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Super Aces Bonus Poker

Super Aces Bonus Poker is a variant of video poker based on Bonus Poker, but it adds a payout for hands containing 4 aces.

This video poker variant is based on traditional 5 card draw poker.

In this game, you’re initially dealt 5 cards. You then examine the hand and compare to possible winning hands to determine which cards to keep and which to discard. Once the decision is made, you click on the cards you wish to keep and press the deal button.

The game starts when you make your initial bet of between 1 and 5 coins. We recommend betting 5 coins to get the maximum pay out. A 5 coin bet with a royal flush has a payout of 4000 coins, which is an 800 for 1 payoff. If you bet between 1 and 4 coins, the royal flush only pays off at 250 for 1.

Once you press the deal button you’re dealt 5 cards. You can choose to keep or discard any or all of the cards. Clicking on the cards keeps them. These cards are now part of every hand you’re playing. Games can have anywhere from 1 to 100 hands. (Games with multiple hands are called multi-play games.)

When you press the deal button again, you’re dealt the replacements for the cards you discarded, creating your new hands.

The game automatically compares your hands to the pay table to determine any winnings. These winnings are then added to your total credits.

Hand Rankings

Super Aces Bonus Poker ranks hands differently than traditional 5 card draw.  It adds options for specific pay table rankings of 4 of a kind aces, 4 of a kind deuces, 3s and 4s as well as 4 of a kind for cards ranking from 5s to kings. The hand rankings in this game are:

  • Royal Flush – A hand containing an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 all of the same suit. It’s also known as an ace high straight flush or royal straight flush. It’s the best possible hand you can have in Super Aces Bonus Poker video poker.
  • 4 of a Kind (Aces) – A hand consisting of 4 aces of each suit. The odd card out in this hand is known as a kicker card. This hand is also known as quad aces.
  • 4 of a Kind (2s, 3s, 4s) – This hand has 4 matching ranked deuces, 3s or 4s of different suits. These hands may also be referred to as quad 2s or quad deuces, quad 3s or quad 4s.
  • Straight Flush – A straight flush is a hand that has 5 cards all of the same suit that are in sequential order. 39 possible hands can comprise a straight flush in a standard 52 card deck.
  • 4 of a Kind (5s through Kings) – This hand will consist of 4 matching ranked cards of each suit between the ranks of 5 and king, inclusive. It’s also known as a quad. A 4 of a kind hand with 5s would be known as quad 5s, 6s would be known as quads 6s, etc.
  • Full House – This particular hand is comprised of 3 matching cards of one rank and 2 matching cards of another. It’s also known as a full boat. 3,744 possible full house hands exist in a 52 card deck.
  • Flush – A flush is a hand where all 5 cards are of the same suit, but have non-sequential ranks. 5,108 possible hands can make up a flush in a 52 card deck.
  • Straight – A straight is 5 cards ranked sequentially, but of different suits. In a 52 card deck, 10,200 possible hands can comprise a straight.
  • 3 of a Kind – This hand consists of 3 cards of matching rank. There will be 2 kicker cards in this hand. This hand is also known as a set or trips. A standard deck of cards has 54,912 possible hands containing 3 of a kind.
  • 2 Pair – This hand has 2 cards of one rank and 2 cards of another rank with a kicker card. A standard 52 card deck contains 123,522 possible hands containing 2 pair.
  • 1 Pair (Jacks or Better) – This hand is made by holding either 2 jacks, 2 queens, 2 kings or 2 aces and will have 3 kicker cards.

Super Aces Bonus Poker Odds and Pay Tables

As with all Bonus Poker games, Super Aces Bonus Poker has a bonus payout for getting certain 4 of a kind hands. In the case of this game, the bonus is for 4 aces. This also means that the payout is lower for lower ranked hands than in a standard 5 card draw pay table.

The pay table for Super Aces Bonus Poker is:

Hand1 Coin Play2 Coin Play3 Coin Play4 Coin Play5 Coin Play
Royal Flush25050075010004000
4 of a Kind (Aces)400800120016002000
4 of a Kind (2s, 3s, 4s)80160240320400
Straight Flush60120180240300
4 of a Kind (5s through Kings)50100150200250
Full House714212835
3 of a Kind3691215
2 Pair12345
1 Pair (Jacks or Better)12345

The expected return is the amount you’re mathematically expected to win for every dollar bet. It’s expressed as a percentage.


You’re betting $1 per hand, and the game’s expected return is 98%. Over thousands of spins, you’ll win an average of 98 cents for every dollar you bet.

But this is an average over the long run. In the short run, you might lose your entire bet, win 4000 for 1, or any of a variety of payoffs in between.

The Wizard of Odds website lists the best version of this game as having a 99.93% expected return when you use perfect strategy. The most common variation of the game has a lower expected return of 98.85%.

Super Aces Bonus Poker Strategies and Tactics

The pay table combined with the probability of getting each hand determines the correct strategy for playing each hand. You have 32 different ways to play a single hand of video poker. Perfect strategy chooses the cards with the best expected return.

The expected return is calculated by multiplying the probability of winning a hand by its expected payout. In some cases it makes sense to hold a pat hand, but in other cases, the payoff for a big hand might be worth breaking up that pat hand.

This game’s strategy relies heavily on trying to make 4 of a kind. Because the lower ranked hands pay less, you want to try for the top tier rankings when making your hands.

Unlike traditional Jacks or Better variations, you should hold the ace when presented a choice of high card only scenario. This differs from standard Jacks or Better because the chances of making a straight or a straight flush is diminished.

This is a near perfect strategy that is over 99% effective. Different video poker games may change this percentage based on the pay table they use and the particular game that Super Aces Bonus is used in.

Here’s a basic strategy for Super Aces Bonus Poker:

If you have any of the following hands, you should not draw any cards and stand pat:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Any Four of a Kind

With the hands below you should make the following moves:

  • 3 Aces – Keep the aces and draw 2 new cards
  • 4 to a Royal Flush – Keep the 4 cards and draw 1 new card
  • Full House – Stand pat unless you have 3 aces, deuces, 3s or 4s. If you do, discard the pair and try to draw to make the 4 of a kind.
  • Flush – Stand pat in this hand unless you only have 1 non sequential card. If that is the case, discard the odd card and try for the straight flush.
  • Straight – Stand pat unless you’re 1 card off from making a straight flush, if so, discard the odd card.
  • 3 of a Kind – Keep the 3 cards and draw 2 new cards.
  • 4 to a Straight Flush – Discard the odd card and draw a new card to try and make the straight flush.
  • Pair of Aces – Keep the aces and draw 3 new cards.
  • Two Pair – Hold both pairs and draw 1 new card.
  • High Pair (Jacks, Queens, or Kings) – Hold the pair and draw 3 new cards.
  • 3 to a Royal Flush – Hold the 3 cards and draw 2 new cards.
  • 4 to a Flush – Hold the 4 cards and draw 1 new card.
  • King/Queen/Jack/10 Unsuited – Discard the odd cards and draw a new one.
  • Low Pair (2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, or 10s) – Hold the pair and draw 3 new cards.
  • 4 to an Outside Straight – Hold the 4 cards and draw 1 new card.
  • 3 to a Straight Flush – Hold the 3 cards and draw 2 new cards.
  • Ace/King/Queen/Jack Unsuited – Hold these cards and draw 1 new card.
  • 4 to an Inside Straight with 3 High Cards – Hold the 3 cards and draw 2 new ones.
  • Unsuited Jack/Queen/King – Hold the lowest 2 and draw 3 new cards.
  • Unsuited JQ – Hold and draw 3 new cards.
  • King/Queen, King/Jack Unsuited – Hold and draw 3 new cards.
  • Jack/10 Suited – Hold and draw 3 new cards.
  • Ace/King, Ace/Queen, Ace/Jack Unsuited – Hold and draw 3 new cards.
  • Ace – Hold and draw 4 new cards.
  • King/10, Queen/10 Suited – Hold and draw 3 new cards.
  • Jack, King or Queen – Hold and draw 4 new cards.
  • Nothing – Draw 5 new cards.
In general, it’s always best to go for the quads.


If you like Bonus Poker, you’ll probably also enjoy Super Aces Bonus Poker. You’ll probably also have an easy time picking up the correct strategy for the game. The payback percentage isn’t the best in most casinos, but it isn’t bad, either.

You can’t find this game at most online casinos, but some sites, like videopoker.com, have free versions you can try. Registration is required to play there, but it’s free.

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