Betting Guide for the Super Bowl 56 Halftime Show
BY Noah Davis
| Published on October 20, 2021

Nobody knows just yet who will play in Super Bowl 56. That will be something NFL fans and bettors talk about over the next few months, and it will also be...

Are the LA Rams a Good Bet to Win Super Bowl 56?
BY Noah Davis
| Published on August 4, 2021

The 2021 NFL season is a month away, and it’s time to start taking all of the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl chatter seriously. One way or the other, that is....

Are the Buffalo Bills a Good Bet to Win Super Bowl 56?
BY Noah Davis
| Published on July 31, 2021

The Buffalo Bills are inching closer to the promised land. They’ve unearthed a potential generational quarterback in Josh Allen, they have a rising defense, and they appear to be knocking on...

Top 10 Super Bowl 56 Matchups Fans Want to See
BY Dan Vasta
| Published on July 3, 2021

The Super Bowl has arguably been a holiday that has not been officially declared as such. Many people would love to have the next day off work, but most simply cannot...

Why Julio Jones Makes the Tennessee Titans a Solid Super Bowl 56 Bet
BY Noah Davis
| Published on June 19, 2021

The Tennessee Titans have been close to making a title run in recent years. Ryan Tannehill developed into a legit franchise quarterback, A.J. Brown turned into one of the most dominant...

Answers for Our Super Bowl 2021 Prop Bets Sheets
BY Jerry Summer
| Published on February 9, 2021

The Super Bowl 2021 is over and it’s time to settle the score on your contests. For those of you waiting for the answers to our Super Bowl 55 prop bets...

Opening Super Bowl 56 Odds – Early Favorites and Sleepers
BY Noah Davis
| Published on February 8, 2021

Super Bowl 55 is in the bag. Much like we toss aside the losers of the NFL Conference Championship games, the NFL world will collectively celebrate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for...

Could Travis Kelce Win the 2021 Super Bowl MVP Award?
BY Noah Davis
| Published on February 7, 2021

Super Bowl 55 will crown a new MVP. History tells bettors that it’ll be Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes, but there is always some wiggle room for a non-quarterback to win...

Last-Minute Super Bowl 2021 Bets for Kansas City Fans
BY Jennifer Hassan
| Published on February 7, 2021

There are so many reasons to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan right now. Their recent Super Bowl victory and the presence of a certain Mr. Patrick Mahomes are the first...

4 Reasons Why Tyreek Hill Could Win the Super Bowl 55 MVP
BY Noah Davis
| Published on February 7, 2021

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, with one of the biggest draws being betting on who will win the Super Bowl 55 MVP. History and logic says it’ll be a quarterback....

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