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Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

It would be something of an understatement to say that sports betting is popular in Australia. Gambling in general is an activity enjoyed by a very high percentage of Australians, and yet the government has very strict laws in place relating to doing it online. More accurately, in fact, they have legislation that restricts Australian companies from offering certain online gambling services.

Australians still have plenty of options when it comes to online sports betting though. In addition to the few operations licensed by the government there are also many overseas sports betting sites which welcome customers from Australia. Indeed there are so many that it’s not at all easy to know which ones to use.

This is something we can help with. We have researched a large number of places that accept customers from this region and compared what they have to offer. Based on a range of important factors we have then produced rankings of the top sites, which you can see below. These are our top recommendations for Australians wishing to bet online.

Key Attributes of Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

  • Accept Australian Customers
  • Good Choice of Bets
  • Coverage of Many Sports
  • Attractive Bonuses & Rewards
  • Easy to Deposit & Withdraw
  • Good Customer Support

About Our Rankings

We know that many people, particularly those new to online betting, really struggle to decide which site to use to place their wagers. This is largely because there are simply so many options. While the fact that there are so many sports betting sites on the internet is definitely a good thing, there’s no doubt it can make choosing which one to use difficult.

It’s with this in mind that we produce our rankings. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find a site that is both suitable for your requirements and of a very high standard. Only sites that meet our strict quality guidelines make this list, and we look very closely at exactly what a site has to offer before deciding whether it’s worthy of our recommendation or not.

We take a wide range of different factors into account when compiling our rankings and also carry out extensive testing. We do this all very regularly too, so we can be sure that our rankings are completely up to date and accurately reflect the best options currently available. As such we’re able to state with confidence that we do genuinely believe the sites we have listed on this page are the very best Australian sports betting sites at this moment in time.

Benefits That Top Sports Betting Sites Offer

You can deposit funds and place wagers at any online sports betting site, and that’s obviously the whole point of using one. However, you really want more than just a basic service if you’re to get the most out of your online betting. The leading sites, such as those that we recommend, don’t necessarily do anything particularly unique. They just get the important stuff right.

They make it easy to deposit, and process your withdrawals quickly so you can get your winnings within a reasonable timeframe. They give away generous bonus and rewards so that you can get that bit of extra value that can make such a difference to your bankroll. They also offer a wide range of betting options, and consistently offer competitive odds too.

These are just a few of the key benefits of using one of the top sites, and they highlight just why it’s so important to be selective about where you place your wagers. We strongly suggest that you stick to the sites that we rank highly, as you will quite simply receive a better quality all-round service and have a much better experience.

Commonly Asked Questions About Australian Sports Betting Sites

Is online sports betting legal in Australia?
In Australia, online sports betting is regulated by the terms of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. While this act restricts companies in terms of what services they can offer Australian residents, it does not make it an offence to use any online gambling service. Therefore Australians are free to bet online at whatever site they choose.
Can I deposit and bet in Australian dollars?
One of the factors that we look at when ranking Australian sports betting sites is whether or not it’s possible to deposit and bet in the local currency. This is not, however, essential criteria in our opinion. It’s possible at most of the sites that we recommend, but please note that we regularly update our rankings and there are many factors that we take into consideration. We would not exclude somewhere from our rankings if they were excellent in every regard, but did not accept deposits in Australian dollars.
Can I only bet on Australian sports?
No. You can bet on Australian sporting events at the sites we recommend, but that’s not all. You will find coverage of a wide range of different sports from all over the world.