explore the downside of betting on Copa America on the internet.

You Have to Wait for Your Winnings

If you decide to bet on Copa America online and win, you won’t be able to instantly withdraw your profits. You usually have to wait for an approval of your transaction that takes up to 48 hours and then wait for a couple of working days to receive your money.

There are faster options like e-wallets or cryptocurrencies, but it still takes time. In comparison, you can get your cash at any given moment if you used the services of a brick-and-mortar betting venue.

You Can Lose a Lot Fast

The convenience of betting on Copa America online with real money is a double-edged sword. People who have the tendency to get careless can lose a lot of money fast if they are not careful. Both making a deposit and placing a wager are so easy that you could go broke in minutes.

Of course, the same is possible in land-based gambling venues too, but it still takes more time and effort than on the internet.

The good news is that the legit betting sites on the market have a responsible gamble policy that allows each player to place some restrictions on his gambling activities.

There Are Shady Sites Online

Most online betting sites are legit, but there are some that might try to steal your money. Others could simply stall and make it hard for you. While the second scenario is unpleasant, the first is downright unacceptable.

Still, if you join one of our recommended betting sites, you won’t have an issue getting your Copa America winnings on time and as promised.

Online Betting Advice for the Copa America

If you’ve reached this point of the page, we would assume that you are now convinced to bet on Copa America online. That would be the smart decision, and we have some tips that will help you get the best out of the experience.

Advice for betting the Copa America online

Use More Than One Betting Site

Two of the biggest advantages of betting on Copa America online are the bonuses you can get and the high odds. Both are valid for any of our recommended betting sites, but joining a couple of them will boost your results even further.

The welcome bonuses alone will bring you a lot of cash, not to mention the other promotions that can be used to bet on Copa America.

Furthermore, you will be able to shop for the best lines and odds. The process will help you discover a slightly better price for each bet you want to place if you use multiple Copa America sportsbooks. A lot of people ignore the difference, as it seems marginal, but it accumulates over time.

Sure, managing a couple of different accounts requires some extra effort, but it’s totally worth it. If you want to make money by betting on Copa America online, this approach is a must.

Stick to Our Recommended Bookmakers

We firmly believe our suggested betting sites are the best for Copa America out there. That’s why we recommend them! We spend a lot of time evaluating each one of them, and we have the expertise to properly rate each service.

Joining one or more of our top Copa America betting sites will save you a lot of time for the initial research and will bring a lot of value in the long run.

Use the Stats Available Online

Some of our leading Copa America betting sites are paying a lot of money for data feeds and historical stats. Active customers can access these stats, and they can be very useful. Since data analysis should be one of the key points in your preparation, make sure to use any information provided by your chosen sites.

Of course, there are plenty of other sources online for statistics and other useful information. You should spend some time researching what’s out there and using whatever can help.

Choose Your Bets Carefully

Our final tip here is a simple one. Betting online makes placing wagers super simple and fast, but don’t fall into the trap of just betting on anything you feel like wagering on. Make sure you take the time to research each selection and find the wagers that offer you the most value.

Copa America Resources

If you want even more help on Copa America, we have some other pages that could improve your betting results. Make sure to check out the following.

  • Copa America Betting Guide
    • If you want expert advice on the best Copa America betting strategies and some actual picks, this is where you will find it

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    • Take a look at the best sports betting bonuses and promotions that are available right now

Copa America Online Betting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it safe to bet on Copa America online?

Yes, it is safe if you don’t take any senseless risks. Don’t join shady bookmakers that don’t have a proper online gambling license, and you should avoid trouble.

The easiest way to do so would be to pick one of our top rated Copa America betting sites.

Is betting on Copa America online legal?

It depends on your country of residence. It is legal in most of them, but there are exceptions.

You should check our online gambling laws and jurisdictions page and learn what the situation is in the place where you live.

Should I declare my Copa America online betting profits and pay taxes on them?

Once again, we can’t give an answer that applies to everyone across the board. Some countries do require you to declare your winnings and pay taxes. In others, the first part would suffice, while there are places where you don’t even have to declare your Copa America profits from online betting.

The best way to understand your own situation is to consult an accountant.

Is it normal that a betting site wants me to share a copy of my documents?

Yes, most betting sites are required to verify the identity of their customers. It’s one of the conditions required for them to get a gambling license, so it’s perfectly normal.

Simply send the scanned copy of the requested documents, and that’s it.

How can I deposit real money to bet on Copa America online?

There are plenty of different options, and each betting site offers at least a couple of banking methods.

The most popular among them are credit and debit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers, and money transfer services. You will find them at most sportsbooks on the internet.

How can I withdraw my Copa America winnings?

Usually, you can use the same banking method that you deposited with.

What should I do if I feel I’m getting addicted to gambling?

You should act immediately. We have a gambling addiction page that will give you a better idea of the different approaches.

It’s important to immediately do something about it, as the consequences of gambling addictions could be disastrous.