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Elektra Slots

Elektra slot machines are designed for online casinos by Playtech due to a deal with Marvel Comics. The arrangement has allowed the company to adapt a number of leading comic book characters tothe world of virtual slots, and this particular game stars a lovely Greek assassin who’s often been linked with Daredevil (romantically or otherwise).

If you’re curious about how the game works, this article is meant to provide all the answers you seek. We’ll discuss every aspect of gameplay, from the paytable to the various symbols andprogressive jackpots. By the time you’ve reached the bottom of the page, you should know everything that’s relevant to gamblers concerning the Electra slot machine.

It should be noted that I’ve also reviewed and analyzed a number of other Marvel games from Playtech. Whether you’re a fan of Blade, the Fantastic Four, or one of the many other colorfulcharacters from “The House of Ideas,” I suggest giving all of these a read in order to locate your preferred superhero slot machine.

Background on Elektra

Elektra Natchios was created by Frank Miller, and she made her first appearance in 1981 during his run on Daredevil (issue #168, to be exact). Miller based her physique on femalebodybuilding pioneer Lisa Lyon, although the character was only intended to appear in one issue.

Despite Miller’s original plan, he wound up bringing her back several times as a foil for Daredevil, all of which culminated in her death during the iconic 181st issue of the series.She would later return from the dead, although Miller meant for the character to never again appear in the Marvel Universe.

That’s not how things turned out, though, and the company went ahead and continued using her. She grew into a bona fide sex symbol within the industry, and a list compiled by Comics Buyer’sGuide named her 22nd of the “100 Sexiest Women in Comics.”

She has appeared in a number of mini-series, as well as two ongoing series bearing her name. In addition, Elektra been featured in diverse titles ranging from What If? To MarvelZombies.

For those who prefer to see real-life actresses portraying comic book heroines, Elektra can be found in two movies and one television show. Each of these are briefly discussed below.

  • Daredevil (2003) – While Ben Affleck’s Daredevil is the focus of the film, Elektra plays an important role as both an opponent and a love interest. Jennifer Garnerstars as the assassin, having beaten out actresses such as Rhona Mitra, Natalie Portman, and Lucy Liu for the part.
  • Elektra (2005) – Jennifer Garner returns in the title role, and this time she must protect a father and daughter from the ruthless assassins dispatched by theorganization known as the Hand. Despite a budget of $43 million, the film received negative reviews from critics and failed to make much of an impression at the box office.
  • Daredevil (2016) – This version of the character appeared on the second season of the celebrated Netflix series, with Elodie Yung taking on the role. The past betweenMatt Murdoch and Elektra is explained in greater detail, and she later gets to dispatch lots and lots of ninjas when she returns to the blind lawyer’s life after a prolonged absence.

Elektra Paytable

The following section details the various symbols that can be found on the Elektra slot machine, as well as their respective payouts. The game also has a special feature, but that’s discussed inthe following section.

  • Elektra

    The exotic and lethal Elektra Natchios serves as the wild symbol in this game. She appears on reels two through four in the regular game, and she acts as an expanding wild in the free games.As the wild symbol, she substitutes for all symbols except the scatter.

  • Sai

    A pointed metal baton often associated with martial arts from Okinawa, the sai is Elektra’s weapon of choice. In her most famous comic book battle, the heroine is impaled on her own weaponsby the assassin-for-hire named Bullseye, and she lives just long enough to collapse into the arms of lover Matt Murdoch (aka Daredevil). Luckily, this was in the world of comics, so her deathwas only a temporary inconvenience. When part of a winning combination, the pair of sai pays six credits for two matches, 50 for three, 500 for four, and 5000 for five.

  • Shuriken and Crossbow

    As a certified assassin, Elektra has to be skilled in multiple ways of terminating her opponents. Stealth is also a plus, as many targets may be protected by gun-toting minions who don’t caremuch for intruders. The shuriken—also known as a “throwing star”—is a traditional Japanese weapon, while the crossbow has been used extensively in warfare across the globe and traces itsorigins back to China in the 6th century BC. Both of these symbols offer the same payouts, although they cannot be mixed and matched to achieve a winning combination. They offerthree credits for two-of-a-kind, 20 for three, 150 for four, and 1000 for five.

  • Armband and Amulet

    Even though she’s a trained killer, Elektra is still very much a woman. Therefore, you can expect her to wear a number of pieces of jewelry and accessories, which is where these game symbolscome into play. The first is a silver armband adorned with Asian script and a red ribbon, while the second is an ornate silver necklace decorated with ancient writing. When part of a winningpayout, these symbols offer identical payouts: two credits for two matches, 20 for three, 70 for four, and 500 for five.

  • Ace and King

    Most slot machines use playing card values to round out the symbols for the game. It’s boring, but it’s also tradition. In this case, the two symbols with the highest poker values are used,and they both offer the same payout. When either makes up a winning combination, they pay 10 credits for three matches, 40 for four, and 200 for five.

  • Queen and Jack

    The next tier of playing card values, these symbols offer the same payout when part of a winning payline. They pay seven credits for three matches, 30 for four, and 150 for five.

  • Ten and Nine

    The lowest playing card value usually found on a slot machine, these symbols provide identical levels of pay when part of a winning combination. Five credits are awarded for three matches, 20credits are paid for four matches, and five matches allows the player to rake in 100 credits (multiplied by the amount of money wagered on the individual payline).

  • Electra Logo

    This icon looks like the letter “E,” but it’s been stylized to resemble Electra’s sai. It serves as the game’s scatter symbol, and getting three of them on the reels activates the WeaponsBonus round (more on that in the next section). They also provide a payout when multiple icons appear, including two credits for two matches, five for three, 20 for four, and 100 for five.

Weapons Bonus Round

When three or more of the Elektra scatter symbols appear on the reels, the Weapons Bonus round is activated. The player must now choose between one of three weapons, each with their ownadvantages:

  • Sai – Awards 10 free games.
  • Shuriken – Offers 14 free games with x2 multiplier.
  • Crossbow – The player receives seven free games with x4 multiplier.

The two symbols that aren’t chosen won’t be available on the reels during the free spins. Instead, they’ll be replaced by the icon chosen by the player.

During this phase of the game, the Elektra symbol become an expanding wild. Please note that the feature cannot be retriggered during the free spin phase, although it can be activated again oncethe player returns to the main screen.

Elektra Progressive Jackpots

One of the biggest selling points of the Marvel slots from Playtech are their random progressive jackpots. I use the word “random” because the player isn’t required to get a specific combinationof symbols in order to unlock the progressive bonus screen. In fact, even a losing spin can still make the player a millionaire, although it should be noted that spins with larger wagers enhanceyour chances.

If the progressive screen appears, you’ll win one of four mystery jackpots. These are called Power, Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power. The lowest option, Power, usually pays a fewhundred credits, while Ultimate Power can grow to truly staggering amounts. Once you reach this screen, you’re guaranteed to walk away with one of the jackpots.

The screen is comprised of a 20-square grid, and each hides an icon for one of the four different types of jackpots. The player is required to click on individual squares to reveal what’sunderneath, and the first type of progressive symbol to be uncovered three times determines the player’s prize. After that amount has been won, it resets to a predetermined level and begins togrow again.


This is a 20-payline slot machine, although the customer can choose to play any number down to a single line. Only the highest win pays per line, and winning combinations pay from left to right.The exception to the latter rule involves the wild symbol, which pays regardless of its position.

In the case of a game malfunction, all pays and plays are voided.

That shouldn’t be a problem, though, as Playtech is known for their overall quality. As long as you’ve got a reliable Internet connection, you should be good to go.

Any win on a payline is multiplied by the line bet. This is an important piece of information to remember, especially when trying to understand the pay table. If a symbol is supposed to pay 200for three matches, that doesn’t mean that you’ll win $200 when a trio of matching symbols turn up. Instead, the amount you wagered on the winning line is multiplied by 200, so youactually wind up getting far more than what a slot machine novice might initially think.

Audio and Visual Quality

If you’re looking for a game that’s going to blow you away with superior graphics and a lively soundtrack, then the Elektra slot machine could be a major letdown. I know these elements are hardlyas important as the size of payouts or number of bonus rounds, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

When the reels are set into motion, the spinning is accompanied by electronic music that’s meant to evoke a sense of mysticism. Winning combinations are also punctuated by sounds, but none ofthese are noteworthy.

The same lack of inspiration also applies to the game’s visual presentation. A drab silver hue dominates the overall color scheme of most symbols, and there’s very little animation to speak of.Winning symbols do come alive for a moment, but this is often limited to nothing more than light reflecting across their surface.

The overall theme of the game has an Asian feel, but the various symbols only hint at such things. I’m not even sure that they’re real Asian symbols, although that’s not exactly a deal breaker.

I’m also disappointed in the depiction of Elektra. We’re talking about one of the all-time sexiest female characters in the history of comics, but she hardly seems visible during the game. Sure,she serves as the wild symbol, but that’s the only time she makes her presence known. Considering that the game is named for her, I would’ve expected more.


Elektra slot machines are part of Playtech’s expansive line of licensed games from Marvel Comics. This installment centers on the title character, a female assassin who wields a pair oftrademark sai and was portrayed by Jennifer Garner in two Hollywood motion pictures.

While the game’s graphics and sound effects are lackluster, fans of the character–or superheroes in general–should still find something to enjoy. The same goes for gamblers looking for a chanceto get a sizable return on a reasonable investment (thanks to the game’s four random progressive jackpots).

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