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Guide to the Best Super Bowl Betting Sites for 2019

The Super Bowl is a big deal. It’s watched by millions worldwide. In fact, in 2016 it was watched by 111.9 million viewers, which made it the 3rd most-watched telecast ever.

Heck, it’s practically a holiday here in the United States. Friends and family get together to eat, drink and watch the game. Though some people could care less about the game (heresy!) – they just want to watch the commercials (at $5+ million per 30-second spot) and the half-time shows.

Anyway, this isn’t news to you. And besides, you’re here for a different reason.

You want to bet on the Super Bowl. You want to know where you can safely bet online, the types of bets you can make, and you want a few tips that can help you make winning predictions.

Well, good news. We’ve got you covered.

First things first. Immediately below you’ll find a list of our favorite Super Bowl betting sites.

RankBetting SiteDeposit BonusGet Started
#1Bovada Logo
50% Up To $250Visit Site
#2MyBookie.ag Logo
50% Up To $1,000Visit Site
#3SportsBetting.ag Logo
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#4XBet Logo
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#5BetOnline Logo
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These made the list because:

  • They have lots of markets to bet (including fun and exciting Super Bowl prop bets).
  • They have average to above average betting limits and payouts.
  • They’ll pay you if you win.

And more – which we’ll talk more about later.

You can get started right now by clicking the ‘Visit Site’ button. Or, if you’re undecided, you can read our reviews and compare your options to find the best sportsbook for your Super Bowl Sunday.

Why These Sportsbooks?

Choosing the best betting sites for the Super Bowl is a tad different than choosing a sportsbook for your everyday football, basketball or soccer game. Because while there are a lot part and full-time punters betting this game, there are also lots of people who’re betting it for the first (and only) time.

In other words, we’re not only concerned with finding a great long-term sportsbook. We also want to find one for people who’re only planning to bet this game – and maybe other Super Bowls in the future.

With that in mind, these are the features we had to have in the sportsbooks who made our top-list above.


Most sportsbooks are mobile ready nowadays, so this much of a problem. But it’s important to mention because maybe you’re going to watch the game from a pub or friend’s house. And chances are you won’t have your laptop with you. So, it’s imperative you’re able to make bets from your phone – hence the emphasis.

Lots of Markets

For some, the fun part of betting the Super Bowl comes from the large variety of bets you can make. For example, the normal stuff – like who will win the game or who will be the MVP. But we got to have the ridiculous stuff, too – for example, what color Gatorade will the winning team dump on their coach, or how long the National Anthem will last.

Minimal Promotional or Banking Terms

Like we said earlier, the Super Bowl brings out a lot of sporadic or first-time bettors out of the woodwork. They want to make their bets, and then cash out their winnings. So, it’s important to us to have sportsbooks in the list who offer promotions with reasonable rollover requirements and/or minimal requirements for immediately cashing (their winnings) out.

Live (In-Play) Betting

If you’re going to watch the game, don’t you think it’d be more exciting to be able to make bets while you watch, in real time? We do too, which is why we chose sportsbooks who offer live (in-play) betting. Not only does it make the game more exciting, but it also gives you more unique betting options compared to sportsbooks who don’t offer live betting at all.

Optional Features

The features above are musts. The more of them a sportsbook possesses, the higher we rank them.

Now, the following features are different – they’re not must haves, they’re great to haves. In other words, we give sportsbooks additional points if they have any of the following features.

Live Streaming

This is a great feature to have; especially if you plan to be traveling or for some other reason can’t get to a TV to watch the game. The downside is that live streaming is usually a feature not often found at US sportsbooks.

High Betting Limits / Payouts

Some people aren’t interested in betting $5,000 or $15,000 on the Super Bowl. But, some people are. If that’s you, you’ll want to make sure you find a sportsbook who allows higher-than-average betting limits. Not only that, but if you plan to bet lots of money, you’ll also want to find the sportsbooks with the highest (daily) payout limits. That way, you’re not capped if/when you win.

Super Bowl Promotions

Most sportsbooks are going to have promotions – things like free bets, deposit bonuses and VIP programs. But what we’d like to have are Super Bowl-specific promotions. These are going to be more fun for the first-timers and sporadic bettors, too, rather than a generic deposit bonus. One caveat, though – they need to have reasonable rollover or playthrough requirements (as mentioned above).

Those are all the features we got to have, or that we’d like to have, from the sportsbook we joined to bet the big game.

Now let’s look at the most common Super Bowl bets these sportsbooks will have.

Types of Super Bowl Bets

One of the things that matters most to us, when choosing a sportsbook for the Super Bowl, is the betting options we have. We want lots of (unique) bets. The good news is, if you join the right sportsbook, this isn’t a problem.

Some bets come and go. However, there are a few common bets we tend to see year after year. Those are the bets we want to share with you now.


Futures are bets you can make before the Super Bowl even starts. We’re talking weeks, if not months before the big game. The most common bets are predictions on who you think will win.

If it’s too late for you to make these bets, then keep an eye out for them over the spring and summer before the new season starts.

FootballTotals, Point Spreads & Moneylines

Total – This is a bet on the combined total of points scored between the two teams.

Point Spread – Whoever you bet on will need to either win or lose by the number of points displayed. For example, Team A (+7) needs to beat or lose to Team B (-7) by 6 or fewer points for this bet to win. Team B, the favorite, needs to win by 7 points or more for this bet to win.

Moneyline – You’re betting on the favorite or underdog. For example, if the favorite is -240, you’re betting $240 to win $100. If the underdog is +240, you’re betting $100 to win $240.

FootballProp Bets

Prop bets make up the majority of the betting markets for the Super Bowl. They’re more fun to bet, because some are just plain silly or ridiculous.

The downside to prop bets is they’re trickier to predict. Winning sports bettors use experience and data to make winning bets. But because there have only been 50 Super Bowls so far, there’s not a lot of data to work with. And, for some markets, even less.

The point is, a lot of prop bettors are probably going to have to rely on luck. We’ll share some tips below, but if you’re a beginner, it’ll probably be best to focus on having fun with these bets, rather than (primarily) making them for profit.

Pro Tip:

You’re not going to find lots of people sharing tips on how to profitably bet props, much less any other form of sports betting. The reason why is because the more knowledgeable bettors there are, the less profitable it is for everyone involved. So, much of your success will come from the bits and pieces you get from articles like this, while whatever else you pick up will have to be through hands on experience.

Anyway, here are the more common SB prop bets you can expect to find:

  • Who will win the MVP?
  • Who will win the MVP (by position)?
  • Who will score the game’s first touchdown?
  • Which team will score first?
  • Which team will score last?
  • What the first score of the game will be (field goal or TD)?
  • Which team will rack up the most penalty yards?
  • Will Quarterback A or Quarterback B have the most passing yards?
  • What the coin toss outcome will be (heads/tails)?
  • Which team will the president pick to win the Super Bowl?
  • Number of seconds it will take to sing the National Anthem
  • Will ____ forget or omit at least one word of the National Anthem?
  • Color of coach ______ hoodie?
  • Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first?

Some props are crazier than others. Here are a couple funnier ones from over the last few years:

  • What will be higher? Kim Kardashian measurements 34-26-39 or Reggie Bush’s total rushing plus receiving yards?
  • Any member of The WHO smashes a guitar on stage during halftime show.
  • Time on the clock when the winning team dumps Gatorade on head coach.
  • How much money will be bet on the Super Bowl in Nevada?
Pro Tip:

You might want to check out a few sportsbooks the day before/of the game to see what kinds of Super Bowl prop bets they have. Some sportsbooks do a better job than others at coming up with fun and unique bets.

A Few Tips for Betting the Super Bowl

As you probably already realize, some bets you make will be total shots in the dark. I mean, how can you possibly make an educated bet on the color of the head coach’s hoodie?

So, my advice – either skip those bets or make them purely for the fun of it. Don’t even worry about profit.

As for the other bets you make? Maybe the following tips will help you out.

FootballPay Attention to Who’s Coaching

Stats show that 76 coaches account for the 100 total coaches in the past 50 Super Bowls. This means that many individual coaches have gone to the SB multiple times. For example, Don Shula and Bill Belichick have both gone a leading 6 times each.

Another interesting stat – of the coaches who have gone to the Super Bowl 3 or more times, they account for 76% of the total Super Bowl wins.

So, if you have to choose from the first-timer and the coach who’s been there before, let alone who’s won the big game, go with the veteran.

FootballBoth Defense and Offense Matter

Some people say offense matters most. You have to score points to win, right? But others will say defense is what wins games.

Who’s right? Both sides are.

Stats show that 8 of 47 Super Bowl champions were ranked #1 in offense. But 8 of 47 champions were also #1 in defense. And of the 50 Super Bowl winners, 34 of them had both offenses and defenses ranked in the top 10 or higher.

But only a couple of teams who had the lowest ranked offense or defense, made it to the big game and won.

The point – we recommend going with the team who’s got the best overall rankings (if possible).

Pro Tip:

If both teams are evenly ranked, another idea is to instead choose the team who’s had the most recent, longest winning streak. The NFL.com says that 13 out of 47 champions were 5-0 going into the playoffs, while the average streak of SB champions is 2.9 games.

FootballA Few Other Random, Yet Helpful Stats

Here are a few random stats that might help you make winning bets (namely on whoever you think will win or lose the Super Bowl).

  • No rookie QB has led his team to a Super Bowl win.
  • Only 2 quarterbacks who weren’t drafted through the conventional NFL draft ever won a Super Bowl (Steve Young and Kurt Warner).
  • Pay attention to a team’s home and road record. Only one team (2007 Giants) have won it all with a losing home record. And only one team (2010 Packers) have won it all with a losing road record.
  • Out of 50 SB winners, 40 of them have started the season 1-0. If so far you have both teams evenly ranked, maybe use this stat as a tie-breaker.
  • You might want to discount older players. Only 10 players who are 36+ years old have made it to the big game. Of that group, only 5 players won it.
  • Leading running backs don’t win. Only two running backs who have led the NFL in rushing yards have helped their team win a Super Bowl in the same season – Emmitt Smith (1994) and Terrell David (1999).
  • Only 10 low seeded teams have won the Super Bowl.
FootballThe Bottom Line: Do Your Research

Once you figure out which sportsbook you’ll be betting at, we recommend figuring out what pre-game bets you’re going to make. Because then you can fire up your trusty companion, Google, and do some homework.

Seriously, research is going to be the only way most of you will be able to make even semi-educated bets.

Because if you don’t have firsthand knowledge of whatever it is you’re betting on – for example, the average time it takes someone to sing the National Anthem (which is 1:57) – how can you expect to make the right prediction?

So, Google is a good place to start. You can also look at stats from previous SB champs. The NFL also has a bunch of stats of past champions you can comb through.

Once you do the legwork, you can then confidently place your bets …and then cross your fingers for good measure.


Well, there you have it. We just showed you:

  • The best sportsbooks for betting the Super Bowl.
  • Why we chose the sportsbooks on our list.
  • The most common types of bets you can make on the Super Bowl.
  • A few tips for making winning bets.

Now it’s time for best part – to put all of this into action, and then kick back, watch the game …and hopefully win a few bets in the meantime. Good luck!