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How to Bet on Britain’s Got Talent

If you’re a fan of competition or talent TV shows such as American Idol or America’s Got Talent, then odds are, you’re a fan of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), too.

We’re BGT fans. But what we’re even bigger fans of is betting on Britain’s Got Talent. And if betting on BGT sounds like something you’d like to do too, then this guide will show you how.

The first step we suggest everyone take is to find the best Britain’s Got Talent betting sites to join.

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If you find the right online betting site, choosing markets to bet on, finding fair odds, hefty promotions, and more becomes much easier.

Now, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite real money betting sites for BGT. We researched and tested each one to save you time and money. All you need to do is choose the site that sounds like the best fit for you.

You’ll read a little bit about our review and testing process towards the end of this guide. If you’re curious about why you should trust our recommendations, this section will clear things up.

Before we get there, though, we’re going to show you how Britain’s Got Talent works from a top level, including the types of bets you can make at each stage.

We’ll wrap this guide up with a few profit-boosting betting tips, as well as answers to the questions we’re asked most about betting on Britain’s Got Talent in 2022.

All this and more starts in the next section. But if you’re looking to place a wager or two right now, you can go right and head and join up with one of the best sites for betting on Britain’s Got Talent listed above.

Britain's Got Talent Betting Sites

BGT Format, Betting Options, and Odds

Britain’s Got Talent is a talent competition show. They use a similar, if not identical, format that shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The X Factor use.

It’s important to understand how the show works. Every stage creates opportunities for different betting markets. Knowing these stages in advance gives you an opportunity to plan and watch for them.

With that in mind, here are the different stages of BGT and the wagering opportunities you can expect to find at the top Britain’s Got Talent betting sites that we recommend.

BGT Auditions

BGT auditions are held several months before the show starts. People of all ages and talents travel to designated cities to try to impress the judges and secure a spot on the show.

There aren’t any betting opportunities during auditions because the auditions are done privately and before the show airs. It’s impossible to make a bet at this point.

That said, you’ll want to pay attention to the first episode or two where you can watch some of the auditions, including who moves on to the semi-finals. This is a good opportunity to scope out the competitors and make your futures bets.

BGT Semi-Finals

Whoever makes it to the semi-finals must perform a new routine for the judges. Since the semi-finals are performed live, contestants are given time to polish their routine.

The semi-finals are also the start for when the public has voting power. They help decide who stays and who continues on to the finals. They pick half, and the judges pick the other half.

And this is the stage when you can expect online bookmakers and sportsbooks to post betting markets. Here are a few examples of betting markets you can find from the best Britain’s Got Talent betting sites.

  • Semi-final results
  • Next act the judges will eliminate
  • Which acts will move on to the finals
  • Which acts will receive the Golden Buzzer

Only 10 acts will move on to the finals.

BGT Finals

The finals operate like the semi-finals with one exception. The public plays a larger role in the voting process than the judges do. All the judges do is give a little feedback on each performance.

Once the performances are done, the public votes, and the votes are tallied. The host shares who the top two performers are before revealing the winner of the show.

The winner of Britain’s Got Talent receives a cash prize (£250,000) and a spot in the Royal Variety Performance later that year.

As far as betting on the BGT finals, you’ll have many of the same betting markets to choose from with a few new markets mixed in. Here’s what you can expect to find.

  • Who will win Britain’s Got Talent?
  • Who will be the top two performers?
  • What kind of act will win?
  • What type of performer will come in 2nd place?
  • Which judge will give (performer) an X?
  • Which audition city will the winner come from?

And so on. You can expect many of the same bets that you can find for America’s Got Talent or American Idol or any of the “Got Talent” shows to also be available for betting on Britain’s Got Talent.

Example of Britain’s Got Talent Odds

Here’s an example of what the odds can look like. This example comes from season 13 of Britain’s Got Talent.

Who will win Series 13 of Britain’s Got Talent?

  • Dave and Finn; +275 (3.75)
  • Chapter 13; +500 (6.00)
  • Jonathan Goodwin; +500 (6.00)
  • Flakefleet Primary School; +1000 (11.00)
  • Siobhan Phillips; +1000 (11.00)
  • 4MG; +1000 (11.00)
  • Mark McMullan ; +1300 (14.00)
  • Colin Thackery; +1600 (17.00)
  • Kojo Anim; +1700 (18.00)
  • Ben Hart; +2500 (26.00)
  • X; +2800 (29.00)

Every bookmaker is different. They’ll have different markets, types of bets, and odds.

That’s we recommend you have open more than one online betting account. That way, you can see everything available to you from a top level before you place your real money wagers.

Britain’s Got Talent Betting Strategy

Making profitable bets is tough, especially entertainment bets. But there are a few things everyone can do, beginner and advanced bettors alike, can do to increase their profits.

The following strategies are where we recommend you start first.

What’s the Word on Social Media?

You should have your fingers on the pulse of Britain’s Got Talent fans, viewers, and bettors if you want to make more money betting on the show.

Why? Because the public votes for who they want to win. So, if you can find out who people are going to vote for, you can get a good idea of who the top contenders are.

In fact, this is a good opportunity to make profitable futures bets. You’ll have information the bookmakers might not have yet, so you can place bets before they have a chance to adjust their odds.

Here’s how we suggest you go about this.

First, follow Britain’s Got Talent social media accounts, including their main account, fan site accounts, and any account that reports on reality TV shows.

Then, go through all the comments. Look for comments saying who sucks and should go home, and which competitors everyone should vote for.

Once you go through all the accounts you find, then try hashtags. These can help you dive deep into the conversation people are having about Britain’s Got Talent.

Here are some hashtags you can start with.

#britainsgottalent #wowmusicians #britainsgottalent #vocals #bestvocals #coversong #goldenbuzzer #thegoodvoice #americanidol #themusicals #hotvocals #beautifulvoices #fightsong #americanmusicawards #goodvoice #americangottalent #omgvoices #damnvocal #secondscover #musiclife #goodmusic #topvocalist #beheard #demilovato #talentkids #agt #instamusic #musicawards

Shop for the Best Odds

The easiest money you’ll save or make is shopping for odds.

For example, say you have the choice between betting -110 or -150 for who you think will win Britain’s Got Talent. Which one do you go with?

The -110. You’re only risking $110 to win $100 instead of risking $150 to win $100. This means you’re risking $40 less. This plays a huge role in your bottom line, variance, and opportunity costs.

Now, flip this around. Say you have the option to bet +110 or +150. Which one do you go with now?

+150. You’re now betting $100 to win $150 instead of $110. That’s a lot of extra profit you can scoop up. And all you had to do is a little research and choose the right bookmaker.

Look for Value in Bets

We hinted at value a second ago. People ask all the time how to find value when betting online. It’s not easy because it means you have to do some research about what you’re betting on.

For example, if you scour social media and determine that Jane Singsgreat has a 50% chance to win the show, but you’re getting -120 odds, that’s not a good bet to take. Getting even money (1:1) is okay and finding +110 or more is even better.

But the only way to find value is to know when sportsbooks are underpricing their lines. And the only way to do that is to be in tune with Britain’s Got Talent, social media, and all the data you can get your hands on.

Finding value is almost an intermediate or advanced version of comparing odds. It’s worth learning about if you want to make more money from betting on Britain’s Got Talent online.

Watch the Show

You can’t go wrong with watching the show if you want to make more profitable bets. This goes hand-in-hand with our betting tips above about doing social media research and finding value.

It’s so much easier to find value if you watch every episode. You can see which performances get rave reviews from the judges and the crowd. And you can see which performances get the most feedback.

This is information you can use to determine a performer’s chances of winning, which you can then compare to the odds bookmakers are giving. This is how you find value, as well as know when to skip a bet or wait until the odds shift.

Anyway, you’re probably already a fan of the show and watch it religiously. But, if not, you should plan to watch it this season if you want to make more profitable bets.

Ignore the Past

One benefit you have when betting on sports is the decade’s worth of data to use. This includes sport data, team data, player data, and much more. Bettors turn to the past to help them bet on future games.

You don’t have this kind of data for betting on TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent. And, even if you did, it’s tough to say whether you’d even want to use it.

For now, we say you should ignore the past, specifically the winners and the types of performers they are because there’s no way you can use this info reliably.

Here, see what we mean.

  • Paul Potts – Opera Singer
  • George Sampson – Streetdancer
  • Diversity – Streetdance troupe
  • Spelbound – Gymnastic troupe
  • Jai McDowall – Singer
  • Ashleigh and Pudsey – Dancing dog act
  • Attraction – Shadow theatre group
  • Collabro – Classical singers
  • Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse – Musical canine freestyle
  • Richard Jones – Close-up magician
  • Tokio Myers – Pianist
  • Lost Voice Guy – Comedian
  • Colin Thackery – Singer

Do you understand what we’re saying? There are no patterns here that you can use to pick your winning bets.

So, get comfortable with the idea that you’ll have to apply your effort elsewhere, researching social media, watching Britain’s Got Talent, comparing odds, and learning how to find value.

Do this, and your chances of making more profitable bets this season will go up. We’re sure of it.

Ranking Britain’s Got Talent Betting Sites

Another way to make more money betting on Britain’s Got Talent is to join the best betting sites.

How will this help you make more money? Well, for one thing, the best Britain’s Got Talent betting sites offer promotions like deposit bonuses and rebates, so you can pad your bankroll immediately after joining one of the sites we endorse.

And choosing the safest online betting sites will save you money because you won’t have a greedy operator stealing every deposit you make. And they’ll cash you out when you win.

But where do you find one of these sites?

One of the easiest ways is to join one or more of the sites we endorsed above. Here’s why you can trust our recommendations.

  • Most of our staff has been in the online gambling industry for more than a decade. We have decades of combined experience between all of us.
  • Our reviews and rankings include the best and worst of every site. We don’t omit details because we want you to see every site for what they are, warts and all.
  • Our review and ranking process takes us hours to complete. We complete a thorough investigation where we learn and test everything we can.

Our process includes looking for and testing the following.

  • A gambling license from a reputable gaming commission
  • Banking options with reasonable limits and fees
  • Fast withdrawal times
  • A positive reputation
  • A betting platform with features like early cash outs that works on both computers and mobile devices
  • Promotions like deposit bonuses and rebates with reasonable terms
  • Player-friendly terms and conditions

We also ensure that every betting site is a good fit for people who want to bet on Britain’s Got Talent online. This means plenty of markets, fair odds, and even the chance to bet on spin-off TV shows, such as Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions.

The bottom line is that we take our job seriously. We research and test every site we recommend. And we only recommend the best and safest betting sites online.

You can take that to the bank.


What types of bets can you make on Britain’s Got Talent?

The most common types of Britain’s Got Talent bets are moneylines, outrights, futures, and props.

Is it legal to bet on Britain’s Got Talent?

This depends on the gambling laws in your area. But most people can bet on Britain’s Got Talent, either at domestic online gambling sites or offshore betting sites.

What other talent shows can I bet on?

There are several shows you can bet on, including those under the “Got Talent” umbrella. Some of the shows you can bet on include America’s Got Talent, American Idol, The X Factor, and The Voice

Can I bet on BGT from my smartphone?

Yes, every betting site we recommend has a mobile-friendly betting site or a native app. Our betting site reviews tell you what you can expect to find from each site.

When can I start placing my bets?

The specific date depends on the season, but Britain’s Got Talent usually starts in April or May. You can expect to find betting lines no later than when the first episode airs, but this depends on the bookmaker and the types of bets they’re accepting action on.

Bet on Britain’s Got Talent With Confidence

You now have the info, resources, and recommendations needed to go out and safely make your first bet on Britain’s Got Talent. You could make your first bet right now, if you wanted, assuming you’re reading this during the new season.

(But, if not, there are plenty of other entertainment betting markets you can bet on until the new season of BGT starts.)

You’ll never find a more profitable time to make your Britain’s Got Talent bets than early on, since the more shows that air, the tighter the bookmakers’ odds get. So, you’ll want to join a betting site now if you haven’t already.

We recommend you consider one of the Britain’s Got Talent betting sites we endorse. Join one of those sites and save yourself hours and even days of research and testing, as well as hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to find one on your own.

It’ll be the best and most profitable decision you make today.

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